Chapter 644: Awkward

My guild leader was calling me, so I activated teleport and returned to the Rank 8 undead castle, Dark Moon City, instantly.

He Yi was standing at the territory hall not far away from me. Her mouth fell open a little in astonishment when she saw my Armored Ice Qilin Horse. "Ah, is that…"

I smiled at her, climbed down my mount and gave its tough armor a pat. "Not bad, right? Lil Beiming’s the one who gifted this to me, hehe. Such a handsome boy…"

He Yi pouted. "Beiming treats you really well, doesn’t she? I even heard that she gave up one piece of her gear. It’s hard to find sisters like her these days…"

"Yeah…" I sighed. "Oh right, why were you looking for me, Eve?"

"Mn, I want to talk about expanding the guild!" said He Yi while pointing at the territory hall. "If the guild leader is a sixth-promotion player and a territory owner, they can sacrifice their Reputation to increase their guild’s size. Lu Chen, it’s all up to you now…"

"I knew it…"

"Hehe, come on!"

He Yi pulled me into the territory hall and sought out Dark Knight Hero Udal. As expected, I saw a new line when I opened the management window—

Guild Size Upgrade: Increase your guild’s rank to 6, accommodate a maximum of 30000 players. Costs 100000 Reputation.


"What the fuck, one hundred thousand Reputation?" My eyes goggled. "This is a scam! I don’t even have 300000 Reputation points yet, not to mention that I have to save some Reputation to wear my equipment!"

He Yi looked startled. "It costs that much to expand the guild? Then… forget it. I’ll do it myself once I’m Level 150."

But I shook my head and said, "It’s fine, I can afford to pay 100k. But it’s probably going to cost even more Reputation points to expand the guild to Rank 7, so we may have to wait for a bit."

"Got it. For now, let’s get the guild to Rank 6 first so we can accommodate an extra 20000 players."


I confirmed the expansion and sacrificed 100k valuable Reputation points immediately!


Guild Notice: All players, please be informed that the guild rank has been increased to Rank 6. The maximum number of players has been increased to 30000. Please continue improving the guild’s cohesiveness and become an ever-victorious army!


The guild channel immediately erupted into activity—

Li Chengfeng: "Holy shit, you actually can improve the guild rank to Rank 6? Hahaha, that’s amazing! Was it you who did it, Lu Chen?"

I replied, "Yes, it costs 100k Reputation points to upgrade the guild. The next rank is 200k Reputation points though, which is beyond even my capabilities right now. I’m going to wait for half a month and see if I can upgrade the guild again."

Xu Yang: "Mn, Lu Chen sacrificed big for the guild alright. Reputation is awesome, but even to this day I only have a bit over 50k or so…"

Murong Mingyue: "That’s because you’re a noob. Lu Chen is nothing like you…"

High Fighting Spirits: "Oh right, when Lu Chen became a sixth-promotion warrior and entered the Earthfire Realm, the system mentioned something about a chance to ascend to a ‘Divine General’, and a chance to learn the ‘Great Earth Transformation’. I wonder what those are? It sounds like a player’s ‘realm’ is incredibly important after they reach their sixth promotion."

He Yi: "Yes, the power of realms and domains is really starting to show as our levels increase."

Li Chengfeng: "This is truly an era of heroes. I have a feeling that the first person to become a Divine General will have their names written in the official history of Heavenblessed, if not all of them. This is a great chance to spread our name worldwide!"

I jumped in the conversation. "Yeah. That’s why you should all work hard to increase your levels. There is a greater world waiting for you here. Of course, you must learn a Famous General Skill first before you can qualify for these benefits, so do your best to become a Famous General, everyone."

Xu Yang: "Considering that the Divine General patch is now released, I have a feeling that the chance to become a Famous General will be pretty high. On average, our guild is 3.7 levels higher than Warsky Alliance, 1.6 levels higher than Snowy Cathaya, and 0.98 levels higher than Candle Dragon. What this means is that this is our best chance to add as many Famous Generals as possible to our ranks, and it’s critical that we do not let go of this opportunity because Famous General Skills are the biggest contributing factor to a guild’s power right now."

Murong Mingyue burst into a giggle. "Yeah, Xu Yang finally said something good for once. As he says, the number of Famous Generals a guild has is critical to its success right now, and the ascension rate will probably be much higher than usual for the next couple days. High-level players, this is your chance to become Famous Generals!"

Gui Guzi: "Yes, we definitely should increase our levels as much as possible!"

The Undying Knight had popped in without warning, so I asked, "What are you doing right now, Little Gui?"

"Chaos Moon asked me to powerlevel Cute Little Naughty…" Gui Guzi lamented. It sounded like he had no way of refusing Chaos Moon at all.

I didn’t say anything, however. It would be troublesome if Chaos Moon asked me to powerlevel Cute Little Naughty as well. After all, I had a dinner date with Lin Yixin later. She said she would be wearing black stockings tonight...


I checked the auction house again as excitement brewed inside my heart. Already, the Roland equipment sets I had consigned were climbing up the price levels. The earnings would be more than enough to treat Lin Yixin to a table full of expensive dishes!

After I decided that it was time to take a break, I went to Sky City and purchased all kinds of food ingredients and herbs. Then, I cooked until I finally reached Rank 9 Spirit Cooking. Rank 9 Saint Spirit Potion was incredible in that it restored 6000 HP and 3000 MP. It was definitely the kind of stuff you stocked up on for boss fights or PvP. It would be even better if I could mass produce Saint Spirit Potions to sell them—I could imagine how well they would sell already—unfortunately though, the herb required to produce the Saint Spirit Potion was too difficult to gather. For now, I could only make enough to satisfy my own demand.

