Chapter 652: Overwhelming Victory

Li Le was ashen-faced. "Has Ancient Sword gone insane? Aren’t they worried that Hall of Immortality, Rose of the Holy Domain, and Throne Seeker will use this opportunity to attack them?"

Night Sorrow replied, "I… don’t think they care about that at all…"

Li Le: "..."



Silver Dragon Storm was ravaging a bunch of Flower Room players. The passive skill of the Silver Dragon Ring was an obscenely good fit with my insane attack power.

Acting as the spearhead of my guild, I kept pushing forward no matter how many Fireballs, Icicles, Galaxy Storms, and Spiraling Arrow Blades I ate along the way. Maybe it was because I was a sixth-promotion player and entered the Earthfire Realm, but very few players were able to penetrate my Defense. Some couldn’t even punch through my Ghost Deity Armor. As a result, the highest damage number I saw was only in the low 900s.

My base HP was 51190. I had drunk a Rank 9 Stamina Supplement earlier and boosted myself by 450 Stamina, or 4500 HP. I also used a Bloodknight Card that increased my HP by 40%. There was also Pure Love’s Physique to account for, which together with my own equipment boosted my HP by another 50%. In total, my total HP was increased by over 90% to 101761 HP, breaking the 100k HP mark. As the first swordsman ever to ride a mount, I had to say that I was pretty proud of my own powerful stats.

Speaking of which, Pure Love had also buffed me with Death Match, a buff that increased my Defense by almost 50%. I was basically a moving fortress of war in this battle.

Thud thud thud!

The enemy archers tried to focus me down, but most people couldn’t even deal more than 100 damage. In total, I took less than 10k damage per second, and that was not nearly enough damage to threaten my wellbeing.

The Cyan Netherworld Sword flashed brightly as I stabbed a mage in the chest with Universe Break. His Galaxy Storm was pretty powerful, which was why I had decided to take him out first. The poor guy could only stare at me in shock as a terrifying number popped above his head—67844!

Damn, it was a critical hit, a critical hit on a weak point no less! The mage could have +400% health, and he still would’ve died to my attack!

That wasn’t all. Thanks to Cyan Netherworld Sword’s passive skill, Blood Rage, I absorbed 10% of the damage I dished out as health and recovered 6784 HP. The warming sensation of healing was always welcomed!

"Come on, try your best to kill me!"

I laughed loudly as my body count kept rising. He Yi also joined me with Murong Mingyue and Moon Dew in tow, so I was safer than ever before. Flower Room lacked top-tier experts, meaning that there was literally no one in their entire guild who could threaten me!

We went through Flower Room like meat grinders. The air was thick with the stench of blood. Not only had we struck without hesitation, we had Famous Generals like Li Chengfeng, High Fighting Spirits, Chaos Moon, and more. Against a guild with zero Famous Generals, it was only natural that the fight was a one-sided slaughter for us!

The massacre lasted for ten whole minutes. We pushed deep into the enemy formation and didn’t relent for a second. Behind us, Ling Xueshang, the guild leader of The Monarch Descends, had also come to our aid as well. They had more subguilds than us—around 20 or so—and their army was 150000 players strong. But instead of joining us on the offense, they simply stayed back and made sure that no one could sneak up on us. Ling Xueshang knew well that Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls was an unstoppable blade, and as long as someone covered our backs, we could cut through anything and anyone!


"God dammit, we can’t kill Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand at all! We’re just wasting our firepower trying to focus him down! Who was the idiot that told us to kill him at all costs?" A Level 135 archer couldn’t help but complain.

A Level 137 warrior replied, "Young Master Le’s the one who made the call. What, you got something to say?"

"I… fuck!"

The title "deputy commander" was removed from the archer’s name tag a second later. Flower Room did not tolerate anyone who insulted their guild leader.


High Fighting Spirits rushed into a crowd and swung his battle axe into a Xiezhi Howl. All the players around him were wiped out by the giant, beastial hurricane that came out of nowhere. He usually wasn’t this strong though, so I suspected that he was buffed by a high-level bard lady!

Li Chengfeng was stronger than ever before after getting new armor and a new weapon. It was to the point where he felt less like a warrior and more like a magic knight with super high attack power. Wherever he and his Blade of Ghastly Wind traveled, Flower Room players shied away like terrified chicks. The skills of the dragon warrior were both gorgeous and powerful, so it was no wonder many girls in the guild fell for him. They only wished that they could make him their husband.

Bang bang bang...

Evil Spirit Volley exploded in the crowd as Beiming Xue darted around with elfen agility. Every time her bow twanged, a Multi Arrow would tear through the air. Her bow, the Dragonbone String, had an added splash effect, so a single hit was all it took to delete a massive chunk of HP from a whole group. Her victims gawped at her and screamed, "Fuck, you call this an archer? This is obviously a cannoneer!"


Stones flew everywhere as a sword beam exploded in a crowd and drilled a long, deep hole across the yellow sand. It was Chaos Moon’s Rock Crush. She was smiling, and the price to see that smile was a certain death.

Beside Chaos Moon, He Yi was riding the Snow Domain Windchaser and swinging the Blade of the Earthen Soul left and right. It looked like no one could stop her.

