Chapter 633: Tripletasking

“Haha, the final boss is coming! Prepare for battle!”

I brandished my Cyan Netherworld Sword as I approached Mad Warrior Buffett with a faint smile on my face. This boss was a proper undead and his blood-colored eyes looked awfully similar to mine. However, they contained far more violence and malice than my own. It was clear that Mad Warrior Buffett was at least an Asura-class undead. Yeah, I had to remember to absorb his undead soul spark after we finished killing him.

When I recalled that, I immediately stretched out a hand to absorb the undead soul sparks of the Golden Guardsmen, causing power to surge through my chest. These things were similar to food for me, so I always felt as if my veins were thrumming with a boundless power after absorbing them.

At the same time, I used Death Plunder on the four guardsmen, but they only rewarded me with what all the other bosses had rewarded me with; a few shards of broken and tattered armor. These things were so useless that even a blacksmith like Yamete couldn’t do anything with them. It seemed as if the system had noticed me and was controlling the way Death Plunder developed as a skill. It hadn’t given me anything of value for the longest time and I didn’t even feel like using it anymore.


“Jie jie…”

The Mad Warrior whirled his battle axe and strode toward me, every step leaving a print in the stone floor! Even though he was walking on decayed stone tiles, it showed that this boss was an absolute powerhouse. Even someone with my strength couldn’t duplicate his feat! Damn, I don’t know how many girls would swoon over me if every step I took left a mark in the stone tiles which paved the streets of Sky City. With my suit of exquisite armor and my Cyan Netherworld Sword, I would look absolutely handsome ruining the day of all the road workers in Sky City.

“Damnable humans.” The Mad Warrior’s voice was deep and menacing. The handle of his axe glowed with a menacing blue light as he continued to whirl it in the air, and a dense aura of blood radiated from the sharp blade of his axe. He roared, “Judgement from Purgatory is about to descend upon your heads. Your petty scheming against Lord Thunder has only led to one thing. Your demise!”

I couldn’t help but chuckle. “Thunder the Blade of Death? Haha, that coward has already been chased back to Purgatory by Xinran. He wouldn’t even dare to take a peek outside right now. To think that an idiot like you would still be willing to play his watchdog in this place. What sort of joke is this? Have your brains been reduced to a puddle of rancid water? You’re not very smart, are you?”

Mad Warrior Buffett flew into a rage and raised his battle axe high in the air. “You ignorant peon! I can smell the scent of undeath from your body. You’re an undead, but you’re actually willing to help a stubborn fool like Mengchuan? This is now the era of the undead! All living things will eventually fall to undeath! Resign yourself to it! Today, I swear upon my title as the Mad Warrior that I will take your head and present your undead soul spark to Lord Thunder. He will surely refine your spark into a steaming pile of dogshit!”

He Yi poked me with the handle of her sword and said, “Hey, this NPC is assassinating your character, haha. This is the first time I’ve ever seen such a thing…”

Rage boiled up from within me as I imperiously slashed the air in front of me. The cyan dragon soul resting within the blade of my sword circled my sword as it let out a deep roar. It sounded as if it was hungering for a good battle. “Fuck you! Bring it on! I’m going all out!”

I fished out a Stamina Supplement that added 400 points to my Stamina and consumed it while flinging a Bloodknight Card into the air. My HP instantly swelled to over 60000! The radiance of my Ghost Deity Armor wreathed me, protecting me from large amounts of damage and I looked like a little boss monster right now!

The blood-colored fur of the Phantom Wolf King stood on end as it stared at Buffett sinisterly. It let out a howl filled with enmity and anger.

Murong Mingyue asked, “So how are we going to kill him?”

I chuckled. “It’s simple. Eve and I will control his movements and chip him down. You only need to concern yourself with healing, sis. We also need to make sure that our pets are dodging attacks and obstructing the boss at the right moments. Don’t let them die too quickly.”



After I said that, I hefted my sword and advanced toward Buffett. On my way, I casually raised my other hand and used God Binding Art, but a huge “MISS” flew over his head even though the four divine weapons surrounded him.

