Chapter 639: Beiming Xue’s Kiss

"Holy shit, a Level 145 Heaven Rank pet…" I was overjoyed. Xinran really was a generous giver. Who would’ve thought that a solo quest would reward me with a Heaven Rank pet?

Although the Purgatory Thunder Beast’s rank was slightly lousier than the Phantom Wolf King’s, it was still incredibly powerful. At the current market, this pet egg would sell for 5 million gold at least. The average person couldn’t even dream of getting such an item.

But I had no plans to sell the pet egg. There were many other ways to earn gold, and pets were a rarity at this stage of the game. Currently, most tamers were more or less stuck with useless pets, and anyone who had a Dark Gold Rank boss pet was considered OP. This Thunder Beast was even better than He Yi’s Firelight Mouse or Lin Yixin’s Ice Fox, so I had to consider this carefully!

In the end, I decided to give it to one of my dear sisters, Beiming Xue. She was Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ strongest ranged damage dealer, and she could definitely use a powerful melee pet, be it for grinding or PK. With the Thunder Beast driving back the enemy away from her, she would have a much easier time kiting the enemies. I could only think of a handful of players who could escape her wrath.

While I was handling the Purgatory Thunder Beast pet egg, I suddenly realized that our Lil Beiming just got three treasures in a row. I eagerly look forward to her growth, hehe!


Xinran beckoned the resurrected knight captain Mengchuan to her side and promised to make him a commander of the Violet Empire. The man himself looked forward to leading a powerful cavalry once more. The Violet Empire’s goal was to fight against the Night Creatures and protect the land of the living, and Mengchuan’s hatred for the Night Creatures could only be described as bottomless. Naturally, they were a perfect fit for each other.

"We’re leaving now," Xinran tilted her head slightly and said to me.

I nodded. "Mn. Take care, Xinran. You absolutely must stay safe, okay?"

"I know…"

Xinran smiled slightly before jumping onto the Winged Silver Dragon’s back. Then, she disappeared from my view in the blink of an eye. Riding an undead knight and following her on the ground, Mengchuan too vanished from my view in the blink of an eye. Dammit, high-level knights are just too good!

I checked my level and noted that my experience bar was 75% full. I was just 25% away from hitting Level 150 now. Once I leveled up to 150, I could perform my sixth promotion quest and gain a mount slot. The day I become a high-level knight is very close now!

It was time to go back. I took out a return scroll and crushed it in my hand!


After returning to Sky City, I looked around and called out to Beiming Xue. It wasn’t long before I found her sitting cross-legged at a corner of the eastern plaza, selling her stuff. Her stall offered all sorts of top-tier equipment, but only 10% of the customers around her were really gunning for her goods. The rest were just there to check out her white thighs. I even saw someone licking their lips and lamenting "Ai, if only she was wearing black stockings, and not leather legguards…"

"These motherfucking animals…" I thought to myself while squeezing through the crowd. I mean, sure, I myself was thinking the same thing, and in fact I was one of the few people who got the honor to see Beiming Xue in black stockings, but that was besides the point, wasn’t it? Anyway, Beiming Xue was a cold-resistant girl who could wear black stockings even during the coldest of winter and terrorize the people with her beauty.


I walked up to her and gave her a smile. "Beiming, put away your stall and come with me, will you?"


Beiming Xue’s lips curled upward as she put away her stall quickly. Then, she rose to her feet and hugged my arm, saying, "You’re finally here, big bro!"

"Yep. C’mon, let’s find somewhere quieter."


And so I led Beiming Xue away under the murderous gazes of the male players. After we arrived at the back of the holy temple, I finally started a trade with her.

First, I took out the Dragonbone String. The arc was shaped from the bones of a dragon, and the string was made from the tendon of a dragon. Faint draconic roars could be heard from it from time to time. The glowing bow contained a tremendous amount of power, and Beiming Xue looked overjoyed the moment she touched it. "OMG, this… this is incredible! Big bro, I love you!"

Beiming Xue then stood on her toes and gave me a strong kiss right above the chin. Oh, this is bad for my heart.

Next, I passed her the Bone Eroding Arrow skill book and said, "This skill book lowers the target’s Defense by 50%. From now on, you’re a super boss killer as well!"

Beiming Xue beamed at me and said again, "Love you, big bro! Hehe~~"

There was a flash of light, and the skill book was absorbed into Beiming Xue’s body. Finally, I took out the Purgatory Thunder Beast pet egg. Of all the things I was going to give Beiming, this was clearly the best of all of them!

"This one’s for you as well, Beiming. You were lacking a powerful pet all this time, but not anymore!" I passed over the Purgatory Thunder Beast smilingly.

Beiming Xue shivered and stared dazedly at the egg. She didn’t say anything for a very long time.

Then, she suddenly grabbed without warning and dragged me toward the adventurer’s inn. Then, her avatar started disappearing from my view. She logged off?!

"Hmm? What is she planning to do?" I exclaimed in surprise.

A few seconds later, I heard a "tok tok" sound from my helmet. What the fuck? Who’s tapping my gaming helmet?

I hurriedly logged out and took off my gaming helmet. Before I could even sit up from my bed, I felt something soft and fragrant hugging me tightly. "I love you, big bro…"

Oh no, did Beiming Xue’s love for me finally burst through the dam in her heart?

