Chapter 651: For Lin Yixin

Crack crack crack…

The sounds of sharp blades tearing through armor joined as one. Caught completely by surprise, almost a thousand Mad Dragon players were slaughtered by Flower Room’s Cyan Battle Wolf Cavalry immediately. The yellow sand blowing past their cold, dead bodies painted a dismal picture of the situation.

Although Roaming Dragon was shocked, he was able to react immediately by punching his spear right through the chest of a Cyan Battle Wolf rider directly in front of him with Barrier Break. He then urged his mount forward and pushed nearly the entire length of his spear through his victim’s body before pulling it out from his back. The kill hardly brought him any joy though, if the expression of warped anger was any indicator. He shouted at the Cyan Battle Wolf Cavalry slaughtering his men, “Fuck your ancestors, Li Le! Why did you ambush us?!”


Li Le’s slashed a Mad Dragon archer across the neck and drew a shower of blood. Judging from the flames surrounding his weapon, it was clearly a high-grade sword of some sort. He turned around to shoot Roaming Dragon a look, smiled sinisterly before shouting harshly, “You’re asking me why? Lu Chao, do you still remember that mixed-race babe Kety from The Way We Were last month? The one you inebriated and had your way with her while she was blacked out? She’s Night Sorrow’s woman, you motherfucker! Flower Room may have to lay low once in a while, but they never forget the humiliation they receive! The fellowship of Flower Room will not endure this transgression, and today’s the day you pay your debt!”

An archer stepped out of the crowd right after he said this. It was none other than Night Sorrow, one of the three heads of the Ego workshop. They used to work for Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, but they left not long after I returned to the guild. Today, they served Flower Room as corps commanders. Night Sorrow’s skill was close to first-rate in the first place, but it looked like he had upgraded his equipment and his level a lot since I last saw him. No wonder Li Le valued him as highly as he did.

“Eat this, fucker! I ain’t human if I let you bully my brother for free!”

Spring Mud also stepped up to take revenge for Night Sorrow. He charged Roaming Dragon before he got close, but he still managed to stun Roaming Dragon because Mad Dragon was sorely outnumbered. His broadsword sliced through the air as he followed up with a Barrier Break!



It was good damage from Spring Mud considering that Roaming Dragon’s Defense was pretty high. Before Roaming Dragon could recover, the last person of the Ego workshop, Moon Shadow, showed himself and attacked Mad Dragon’s leader. He also used Charge + Barrier Break and dealt 12k+ damage to Roaming Dragon. The guild leader was in imminent peril in just the blink of an eye.

Eyes burning with fury, Night Sorrow lifted his bow and loosed Spiraling Arrow Blade + Mountain Stagger Arrow combo at Roaming Dragon!

Bang bang!

Roaming Dragon’s mount tenacity dropped to zero as he abruptly fell off his mount. With less than 20% HP, he withdrew and used Earth Shattering Slash at the same time to drive Moon Shadow and Spring Mud away from him. However, there was nothing he could do to block the arrows from Night Sorrow flying his way!



Fire danced through the air as a flaming blade cut in front of Roaming Dragon. It was Iron Pardon coming to his guild leader’s rescue with a look of fury on his face. He shouted, “Guild leader, Inconstant and I will cover your retreat. Please lead our brothers to safety! We can always take revenge on these despicable bastards some other day!”

Angry but given no choice, Roaming Dragon stabbed a couple of Flower Room archers close to him and made his escape. A mounted Inconstant stayed close to him and protected him as best he could. Coldmoon Rose was dancing through the crowd like an elf and firing Spiraling Arrow Blade after Spiraling Arrow Blade into the enemies.

Thanks to Iron Pardon and Inconstant giving it their all to hold back the tide that was Flower Room, Roaming Dragon was ultimately able to break through the encirclement of Cyan Battle Wolf Cavalry and escape into the forest not far away from our current location. Less than a hundred members of his guild had survived, and Iron Pardon and Inconstant just barely made it back to Roaming Dragon. Staring at his generals, the guild leader stabbed his spear into the ground, dropped listlessly to his knees and stared at the blue sky, murmuring, “140000 troops gone just like that. What on earth happened…”

Gripping a blade coated in blood, Iron Pardon said, “Guild leader, it’s natural to win or lose a battle. As long as we keep training our army, we will be able to get revenge eventually. Most of our brothers and sisters have revived at Sky City, so I think we should head back, lift everyone’s morale a little and grind at a leveling map. What do you think?”

Roaming Dragon nodded and rose to his feet. He took out a return scroll and said, “Alright, time to go home!”

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh…

The remaining members of Mad Dragon vanished in flashes of light. This was how Mad Dragon suffered a terrible defeat and became the first loser of the territory war.


It was crowded as hell beneath the walls of Immortality City as usual. Li Le gripped his flaming sword and stared at Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch on the walls, laughing. “Don’t think Flower Room will be as stupid as Mad Dragon, Immortality City! We won’t be attacking anytime soon! Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch, do you dare challenge my 20000-strong Cyan Battle Wolf Cavalry with your pissass Ghost Riders?”

Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch merely sneered, “Despicable trash.”

Li Le’s expression turned cold, but he quickly withdrew his anger and looked at Rose Thorn instead. He licked his lips and put a smile on his face. “I see that the guild leader of the Rose of the Holy Domain, Rose Thorn, is an unparalleled beauty. What a shame that you associate yourself with brutes like Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch and Emperor’s Equal. What a shame…”

Leaning against a wall and hugging her broadsword, Rose Thorn giggled a little before replying, “Oh? Have you developed feelings for me? In that case, why don’t you and your army join Rose of the Holy Domain as a subguild? I promise I’ll make a special corps just for you. What do you think?”

