Chapter 642: Armored Ice Qilin Horse

"What the hell, Lil Beiming…"

I was momentarily stunned by her appearance and had forgotten about God’s Mercenaries. Luckily, Beiming Xue’s attacks managed to strike fear into their hearts causing them to stop in their tracks. Most of them recognized her and gasped in surprise.

"Fuck! It’s Beiming Xue! It’s the Dark Archer Beiming Xue! What… What is she doing here? Is she looking for Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand?"

"Yeah, it seems like it!"

"Rumor has it that members from the workshop that Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand and From Water created, live in the same house. Could it be true that Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand and Beiming Xue are in a secret relationship?"

"It must be true then!"

"A friend in my dormitory really likes Beiming Xue. He would be devastated if he knew about this…"


Beiming Xue grasped her Dragonbone Longbow in one hand and ran up to me. Grabbing my wrist, she said, "Big bro, come down. Send this stupid elephant back to your mount space…’

"Why?" I asked in surprise.

Beiming Xue swiftly took out a pitch-black pet egg from her inventory and said, "I knew you wouldn’t get a mount for yourself so I got you one instead! This mount was really expensive! I had to give a blackhearted merchant from Vanished God City a 3-star Outstanding Earth-grade shield and additional 100000 gold in exchange for this mount!"

"Oh? What kind of expensive mount is this?"

I took the Mount Pet Egg from her and opened its stats window. My jaw dropped and I was struck dumb by what I saw.


Armored Ice Qilin Horse (Earth Rank Boss Mount)

Strength: +800

Stamina: +820

Attack Increase: +45%

Defense Increase: +40%

Attack Speed: +55%

Movement Speed: +150%

Attack Range: +30 yards

Max HP: +12000

Turn Rate: -30%

Mount Tenacity: +50%

Introduction: An armored horse from the western lands ate the grass which grew on the burial mound of the legendary Qilin. The energy in the Ice Qilin’s blood fertilized the grass and ended up coursing through the veins of the armored horse. It now possesses the extreme speed and toughness of the Ice Qilin, making it the world’s rarest and most precious mount.’

Level Requirement: 150

Reputation Requirement: 240000


I continued to stare at the mount info with wide eyes in disbelief before turning my head to the side ever so slowly and stuttered, "Beiming... This is an Earth Rank Boss Mount Pet Egg. How could this be exchanged for a single Earth-grade item? It would have fetched for millions on the market… How, how did you get your hands on this?"

Beiming Xue looked at the ground as her cheeks turned red with embarrassment. "Alright… The truth is, I exchanged a 3-star Outstanding Earth-grade shield and a pair of 4-star Outstanding Earth-grade leather wristguards for this pet egg…"

I immediately glanced at Beiming Xue’s wrist and noticed that she was wearing Spirit-grade wristguards. She’d actually given up her own equipment in exchange for this rare mount!

"Beiming, you…" I was overwhelmed by her gift that I was lost for words.

Beiming Xue giggled gently. She lifted her head to look at me and said, "Big bro, you’ve given me a lot of things. Can’t I do something for you in return? Besides, equipment can be easily replaced. But the same cannot be said for a mount. I outbid hundreds of thousands of players just for this Armored Ice Qilin Horse. I spent so much time and effort on this so you had better treasure my goodwill, alright…"

Moved by her words, I walked forward and drew her in a bear hug. I grinned and said, "Mn, I understand. Don’t worry Beiming, I won’t let your sacrifice be for naught…"

"Quick! Let’s see you ride the mount!"


The Broadback War Elephant looked at me with eyes full of sorrow, as if it had already known its fate. A single tear rolled down its cheek as it whimpered, "Master, you’re so horrible…"

With a swhoosh sound, the Broadback War Elephant disappeared. I only had a single mount space so I had to sacrifice the Broadback War Elephant to make way for the Armored Ice Qilin Horse. Besides, the Broadback War Elephant moved way too slow! It only gave me an additional 10% movement speed while the Armored Ice Qilin increased my speed by 150%!

Moreover, only players who were Level 150 could mount it. This meant that I was the only player in the entire China server to be able to use it! After establishing a blood contract with it, the pet egg started to crack and a black light ray flew straight into my mount space.

