Chapter 634: Purgatory of Ice and Magma


I managed to barely block the boss's attack with my sword, but my body shifted subtly after that. My clone moved over and used his Cyan Netherworld Sword to strike at Buffett’s axe. That strike perfectly diverted the Mad Warrior’s mighty blow while also reducing the damage I had taken to the minimum.

He Yi was learning how much force to use with each strike and which angle to attack from as she watched me tripletask. She followed each of my actions with exacting precision, the Snow Domain Windchaser letting out shrill neighs as if to encourage its beautiful owner.

The Phantom Wolf King had risen to Level 117 after killing those four minibosses and its stats were crazy OP right now. When it reached Level 170, it would probably be able to go head to head with a Level 170 Heaven Rank boss. Right now, the Phantom Wolf King had already become an important damage dealer in our party. Its claws danced in the air as it attacked Buffett with both claws and the summoned winds.

Murong Mingyue stood far away as she gently waved her wand in the air. One healing spell after another fell on He Yi and I as Mingyue’s Pool of Life gurgled beneath our feet. Her constant and steady healing was keeping us in the game.

Two players and two pets surrounded the boss in our desperate struggle. Buffett’s battle axe blasted us aside with loud thunks, but the next person would immediately rush in and hold him in place. We were all dancing on the edge of death, but it was thanks to Royal Road that we hadn’t been obliterated already. The 50% boost to our stats and the 10% debuff to Buffett’s stats had made it a fight instead of a massacre.


The guild channel was quite noisy right now.

Xu Yang: "Hahaha, here comes our boy Lu! I have something to discuss with you!"

Lu Buyi: "How can I help you, Brother Xu Yang?"

Xu Yang: "It seems as if that bastard Freezing Point didn’t go to Vanished God City in the end. Hall of Immortality, Rose of the Holy Domain, and Throne Seeker all went back on their word and stopped helping Waste and Burn. Hmph, I just received word that Freezing Point is grinding together with around 2000 players from Waste and Burn at the middle section of the Dragonbone Mountain Range. What do you think?"

Lu Buyi chuckled. "I’m a member of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls."

Li Chengfeng let out a hearty laugh when he heard that reply. "Fucking hell, that ungrateful bastard Freezing Point betrayed us at the worst possible moment. We can’t just let him off the hook with such a light punishment! Xu Yang, Gui Guzi, assemble 2000 of our Cyan Tiger Cavalry. Lead them into the Dragonbone Mountain Range and slaughter those punks from Waste and Burn. After that, we’ll offer a reward to anyone who reveals their coordinates. Within one week, we’ll kill them so many times that not a single member of Waste and Burn will dare to step outside Sky City. How does that sound?"

Xu Yang gave an appreciative chuckle. "Okay, those were my sentiments exactly! Li Chengfeng, it would be great if you could come! Little Gui is already gathering his troops! How about Miss Chaos Moon? Are you gonna come with us as well?"

Chaos Moon immediately replied, "Nope, I’m busy hunting for a handsome guy! I don’t have any time to spare?"

Gui Guzi: "Oh? Are you trying to hunt down Boss Broken Halberd?"

Chaos Moon: "Nope, it’s way too hard to hunt Lu Chen…"

I jumped into the conversation. "Damn, you’re not loyal to me at all…"

Chaos Moon immediately giggled. "Aiyah, is our Lu Chen actually jealous? Come join me! Pure Love, Cute Little Naughty, and I are currently grinding at Crocodile Marsh! The monsters here are really high-level! Are you gonna come?"

"What the hell, I thought you just said that you were going to hunt for handsome guys…"

Chaos Moon’s sweet laugh rang out over the guild channel. "Heehee, I am! I was setting bait for you!"

Xu Yang immediately said, "Lu Chen, you’re currently partied up with boss and Mingyue, right? We just decided to hunt down Waste and Burn. Do you think we should proceed with our plan?"

I nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I don’t see any flaws in your plan. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls is one of the preeminent Chinese guilds in Heavenblessed, so we need to let everyone know that we won’t allow anyone to trample over our dignity! Shit, Waste and Burn dared to betray us, let’s kill them until they dare not take a single step out of the city! Set up shifts for this duty. We can’t let this affect anyone’s leveling speed! If I have time at night, I’ll join in on the fun!"

Li Chengfeng’s laughter was even louder this time. "Yeah, there shouldn’t be any problems with our plan since even Lu Chen agrees with it. Let’s get ready to move out! Let’s waste Waste and Burn before they even know what hit them!"

Xu Yang replied, "Okay, I’ll leave it to you and Little Gui. I’m grinding with a party right now. Oh right, have you heard about this, Lu Chen? Warsky Alliance started recruiting on the forums after they took that territory to the west…"

I pursed my lips. "Let’s leave them to it. Regardless, we will definitely have to go to war with Warsky Alliance eventually, so there’s no need to be overly anxious as of now!"


Cheers rang out in the guild channel. After the recent battle over Dark Moon City, morale was extremely high in the guild. We even managed to beat back the combined forces of three of the ten strongest guilds in Vanished God City. Our name was currently resounding through the China server after that and everyone had to admit that Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls was a new contender for the throne after that battle!


Tripletasking was way too taxing, so I decided to take a break for a while. I allowed the Phantom Wolf King to tank Buffett for a while. Since it had high HP and Defense, it could hold its ground for a while.

I immediately opened the forums and the first thing I saw when I entered Sky City’s forums was a red-hot forums topic at the top of all the posts. It was Warsky Alliance’s announcement and the person who had made the post was Warsky himself. The title of the post was "Warsky Alliance. We contend with the heavens, war with men, and fight against destiny itself!"

After that, I read the contents of the post:

"The Warsky Alliance spent ten blood-filled hours winning this territory from the three superguilds, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, Snowy Cathaya, and The Monarch Descends. Right now, we have erected a new city on this hotly-contested territory called Warsky City. Warsky City will become the dreamland for our guild, our very own utopia! We hope that all righteous comrades will come forward to join our guild. Let’s protect our dreams and uphold our honor together! We will let the whole world know our name! Our enemies will tremble at its sound!

Warsky Alliance is setting up ten subguilds this week. We are looking for guild leaders to take care of these guilds and their members. We are looking for upright people! We don’t need any cowards or villains in our guild! We only want stalwart comrades! Comrades who will spill blood together with us! People whom we would be proud to call friends!"

The passionate words in that manifesto had even managed to stir up my blood and I very nearly had the urge to join Warsky Alliance as well!

Fucking hell, this punk Warsky was really born to be a leader. He was even-tempered and broadminded, and his eye for talent was first-class. This was also why Warsky Alliance had grown from a tiny guild into one of the most famous super guilds in China in the short span of just a few years.

Right now, Warsky Alliance finally had their own city, which happened to be a barbarian city. This was extremely good news for Warsky and his guild. Now that they had established a foothold, October Rain’s clever schemes and the might of his Famous Generals would ensure that the Warsky Alliance would definitely blow up in Heavenblessed!

The Warsky Alliance had also officially established itself as Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ strongest rival in Sky City. Now that they had a territory, Warsky Alliance would undergo a complete transformation and their recruiting would grow even more heated!

Even though Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had a galaxy of talent, we hadn’t broken into the Heavenly Ranking for guilds. This ranking board would only be refreshed once every three months, so it was high time for it to change!


Ah, fuck it, I’m not going to think about these stupid things anymore. Let’s kill this boss first!

In the end, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had a Rank 8 castle and first-class Famous Generals like Gui Guzi, Li Chengfeng, and Beiming Xue. Hmph! No matter how strong the Warsky Alliance got, I still had the confidence to face them in battle!

Clang, clang, clang...

The Mad Warrior’s battle axe shook my Ghost Deity Armor repeatedly, dropping my HP like a rock. After that, he actually scored a critical hit on me, which instantly dropped me below 20% HP!

"Ah! Lu Chen, be careful!" Murong Mingyue cried in alarm.

I immediately used Tenacity of the Dead along with a Saint Spirit Potion VIII, recovering a huge chunk of my health.