I didn’t even skip a beat as dark light shone from my eyes. I immediately used Dark Pupils to scan the boss and obtain all of his stats. It was an understatement to say that I didn’t like what I saw.


Mad Warrior Buffett (Heaven Rank Boss)

Level: 170

Attack: 3940~5580

Defense: 5500

HP: 35,000,000

Skills: Blade Slash, Blade Armor Defense, Broadsword Storm, Purgatory of Ice and Magma

Introduction: Mad Warrior Buffett used to be a dragon warrior of the Dragon Domain. When the Dragon Domain was reduced to ruin, he became a powerful mercenary, but his misfortune had not ended yet. He soon caught the eye of Thunder the Blade of Death, and was seduced by the insidious power of the mighty Blade of Thunder. Thus, the Mad Warrior willingly became a warrior of hell and Thunder used his infernal powers of undeath to transform his body and soul.


“Shit, those are some incredible stats! He really turned out to be a Level 170 Heaven Rank boss. We’re in for a fight now…” I said with an audible gulp. “Prepare to lose your lives!”

The girls nodded their heads. “We were prepared from the very start!”

I flashed them an appreciative smile before I used Thunderous Charge to dash toward Buffett. My body shot forward like a streaking bolt of lightning as I slammed into his abdomen. The Mad Warrior was huge in stature and I only reached up to about his lower torso. When I slammed into him, I could immediately tell that his Strength was much higher than my own. My entire body shook like a reed in the wind, but I was fortunate enough to stun him for 3 seconds.


I swung my sword out and three crescent blades of flaming sword energy howled out of my sword and smashed into the Mad Warrior’s chestplate. Brilliant sparks flew in the air, but none of my attacks managed to penetrate his armor!




Ugh, even Burning Blade Slash did this little damage. Buffett’s Defense was self-evident.

Even my Dark Pupils were hard-pressed to find a weakness in the Mad Warrior’s perfect defense. There were no hidden weaknesses to exploit at all, a fact that left me utterly speechless.

My blade danced in the air as I tried again. Universe Break!


A flaming spiral of indigo energy plunged into Buffett’s chestplate, causing a huge damage number to pop up above his head.


Now that we knew that we could put a dent into this boss, all of us breathed a sigh of relief.


He Yi rushed toward the action as well. Her Snow Domain Windchaser lunged at the Mad Warrior, its head slamming into Buffett’s waist. She pulled her arm back as Whirlwind transformed into a beam of cold light that blitzed toward Buffett’s throat. A spiral of fiery energy exploded around the tip of her blade as it drove forward. Barrier Break!


He Yi was only able to deal this much damage to the Mad Warrior in spite of her high attack power. Furthermore, He Yi’s Charge didn’t stun him either.

“Be careful…” Murong Mingyue’s voice immediately rang out behind us.

As expected, Buffet’s axe whirled out to smash into He Yi’s shield the moment my stun had ended. He had started out with a mighty Blade Slash!


He Yi’s beautiful body shook as the knight was forced back by the force behind Buffett’s strike. Even her beautiful horse let out sorrowful whinny as it reeled backward. He Yi had lost 21092 HP in that attack alone!

I hurriedly spun toward Buffett, my sword piercing into the armor near his armpit. Unfortunately, I only dealt him 9088 damage. This wasn’t his weak spot either!

The Phantom Wolf King let out a furious howl as it unleashed a flurry of claw strikes into Buffett’s torso. Those attacks did a respectable amount of damage. Not to be outdone, the Ironwing Dragon dashed in and started rending the Mad Warrior with its claws. Our two gigantic melee combat boss pets attacked together and I could actually see Buffett’s HP bar start to drop.


The Mad Warrior let out a furious howl as he used Broadsword Storm. He spun toward us like a top, causing damage numbers to pop up above our heads.



His attacks were way too fierce! We could barely even withstand them!