Similar to the Cyan Netherworld Sword, a dazzling magic circle appeared in front of me when I summoned the mount. A loud neigh reverberated through the forest instantly as the Armored Ice Qilin Horse was born!

At the appearance of the Armored Ice Qilin Horse, everyone stopped fighting. Even Cute Little Naughty and the players from God's Mercenaries in the distance were staring at it in amazement. After all, no one had ever seen such a beautiful mount before.

Its entire body was covered in pitch-black barding. Blade-like spikes protruded from parts of the metal armor and the tips of these spikes gleamed with a chilling light. The warhorse had a pair of crimson red eyes which held a fierce glint in them. It had a sharp, blade like horn extending from the armor that protected its head. Its crimson eyes coupled with the horn gave it a vicious and sinister look.

As it reared its head proudly in the air, the muscles of its strong and powerful body rippled underneath that metal armor. Its long tail was dark cyan and it resembled a long trail of icy flame when it swished through the air. Frost and snowflakes formed with every breath it took, making it look grand indeed! I had to admit that this Armored Ice Qilin Horse looked extremely cool and imposing!

Beiming Xue giggled gently as she coiled her hands around my arm and said, "Do you like it big bro?"

I nodded my head quickly and laughed, "Haha! I love it so much! I love you to death, Little Xue!"

"Mn, let’s get on!"


Putting one foot on the saddle, I hoisted myself over the horse and mounted it. Instantly, energy surged through my entire body, filling me with power. My stats had increased tremendously thanks to the Armored Ice Qilin Horse.


ID: Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand (Title: Purgatory Thunder)

Class: Undead Swordsman (Platinum Swordsman)

Level: 150

HP: 51190

Attack: 3652~4330

Defense: 4565

Magic Resist: 4110

Reputation: 328900

Tactics: 419 (+344)

Luck: 38


Such powerful stats! 50000 base HP! If I were to use a Roland Bloodknight Card to increase my HP by another 40%, I would have a total HP of 70000! What an insane number! Moreover, I get to enjoy a hidden attribute of an additional 40% increase in Defense and Attack.

My attributes with and without the Armored Ice Qilin Horse are as different as night and day! If I get buffed by both a Famous General Skill and Physique, my max HP will exceed 100000! How powerful and domineering will I be when that happens?!

The most important thing was that my attack power, attack speed, and movement speed had been greatly increased as well, and it was to an extent that I wouldn’t imagine in my wildest dreams!

I eyed the bunch of players before me with inward glee. I’ll test out my skills on two thousand players from God's Mercenaries. How dare they even think of touching the Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ eighth subguild! Yup, you’ll do just nicely! I’ll use you guys for fodder first!

Beiming Xue chuckled behind me and said, "Go on, big bro! I don’t think you need anyone’s help now do you?"

She was absolutely right, there were no experts among this group of players before me. If there were a few experts like Farewell Song, Little Piglet, and Lin Bing Dou Zhe hidden within, I would surely be in mortal danger. But with my new Armored Ice Qilin Horse, these guys were but puny insects waiting to be swatted.


I raised my Cyan Netherworld sword and charged forward without any hesitation, the Phantom Wolf King following right behind me. I had no intentions of retreating whatsoever as I swung the Cyan Netherworld Sword and unleashed a crescent of bone-piercing sword energy into a crowd of players. The energy exploded heavily among the enemies and tore through armor and flesh. The entire crowd of players collapsed, leaving a pool of blood on the ground.

An icy aura surrounded the Armored Ice Qilin Horse and vapor could be seen every time it exhaled. Neighing furiously, it charged left and right, trampling on the God's Mercenaries guild and their dreams of emerging victorious.

A few yards away, the Phantom Wolf King howled and brandished its claws. With three consecutive strikes, it activated Claw of the Storm and unleashed havoc within a group of players. Forget about me, just the Phantom Wolf King alone was enough to give them a painful headache.