Rose Thorn was a deadly woman for sure. Her beauty might be slightly inferior compared to He Yi or Lin Yixin, but what she lacked in appearance, she more than made up for in charm and experience. The way she charmed the soul out of a person’s body with words and movement alone was a skill that only a true veteran of love could learn.

Infuriated that his taunt was beautifully countered by Rose Thorn, he retorted, “Hmph, I propose a toast and you insist on drinking a forfeit? Forget that I’m not lacking beautiful women, even if I was, I would never give up Flower Room for the likes of you, hmph! Did you know that Lin Yixin, the Fruit Knife Goddess, is a classmate of mine? Now that’s a woman who’s worthy of my attention! I don’t know how wild she is in bed, but the wilder, the better! Hahaha…”

A look of disdain flashed across Rose Thorn’s features. “Trash!”


Rose Thorn might not be angry on Lin Yixin’s behalf, but I was. The fucker was so loud that I could hear him all the way from here.


I pulled the Cyan Netherworld Sword out of its sheath. All around me, Li Chengfeng, Xu Yang, Gui Guzi, Chaos Moon, High Fighting Spirits and everyone also drew their weapons even though I hadn’t said anything at all. Gui Guzi smiled at me before asking, “Boss Broken Halberd, your decision?”

I replied in a cold voice, “Kill them all. It’s bad enough that they’re a bunch of treacherous, ruthless bastards, and now they dare slander Yiyi? If they wish to die this badly, then I’ll grant them their wish!”

He Yi nodded and drew her sword. She pointed at the east side of the city and declared, “We will march in formation toward Flower Room! The cavalry will lead the way while Xu Yang and Chaos Moon’s parties pincer them from two sides! Do not enter within 100 yards of the city, but work together with Hall of Immortality to annihilate Flower Room!”

“Got it!”

It looked like everyone knew about my recent troubles with Lin Yixin, they just kept quiet about it. My apparent anger only increased the authenticity of the rumors even more.

Riding atop the Armored Ice Qilin Horse and standing at the forefront of the guild, I pointed at the city and declared loudly, “Today, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls declares war on Flower Room for a woman I love so much my heart aches! Will you fight with me, brothers and sisters?!”

Li Chengfeng laughed heartily and raised his Blade of Ghastly Wind. “You are our brother, so of course we’ll support you! Brothers and sisters, for Lu Chen’s secret crush, charge!”

“The hell are you saying? Since when is my crush a secret…” I stared at him dumbfoundedly.

Li Chengfeng stared right back. “Dude, stop spoiling the mood and charge already!”


I tightened my knees, and the Armored Ice Qilin Horse let out a long neigh. That was the signal for me, the 5000 Cyan Battle Tiger Cavalrymen, and all the other cavalry troops of our main guild and subguilds to take off. Right now, the Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls guild was almost one hundred thousand strong, and our mounted players made up one-third of that number. What this meant was that over 30000 riders were thundering out of the forest and charging toward the city right now!



Once again, I created an apparition of myself. The Phantom Wolf King, me and my apparition ran side by side while Gui Guzi, Heaven’s Rain, Diamond Dust, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun followed behind us. No one was faster than us.

We charged toward Flower Room as swift as a lightning bolt and as loud as a thunderstorm. My vision was shaking violently, but it wasn’t so bad that it affected my assault. It wasn’t until I and the Cyan Battle Tiger Cavalry was right in front of the Flower Room players before they realized what was going on and turned green in fear—

“Fuck me, that’s the Cyan Battle Tiger Cavalry of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls! Why are they attacking us?”

“What’s going on…”

“Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand… fuck, it’s Lu Chen! Who can stop Lu Chen as he is now?!”

“What are you waiting for? Protect our back now! Magic knights, you gotta hold no matter what!”


I was the first to pierce through the bodies and detonate Thousand Ice Slash right in the middle of the enemies. Despite facing a large number of magic knights, archers and mages, I charged on without fear while dealing a ton of damage—





Thousand Ice Slash was powerful enough, but those who ate a crit were basically one-shot without mercy. Moreover, my crit rate was around 25% or so, so plenty of magic knights fell to my skill as well.

The Phantom Wolf King let out a roar and clawed at the enemies in front of it repeatedly. It triggered the Claw of the Storm and caused a deadly storm to explode in between the bodies. Not only that, I took control of the Phantom Wolf King briefly and followed up with a Purgatory Storm, blowing a huge hole in Flower Room’s battle line in just the blink of an eye!

Shocked, Spring Mud walked up to me and shouted, “What are you doing, Lu Chen? Aren’t we both from Sky City? Why are you attacking Flower Room?”

My eyes turned a tad icier. “I’m killing you for Lin Yixin. That a good enough reason for you?”

After that, I raised my sword and shouted, “Kill them all! Leave no one alive!”

Gui Guzi, Heaven’s Rain, Diamond Dust, and the others arrived at the perfect timing and ran down Flower Room from the front. For a time, the sounds of battle filled the air, and the players on the walls were stunned by the unexpected turn of events—

Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch: “Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls attacked Flower Room? Interesting. Looks like a dog-eat-dog situation between two Sky City guilds…”

Emperor’s Equal: “Hehe, who would’ve thought that Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand would go berserk for one Wind Fantasy? Interesting!”

Rose Thorn: “That boy…”

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