Chapter 637: Blade of the Earthen Soul

Since He Yi had made her intentions abundantly clear, I tossed the Crystal Shield into my bag.

In Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, the three strongest riders we had outside of He Yi and Gui Guzi were Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, Heaven’s Rain, and Diamond Dust. Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun had been the core wanderer in our guild since the start, so he was obviously loyal to us. Diamond Dust and Heaven’s Rain only truly came into the limelight after they gained their Knight General skills. In fact, Heaven’s Rain only joined us after she got her Famous General Skill. However, because everyone knew how important the Knight General skill was, we needed to do everything in our power to keep these two girls in Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls.

If we could use a simple Crystal Shield to ensure the loyalty of one of our core Knight Generals, that would be an amazing deal!

Alright, I’m going to give this Crystal Shield to Heaven’s Rain. She had dropped everything she was doing in another city and joined us without a single complaint, so we had to treat her sincerely as well. If we didn’t, we would never become proper heroes.

He Yi had always been a smart and decisive woman. It was absolutely the smarter decision for her to give up this Crystal Shield. This was also why Xu Yang, Murong Mingyue, Lian Xin, and I were willing to follow her to the ends of the earth.


The fourth item was that golden pendant.


Crystal Pendant (Earth-grade, Outstanding★): Strength +150, Stamina +145, Passive: Increases user’s Attack by 12%. Outstanding Property: Increases user’s max HP by 2000. Level Requirement: 145.

It was another Earth-grade item! We had gotten four Earth-grade items! Mad Warrior Buffett had really dropped some incredible stuff!

Even though this Crystal Pendant was also an Earth-grade item, it was only 1-star Outstanding. Its stats weren’t that great either and even my 5-star Outstanding Spirit-grade necklace, the God Suppressing Necklace, was better than that. I tossed the pendant to Murong Mingyue and said, "Sis, take this and sell it in the auction house. You’ll be able to earn some money from it."

"Okay." Murong Mingyue put the pendant in her inventory. In truth, we all knew that the money she earned from this would be immediately pumped back into the Raincube Corporation. She wouldn’t earn a single cent from its sale. Of course, I gave her the pendant because she had been working so hard to heal us, but she didn’t have a single thing to show for it, and that simply wouldn’t do. Moreover, He Yi and I would have died to Buffett a couple thousand times if she wasn’t here to heal us.

The last item was the longsword that was shining with an intense golden light. I already promised He Yi that this sword would be hers, no matter what grade it was, because I called dibs on the Battle Flame Wristguards.


After I waved a hand over it, a burst of light erupted from the sword. The harsh radiance illuminated the night sky and caused us to wince. After that, an extremely shocking set of numbers started forming in the air.


Blade of the Earthen Soul (Earth-grade, Outstanding★★★★★★)

Attack: 1250~1420

Agility: +195

Stamina: +190

Tactics: +47

Passive: Increases user’s Attack by 50%

Passive: Increases the damage of earth-element skills by 100%

Passive: Increases user’s splash damage by 25%

Slots: 7

Outstanding Property: Soul of the Earth. There is a 2% chance of triggering Earth Soul, an attack that hits all targets in a set area.

Introduction: The Earth is the mother of all things. After many millennia, the energy contained within the soil would slowly be condensed into divine weapons of absolute power. This Blade of the Earthen Soul is one such weapon. Vast power radiates from its every swing, and countless devils tremble at the sound of its name. Now that the Blade of the Earthen Soul has appeared in the human realm once more, it will definitely stir up a squall of blood and violence once more.

Level Requirement: 145


“Damn, these stats are incredible…" My mouth dropped open in incredulous disbelief. This Mad Warrior Buffett had really given us way too much face. Every single piece of equipment he dropped had been Outstanding Earth-grade and the Dragonbone String and Blade of the Earthen Soul were especially overpowered! At this current stage of the game, such weapons could absolutely be counted on just your fingers!

