Chapter 640: Broadback War Elephant

I groggily opened my eyes slightly past noon, red leaves falling outside my window the first thing I saw. The leaves hit the surface of my window before floating onto the ledge, accumulating into a pile. What the hell, it seems that the aunty who lives above us has actually managed to grow a maple tree on her balcony! She must be frigging awesome!

Bang, bang...

Someone was knocking on my door furiously, and I subsequently heard Murong Mingyue yell at me like a bossy older sister, "Get up already! Hmph, someone said that he would be working really hard last night, but Luo River God of the Capital somehow managed to become the first player to complete her sixth class promotion! She even got a 3-star Outstanding Heaven-grade staff out of it! Great, just great! Hurry up and haul your lazy ass off the bed! It’s time to eat lunch…"

I groggily got up from my bed, put on my clothes, and opened the door. I was startled when a fist almost collided with my face as Murong Mingyue had intended to knock on my door again. Fortunately, I reacted quickly and caught her fist with my hand before asking, "What is it… What’s the big deal about the first player to get her sixth class promotion? So what if it’s a Heaven-grade staff? I have no use for it anyway…"

Murong Mingyue looked at me bitterly and muttered, “But I do…"

I glanced at her and said, "That’s not advantageous to me in the least. You wouldn’t give me a single cent even if I gave you a Heaven-grade staff. Why the hell do I care…"

"Hmph, you brat!"

At this moment, He Yi spoke up, "Alright, cut it out you two. Go wash up so that we can head out for lunch. Lu Chen, work hard and become the first warrior to complete his sixth class promotion. In the end, a warrior’s leveling speed can’t be compared with a mage’s, so it’s fine."

I nodded my head before rushing to the washroom to wash up.

Finally, the first sixth class promotion player! This was the beginning of a new era! I wondered what skills Luo River God of the Capital had learned now that she had finished promotion. She must have grown even more powerful!

Furthermore, the second Heaven-grade item had finally appeared in the China server, and it was a Heaven-grade weapon at that! The mysterious Heaven-grade items had finally started appearing in the server. This was a good thing!


We quickly scarfed our lunch down, eager to return back to the game. Wasting no time, we went online immediately after returning back to the workshop.

I continued grinding so I could reach Level 150 and attain my sixth class promotion. Meanwhile, Beiming Xue decided to equip her Dragonbone String and train her Purgatory Thunder Beast. He Yi also continued to grind so that she could equip the Blade of the Earthen Soul at Level 145.


I quickly left the adventurer’s inn I had spawned in, making my way to the blacksmith to repair my equipment. Once I was done with that, I immediately put all of the Roland Equipment Sets I had in my inventory up for auction. I set a whopping 500000 gold coins as the minimum bid. This was a 3-star Outstanding Purple Gold–grade equipment set, and it was almost as good as the Bone Scythe Equipment Set that Chaos Moon was currently wearing. I smiled inwardly with glee as I closed the auction house interface. I was counting on these eight Roland sets to earn me a lot of money!

I could well imagine how many players would end up bidding on those sets when they hit the market. I’m sure that even players from other cities would come and bid on them! Every guild was trying to create their own ace warriors and this Level 135 Roland Equipment Set would definitely tick most of those boxes. This was especially true for rich players like Pillar of the Nation, Roaming Dragon, and Li Le. Buying super equipment to recruit players was a commonly-used tactic of theirs.

Next on my to-do-list was to find a good map to grind in! After thinking about it for a while, I decided that the map that Lin Yixin had brought me to last time, the one that was in the middle of the Dragonbone Mountain Range was a decent map to grind in. With my current stats and the Phantom Wolf King, I could sweep through it without breaking a single sweat. I reckoned that I would be able to reach Level 150 in less than three hours!

If so, I should get a mount in advance. I grinned happily as I reopened the auction house interface. I clicked on the Mount Pet Egg filter and set the level range filter to between 130 to 150.

After I clicked on the search button, nearly a hundred mount eggs appeared on the results page. The best of the bunch was a Ghost Wolf, a Level 135 Spirit Rank mount, but it was being sold at an utterly ridiculous price! My eyes widened in shock as I exclaimed, "What the heck, what a rip-off! They’re asking for 900000 RMB?! I’m definitely not paying that amount!"