Murong Mingyue’s timely heals also allowed me to keep pressing forward. It was too bad that I couldn’t equip a shield. If not, given my superlative skills, I’d be able to make my attack and defense even more perfect.

When our desperate struggle neared the thirty minute mark, I saw that the Mad Warrior’s HP had dropped to around 50%. We started to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

"Let’s keep up the good work! Another thirty minutes should do it!" Murong Mingyue said with a laugh. "Well, as long as Buffett doesn’t spring a surprise on us of course!"

However, hoping that a Heaven Rank boss wouldn’t spring a surprise on you was like wishing for a miracle in a world with no gods!


The Mad Warrior Buffett suddenly let out a furious howl when his HP dropped to about 40%. He leaped high into the air before crashing down, heavily smashing his battle axe into the ground. The ground started to violently shake as countless glowing red spikes shot out from it. This was his Purgatory of Ice and Magma skill. It cracked open the land and caused countless glowing hot spikes to jut from the ground. Gouts of magma started to spurt up from the cracks in the ground as spears of ice started pouring down from the sky.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Huge explosions rang out all around us and we didn’t even have a chance to run away or heal ourselves as a 100-yard area was instantly engulfed by Buffett’s skill. The back of the Roland Imperial Palace was also destroyed as the Purgatory of Ice and Magma quickly reduced it to rubble!

"Oh no, I’m dead…"

Murong Mingyue stood fixed in place as she helplessly looked at the ground crack beneath her feet. Countless gouts of scarlet magma shot out of the ground as blades of ice continued to pour down from the sky, completely shredding her priest shield apart!


Murong Mingyue slowly collapsed to the floor as three damage numbers that exceeded 10000 damage each popped up above her head. She had died!

He Yi and I flew backward swiftly, but it was already too late. Sharp spears of ice and gouts of magma constantly assaulted us and our HP started to drop at a crazy speed. The Snow Domain Windchaser gave a shrill whinny as it collapsed to the ground, causing He Yi to fall into a pool of magma as well. I was on my last legs as well, so I hurriedly activated my invincibility skill—Shield of Evening!


My invincibility skill activated, but it would only last for twelve seconds. However, the Mad Warrior was still madly pursuing me!


In the party chat.

Murong Mingyue: "Hey, the graveyard is at the border of the ruined altar outside the palace. It’s quite near to where we were…"

He Yi: Yeah. Lu Chen, hold on! Mingyue and I are charging over right now! It’ll take three minutes at most…"


I couldn’t help but cry out: "Three minutes?! How the heck am I supposed to hold on until then?"

As I said that, I used the Phantom Wolf King to obstruct Buffett’s path. I used this time to run far away from the Mad Warrior, but I still frequently turned around to shoot Dragon Slaying Slashes to keep his attention on me. I couldn’t afford to die! I had to keep the boss in combat mode. The moment he left combat mode, his HP regeneration would be ten times greater than normal and he would go back to full health in the matter of minutes. This wasn’t something we could handle.

I ran straight out of the palace’s grand hall and I saw the two dots that represented He Yi and Murong Mingyue rushing toward me on the minimap.


The Mad Warrior’s blood-colored axe kept cleaving into the Phantom Wolf King’s hide. This punk’s attack power was simply insane and the Phantom Wolf King could barely hold on!

"Ah! Lu Chen, hold on! We’re almost there!"

He Yi soon caught sight of me and she spurred her warhorse forward. However, my poor Phantom Wolf King died before she could catch up to me and the Mad Warrior leaped at me from behind! He immediately unleashed Broadsword Storm once he was in striking distance!

I hurriedly turned around and raised my Cyan Netherworld Sword in front of me! Guard!


My sword shook violently as the last of my health disappeared. A sinister grin appeared on the Mad Warrior’s face as he snarled, "Heh, lowly undead, time to meet your maker!"


His axeblade whistled through the air and I limply fell to the ground. Fuck me, I died!


System Notice: You have died. You dropped the item "Cyan Netherworld Sword"!

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