I immediately opened up the weapon ranking to confirm my suspicions. As expected, they were about as OP as I thought they were. My Cyan Netherworld Sword was very comfortably sitting on top of the leaderboard but the Blade of the Earthen Soul had instantly jumped into the fourth spot. The Dragonbone String that we were going to give to Beiming Xue had taken the sixth spot, while Lin Yixin’s Blade of Violet Lightning rounded out the Top 10. At this moment, three of the best ten weapons in the China server belonged to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls!

I tossed the Blade of the Earthen Soul to He Yi without any hesitation and laughed. "Grats, Eve! You’re now an elite knight that can both attack and defend!"

He Yi caught the Blade of the Earthen Soul, and her joy was plain on her face. A look of admiration appeared in those eyes as she slowly rubbed the surface of her new sword with her jade white fingers. She couldn’t stop herself from caressing her shiny new toy as she giggled. "Wow, its stats are incredible, but I… I… don’t know when I’ll be able to equip it…"

I laughed. "After we report our success to Mengchuan, the quest should reward you with enough EXP to gain a level. You’ll be Level 143 then, just a step away from Level 145. If you work hard tomorrow, you should be able to hit Level 145."

"Yeah, yeah!"

He Yi put the Blade of the Earthen Soul in her bag. She excitedly handed over the tasks that she and Murong Mingyue were supposed to complete over the next two days to the head managers at Raincube. They would "rest" for the next two days and raise their levels as fast as they could. After all, it would look quite bad for any of the leaders of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls to lag behind in levels.

I continued to sort through the items. Buffett had dropped quite a few magic stones and we quickly divided them among us. I also spied a sky-blue card lying amongst the items he had dropped. I quickly picked it up and the words written on the card stunned all three of us.

"Spirit Dragon Warrior x250": Rank 10 Elf Castle Unit. The strongest generals and protectors of the elven nation.


What the fuck?! Buffett actually dropped a troop card too? Weren’t… weren’t these things something that only bosses spawned by territories would drop? It looks like Buffett had already reached a new level of existence as a subordinate of Thunder.

I threw the card in my bag. Our guild couldn’t use this card, so I’d give it to Lin Yixin when I saw her again. Her Elven Castle, Silver Fir City, was growing at a tremendous pace and these Spirit Dragon Warriors would give it an even greater boost. Even our Dark Moon City didn’t have any Rank 10 troops and that should be the highest rank of troops available to any city. Lin Yixin’s luck was pretty good. [1]

I continued to sort through the items Buffett had dropped. A sudden burst of light caught my eye and I looked down to see a dark-gold book radiating a yellow light near the Mad Warrior’s feet.

I picked it up and yelled with excitement. Yes, we got something awesome!

Purgatory of Ice and Magma: Unleash sword energy imbued with the power of the earth five times. Imbue your sword energy with power of the earth to attack all targets within a 4x15 yard area five consecutive times. Every strike will deal 75% of your attack power in damage. This skill will also summon the power of ice and frost to freeze your opponents, greatly reducing the movement speed of any target hit by this attack. Level Requirement: 140. Reputation Requirement: 50000. Cost: 10000 gold. Reputation Cost: 5000. Class Requirement: Warrior, Magic Knight, Wanderer.


Blood started to rush to my head as I read the skill description again. An AoE attack that hits five times! This was an absolute gem of a skill! The way this Purgatory of Ice and Magma functioned was different from the Purgatory of Ice and Magma that Buffett had been using, but it was still very strong. I believed that skills would also start to change as players reached new heights of power, and this Purgatory of Ice and Magma might very well become the same as Buffett’s one day—a hundred-yard AoE skill that chewed up everything caught in its path!

He Yi laughed. "That’s awesome! Can you learn it, Lu Chen?"

I tried to learn the skill but a system notice told me that I couldn’t learn this skill because it conflicted with my Burning Blade Slash. Damn, such a pity! This skill covered far more ground than my Burning Blade Slash did and it would be excellent for grinding. Of course, this skill only did 75% of its user’s base attack power in damage, so its overall damage would be lower than that of Burning Blade Slash. It would also be ineffective against opponents with high Defense.

