Chapter 656: Vendetta

Warsky immediately cowered in fear. "Suit… suit yourself man. As long as you have fun…"

October Rain laughed so hard she was shaking. Grabbing the ladder with one hand and holding her bow steady with the crook of her arm, she shot a high-level mage off the walls before smiling at me. "Who would’ve thought that two biggest rivals in Sky City would fight side by side one day? It feels surprisingly good. Why don’t you join us, Lu Chen?"

"No way. I’m leaving right after I kill a couple of people!"

I let out a chuckle before jumping off the ladder in one smooth motion. After parrying the arrows flying my way with my sword and landing on the wall, I opened my palm and summoned my pet. The first thing the Phantom Wolf King did after leaping out of the magic formation was to run into the middle of the enemies, roar and unleash Purgatory Storm. The moment red clouds covered the sky, a corner of the walls instantly erupted into storm and lightning. Countless archers, mages, and warriors were thrown into the air!

Bang bang bang!

An empty spot appeared on the wall temporarily, and the ground was covered in potions and equipment. My little wolf’s level was pretty high now, so its Purgatory Storm was just as powerful.

I summoned the Armored Ice Qilin Horse and got on top of it. Then, I used the Apparition Ring and summoned my body double. Together, we charged the mages on the walls while laughing madly, "Who’s the fucker who called Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls a clown just now? Come have a taste of this clown’s ultimate power then! Die, you retards!"

Boom boom!

We fired Thousand Ice Slash that caused the entire wall to shake, and the archers and mages to quake in fear. My Thousand Ice Slash was powerful enough to break the mages’ shield, and my body double’s Thousand Ice Slash was powerful enough to one-shot them even though its attack power was only 75% of mine. Worse, there was no place to run on the walls. Naturally, death was their only way out.

The Phantom Wolf King roared angrily and sent a couple of magic knights flying with its claws. Some time during its attacks, the Claw of the Storm triggered and flung even more people off the walls. Even if the skill wasn’t fatal, the fall damage was enough to end their lives.

There were some players whose Strength stat was high enough to save themselves from being blown away by the hurricane, so my body double and I made sure to end their lives before they could try anything.

An entire section of the wall was taken over by me just like that. The archers kept shooting at me, but almost all the arrows that hit my Crimson Rock Dragon Armor bounced away harmlessly. My stats were pretty high, but being a sixth-promotion player at Earthfire Realm made me almost immune to their weak ranged attacks.


"The fuck, is he invincible or something?"

The guild leader of Hall of Immortality, Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch, was finally here. Not only that, the guild leader of Throne Seeker, Emperor’s Equal, was here as well. My heart immediately raced in anticipation. Should I kill them both right here right now? How nice would it be if I succeeded?

My killing intent couldn’t be stopped after it appeared. I immediately rushed toward Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch!

"Fuck, the arrogance!?"

Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch held his mount in place before shaking his sword for a bit. "Archers, stun him with Shock Arrows! Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand can’t possibly fight us all alone! He may be a sixth-promotion player who has entered the Earthfire Realm, but he is still human in the end! He can be killed!"

A ton of Shock Arrows and even Mountain Stagger Arrows started flying my way. However, they weren’t sure who was the real me, so a large majority of the shots were wasted on my body double!

Thud thud thud thud!

My body double lost more than half of its 100k HP in an instant. Unfortunately, it could use all of my offensive skills, but not my defensive skills. It was probably one of the devs’ measures to balance the skill.

Not about to let the archers’ mistake slip through my grasp, I charged right into a crowd of enemies and used War Crush, eliciting painful screams from my enemies and killing them where they stood.


A black shadow suddenly flew past my vision, and my body double’s warhorse let out a dying screech. A steel arrow had penetrated the apparition’s chest.

Dammit. The players couldn’t hurt me, but the ridiculous amount of arrow towers above my head absolutely could. They were one of Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch’s greatest weapons for sure!

However, these P2W arrow towers—each one cost 1500 RMB to build—had a fatal flaw. It could lock onto a target, but it took 0.3 seconds or so to launch its attack. What this meant was that it was theoretically possible for a player to dodge all of their attacks as long as they kept moving. Of course, this was nigh impossible to pull off. It took an incredibly skilled player to pull off a stunt like this, not to mention that the battlefield was constantly changing.

Rustle rustle...

The Armored Ice Qilin Horse leaped away just in time to dodge at least a dozen of steel arrows that riddled the ground with holes. If I hadn’t dodged that in time I would’ve died already!

The Phantom Wolf King was as quick as lightning, so I wasn’t worried that it might be hurt by the arrow towers. I simply gave it the order to keep moving and attack at will. As for myself, I also moved constantly so that the arrow towers couldn’t hit me accurately. At the same time, I tossed all kinds of offensive skills such as Burning Blade Slash, Thousand Ice Slash, Icy Cyclone Domains, and more at the enemy and dealt as much damage as I could.