I continued scrolling through the list of Mount Pet Eggs until I decided on one which had decent stats and was decently priced.


Broadback War Elephant (Dark Gold Rank Mount)

Strength: +170

Stamina: +100

Attack Increase: +27%

Defense Increase: +5%

Attack Speed: +35%

Movement Speed: +10%

Attack Range: +15 yards

Max HP: +8000

Turn Rate: -90%

Mount Tenacity: +10%

Passive: Movement state cannot be easily interrupted, resistance to ice magic +10%

Level Requirement: 125

Reputation Requirement: 10000


This war elephant was gigantic, incredibly eye-catching and fulfilled all my Requirements! Furthermore, this Level 125 Dark Gold Rank Mount Pet Egg only cost 250 gold coins. What a steal!

I instantly bought out the Mount Pet Egg and a "ding" rang out as the Broadback Elephant Mount Pet Egg appeared in my inventory. I scratched my head in confusion as I tried to figure out why an elephant, a mammal, would be able to lay eggs. Forget it! Only a dumbass would bother thinking too deeply about the game’s design.

I left the city and headed past the Sky Mountain Range and entered the Undead Region. Sky City sure had a large quantity and variety of mobs. There were no lack of Corpse Eaters, Cave Devils, and Corrosive Worms in the Undead Region which was extremely advantageous to me. I brandished my sword and charged into the horde of mobs. I then proceeded to aggro a large bunch of them into the groove of a triangular stone wall before I started my killing spree.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Burning Blade Slash, Thousand Ice Slash, and my other skills exploded into the group of monsters and I noticed that my Silver Dragon Storm and Cyan Netherworld Divine Dragon were proccing much more frequently. Perhaps this was due to my higher level, but the monsters started dropping like flies as they were ravaged by this skill.


The Phantom Wolf King raised its head proudly and howled. Brandishing its claws, it landed a swift smack on a Corpse Eater’s head. Turning around swiftly, it unleashed Claw of the Storm readily amidst a group of mobs. I took control over the Phantom Wolf King and released Purgatory Storm every two minutes. I grinned in satisfaction as the tornado wreaked havoc among a group of mobs, effectively killing many of them.

I also constantly repositioned myself to protect the little wolf. Even though its health regen was very high, it couldn’t drink potions or use recovery skills like Tenacity of the Dead. Moreover, I wasn’t a tamer, so I couldn’t use the "Comfort" skill to swiftly heal it. This was the only way I could prevent it from dying.

I didn’t even bother picking up any of the equipment that had been dropped by the mobs. I was solely focused on killing them. I kept glancing at my experience bar and I saw it slowly inch up every time I killed a bunch of monsters. I had even forgotten about my quest! Forget it, I’ll just continue to grind until I reach Level 150. I’ll turn in the quest later!

I glanced at the clock and noticed that it was 4:30 pm. After grinding for about three hours, I had finally leveled up!


I was enveloped by a golden ray as a ringing sound reverberated beside my ear.


System Notice: Congratulations, you have reached Level 150. You have gained one mount slot and attained the qualifications for a sixth class promotion!


Yes! I get to ride on a mount at last!

It was at this exact moment that I noticed a familiar figure in the distance. A smile crept up on my face when I recognized who it was. Lin Yixin was moving toward me, her Ice Fox yipping at her heels. I gasped in shock when I saw that she had already hit Level 147. I had no idea where she had been grinding but her level had risen really fast. She hadn’t leveled any slower than me, so she must have been off doing some high-level quests during this time.

"Oh, you’re here too?" Lin Yixin giggled as she urged her Frostscythe Warhorse forward. The Frostscythe Warhorse struck an impressive figure as it trotted forward slowly. Icy armor covered its entire body and snowflakes puffed out of its nostrils with every breath. It was indeed an extraordinary pet.

Lin Yixin tilted her head slightly to the side as she glanced at my level. After that, she immediately exclaimed in shock, "OMG! Little Cheat, you’re already at Level 150?"


I patted my chest before laughing, "Yiyi, am I powerful or what?"

