Chapter 635: Super-high Drop Rate

When a player died in a map with a high-level boss, they wouldn’t leave a corpse behind. They would just get booted straight from the map. This was to prevent players from constantly reviving and bodythrowing the boss. Murong Mingyue and He Yi had chosen to revive at the graveyard and run back to the boss zone. This was the fastest way to get back, but we would still lose a level when we died. Likewise, there was still a set chance that we would drop a piece of equipment upon death.


I appeared in the nearest graveyard. I revived with 50% of my HP and all of my buffs had disappeared. As I stared at my open hand, I realized that the Cyan Netherworld Sword I had grown reliant on had dropped as well!

I quickly used a bunch of cards and potions to restore most of my buffs. After that, I sprinted toward the boss as fast as I could as I yelled, "Eve, sis, run toward the graveyard and link up with me. Also… also… my Cyan… my Cyan…"

Murong Mingyue let out a snort of laughter, "Ah, stop hemming and hawing about it. Your Cyan Netherworld Sword has already been picked up by Eve. We’re already running to the graveyard. Be prepared to take on the boss at any moment. Hurry, his attacks are insane!"


I raised my hand, summoning a magic circle to appear in front of me. A howl rang through the air as the Phantom Wolf King’s gigantic body burst out of the magic circle. It had also disappeared after its owner had died. What a pity though, if I had survived, the little wolf could’ve helped me tank a few hits from Buffett. Its extremely large pool of HP wasn’t just for show.

I continuously leaped past several obstacles as I sped toward the palace. When I finally reached the wall that was near the grand hall, I saw He Yi and Murong Mingyue running over.

"Your weapon!"

He Yi suddenly threw an object glittering with cyan light toward me as her Snow Domain Windchaser surged forward. That was my Cyan Netherworld Sword!

I suddenly leaped up in the air and caught the handle of the sword with extreme precision. When my feet hit the ground, I immediately activated Thunderous Charge and rushed toward the Mad Warrior who was hot on our heels!



Another MISS! The immunity a Heaven Rank boss had toward our CC skills meant that it was very hard for players at our level to fight one. Mad Warrior Buffet’s level was higher than ours by a full thirty levels and he was also a Heaven Rank boss. It was a minor miracle that we had already managed to hold on for so long!

I raised my left hand in the air and an odd ghostly wail reverberated through the air. Four blood-colored divine weapons shot down from the heavens and slammed into the ground around Buffett with resounding thumps. Blood-red lightning immediately formed a chain between all four divine weapons, successfully trapping the Mad Warrior within!

Okay, we bought fifteen seconds of time!

Murong Mingyue finally stopped running. She hurriedly healed He Yi, who had only 20% of her HP left, before casting a Pool of Life near where Buffett was. He Yi and I immediately rushed forward with our pets and unleashed a ferocious chain of attacks!

We had no choice but to wing it now! Buffett’s Attack and movement speed were shockingly high and he wasn’t very big either. It was impossible to find any sort of cover.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

God Binding Art’s effect vanished after fifteen seconds and the Mad Warrior slammed his axe into He Yi’s shield several times. The colossal impact of his blows actually shoved He Yi and her horse backward even though she had already activated Holy Shield. Those string of attacks had dealt her more than twenty thousand damage. Buffett’s flurry attack was way too powerful!

"Holy shit! This boss is way too powerful! That was an AoE attack too! Damn it all…" Murong Mingyue complained bitterly as she swiftly cast her healing spells on He Yi, but it wasn’t enough to pull her back up to full health.

The Mad Warrior let out a terrifying scream of rage as he whirled his axe above his head. A huge blazing image of a battle axe appeared above the weapon before he slammed it down in He Yi’s direction. The AoE skill instantly engulfed our beautiful guild leader!



He Yi and her Snow Domain Windchaser dashed out of the smoke and dust that billowed in the air. She activated a Charge against Buffett and, surprisingly enough, a stun icon appeared above the Mad Warrior’s head when she slammed into him. Even though it only lasted for a single short second, it interrupted what the Mad Warrior had been about to do.


The Cyan Netherworld Sword violently shuddered as I lashed out at Buffett with a basic attack. My Heaven-grade weapon’s Outstanding Property had finally been triggered. The soul of the Cyan Netherworld Dragon that circled around the sword transformed into a beam of glittering light as it soared into the sky. It then drew a beautiful arc in the air, falling straight toward the Mad Warrior.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

After the Mad Warrior had been ravaged by our attacks, we could see that his health had been steadily dropping. A hopeful grin appeared on my face. I was still holding one trump card in reserve, my Purple Dragon Howl. Hell yeah, I would use it at the critical moment before this boss died.

He Yi and I continued to attack him from the sides as we dodged his flaming axe skill. Buffett’s health continued to drop steadily under our constant barrage of attacks. When it had nearly dropped to 30%, he finally let out a furious howl that shook our eardrums, mysterious symbols appearing around his body. He was summoning that ancient power yet again!

Purgatory of Ice and Magma! He was using that move again!

I let out a low yell as I darted forward and shot my left fist toward him. Bloody energy spun around my fist as I tried to use my Magic Piercing Punch to interrupt his fatal attack!


My armored fist rammed into the Mad Warrior’s chest with great force, making him shudder violently. However, it didn’t manage to interrupt his ultimate skill. It only cut its duration by half. God fucking dammit, this Heaven Rank boss's level and rank were too high. There was no way for Magic Piercing Punch to be of any use.

"Hurry up and retreat!" I yelled.

He Yi and Murong Mingyue ran toward the back as I hurried after them, but it was all too late. When the earth started to shake, it slowed all of us down. Glowing hot spikes of magma shot out of the ground and scalded our legs, but what really hurt was the spears of ice hurtling down from the sky. They were so cold that we shuddered every time one of them hit us. How the hell were we supposed to escape from this calamitous hell of ice and fire?!


