Chapter 63: The Young Master

Lin Yixin and I sat on opposite sides of the table, staring at each other for a moment.

“Say something, please?”

I turned my head away suddenly. The way her beautiful eyes were staring at me made me felt like my thoughts were completely exposed. It was an incredibly uncomfortable feeling.

Instead of answering, Lin Yixin grabbed her handbag and took out a black, rectangular gift box. It looked like it was made of sandalwood, and the workmanship was exquisite.

“What’s this?”

“It’s my gift to you.”

Lin Yixin raised her eyebrows slightly into a smile. “So? I’m a good friend, aren’t I?”

“A gift?”

I put my hand on top of the box and pulled it toward me. Then, I asked, “Can I open it?”

“Mn, do as you please~~” Lin Yixin lazily sucked on a straw of the drink she had ordered moments prior.


I checked out the box briefly before opening the cover. A silvery-white smartphone wrapped in silk cloth lay inside the box. It looked like it was of very high quality!


I hummed for a moment before asking, “Did you fall for me, Yiyi?”

“Fall for you?” Lin Yixin snorted. “Who the hell do you think you are?”

“Then why are you giving me a smartphone? It looks very expensive too,” I said.

Lin Yixin nodded. “Yeah, Nokia Platinum Phablet TC72 is a limited edition smartphone made from pure platinum. If you look at the screen, you’ll notice that there are diamonds on it. Real diamonds.”

I stared fixedly at the smartphone. “How much does it cost?”

“Hmm…” Lin Yixin thought for a moment before smiling. “It’s over 200000 RMB at least.”

I weighed the smartphone in my hands and found it quite heavy, so I said, “This brick of a phone can literally wear out a pocket. Only an idiot would use something like this…”

Lin Yixin couldn’t suppress her laugh. “Exactly! Only an idiot would buy a phone like this!”


Suddenly, we heard an exclamation of surprise. It came from none other than that handsome youngster who was celebrating his birthday, “Young Master Le”!

Young Master Le looked incredibly excited by our presence. Holding a wine glass in his hand, he immediately walked over in a straight line and smiled modestly at Lin Yixin. “I didn’t think you would come, Yiyi. Didn’t say you weren’t going to participate in my—”

Lin Yixin cut him off immediately. “Li Le, who do you think you are? How dare you call me Yiyi! Also, I’m here to eat supper with him, not to join your birthday party.”

Li Le was stumped for words for a second before he looked at me. He also noticed the platinum smartphone in my hand.

“Okay then, classmate!” Li Le suddenly smiled as a trace of jealousy rose in his eyes. “This TC72 is my gift to you, so… why did you give it to something like him?”

He looked at me like he was looking at a pile of refuse. He didn’t bother hiding the disdain in his eyes at all.

Ahem, this fucking snob. So what if I’m wearing a Semir T-shirt and a pair of fake leather shoes?

Lin Yixin replied indifferently, “Li Le, you said it yourself; this is your gift to me. In that case, I can do whatever I want with it, can’t I? I told you very clearly this morning that I don’t care about your gift at all, but you just had to give me this TC72. So, I have no choice but to give it to someone else.”

“But… t-that smartphone costs 240000 RMB…”

Li Le stuttered with widened eyes before he turned to glare at me. He said angrily, “Boy, you’ll return it to her if you know what’s good for you! Do you really think someone like you is worthy of this smartphone?”

I couldn’t help but smile at his comment. Unafraid by his threat, I stood up and towered over him with my superior height. I replied, “You’re right, this TC72 is pretty but useless. I don’t think I deserve a piece of trash like this myself. Even my counterfeit smartphone has more functions than this shit!”

While speaking, I slipped the expensive smartphone into my pocket.

Li Le saw exactly what I was doing, so he exclaimed angrily, “Then why are you keeping it to yourself!?”

“That’s because I’m planning to give it to someone else. Is there a problem?” I retorted with ease. There was nothing fake behind my smile at all, and clearly I wasn’t the fool Li Le thought me to be.


Li Le didn’t say anything after that. He went back to his seat with a look of hatred on his face, a couple of his followers following behind him.

