Chapter 646: Raiding Hall of Immortality

I sat in my car and felt a wave of restlessness assaulting me. I just couldn’t wipe away the memory of Lin Yixin’s teary face from my mind. She had to make a compromise in order to awaken her mother as soon as possible. I couldn’t abandon everyone at Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls to join Lin Yixin the way Lin Xiao wanted me to. It had been a difficult decision for both of us.

I knew this, but I still couldn’t help but feel regretful toward Lin Yixin. I grabbed my phone, found Lin Yixin’s name, and composed a message: "Yiyi, I won’t give up on you!"

I hesitated for a moment. It took me nearly two minutes to finally harden my determination and click the send button. The message was sent a few seconds later.


I leaned against my seat and felt incredibly exhausted all of a sudden. I waited for a long time for Lin Yixin to reply to me, but the message never came. Lin Xiao must be stopping her from replying to me, and I couldn’t help but think about the worst because of it. Every time I considered the possibility that the Fruit Knife Goddess might disappear from my life, my heart hurt like someone had twisted a knife in it. Would I be sad if I couldn’t see Lin Yixin again?

Yes, I think I would.

I started my car and drove away.

It was at this moment I heard my phone beep. It was none other than a message from Lin Yixin. "I won’t give up either, Little Cheat, so don’t forget about me. Remember me."

I replied, "I will."

Lin Yixin didn’t send me any more messages after that. I supposed there were no more words needed to be said.


It was past nine when I finally returned to the workshop. I didn’t log into the game since Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls would be launching an assault on Hall of Immortality 10 am sharp tomorrow, and I wasn’t feeling good as a matter of course. I decided to leave tomorrow’s business to tomorrow and went to bed early.

I closed my eyes and got trapped in a nightmare. It took me a long time before I finally fell asleep. I felt both muddle-headed and uncomfortable.

Early the next morning, I tried to send a message to Lin Yixin only to receive an automated response in return: Failed to send message!

"What the fuck? I got blocked?" I exclaimed in bafflement. It had to be Lin Xiao’s work again. The guy sure has a lot of power, doesn’t he?

Well, there was nothing I could do about this. I should eat breakfast and go online first.

I went to the living hall. Murong Mingyue was holding a cup of hot milk when she tilted her head and stared at me as if she could see right through my thoughts.

"What’s wrong, Lu Chen? You look kinda listless."

I pursed my lips and replied, "It’s nothing. Last night’s date didn’t go very well, that’s all."

"What happened?" He Yi asked with clear concern.

And so I told them everything that happened last night.


The girls were shocked by my story. Beiming Xue clenched her delicate fists and said angrily, "That Lin Xiao went too far! He doesn’t have the right to separate big bro and Lin Yixin! This… this is just too forceful…"

He Yi said softly, "Everyone can see that Beauty Lin likes Lu Chen a lot. The reason she’s leaving for Vancouver is purely because she’s planning to treat her mother’s illness, so don’t you worry too much, Lu Chen. She will come back, and if she doesn’t, you can always travel to Canada to see her!"

Murong Mingyue also smiled a little. "That’s right, it’s just a temporary separation. Besides, if the treatment does work, and Lin Yixin’s mom wakes up because of this, it’s a good thing overall, am I right?"

I nodded, but I still felt a little suffocated. I changed the subject and asked, "How is the guild planning to attack the city? I haven’t thought of anything since I wasn't feeling it last night. Does anyone here have a plan? Also, I’m surprised that Hall of Immortality even has a city, I’ve never heard about this until just yesterday…"

He Yi chuckled. "Well, there are a total of three cities in Vanished God City. The first city belongs to Stranger of Three Lifetimes of Blazing Hot Lips, the second city belongs to Wei-Jin North-South Dynasties of Hunting Moon Dynasty, and the third city that just recently spawned belongs to Dirge of War. However, the guild leader of Dirge of War, Transient, seemed to urgently need money for something, so he ultimately sold the territory to Hall of Immortality for 40 million gold. That was how that retard Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch ultimately satisfied his ambition of owning a territory, hmph. However, the territory transfer was completed the day before yesterday, and Li Chengfeng got the Vassal Token yesterday. It’s a mighty wonderful coincidence, don’t you think? Hehe…"

I burst out in laughter. "Man, Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch is seriously unlucky. Of all the times he could obtain a territory, he chose the one that was practically suicide. Oh right, what was the arrangement regarding the Vassal Token?"

Murong Mingyue replied, "Li Chengfeng listened to our suggestion and gave the Vassal Token to Come See The Snow Tonight of Vanished God City. We will be joining forces with Blazing Hot Lips and Baidicheng to attack this Rank 3 territory, and the ownership will go to Baidicheng if we succeed. Speaking of which, we’re already allied with Baidicheng. This means that we now have two reliable allies in Vanished God City, Momo of Blazing Hot Lips and Come See The Snow Tonight of Baidicheng. For us, this is an act of diplomacy and our first revenge against Hall of Immortality, Throne Seeker and Rose of the Holy Domain!"