"Holy shit, that beauty is Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ guild leader, From Water!" a Level 141 high-level magic knight exclaimed in excitement when he saw He Yi. He shouted to the players behind him, "Brothers, come take out From Water with me! She’s a noob, so we can definitely one-shot her without problems! Cut off the head of a snake, and the body will die!"

"Yeah, third brother is right!"

A huge group of people immediately surrounded He Yi. A couple of magic knights also charged her at close range.

Chaos Moon shouted out a warning, "Watch out, Sister He Yi! They’re gunning for you!"


He Yi glanced at her enemies and smiled beautifully. First, she moved her mount exactly one step backward and dodged all the Charges coming her way. Her movement was perfectly natural. Next, she thrust the Blade of the Earthen Soul in front of her and used her new skill, Purgatory of Ice and Magma!

Crack crack crack...

Five streaks of frozen sword energy surged toward the enemy and hit in a cone-shaped area of effect. Then, lava burst into the open as the ground split in half. The visual effects of the skill were gorgeous enough, but the skill range and the damage it dealt were even more pleasing to watch—





Every hit dealt at least 10k damage, and the Blade of the Earthen Soul had a splash effect. Therefore, every player that was hit by the skill took over 80k damage in one go. Naturally, no one in Flower Room was tanky enough to survive that much damage, and everyone who was caught by the skill dropped dead in front of a smiling He Yi.

"The enemy’s too strong. Run!"

A large group of Flower Room players backed away from He Yi just like that, surprising her. She didn’t think that a single Purgatory of Ice and Magma was all it took to burst their courage. Aren’t they a bit too cowardly?

But the real MVPs of this battle were the 400 Cyan Battle Tiger Cavalrymen in my party. Buffed by Martial God, they were so powerful that Flower Room’s defense line practically crumbled at the mere touch of our weapons. The Cyan Battle Tiger Cavalrymen themselves had pretty high attack power, but a 200% attack buff on them made them an absolute menace. Suppose a certain Attack is hitting a certain Defense. With tripled the Attack, the difference in damage against the same Defense would be huge, and not as simple as three times higher. That would be the case in any game. For example, if a Cyan Battle Tiger Cavalryman's Attack was 3k, and the enemy's Defense was 2k. They would already be doing considerable damage. Now that Martial God boosted their Attack by 200%, the amount of damage they could dish out would be many times higher, rendering their Defense stat nearly void.

This was not to mention that we also had Knight God, two Knight Generals, Bow God, Royal Road, Blitz, and Plunder. To make a comparison, it was like an egg smashed against a stone or wheat standing in a way of a scythe. There was literally nothing Flower Room could do but die in a fair fight.


"Shit, we can’t hold any longer! We must retreat, retreat!" As Flower Room’s morale hit rock bottom, their players started disobeying their superiors’ orders and scattering like rabbits. One Cyan Battle Wolf party who was crushed by a Cyan Battle Tiger Cavalry tried to run toward the city and take the roundabout way to escape.

Unfortunately for them, Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch raised one hand and shouted, "Archers, Far Shot at Flower Room! Show these clowns what we’re capable of!"

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!

A hail of arrows fell from the sky. The Cyan Battle Wolf Cavalry had great speed and Attack, but their Defense was so-so at best. Few were able to survive the arrow rain that the elite archers of Hall of Immortality were shooting their way. A couple of tanky players managed to survive long enough to enter the area beneath the walls, but then the arrow towers came alive and fired their thick steel arrows!

Thud thud!

Blood scattered everywhere as nearly a hundred Cyan Battle Wolf Cavalrymen were turned into corpses beneath the city. Not a single one of them had survived the assault. Together, the three guilds sported enough firepower to give even us a hard time, to say nothing of the likes of Flower Room.

The battle lasted for almost an hour, and by the end of the battle, all of Flower Room’s players had been killed. Even Li Le had half his head hacked off by a bloodthirsty High Fighting Spirits. Two of the three heads of Ego workshop were killed by Chaos Moon, and the third was stabbed to death by Li Chengfeng.

The crushing defeat of Flower Room was set in stone at this point. After Li Le died and respawned at the city, he seemed to have given the order to retreat. Unfortunately, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls strongly disagreed with his decision and stopped them from teleporting away. It wasn’t long before we annihilated all twenty thousand or so Flower Room players, making their crushing defeat even worse than Mad Dragon’s.


Some time later, I turned the Armored Ice Qilin Horse away from the battlefield and came to a stop at the edge of a short hill near the city walls. He Yi, Beiming Xue, Li Chengfeng, and Xu Yang were with me as well.

"Do we have a battle report yet? We didn’t suffer too many losses, did we?" He Yi was concerned that we might have suffered more battle losses than was intended.

Xu Yang gave her an affirmative nod before reporting, "Mn, we managed to annihilate all 20k of Flower Room’s army and lose only 6000 players or so. The good news is that most of the casualties belong to our subguilds. The main guild’s cavalry is just too good, hehe. Those idiots were so weak that they couldn’t even kill our cavalry…"

He Yi smiled. "Very good. Lu Chen may have acted rashly, but our morale is sky-high thanks to this battle. It’s time to prepare for the siege!"



Suddenly, a new army with huge, swaying banners appeared from the distant mountains. It was none other than the former second strongest guild of the Guild Ranking led by Dominating Heaven Blade, Gods of Destruction!

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