There were a couple of reasons I had chosen to join in on the attack. One, I thought that I could use a warm-up. Two, I wanted to intimidate my enemies with my new promotion and Earthfire Realm. Three, I wanted to deal as much damage to the enemy as possible. The less enemies there were, the less damage my allies would take when we began our assault. If I could kill a guild leader or two during this surprise attack, even better.


My Thousand Ice Slash killed a ton of enemies, but I was also engulfed in Galaxy Storms and arrow rains. Arrows were sticking out of my chest armor like a porcupine’s quilts, and there were a couple of high-level archers whose attacks had a chance to ignore my Defense. Even with my level advantage, they were about to deal a total of 7000 damage to me in just a couple of shots. Their attacks would’ve hurt even more if our levels were equal!

It was time to heal myself. Tenacity of the Dead! Rank 9 Saint Spirit Potion!



Dang, using Tenacity of the Dead when my max HP was high was awesome! This 25% insta heal was almost as good as Murong Mingyue’s Greater Healing!


Clang clang clang!




Unfortunately, three steel arrows also punched through my Crimson Rock Dragon Armor and deleted about 15k damage from my HP immediately. Sigh, I had barely paused for a moment, but even that was enough to get hit. This was no place anyone wanted to fight at if possible. I was starting to understand why Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch could afford to act like an arrogant twat. As long as these arrow towers remained standing, it would be very difficult to take this city down.

Not far away from me, Laughing At The Heavens was holding up his shield and blocking the incoming steel arrows with his Holy Shield. Warsky, Lin Bing Dou Zhe, and Hundred Battler had also climbed up the walls, but because they were less skilled and tanky compared to me, they weren’t able to maintain a dodge rate of over 90%. As a result, they looked less like humans and more like walking beehives, and they would’ve died horribly if their priests hadn’t gotten to them in time.

"Holy shit, this damage is fucking insane. There are so many arrow towers too…" Warsky inhaled deeply as he watched the forest of arrow towers raining death on them. "These P2W arrow towers are a scam, I swear. We need to buy some for our own city when this battle is over…"

October Rain kept drawing her bowstring and loosing powerful shots into the enemies. Her bow had a splash effect just like Beiming Xue’s Dragonbone String, and it made life absolutely miserable for the Hall of Immortality players who were shot by her. I saw first-hand the destruction a Multi Arrow with its high damage and splash effect can do.

Eventually, Warsky Alliance was able to find a footing on the wall. Of course, it was all thanks to me drawing a ton of firepower away from them. Without me, they would’ve suffered far more losses and taken far longer to achieve the same results.


"K-kill Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand first! That fucker is way too powerful! We can take out Warsky and October Rain later! Also, where the fuck is Farewell Song?!" Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch was slightly losing his cool because the battle on the wall was slowly but surely slipping out of his control. Despite the power of money, we had managed to stabilize ourselves for the moment.

It was at this moment a new group of players joined the battle. It was none other than the Rose of the Holy Domain legion led by Rose Thorn herself. They were a hundred magic knights escorting a big group of high-level mages to the walls. Did the cannoneers finally deign to show their faces?


Rose Thorn pulled out her sword and shouted, "Look at where I’m pointing and focus your Galaxy Storms there! No way a warrior can survive the concentrated firepower of one hundred high-level fifth-promotion mages!"

The mages did as they were told. The next moment, a single point on the wall was bursting with Galaxy Storms!


It felt as if space itself was being ripped into shreds. Several high-level magic knights who were unfortunate enough to be at the wrong place at the wrong time died instantly.

I had to hide my surprise. "Oh no, this is bad…"

Warsky also shouted, "Fuck, this is bad. Can someone please one-shot these mages! We’ll suffer huge losses if we don’t get rid of them as soon as possible..."


While everyone’s attention was drawn away by the bombardment, I locked onto Emperor’s Equal and used Thunderous Charge. Let’s kill Throne Seeker’s guild leader first!


Emperor’s Equal noticed me in time and dodged out of the way in a hurry. However, he couldn’t react to my follow-up, Burning Blade Slash!

"Holy fuck!"

Emperor’s Equal exclaimed in surprise and Guarded hastily!

Clang clang clang!

Emperor’s Equal survived all three hits, but he also fell off the walls and hit the ground hard. The fall damage had deleted most of his health, and he looked up only to find a horde of manly warriors staring at him from every direction.

"Fuck…" Emperor’s Equal groaned. "Did you have a vendetta against me or something, Lu Chen…"

Not bothering to reply, I turned around in a hurry and summoned an indigo, cone-shaped energy around my blade. This time, I tried to hit Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch with a Universe Break!


Caught off-guard, Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch tried to back off only to realize that there was no ground behind him. He made the snap decision to jump off the walls, but he still failed to dodge my attack!



Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch’s face was ashen in fear, but unlike Emperor’s Equal, he fell inside the city instead of outside. He just barely got away with his life.

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