Murong Mingyue was clearly feeling the pressure from healing us! This motherfucker was hitting us for tens of thousands of damage every time and another priest would have probably started crying by now. However, Murong Mingyue still continued to do her best even though a grim look had started to form on her face.

At this time, He Yi’s pet, the Firelight Mouse, launched a huge ball of fire from its tail. The giant fireball smacked Buffett right in the face before it exploded. Damn, the little mouse had just hit him with a powerful single-target magic spell! The Mad Warrior was a heavy armor warrior extremely vulnerable to magic; this attack caused him to wail in pain and anger.

“Die, you disgusting maggot!” Buffett let out a furious roar as wind energy suddenly started to dance around his battle axe.

My eyes widened in shock as I yelled anxiously, “Be careful! That’s… Broadsword Storm?!”

Just as expected, Buffett’s body suddenly started spinning like a top. His wildly flailing axe slammed into both He Yi and I, blasting us both aside as he shot forward like a gale. His axe transformed into a streaking bolt of lightning that cleaved right into the Firelight Mouse’s head!



Shit, the Firelight Mouse’s Defense was extremely low and its HP was only average. There was no way it could survive such a ferocious strike. This strike made the little mouse fall limply to the ground. It had been one-shot!

“Ah, my poor little mouse…” A stricken look crossed He Yi’s face as she muttered those words.

The Mad Warrior let out a jeering laugh. After he used his Broadsword Storm to kill the Firelight Mouse, he immediately set his sights on Murong Mingyue. He raised his battle axe high in the air as he charged toward her. No way, this boss’s AI was way too intelligent. It actually ignored the aggro we had gathered from it and selected our frail priest, Murong Mingyue, as his primary target!

I hurriedly raised my hand and used God Binding Art again!

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh...

Four rays of red light streaked down from the sky as the four divine weapons surrounded Buffett again. Not bad! My God Binding Art had actually succeeded!

I rushed up to the Mad Warrior and furiously slashed at him with my sword. He ate a Burning Blade Slash + Universe Break combo which slammed into his breastplate. I needed to pull his aggro toward me as soon as possible!

After I finished my first round of attacks, I immediately twisted the Apparition Ring on my finger, forcing it to let out a ghastly wail. A new “me” instantly appeared to the side of Buffett. It immediately raised another Cyan Netherworld Sword in the air as he attacked with a Universe Break + Pardon + basic attack combo. My clone’s Attack was only 75% of mine, so its uses were very limited. I had no choice but to use my armor penetration and armor break skills to deal the maximum amount of damage.

He Yi looked at it and smiled. “Oh, oh, not bad! Is this the clone that your Apparition Ring creates?”

I nodded my head. “Yeah.”

Murong Mingyue backpedaled as she continued to heal me. When she saw my clone, she burst into laughter and said, “Two Lu Chens, huh? That ain’t bad. If only he could use this skill in real life, then our Eve wouldn’t be fighting Beauty Yi tooth and nail over this rascal…”

He Yi’s face turned as red as a tomato. “Since when have I ever fought tooth and nail with Beauty Yi?”

Murong Mingyue giggled in response. “It’s a secret war!”



I didn’t have the time to participate in the banter though. The Mad Warrior’s attack power was simply absurd and all of my brain power was being used to control the Phantom Wolf King, my double, and myself at the same time. This tripletasking was one of the highest order. I was attacking Buffett from multiple angles using different attack and movement patterns. One person would always retreat while the other attacked, as I kept up a constant rain of damage on the boss. I coordinated the attacks of the three characters under my command in what seemed to be a very casual manner, but every action of mine was deliberate and calculated. In fact, it only took three minutes for my back to be soaked with sweat, and my lips started trembling due to the exertion. Tripletasking definitely wasn’t something that a human was supposed to do.

Murong Mingyue seemed to notice something as well. Her beautiful eyes swept towards me as she exclaimed in a shocked voice, “Damn! Lu Chen, you aren’t allowing the Phantom Wolf King to attack freely, are you!? You’re actually controlling it yourself!? Good god, he’s tripletasking…”

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