A while later, I complained, “I wonder what’s taking the restaurant so long…”

Lin Yixin nodded. “Yeah.”

It was at this moment a waitress close to Li Le and his people’s tables suddenly let out a surprised scream. I saw everything. One of Li Le’s friend, a young man who dyed his hair red had copped a feel of the waitress’s butt, and the girl, despite being furious, dared not take it out on her customer because she was young and inexperienced. She looked to be only about twenty years old.

The drunkards grew even bolder, and one of them pushed the waitress from behind. She was groped the second she toppled into another drunkard’s lap.

“Wh… what are you doing??”

The waitress screamed and ran away after struggling out of her molestor’s grasp. However, the waitress was beautiful, and Li Le’s gang was bolder than I thought. The redhead actually started chasing the waitress sloppily while the rest of the gang cheered. “Take her, Young Master Feng, take her! You go man!”

I frowned. Do they think they own this place or something? They weren’t the only guests in Land of Sweet Dreams.

It was at this moment Lin Yixin rose to her feet and kicked a chair straight at the redhead. The chair hit the redhead squarely on the leg and caused him to faceplant on the ground. His nose started bleeding as he struggled to climb back to his feet. It was a sorry sight.

I thought “oh no” inside my head. Lin Yixin’s heroism might have just put us in the line of fire

“Stay out of this, Lin Yixin!” Li Le rushed over and yelled.

Not faltering in the slightest, Lin Yixin raised her eyebrows and said, “Li Le, you and your friends are truly the scum of society. Don’t you agree, Lu Chen?”

I nodded in agreement. “Yeah, more or less…”

Furious, Li Le clenched his fists and attacked us suddenly. He swung his glass in an attempt to splash us in wine.

However, I was faster than he was. I raised my hand and swept his arm away with lightning speed.


Thanks to my quick reaction, the wine splashed all over his face and clothes instead. His white shirt immediately turned dark red in color.

“Fuck! My… my Armani shirt!” Li Le grew even angrier. He looked heartbroken by the sight of his dirtied brand shirt.

At this point, the pack of scoundrels Li Le called friends rushed over aggressively and yelled, “Who are these idiots who offended you, Young Master Le? Bastard, are you tired of living or something?”

Every one of these people was drunk and red-faced, but some of them looked pretty muscular and formidable. They could probably become martial champions even back in the ancient times.

Li Le threw his glass at the floor and shattered it to a thousand pieces. Then, he shouted angrily, “Go beat his ass, everyone!”

My eyes turned chilly. “Beat your own ass, bastard! I’m here to eat, not to fight!”

After that, I glanced sideways at Lin Yixin and lowered my voice. “Girl, are you inviting me to dinner or a fight? I can’t believe you dragged me into this…”

Lin Yixin moved closer to me and lowered her voice as well. “You’re a Bloody Mercenary, aren’t you? This Li Le has been pestering me for almost half a year already, he’s driving me insane! Beat his scummy ass and I’ll pay you 100 gold… excuse me, 100 RMB for your troubles!”

“Are you serious? Let’s focus on escaping first!”

That was all I managed to say before the hooligans screamed and rushed toward us with swinging fists. These are the kind of people who would take a knife or two for a brother.

I charged forward and sent a yellowhead flying to the back with a kick to the stomach. Then, I threw a punch and dropped another person to the floor. Du Thirteen was right, the unusual virus had somehow enhanced my body, and I felt like my arms were filled with power. Although I couldn’t fight a whole group of people myself, three or four drunkards shouldn’t be beyond my ability to take down.

Li Le hatefully grabbed a beer glass from nearby and swung it at my head.


He missed, however. I was so fast that I surprised myself. If I hadn’t dodged out of the way, that attack would’ve drawn blood already. This Li Le was seriously cruel.

Li Le pointed at me and shouted angrily, “You deserve to die, you bastard! How dare you snatch my woman!”

But before he could say anything else, Lin Yixin KO’d him with a beautiful kick.