I nodded while chomping at the bread in my hand. "Sounds great. I can’t wait for us to go online and conquer the shit out of their city!"

"Yep, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls is going to make their name in Vanished God City very soon!" He Yi said brightly, "After you expanded the guild last night, we burned the midnight oil to transfer the highest-leveled players of the subguilds to the main guild, and set up new recruitment spots at all three major cities. As a result, we were able to fill up every slot in the main guild without lowering the average level by much. Moreover, the size of our cavalry troops has increased drastically, and we now have over 17k riders in the main guild! At least 10k of them are made up of wanderers and magic knights!"

The amazing news caused my blood to boil up in excitement. "Very well! Our riders shall thunder across the soil of Vanished God City! Let us show the retards from Hall of Immortality that we are no pushovers, and that we will exact frenzied revenge upon all those who dare to siege Dark Moon City!"

Beiming Xue giggled. "Yep! After we go online, we’ll teleport straight to Vanished God City. The territory is located at the periphery of Yellowstone Desert and exactly two hours from Vanished God City. It’s a pretty good territory since I heard that the mobs on Yellowstone Desert are between Level 150 and Level 210."

"Mn. Let’s finish up quickly and go online!"



Yiyi’s coming departure was sitting inside my heart like a blocked vein right now, so I needed some murder to soothe my feelings. Sorry not sorry, Hall of Immortality, but you’re going to be my vent for the day.


The moment I appeared in Sky City, I received a message from a stranger. Surprisingly, it was Lin Yixin. "Little Cheat, dad is watching me real close today, and he even ordered me to delete you from my friend list. Sorry, but I can’t contact you right now. Don’t worry, I’ll kick that old fool away the moment mom wakes up, so wait for me, okay? I’m still here!"

I was dumbfounded, but I couldn’t reply to Lin Yixin because her name had vanished from my friend list.

I looked at the emptied chat log and murmured to myself, "Mn, wait for me too, Yiyi. I will find you…"

I gripped the Cyan Netherworld Sword and summoned both the Armored Ice Qilin Horse and the Phantom Wolf King. Then, I got up my mount and trod across the paved road of Sky City. I drew gazes from both sides of the road because my pet and my mount were too eye-catching even after I hid my ID and equipment luster. The Armored Ice Qilin Horse wore armor that looked like ice condensed from the tail of an Ice Dragon King. It looked quite formidable to say the least.

I repaired my equipment and took out some backup Saint Spirit Potions and Magic Consumables from the warehouse. A fierce war was going to happen very soon, and there was no reason not to give it my all. I even shared my Rank 9 Strength Supplements, Agility Supplements, and Stamina Supplements with the core members of the guild because of this. This was exactly the kind of battle these potions were made for.

After the preparations were complete, I went to the teleportation formation and paid the attendant an exorbitant amount of gold. A second later, I appeared in Vanished God City. This was the first time I entered this city, and I could hear a musical tune in my ears. There were also a lot of player stalls around the area.

I was a foreigner to this city, so I had no plans of hiding my strength. Still sitting on the Armored Ice Qilin Horse and accompanied by the Phantom Wolf King, I revealed my ID and turned on my equipment luster. Radiant colors instantly burst out of my body as I urged my mount to move forward. A resounding neigh and a clatter of hooves later, the Armored Ice Qilin Horse carried me out of the gate amid shocked gasps and noisy discussions—

"Wah, who was that guy? He looked super powerful…"

"God damn, wasn’t that Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand of Sky City, Lu Chen? Why is he here? Is it because of the territory war at Yellowstone Desert? Who the fuck’s the one who managed to persuade the Little Heavenly King himself to take action? How impressive!"

"Uuuu, that’s Lu Chen? He’s so handsome! I love him so much!"

"I’m looking down on you, gurl!"


The Armored Ice Qilin Horse had great movement speed. It took me only a minute to traverse the city area and enter the forest. Beside me, the Phantom Wolf King was zigzagging between the trees like a red lightning bolt. It was much faster than even my mount.


It was a message from Xu Yang. "Where are you, Lu Chen? Since you’re now a mounted player, it’s time you lead your own party. Gui Guzi, Heaven’s Rain, and Diamond Dust are already waiting at the edge of Yellowstone Desert, and Little Gui’s exact coordinates are (28901, 10929). I don’t think his coordinates are going to change anytime soon, so head over there!"

"Okay!" I accepted the order gladly. Since I wasn’t present for yesterday’s strategy meeting, Xu Yang was the one shotcalling today. All I was going to be today was a frontline general, especially since Yiyi wasn’t talking to me anymore. I need to kill someone to make myself feel better!

Your judgment day has come, bastards of Hall of Immortality!

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