The girl looked wild with joy as she pecked my cheeks again and again. She exclaimed, "A Heaven Rank melee pet! I don’t even know what to say, big bro! How could I possibly thank you for everything you’ve done for me?"

I tried to shoot her a glare and say, "Look, you can’t act like this no matter how grateful you are. According to the teaching of Confucius and Mencius, men and women should not touch hands when they give or receive things…"

But Beiming Xue ignored my protests completely and pouted. "Big bro, I love you so much I don’t know what to do! How about you give me a kiss? If you don’t I don’t think I’ll be able to fall asleep tonight…"


Seeing that I had chosen to stay silent, Beiming Xue pointed at the room next door with a glint of cunning in her eyes. "If you don’t, I’ll tell Sister He Yi that you’re sleeping with Brother Gui Guzi!"

"What the fuck!"

For a second, I felt like I had been transported back to the time where I met the quirky Beiming Xue for the first time. Our time together had shaved away at the barrier between us, and Beiming Xue had always tried to present her innocent and cute side in front of me. Right now though, her true self had finally returned to the surface.

"Fine…" I let out a sigh and surrendered.

Smiling like a victor, Beiming Xue gave me a nod before looking up at me from my lap. Then, she slowly closed her eyes and waited. Her long eyelashes were clearly shaking with nervousness.

I sucked in a deep breath. It should be fine if I just gave her a peck on the lips, right? I didn’t even want to think what would happen if she told He Yi that I forced my way with her or something.

So I leaned down and tried to kiss Beiming Xue lightly. However, as if knowing that I would act like this from the start, the cunning girl suddenly hugged me tightly and pushed our lips together. Her small, wonderful tongue met mine eagerly and completely shredded my plan into pieces. The kiss that was supposed to last one second at most suddenly became six to seven seconds long!

Beiming Xue’s chest wasn’t big, but I could still feel how bouncy they were as they pressed against my own. When she finally moved away, she looked at me with rosy cheeks and asked, "How was it, big bro?"

I feigned calmness and replied, "Not bad. Now go to bed, you."

Beiming Xue giggled. "Can you sleep after this though?"

"I’ll be fine, I’ll sleep in Eve’s room later…"

Beiming Xue burst into laughter. "Sure! If you’re really bold enough sleep with Sister He Yi, then I’ll be bold enough to listen in on you two…"


I rolled my eyes at her before hitting her once on her perky bum. Damn, it felt as round and bouncy as it looked for sure.

"Where on earth did you learn this stuff anyway?" I said in a dumbfounded tone.

Still curled up in my lap, Beiming Xue giggled before answering, "Sister Chaos Moon’s the one who taught me this…"

"Holy shit…" My heart sank. Did that woman corrupt our little white flower beyond redemption already?

Beiming asked in a begging tone, "Big bro, can I sleep with you tonight? It feels lonely to sleep alone, and I don’t even have a pillow in my room…"

I stared at her. "Don’t take an inch and ask for a mile, girl. Now get back to your room before I decide that you’ve crossed the line, Beiming!"

"Wuuu, fine…"

Beiming Xue pouted before pecking me on the cheeks one last time. "Good night, big bro! Oh wait, it’s good morning already. Anyway, I’m going back to bed!"

"Yeah. Don’t forget to eat lunch with us during noon."



I sighed in relief when Beiming Xue finally left the room. The sooner the devastating imp found her true love and marry, the better… but what was this weird reluctance sitting inside my heart? It was almost like I didn’t want her to leave me. Ahhh, I feel so conflicted!

Anyway, my mouth was dry due to Beiming Xue’s antics, so I left my room to get a glass of water. Having found a slice of bread, I ate it, took a bath and went back to bed.

I couldn’t fall asleep, however. I couldn’t stop thinking about how I was about to level up to 150 and become the first sixth-promotion player in the entire China. Moreover, I would be able to ride a mount after I hit Level 150. Even my Phantom Wolf King’s growth and stats were occupying a space in my mind as well.

My racing thoughts made me too excited to fall asleep. As a result, I picked up my notebook and surfed the internet. The official website was as busy as ever although it was super early in the morning. When I checked the forums, I was surprised to find that it was overflowing with promotions related to Warsky Alliance’s territory. Somehow, Warsky had somehow managed to convince the entire forums to do his bidding. Besides this, there were also some hot news from Vanished God City and Wind City. Candlelight Shadow had tried to take over Purple Lily’s Rank 5 territory by force, but Luo River God of the Capital just barely managed to stop him after joining hands with Peach Garden and other guilds. Both sides had suffered tremendous losses during the battle, and they were currently in recuperation.

Stranger of Three Lifetimes from Vanished God City also went through some hard times. Despite her best efforts, Blazing Hot Lips was outmatched by her competitors and lost a territory to a guild that no one had even heard of before. The girl must be feeling pretty bummed right now. At least it wasn’t her own territory that she lost. This incident showed that a lot of powerful guilds had been biding their time in Vanished God City. Heaven knows how many more hidden dragons and crouching tigers are hiding there.

After reading the forums for a very long time, my eyelids finally started drooping again. In the end, I fell into a deep sleep while hugging my notebook.

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