I gave a low groan as I limply sank into the hot red magma.


System Notice: You have died. You dropped the items "Soul Suppressing Cloak" and "Stormy Waves War Boots"!


Fuck! Was this boss a weapon of mass destruction like Chaos Moon!? Did he have the Plunder stratagem?! Even a player with 38 Luck like me had dropped two items upon death! Those were two of my favorite items too! What the fuck, was there still justice in this world!?

Light flashed before my eyes and the next thing that I saw was that familiar graveyard. Murong Mingyue was right beside me and she had dropped her staff as well. She looked thoroughly flustered by this turn of events. She had never imagined that this Heaven Rank boss would actually trample over us like this.

He Yi’s voice rang out in the party chat: "Hurry up and come back! I’m barely managing to hold the boss off right now! Lu Chen, Mingyue, hurry…"

I drew the Cyan Netherworld Sword from its sheath as I hurried over on bare foot. The imposing, blood-red Soul Suppressing Cloak that normally fluttered behind me was nowhere to be seen, so I no longer looked like an awe-inspiring general. Instead, I just looked like some elite footsoldier! Murong Mingyue noticed that as well and she immediately broke out into a fit of laughter as she said, "So you also have times when you look this pathetic, huh."

I pursed my lips and retorted, "Hmph, back when Blue Sky Scar was hunting us down, I looked much more pathetic than this. It happened far more often too! It’s not as if you weren’t there to witness it…"

Murong Mingyue continued to giggle. "That is true. But ever since you entered Heavenblessed, you’ve steadily climbed back to the top! That’s why I have to say that it’s really rare to see you cut a sorry figure in this game."

"Quit yapping and nurse me!"



When we reached, we saw that He Yi was using her own pathing and her Firelight Mouse to block the boss. Furthermore, Murong Mingyue had managed to get off one large healing spell before she died to Buffett’s ultimate technique and it had been a critical heal at that, so it pulled He Yi back to 70000 HP. Since my Magic Piercing Punch also managed to cut the duration of Purgatory of Ice and Flame by half, it allowed He Yi to survive this calamitous attack.

"We’re here!"

I leaned forward and I dashed forward. My body soon dipped into a roll as I quickly grabbed the items that I had dropped. I put them on with lightning speed as I also picked Murong Mingyue’s staff up from the ground. I then spun around and used God Binding Art on the Mad Warrior. Divine weapons whistled through the air and slammed into the ground around Buffett. The Mad Warrior had been in hot pursuit of He Yi, but the four divine weapons suddenly bound him up and stopped him from moving!

I couldn’t help but chuckle softly. Very good! God Binding Art really was the best move I had when it came to hunting bosses. This skill was definitely a divine skill, because even Rinser hadn’t been able to teach it to me. It was a skill given to me by Xinran, and it would probably have been extremely hard for me to learn this skill if it wasn’t for her.

Whoosh, whoosh...

Holy light flashed in the air as Murong Mingyue desperately restored He Yi’s HP. I bounded toward the Mad Warrior and knocked off a small chunk of his HP with a furious flurry of blows. I also summoned the Phantom Wolf King and allowed him to rejoin the fray. The little wolf let out a howl of fury as it tore into Buffett. Fucking hell, even though it had become a wolf king, it had to witness this boss wreck his owner over and over again, so it seemed to be boiling with unbridled rage.

As I stared at Buffett, a thought suddenly emerged in my heart. This bastard had killed us so many times. It had better give us drops worthy of a Heaven Rank boss. If he didn’t, we would probably cry tears of blood.


Flames and ice continued to shake the ruins of the Roland Empire’s capital. We foreign adventurers had worked so hard to halt the invasion of these Night Creatures and we only had the Mad Warrior Buffett left to kill. Once we killed him, Thunder the Blade of Death would lose his representative in the human world. If that happened, it might really be possible to rescue the Roland Empire from the darkness.

Time crawled by and when Buffett’s health finally dropped to 20%, He Yi, Murong Mingyue, and I shuddered instinctively.

Fuck me sideways, he’s about to use Purgatory of Ice and Magma again, huh! It had already become an unspoken rule that this boss would use that skill every time his health dropped by 10%.

Thunk, thunk, thunk, thunk...

He Yi used the flat of her sword to spur her warhorse forward. Murong Mingyue was riding together with her, so they both managed to escape that hell of ice and flames. They left the rest of us behind. The Phantom Wolf King, my clone, and I had no choice but to make a break for it! Purgatory of Ice and Magma had a radius of roughly 100 yards, so we would live if we started running fast enough.

Just as we expected, the ground started shaking violently not long after and the boss's HP bar was glowing with the color of blood. Countless javelins of ice and spikes of magma devastated the land around him and it seemed as if Buffett was going to tear the ruined palace to the ground with this skill. The Mad Warrior stood proudly amidst the sea of destruction, his axe raised proudly in the air.

Just as expected, the Phantom Wolf King, Ironwing Dragon, and Firelight Mouse all died. They were the victims of his attack this time around.


He Yi, Murong Mingyue, and I breathed a collective sigh of relief. We grinned at each other as we said, "We didn’t die this time…"

Thirty seconds later, I charged back in with the Cyan Netherworld Sword held high. We managed to shave off 10% of the Mad Warrior’s health in ten minutes even without our pets, leaving him with measly 10% of his health bar left.

As soon as their res cooldown ended, we immediately summoned our pets back into the fray! We threw our fodder army forward and beat a quick retreat!

We repeated this cycle for twenty minutes, and the Mad Warrior only had 3% of his HP left. I made a quick mental calculation and decided that it was time to deliver the killing blow!

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