As a result, I tossed the Purgatory of Ice and Magma skill book to He Yi and said. "Eve, I can’t learn this skill. I’ll give it to you. I don’t think you have any flurry skills yet, so this just so happens to fit you…"

He Yi’s damage wasn’t very great when it came to boss-killing. She was deathly afraid that this great skill would be wasted on her. It was only when she saw that I couldn’t learn it that she reluctantly accepted the skill book. She raised her head toward me in a most adorable manner as she whispered, "Can I… really learn this skill?"

When I saw how timid my beautiful boss was acting, I couldn’t help but let out a chuckle. I reached out to grab her shoulders in a reassuring manner. "It’s fine, just learn it. This is something that Sister Mingyue definitely can’t learn anyway."


A beam of light soared into the air and the Purgatory of Ice and Magma skill book disappeared from He Yi’s hand and transformed into a skill inside one of her skill slots.

Murong Mingyue giggled. "Alright! Can we have a demonstration please?"


He Yi raised Whirlwind, a determined expression appearing on her perfectly beautiful face. She slashed her sword through the air, causing many earth-colored radiances to erupt from her body. Countless beams of sword energy shot out five consecutive times, hitting everything fifteen yards in front of her. The ground started to crack apart as the energy sword sliced through the air. Magma started spurting up from the ground as blades of ice started to pour down.

"Wow!" Murong Mingyue exclaimed. "It looks so cool…"

I also gave a vigorous nod of my head. The attack looked nearly exactly the same as the one Buffett had launched at us. It was just that the area of effect was much smaller than the version Buffett had been using.

Yeah, from now onward, He Yi would truly transform from a turtle knight with high Defense and HP to a beautiful knight who could attack and defend with equivalent finesse!


"Alright, this is perfect!" I laughed as I held up the Mad Warrior’s head. I said, "Let’s go and turn in our quest. Eve should hit Level 143 after that. As long as you work hard tomorrow, you’ll definitely be able to hit Level 145 and equip the Blade of the Earthen Soul!"


All of us left the palace in high spirits. After our battle with Mad Warrior Buffett, we saw that his super Purgatories of Ice and Magma had truly turned the palace into a ruin.

We walked out of the devastated palace and arrived in front of the stone wall. Even though we were still far away from him, we could see Knight Captain Mengchuan’s body lying powerlessly on the ground.

However, Mengchuan’s eyes started to shine the moment he saw Buffett’s head firmly grasped in my hand. He struggled to stand as his voice shook with uncontainable excitement. "Brave young adventurers! Your power and skill have simply left me astounded! You actually managed to kill that devil Buffett!"

I simply nodded my head and tossed Buffett’s head toward him. It hit the ground and rolled until it came to a stop at Mengchuan’s feet.

As he stared at Buffett’s head, Mengchuan’s eyes filled up with fury. He stretched out a hand to slap the head as he shouted, "You damned devil! How many brave warriors of the empire fell to your terrible axe? To think that a bastard like you would actually be reduced to this. Heh, I knew that justice would descend upon your head one day!"

As he said that, Mengchuan raised his head to look at us. He continued, "Brave adventurers, I thank you for everything that you have done for me. Come and receive the reward you so greatly deserve!"

I heard the "ding" of the system notification, but we didn’t get any equipment reward. We did, however, get a lot of experience!

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Everyone went up a level! Even I had managed to gain one! This was great, I was only one step away from finally hitting Level 150!


He Yi leaned against the wall, a trace of exhaustion on her face. After she made a delicate yawn, she said, "Lu Chen, I’m done for the night. I’m going to head to bed. How about you?"

"Get some rest. I’m going to bring Mengchuan’s body to the God Domain. Xinran is waiting for me there. I’ll continue grinding away at this quest."

"Okay, then we’re heading to bed first."

"Sweet dreams!"

1. I guess Lu Chen's luck is Lin Yixin's luck now lol

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