"Shoot him dead! Hurry up, use your Devil Piercing Arrows to kill him! Devil Piercing Arrow ignores 50% of the target’s Defense! We’ll be able to kill him if the archers all use it on him at once!" The vice leader, a Level 132 mage waved his staff and shouted orders over the group of people. It was clear that he had been scared out of his wits.

Thud thud thud…

Arrows started to fall on the Armored Ice Qilin Horse like heavy rain but they did not pierce through the mount’s armor. Instead they simply bounced off and did not deal much damage. Even the Devil Piercing Arrow could not pierce through its defenses, dealing only double digit damage to us. With my insane Defense and Attack stats, it seemed as if I was mocking them.

I swung my blade and it trembled as I activated a Burning Blade Slash that exploded into a group of magic knights. Lifting my Cyan Netherworld Sword, I turned to face the vice leader and gave him a ranged Dragon Slaying Slash!


Dragon Slaying Slash penetrated through the enemy’s Magic Shield successfully! Before the enemy could even condense a second Magic Shield, I activated Sword Boomerang and hurled the Cyan Netherworld Sword right at him!


The blade was sent spinning through the crowd, wrecking havoc like a tornado in its wake. The Cyan Netherworld Sword carved a straight line through the crowd of players as everyone in its way had been one-shot and collapsed to the ground. The vice leader of God's Mercenaries was one of them and he died without even putting up a fight.


The Cyan Netherworld Sword returned to my hand and I urged the mount forward. The Armored Ice Qilin Horse let out a resounding neigh before charging forward once again. The Cyan Netherworld Sword glowed brilliantly as I continued swinging my sword left and right, cutting down anyone unfortunate to be in its path.Meanwhile, the numbers in my quest window continued to increase steadily.


God's Mercenaries were completely struck dumb by the scene before them. They were a group of nearly 3000 players, and yet, not one of them could stop me. Even without a priest, my health continued to remain above 70% no matter how many came at me. All I did was rely on the Cyan Netherworld Sword’s 10% lifesteal to gain back any health lost.

I looked at the numbers on my quest screen and saw that I had nearly killed 500 people in less than ten minutes. I’m almost done with the quest!

A large group of players started to appear behind me as I turned my head to glance at them. Xu Yang, High Fighting Spirits, and the rest had just arrived to aid me. However, they all halted in their tracks with widened eyes as they looked at the battle situation.

Xu Yang shouted, "What the heck! Our boy Lu Chen already has a mount! And it looks… like a really powerful one too!"

High Fighting Spirits rolled his eyes and said, "What the fuck. If Lu Chen was wearing silver armor and a white cape, I would’ve thought he was Zhao Yun! Soloing so many at once and killing anything in his path without any thread of fear in him whatsoever. This isn’t PvP, he’s just killing noobs…" [1]

Chaos Moon sighed deeply and said, "Lu Chen is too horrible. The highest-leveled player of this bunch is just Level 130, and he has crappy equipment too. On the other hand, Lu Chen even got himself a mount. It would be strange if he wasn’t ‘killing noobs’…"

Xu Yang’s lips curled up into a grin and asked, "So, should we go help him?"

Chaos Moon shrugged her shoulders and said, "We’ll see how things go."


Once I had reached my kill quota, I stayed my hand and charged out of the crowd. Stopping in front of Xu Yang, Chaos Moon, and High Fighting Spirits, I pointed behind me and said, "I’m leaving these guys to you. I have to go turn in my sixth class promotion quest now!"

Xu Yang rolled his eyes and said exasperatedly, "Fuck! What’s the meaning of this? Giving us your hand-me-downs once you’re sick of playing with them…"

Before he could finish his sentence, a ball of flame flew toward him and landed right smack on his face. The ball of flame left a round patch of soot on Xu Yang’s face and smoke could be seen coming out of his ears. He growled in anger and gripped his sword before charging right into the crowd.

I chuckled involuntarily at his predicament. Alright, it’s time for me to turn in my quest. I’ll just get there on my new mount! There is no limit to the strength of the Armored Ice Qilin Horse’s legs after all. I’ll be there in fifteen minutes tops!

1. Zhao Yun was a general of Shu during the Three Kingdoms period. He was famous for being one of the Five Tiger Generals of Shu, and his biggest fear.

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