Chapter 643: Frightening Slash

The Ice Qilin Horse broke the tranquility of the snowy domain with a shrill whinny as it dashed through the rocky ground. Since it was traveling at an extremely fast speed, its jumping power was incredibly strong as well. It flew over huge boulders that were two meters in height, each jump sending a thrill through my heart. The mount that Lil Beiming had given me was simply fantastic!

When the Ice Qilin Horse reached the icy peak, I could see my teacher, the Undead Holy Magus Rinser, cutting an imposing figure in the midst of a snowy field. As he waved his magic staff in the air, he stared intensely into the sea of snow in front of him. He licked his withered lips as he said, “Ever since the Wind Singer forbade us from harming the living, I have not been able to enjoy the taste of meat. Now that winter is about to come, it’s time for me to store up some food to tide myself over the next few months. I’ve already stored up several sacks of potatoes from Heavenly Medicine Mountain and Chinese skullcaps from the Qilin Hole. Sigh, my tastebuds are gonna wither up and die if these are the only things that I can eat to pass the winter. And I don’t even know when Lord Wind Singer’s prohibition will end...”


I chuckled as my horse trotted toward him. This guy seemed to have a lot of complaints and I briefly wondered if he had asked me to kill five hundred players in an act of petty vengeance. If it had been somebody else other than me, killing those five hundred players really would have been quite difficult. Of course this was without taking into account those despicable scumbags who would go to newbie cities to kill noobs.

When the Armored Ice Qilin Horse grew near enough, I leaped off its back and walked up to Rinser. I handed in the mission. “Teacher, I have completed the task that you have entrusted to me!”


Rinser’s murky eyes shone as he laughed. “Kiddo, you really didn’t let me down! You actually finished this fast. It looks like Lord Wind Singer really does have a good eye. In the future, you will become a powerful existence that won’t be the least bit inferior to a god of slaughter. Come and receive your reward!”

After Rinser finished speaking the sound of the system notice reverberated over the main cities.


System Announcement: Congratulations to player “Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand” for completing his sixth class promotion. He has entered the brand new Earthfire Realm, and he has a 5% of receiving the Earthfire Legacy, which will cause him to undergo the Great Earth Transformation. There is a 1% chance that he will trigger the Divine General system and transform into an invincible Divine General. He has gained the title of “Great Earth Swordsman” and as the second player to become a sixth-promotion player, he has received the reward “Cyan Qilin Blade”!



The skill book that Rinser had scammed from the Sword Saint landed in my inventory along with a brand new dagger. The dagger looked pretty powerful!

I gleefully opened up my inventory and took out the blood-red skill book. When I read the skill description, my lips curled up in satisfaction!

Frightening Slash: Use qi containing the power of the divine ghost to deal a frightening blow to the target. Frightens the target and reduces their MP. This skill ignores Magic Shield. Cooldown: 12 seconds. Level Requirement: 150. Class Requirement: Warrior, Magic Knight, Wanderer.

Hell yeah, it was an anti-mage skill! And it was a really powerful one at that! It ignored Magic Shields and reduced the target’s MP. If I had to fight a mage in the future, my incredible Attack might allow me to take all of their MP with a single blow from Frightening Slash. And what use was a mage without any MP?

Even if mages could consume Magic Consumables to resolve their immediate crisis, if they were hit by two consecutive Frightening Slashes, it would be over. I didn’t think that there was any mage out there who could endure such an assault. After all, the cooldown for Magic Consumables was 120 seconds while the cooldown for Frightening Slash was merely 12 seconds!

I’d seen this skill on the forums before. It was the common Level 150 Warrior skill and it was meant to be used together with the Level 120 skill, Barrier Break. That combination of skills would be an absolute nightmare for any mage on the battlefield. Frightening Slash would deplete all of their MP and Barrier Break would end their lives. They wouldn’t even be given an opportunity to use Blink.


However, there was one thing that really bugged me. Fucking hell! Rinser told me that he had scammed this book from the Sword Saint, but it was a skill that any player of my class could learn once they hit Level 150?! What sort of scam was this?!

I glared at Rinser testily as I briefly considered whether I should kick him off the side off a snowy cliff.

I continued to talk to Rinser to try to wheedle out some more skills from him, but this dumbass really didn’t have any other skills for me to learn. It was a real tragedy to be a swordsman without a proper swordmaster to instruct him.

However, there was nothing to be done. Rinser’s skills in the martial arts were extremely limited. In fact, I could probably be his teacher when it came to martial skills! What could he really teach me?

Moreover, my Intelligence was too low to learn the forbidden curses that he knew. That was nothing but a fleeting dream as well.

I was quite perplexed by this situation. However, it was good that I still managed to be the second player to achieve their sixth class promotion. Unfortunately, I had been rewarded with a dagger for my troubles.

Well, let’s take a look at that dagger first. I opened up my inventory to stare at the dagger that was quietly shining with a cyan light. I waved my hand over it and its shocking stats immediately flew up in front of me.


Cyan Qilin Blade (Heaven-grade, Outstanding★)

Attack: 950~1295

Strength: +198

Stamina: +190

Agility: +205

Tactics: +47

Passive: Increases user’s Attack by 40%

Passive: Cyan Qilin. There is a fixed chance of triggering Cyan Qilin Energy Blast when attacking a target.

Slots: 6

Outstanding Property: Penetrating Bone. When attacking a target, there is a 100% chance of ignoring 20% of their Defense. There is also 40% chance of trigger Bone Penetrating Strike, which will ignore 60% of the target’s Defense instead.

Introduction: When the ancient Cyan Qilin died and fell to the earth, its bones were used to forge a sharp blade containing its power. The result was named Cyan Qilin Blade.

