Chapter 655: Damn Arrogant Bitches

The one-meter-thick and nail-covered gate slightly opened as thick iron chains pulled at it. Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch and his bloodthirsty Ghost Riders then rushed out before it was fully opened!


Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch let out a furious roar before launching a direct assault on his enemies. His broadsword was wrapped in thick, bloody light and the transparent head of a gigantic light gray-colored wolf. When he thrust his sword in front of him, a wide area 15 yards in front of him immediately exploded. It was the AoE skill, Furious Slash!


The one attack was enough to cause the enemy magic knights in front of him to waver. Emboldened by his Strength advantage, Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch galloped right into the middle of the enemies and attacked. The Ghost Riders were no exception. The sounds of warhorses ramming into armor were loud enough to quake hearts.


Unable to stand this sight any longer, Wei-Jin North-South Dynasties grimly rallied his own cavalry troops and charged Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch. When two people meet, only one will emerge victorious. Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch clashed against the CGL Hall of Famer without hesitation. A cacophony of thundering horse hooves deafened the ears as both sides tried their utmost to run each other through. It was an exciting battle to say the least.

Boom boom boom…

On the walls, high-level mages were firing Galaxy Storms, and archers were shooting Spiraling Arrow Blades at the attackers. This meant that the united army of Hunting Moon Dynasty had to withstand both the Ghost Riders’ charge and the ranged attacks from the walls. It was just a bit too much for them to handle, and they gradually fell into a disadvantage.

Crack crack crack!

The sound of metal cutting into armor was unusually melodious. The Ghost Riders were extremely powerful, and they were able to win many engagements against Hunting Moon Dynasty’s cavalry. It was starting to become clear who was the victor and who was the loser of this clash, but Wei-Jin North-South Dynasties was also stuck between a rock and a hard place. He and his fighters were right beneath the walls. A harsh counterattack was imminent if they tried to retreat. But if they stayed, the possibility that they might all die beneath the wall was very real as well.

Moreover, Hunting Moon Dynasty’s warriors weren’t able to climb the cloud ladders they had set up at all. Rose Thorn was an intelligent woman, and she ordered her men to stun players as soon as they got up the ladder with Shock Arrows before killing them with Icicle spells. Amazingly, the tactic was enough to keep Hunting Moon Dynasty’s warriors at bay for 20 minutes straight.

Of course, this result was directly related to Hunting Moon Dynasty’s own strength. Their strongest player and CGL Hall of Famer, Wei-Jin North-South Dynasties, was busy fighting the Ghost Riders, so he couldn’t scale the walls himself. He was also the only outstanding fighter in his army. It made sense that they weren’t able to overcome the defenders’ resistance. Had it been us sieging the walls, we would be up on the walls and engaging the enemies at melee already. Unlike them, we had amazing fighters like Li Chengfeng, High Fighting Spirits, Chaos Moon, Gui Guzi, and more.


In the end, the guild leader of Zero Pitch Sonata, a Level 142 bard Dream Movement, lost his cool first and shouted, "Wei-Jin, we can’t force this anymore! We’ve already lost too many in the past hour, and we will lose even more if we don’t withdraw now! I’ll leave behind five thousand elites behind to cover our retreat, so go now! While the green hills last, there'll be wood to burn!"

The guild leader of Immortal Sword Inn, a Level 144 berserker warrior Ink Painting also nodded in agreement. "Wei-Jin, stop hesitating and withdraw already! Blazing Hot Lips and Baidicheng are supported by Ancient Sword and The Monarch Descends. How are we going to compete against them or fight against Hall of Immortality, Rose of the Holy Domain, and Throne Seeker if we lose all our men? It’s not like we’re the only ones attacking this city! We don’t have to be the first guild to breach it!"

Wei-Jin North-South Dynasties nodded heavily. "Alright, but you guys should withdraw first. My cavalry and I will cover your retreat. Go now!"


Wei-Jin North-South Dynasties turned out to be a far more loyal and good-hearted person than Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch was. He really did fulfill his promise and stayed behind with tens of thousands of Hunting Moon Dynasty players to keep the counterattacking Purple Thunder Cavalry and Greedy Wolf Cavalry at bay. The battle was so fierce that warm bodies were turning into icy corpses every second.

The united army receded like tidewater, but the arrow towers, archers, and mages still managed to kill plenty of them before they pulled out of range completely. The battlefield beneath the walls was a mess of decapitated bodies and blood. There were plenty of riders who got nailed to the ground by the arrow towers as well. It was an incredibly bloody battle for sure.

By the time Wei-Jin North-South Dynasties and his remaining riders returned to safety, there were barely any of them left. They had suffered massive losses in this fight and left behind almost a hundred thousand bodies beneath the walls.

Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch returned gloriously and flamboyantly back to his city, but it didn’t last long. The army at the north side started stirring almost right after the battle at the south side was over.


I looked at the time and noted that there was still an hour left before the agreed time to attack. I said to He Yi and Beiming Xue, "You guys stay here while I check out the battle situation at the north side. Warsky is finally making a move!"

Warsky Alliance was one of the best super guilds in Sky City, meaning their chances of breaching the city was much higher than most. They were also one of our main competitors in this territory war.

Warsky Alliance had laid low for a bit after that last battle. Warsky’s main focus was on recruiting talent and building up his army as usual, but he also built quite good social connections at all three main cities. Just like how I managed to befriend Purple Lily of Wind City, and Blazing Hot Lips and Baidicheng of Vanished God City, Warsky Alliance also made a few friends in both cities. The only difference between us was that the friends I made were stronger than theirs.