“Holy shit, that was amazing…” I exclaimed in admiration. But Lin Yixin simply rolled her eyes exasperatedly at me before whispering, “What are you waiting for, idiot? Let’s run already!”

She grabbed my hand, and we ran toward the exit like the wind before she even finished talking. The hooligans chased after us and swung their fists wildly, prompting me to rush over to Lin Yixin and hold her protectively in my arms. Fists met flesh as my back exploded into pain!


We stumbled out of the entrance, and Lin Yixin dragged me toward the shrubberies right in front of the restaurant. Even after we managed to give them the slip, we could hear the hooligans swearing loudly from somewhere.


I sat on the grass and panted heavily. “I’m so tired. What kind of dinner is this?”

Lin Yixin also sat down on the grass before shooting me a silent stare. Then, she broke into a giggle and leaned against my chest. Her delicate shoulders were shaking from mirth, and the unique scent of a woman entered my nose.

“What’s so funny?” I grumbled.

Lin Yixin looked up and nodded seriously. “You have no idea how happy I was to see Li Le swimming in wine!”

“Do you hate him that much?”

“I don’t hate him, I loathe him!” Lin Yixin clenched her teeth and said, “Li Le is the top dog and an unrepentant bully in the university. Half a year ago, he even spread a rumor and called me his girlfriend, that bastard! I was never able to find a chance to teach him a lesson, until now.”

I looked down at my shirt. The back of my clothes was drenched in alcohol, and it was hurting slightly from the beating I took earlier. God knows how many punches I took for Lin Yixin just now.

“Hmph!” I snorted loudly.

Noticing the change in my attitude, Lin Yixin carefully pulled at my sleeves before whispering, “Sorry, it’s my fault…”

I was angry. “Fuck, I got hit! It’s been three years since I took a beating like this!”

Lin Yixin was angry as well. “Hmph, so what? Didn’t you hear what he said? That idiot actually called me his woman! I…”

Lin Yixin stomped her foot to show just how angry she was.

I raised my eyebrows at her reaction and said, “And what does that have to do with me? I got beaten for nothing! I didn’t even get the dinner you had promised!”

Lin Yixin shot me a frustrated look before struggling with herself for a little. Suddenly, she said, “Hmph! Fine… I guess… I can let you kiss me for your troubles…”

Wait, really? My heart started racing at 180 beats per minute.

Lin Yixin closed her eyes and waited. I could see her eyelashes shakingly slightly beneath the dark sky, and her lips looked incredibly beautiful and lovely. She looked incredibly afraid for some reason.

I wasn’t sure if I should get angry or laugh at her reaction. I had no idea what this girl was thinking at all.

I moved my face closer. I felt like I could hear my own heartbeat inside my ears. The girl in front of me was the campus belle, and I could see from her lidded eyes and vulnerable look that she was feeling incredibly nervous. Her breathing was rapid, and her breasts looked like they could explode out of her clothes at any moment. She was so beautiful that I couldn’t breathe!

I myself felt like I was about to die from nervousness as I moved even closer. This was my first kiss, I wondered if it was the same for her.

I was just about to kiss her when Lin Yixin suddenly opened her eyes. Fuck, she’s changing her mind!

“Lu Chen, can we not kiss after all?” she asked and blinked like I was the one who did her wrong. I felt like throwing up blood at that moment.


Lin Yixin said apologetically, “I… When I was much younger, I told myself that my first kiss is reserved only for the one I like…”

Judging from her reddened cheeks, her excuse was highly believable. At the same time, I thanked my lucky stars in my head. Who would’ve thought that that a bewitching fairy like her hasn’t kissed anyone yet? Now, I have a new life goal!

I asked, “Don’t you like me?”

Lin Yixin stared at me expressionlessly and said, “Can you tell me one attractive point about yourself?”

I thought for a couple of minutes, but as she said I couldn’t seem to find anything that would attract her to me. In the end, I had no choice but to give up.


“Why don’t we go get our supper, Lu Chen?” Lin Yixin smiled gently.

“I’m fine with anywhere that isn’t Land of Sweet Dreams.”

“Hmm, how about we go eat some rice noodles?”

“Let’s go!”

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