Level Requirement: 145

Class Requirement: Assassin


Holy shit, it’s actually a Heaven-grade weapon! This mission had actually rewarded me with a Heaven-grade weapon! That’s insane! This reward had not let all of the blood, sweat, and tears I shed while rushing to this level go to waste. Even though it was only a 1-star Outstanding weapon, it was still extremely OP! Its attack power was amazing and it would allow any Assassin class player to reach the peak of their potential!

If I were Roaming Dragon or Pillar of the Nation, I would probably use this dagger to poach Moonkiss or Farewell Song. However, I wasn’t those two, and given my personality, I’d much rather give this dagger to our own ace assassin. If we can’t even keep our own aces, how would we be able to recruit the aces of other guilds?

A smug grin appeared on my face as I took out the Cyan Qilin Blade and called up my friends list to look for Cute Little Naughty. She was the assassin with the highest level in Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, Level 141, and that was a rare sight. She was the only assassin who could potentially compete with Farewell Song in our guild. Even though her chances of victory weren’t high at all, there was still hope for her to realize her potential! We would slowly nurture her!

Honestly, I wasn't too greedy of a guy, so getting this Cyan Qilin Blade as my reward for being the second sixth-promotion player was pretty good. I had even learned an extremely powerful skill, Frightening Slash, too. It would be quite useful in duels against other fighters. If you managed to hit your opponent with Frightening Slash first, they would only be able to hit you with basic attacks while you’d be able to hit them with skills like Barrier Break and Blaze. That was an overwhelming advantage.

Cute Little Naughty’s name was still lit up so I immediately sent her a message: “Little Naughty, are you still grinding with the others?”

“Yeah, we’re moving to the grinding spot. How can I help you, Lu Chen?” Cute Little Naughty swiftly replied.

I thought about it for a moment before I asked for her coordinates. After that, I wheeled the Ice Qilin Horse around and flew down the mountain. I traveled way faster than her, so it would be much more convenient for me to deliver this dagger to her.


After a few minutes of wild galloping, I finally caught sight of Cute Little Naughty’s figure. Her guild was an all-assassin guild, but in reality about 10% of her players were playing other classes. There was a good mix of tacticians, priests, and warriors. It would be way too ridiculous for the guild to really be made up of only assassins. If they ever met a boss in the wild, they would just be lining up to get killed by it.

“Little Naughty!”

I quickly pulled on my horse’s reins. The Ice Qilin Horse had great turning ability, so it stopped right in front of Cute Little Naughty with perfect accuracy. I took out the Cyan Qilin Dagger and simply tossed it into her arms as I laughed. “This fucking system actually rewarded me with a dagger and not a sword! I have no choice but to let you take advantage of me this time. Hurry up and get to Level 145. Once you get there, you will become one of the few super assassins in Sky City!”


Cute Little Naughty’s cherry lips parted in shock and she stared at me with eyes as wide as saucers. She stammered, “B-b-big brother Lu Chen, this is a Heaven-grade item you know! You can count the number of Heaven-grade items in the server on one hand…”

I gave a hearty laughter before saying, “So what? Little Naughty’s trust in me is worth more than a hundred Heaven-grade weapons. Since Little Naughty was willing to join Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, I’m also willing to give her this Cyan Qilin Blade!”


Cute Little Naughty’s face suddenly went bright red as she murmured, “Lu Chen, I heard that… when a guy gives a girl a really powerful item in a game, it means that he likes her and wants her to be his girlfriend. Could it be that you are…”

I immediately blushed as well. After that, I whirled my horse around and escaped while yelling, “I’m not! Hurry up and level, Little Naughty!”

I heard Chaos Moon’s and Xu Yang’s laughter echo out of the forest. After that, Cute Little Naughty spun around and said, “I need to get to Level 145 as quickly as possible, so… a Level 141 high-damage assassin is looking for a party! Are there any powerful parties that are willing to accept me?”

Chaos Moon raised her sharp blade and giggled, “Okay, I’ll assemble a squad just for you! Lu Buyi will be the party leader! His Purple Dragon is going to be indispensable! Xu Yang and I will be the tanks. Moonlight Stone and Beiming Xue will be the primary DPS. Moon Dew will be the healer. Is this party strong enough for you? We’ll grind in one of the higher levels of the Dragonbone Mountain Range. Hmph, I guarantee that you’ll hit Level 145 in two days!”

Cute Little Naughty’s face lit up with excitement. “Thank you, Sister Chaos Moon!”


When I was riding on the Armored Ice Qilin Horse, all of my stats were boosted by an incredible amount. I was practically invincible at this stage in the game. As I swept through the enemies with my sharp sword, my Phantom Wolf King savaged their flanks. There was no longer any monster that could pose a threat to me. The Ice Qilin Horse’s stats were laid bare for all to see. 800 Strength and 820 Stamina, that was more than four times what my Cyan Netherworld Sword gave me and it only further proved how important mounts were to high-level fighters!

When I checked the ranking system, I saw that a new ranking board had appeared next to the Famous General ranking board. It was the Divine General ranking board and it was completely empty at the moment. However, the appearance of this board presaged the imminent appearance of a Divine General Skill! Damn, Famous General Skills were already OP as hell, so how incredible would these new Divine General Skills be?!

I silently chuckled with joy. Heh, there'll be plenty of opportunities to become one. The official information given already clarified that the first condition to become a Divine General was to become a sixth-promotion player and reach the Earthfire Realm. Furthermore, I was already a Famous General too! Therefore, Luo River God of the Capital and I had the highest chance to become the first Divine General!

It was at this exact moment that...


...I received a message from He Yi: “Hey, if you’re not busy, can you come to Dark Moon City?”

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