The north of Immortality City was jampacked with players. They all wore the same guild insignia and belonged to either the subguild or the main guild of Warsky Alliance. Judging from the sheer amount of players crowding the area, I reckoned that Warsky had increased his guild members to three hundred thousand or more. Heck, their subguilds alone numbered around 50. Of course, this also meant that Warsky had to manage 50 guild leaders at least. It could be a double-edged sword if he wasn’t careful.

Obviously, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ development path was different from Warsky Alliance’s, focusing far more on quality than quantity. Although we only had ten subguilds, and our total army only amounted to a hundred thousand or so, Warsky Alliance’s army of three hundred thousand actually had less than 40% chance to beat us in a fair fight. The gap between our average levels and equipment was that big.

I sat atop the Armored Ice Qilin Horse and simply observed them from afar. I neither wanted nor needed to act because our pre-planned time of assault was an hour later, not now.

Warsky was clad in a brand new set of armor, and his weapon was a lightning sword. Eyes burning with the light of determination, he looked at the walls and said with a smile, "That sonuvabitch Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch is surprisingly fierce, huh? He came over to meet us right after he beat back Hunting Moon Dynasty. How interesting. Brothers and sisters, it is time to attack. Let’s show Hall of Immortality the might of a top guild from Sky City and teach them the meaning of an unbridgeable gap, yeah!?"

Laughing At The Heavens, Lin Bing Dou Zhe, Hundred Battler, and more immediately unsheathed their weapons. Farewell Song and his band of assassins slowly melted into thin air, clearly up to no good. October Rain and her archers had already taken up positions while a young archer used his Famous General Skill, Bow General. It was of course that Nongfu Spring they had recruited just a while ago.


October Rain smiled slightly as she glanced at my direction. She smiled and said, "Warsky, it looks like Lu Chen is watching us. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls is entrenched at the east side of the city, so we can’t afford to look bad, understand? We must teach Hall of Immortality an unforgettable lesson!"

Warsky smiled widely. "Of course! We’re hardly herbivores, are we?"

October Rain giggled. "Alright, it’s time to go! The escalade preparations are complete!"


Eyes burning with high fighting spirits, Warsky Alliance said to his general, "Lin Bing Dou Zhe, your Famous General Skill increases Attack and Defense. I want you to lead our first troop as the spearhead. Once the ladders are set up, everyone is to climb up and occupy the wall as soon as possible. We can talk about the rest of the battle plan afterward. Hmph, this is a narrow wall. They can’t hurt us too badly. Oh, and watch out for stray shots coming from inside the city!"

"Got it!"

A smiling Lin Bing Dou Zhe nodded and walked to the forefront with a party of magic knights. Then, he activated his Famous General Skill, Renown. He was at max cap; his stratagem buffed his troops’ Attack by 120% and Defense by 40%. His magic knights suddenly became a lot deadlier than before.

Warsky Alliance marched forward after the arrangements were complete. They were so confident in their abilities that they didn’t even bring any siege weapons with them. With Lin Bing Dou Zhe’s party running at the front and Warsky, October Rain and everyone else at the back, they screamed their battle cries and ran straight for the walls. The players of Hall of Immortality had never seen something like this. They simply exchanged glances with one another and shrugged.

"Archers, Far Shot these clowns and take them out!" a high-level archer on the wall shouted.

Arrows started raining from the sky, but most of them simply bounced off the magic knight’s shield. In fact, even the steel arrows of the arrow towers couldn’t penetrate their bodies completely and one-shot them. Renown had made them ridiculously tanky.

It was immediately clear that Warsky Alliance was much stronger than Hunting Moon Dynasty. More accurately, a single Lin Bing Dou Zhe was all it took to transform the quality of the frontline. This was why Famous Generals were invaluable treasure to any guild.

Warsky Alliance finally started losing men when they entered the mages’ range. Galaxy Storms kept killing their players in droves.

On the walls, the mages hooted and booed at Warsky Alliance as they threw thick swathes of Galaxy Storms to the ground. "Come at us, clowns! Didn’t you say you want to show us how powerful Sky City is? Or is this all you got? Hahaha! In the end, a clown is just a clown, and Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls is no exception! You didn’t think Hall of Immortality is a guild you can provoke and go as you please, did you!?"

Warsky’s face was dark with anger as he ran to the walls. His engineers were trying to set up the cloud ladders, but the murderous archers killed them one by one knowing that every dead engineer meant less damage to city structures they took advantage of.

It wasn’t enough to stop all the ladders from being set up though. When almost a hundred of these had been propped against the wall, Warsky immediately climbed up the walls as quickly as he could. Hundred Battler, Lin Bing Dou Zhe and more were doing the same as well.


Suddenly, the players of Hall of Immortality pointed at one direction and shouted, "Fuck me, why the hell is he here! Knock… knock him down before it’s too late!"

October Rain looked astonished. "Are they trying to focus Warsky?"

But Warsky shook his head. "No, they’re not pointing at me… they’re pointing in that direction…"

October Rain and Warsky turned their heads at the same time and saw none other than me climbing up a ladder like the wind. Stunned, they exclaimed, "What the fuck? Why is Lu Chen sieging the city with us? This doesn’t make any sense…"

I was holding the Cyan Netherworld Sword with my teeth so I could climb up the ladder with both hands. When I noticed that October Rain and Warsky staring at me, I immediately grabbed my sword and shouted at them, "Those bitches talked shit about my guild, so I’m going to teach them a lesson! Can you lend me your ladder for a bit? I’ll beat your ass if you don’t!"

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