I waited until it was past 5 pm before I messaged Lin Yixin: "I’m logging off now. Should I fetch you at the university entrance?"

"Mn, I’ll come out in 30 minutes!"

"Remember to wear that, okay?"

"I know, bastard…"

The avatar in the dialog window was very small, but I could still see that Lin Yixin’s cheeks were bright red. I wasn’t sure if she wore something like this in the past, but after all my nagging she had to wear it for tonight’s dinner at least.

I checked the time and noted that it was probably time to head out. I sent the girls of the workshop a message each—

To He Yi: "Eve, I’m having dinner with our ally tonight…"

To Murong Mingyue: "I won’t be having dinner in the house tonight!"

And to Beiming Xue: "Big bro’s heading out tonight, don’t wait for me with dinner."

The content of the messages were more or less the same, but the replies I got were completely different—

He Yi: "Got it. Come home soon and don’t make us worried, okay?"

Murong Mingyue: "It’s a date with Beauty Lin, right? Make sure you use protection, hehe…"

Beiming Xue: "See you later~~"


I logged out, put on my clothes, and rushed out of the apartment like the wind. Now that I thought about it, it had been a long time since I ate dinner with Lin Yixin. More accurately, I hadn’t even seen her in real life since the condom incident.

I stepped down on the gas pedal of my X12 and vroomed all the way to Suzhou University. Then, I got out of my car, stood up straight, and stared at the gate with shiny eyes. I couldn’t wait to see how Lin Yixin was dressed today.

I didn’t have to wait too long. Lin Yixin appeared just five minutes later. She carried a coffee-colored handbag and wore a woolen black-and-white coat on the outside. It was so long that the bottom part of the coat might as well be a skirt. As promised, she wore a pair of thin, black stockings that matched up perfectly with her long, beautiful legs. I already knew that this would happen, but this attire seriously looked way better on my Fruit Knife Goddess than those non-mainstream women.

For a moment, I completely lost myself in the sight of her beautiful legs until she walked up to me and hit my arm lightly with her handbag. "How long are you going to stare at my legs, you bastard?!"

I hurriedly looked up and beamed at her. "Yiyi, you look absolutely gorgeous today!"

"Enough with the flattery. Where are we eating tonight? I want to eat somewhere where I can order a lot of expensive food!"

"No problem, let’s head to Happy House then. A new restaurant just opened at the garden area, and it’s a high-class restaurant that costs at least 500 RMB per meal for two people."

"Now we’re talking."

Lin Yixin climbed into the passenger seat and fastened her seatbelt. When she looked at me and realized that I was still staring at her legs, she immediately broke into a sweet smile and asked, "Wanna touch them?"

"Fuck…" Red-faced from being caught red-handed, I wordlessly started the engine.

Lin Yixin pouted. "Hmph, I can’t believe how shameless you are. I’ve never bought any stockings in my life until you asked me to, you know that? I had to steal these from Qingqing’s wardrobe!"

I turned green in the face. "The legendary Wind Fantasy stole her roommate’s stockings? Aren’t… aren’t you embarrassed?"

Lin Yixin turned even redder. "How dare you mock me when you’re the one who insisted I wear them! I wouldn’t steal them if you didn’t ask me to!"

I said placatingly, "Fine, fine, I promise I’ll compensate you later. You definitely won’t be disappointed with tonight’s dinner!"

Lin Yixin smiled in satisfaction as she stroked her flowing hair. "Now we’re talking…"



By the time we reached Happy House, it was past 7 pm already. The restaurant was packed full of people, and it took a lot of effort just to find a table for two.

After Lin Yixin pulled down the hem of her dress and opened the menu, she started ordering all kinds of expensive dishes. She was delighted, but I was clenching my fists and bleeding inside my heart. If I had the kungfu to poke her yamen point and silence her, I would’ve done so already. I would’ve been satisfied with just a plate of tofu with vegetables and Yuxiang shredded pork.

In the end, Lin Yixin ordered over 1000 RMB worth of dishes and left a terrible wound in my wallet. Goddammit, these so-called turtle meat and game meat are so expensive! Still, I supposed 1000 RMB was a cheap price considering the sight I was treated to. After all, not everyone got to see the Fruit Knife Goddess herself wear black stockings.

The dishes were served on short notice, and I wasn’t going to let my money go to waste. In less than half an hour, we cleared out the table like a pair of ravenous tornadoes.

"Waiter, bill please!" I beckoned a waitress.

"Sir, your bill is 1314 RMB…"

"Damn, that’s a lot!"

My heart ached as I tried to dig out my money from my pocket. However, I wasn’t able to do so even after half a minute. God dammit, why does that thing keep entering my palm?!

"What are you doing?" Lin Yixin couldn’t bear it any longer. "Is your money scalding hot or something? Just put it all on the table and count them one by one!"

I stared at her. "You sure about this?"


"You said it!"

I hardened my determination and put all the contents of my pocket on the table. A second later, the waitress burst into a giggle. It was because there was a pack of blue-colored, Durex-brand condoms stuck between my cash, car key, and bank cards. It was of course the same pack Lin Yixin had left with me last time.


Lin Yixin immediately turned beet red. "You haven’t thrown it away?"

I replied, "Nope."

Before we could say anything else though, an icy cold voice suddenly rang behind me. "This is the type of person you’re acquainted with, Yiyi?!"

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