"Have you gotten yourself a mount to ride?" Lin Yixin asked with a soft laugh.

"Mn, I found one that’s not too bad! Wanna take a look at it?"

"Of course I do…" The beautiful girl before me dismounted as she gracefully made her way to my side. She giggled and said, "Quickly! I wanna see Heavenblessed’s very first warrior to become a rider!"

"Alright, watch carefully! I’ll become really dashing so you better not fall for me…"

"You’re really shameless…"

"God dammit!"


I continued to laugh as I retrieved the Broadback War Elephant Mount Pet Egg from my inventory. I clicked on the Mount Pet Egg, dragged it to my only mount space and started to summon the mount!


Six bright shining stars appeared from the tip of my sword and began to spin in a circle. The circle of stars revolved and expanded beneath our feet as a blackhole started to appear at the center of the circle. A trumpeting sound rang out from it as the Broadback War Elephant started to materialize out of its sealed space. I gasped in shock as the elephant was as huge as a small hill!

Creases covered its long winding trunk and leftover vegetables were still stuck on its tusks. It nudged his gigantic head-on my arm in an affectionate manner before looking at me with its large eyes and letting out a joyful rumbling sound.

Lin Yixin’s beautiful eyes were filled with astonishment as the elephant appeared before her. Soon after, she started to burst out in laughter as she pointed at the Broadback War Elephant with tears in her eyes and said, "This pillar of meat is actually a mount?"

I grimaced at her words and muttered, "What the heck, can you please not laugh so exaggeratedly. I… I really like this elephant. It adds 170 points to my Strength and increases my Attack by 27%. It’s really quite powerful, you know…"

"Oh is that so…" Lin Yixin curbed her laughter as she nodded her head and smiled. "That’s not too bad! Quick, get on it and take a look!"


I only noticed how broad the elephant’s back was after I climbed on it. I looked like a retard riding on such a huge mount. My frown only deepened when I heard Lin Yixin burst out in laughter once more.

Wiping away her tears of laughter, Lin Yixin flipped herself gracefully on to her Frostscythe Warhorse. Pointing to a big tree in front of us that was around 500 yards away, she said, "Lu Chen, I’ll race you! The loser has to treat the winner to dinner, deal?"

I was at a loss for words and simply stared at her.

Without even waiting for my reply, she counted down and started to charge forward. I blinked myself out of my stupor when she counted down and quickly urged the elephant forward, shouting, "Run like the wind! Let me have a taste of your F1 speed!"

The Broadback War Elephant started to run joyfully on the open field and the ground trembled with every step it took.

I stared at it in shock and gave myself a facepalm looking at her back. What the fuck? Am I running on foot? Lin Yixin’s mount has already reached the damn tree in the blink of an eye!!

I smacked the elephant’s ass with my Cyan Netherworld Sword but it refused to go any faster. I reached the designated tree only half a minute later and was greeted by Lin Yixin’s wide grin. "Hehe that grandfather of a mount isn’t bad at all. It moves at the speed of light! It’s no wonder that they say that girls with thunder thighs can’t run fast and are easy to get… Little Cheat, you’ll have to treat me to dinner tonight! Don’t be a sore loser!"

I glanced at her pale long legs underneath her legguards and nodded my head. "Alright then, I’ll treat you to dinner. But only if you come in black stockings…"

“Asshole, what perverted thoughts are you thinking of right now…" Lin Yixin rolled her eyes at me in exasperation.

I shrugged my shoulders and replied, "A five hundred dollar feast will be waiting for you tonight. It’s yours if you wanna come. But for that, you’ll have to wear black stockings. The decision is yours. I… really want to see them though…"

Lin Yixin contemplated for a long while before biting her lip. She lowered her head in resignation and replied, "Alright then. I’ll wear the stockings. But I get to order the dishes…"

"Alright, you’ve got yourself a deal. Haha!"

I was so excited that I had almost forgotten what I was supposed to do. Hurriedly, I turned to Lin Yixin and said, "I have to go and get my sixth class promotion now. Yiyi, do you want to come and watch?"

"Nah, call me once you’ve completed your class promotion! We’ll go out for a meal and celebrate when you’re done!"

"Mn, see you later!"

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