Chapter 629: Powerleveling

"Heavens, where on earth did you get such a powerful pet?" He Yi’s mouth was open, and her eyes looked confused. "Just amazing! You had to have killed an Immortal Rank boss at least to get a pet egg like this. Wait… don’t tell me you actually killed an Immortal Rank boss?"

Murong Mingyue was also staring at me in astonishment. "Lu Chen, you really are OP as hell. I can’t believe you killed an Immortal Rank boss at this stage of the game…"

I replied with a grimace, "You’re both overthinking this. I have not killed an Immortal Rank boss. In fact any Immortal Rank boss can more or less one-shot me at this stage. This Phantom Wolf King is actually the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf, it has just evolved and become tens of times stronger than it used to be after merging together with the loyal guardian soul…"

"Evolve? Merging?"

Unfortunately my explanation only made them completely confused. I had no choice but to spend a moment to tell them about Mengchuan and Dada. At the end of the story, they both lamented the sad death of Dada from the bottom of their hearts. Still, Dada’s soul was able to merge with the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf’s. It wasn’t the worst ending, all things considered.


The girls paid the Phantom Wolf King special care and attention after that, although, to be fair, the wolf cub did look pretty cute. It was especially attractive to older sister-type girls like He Yi and Murong Mingyue.

Murong Mingyue smiled at me after making sure that the Phantom Wolf King was secure. "Alright, you can go aggro the mobs now, Lu Chen. I’ll make sure that your wolf cub is safe and sound.

"Mn. Activate the party sharing mode, sis!"

"What party sharing mode?" Murong Mingyue asked in confusion.

I nearly puked blood when I heard that. "How do you not know about this? It’s common sense! If you have multiple parties in one big party, you can activate party sharing mode and split the experience based on DPS, damage taken, and HPS. Party sharing mode is limited to 3 subparties at most. Eve and I will be using Martial God, but you should make a subparty and activate Bright Mirror for that 100% healing boost. If your effective HPS is high enough, you can gain more experience than you normally would."

Murong Mingyue nodded in understanding. "I had no idea. That sounds great, hehe!"

And so our party split into two subparties. He Yi and I shared one, and Murong Mingyue, the other.

Finally, I broke away from the group and started aggroing the mobs. The Stormy War Boots were a very high-level item that boosted my movement speed by 80% which meant it wasn’t too difficult to aggro the Undead Roland Soldiers who were 10% to 20% slower than me. No, the real problem was how to withstand the Undead Roland Soldiers’ attacks without dying. The choke point was too wide, and we had pets we had to protect no matter what. This meant that I had to endure 5 mobs attacking me simultaneously at least. Losing 10k+ HP per second was no joke.

I wasn’t worried though. This time Murong Mingyue was by my side.



The Undead Roland Soldiers let out guttural cackles and chased after me as I zigzagged between them in full concentration. I made sure that I was close enough to brush past their aggro zone, but never close enough for them to actually reach me. Having perfect distance control meant that I was never really in danger.

Rustle rustle rustle...

When I finally ran back to the party, at least seven hundred Undead Roland Soldiers were chasing after me. They flooded toward us like tidewater.

After cutting into my position and turning around rapidly, I tilted my body toward He Yi a little and said in a low voice, "Get ready. Don’t let the pets attack. Having them take up space is enough."

"Okay," replied both girls.

A short while later, the first group of Undead Roland Soldiers reached us amidst a cacophony of shouting. I immediately launched Thousand Ice Slash to freeze them!

Over 70% of the hit mobs were frozen, and a column of damage numbers rose above their heads. Although they were Level 165 and of the ancient class, the skill still deleted a ton of their HP. 40% splash effect was no joke after all.

At the same time, He Yi unleashed her own Green Wave Slash into the mob. Thanks to Martial God drastically boosting her attack power, her DPS couldn’t be underestimated as well.

Next, I executed Burning Blade Slash and dropped the dozen mobs standing in front of me to low health. A couple of basic attacks from He Yi later, four Undead Roland Soldiers dropped dead in the blink of an eye. It was that quick.

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh…

At the corner, golden light surrounded the Phantom Wolf King and increased its level 4 times in a row. There was so much experience that it was leveling up like a rocket!

High reward didn’t come without high risks, however. The mobs immediately attacked me like crazy after they reached me!

5 Undead Roland Soldiers swung their blades at my Crimson Rock Dragon Armor wildly, causing sparks and damage numbers to fly all over the place. Because their levels were too high, I even ate 2 critical hits amid these attacks. It was quite dangerous to say the least—






I lost over 20k HP in just two rounds of attacks. However, thanks to the Blood Rage effect of the Cyan Netherworld Sword, War Crush also damaged the dozen mobs surrounding me and converted 10% of it to HP. I was able to recoup 10k+ HP as a result.

Enraged, the Undead Roland Soldiers used their unique skill, Dying Strike. The skill had a high chance of ignoring its target’s Defense, so I dropped all the way down to ⅓ HP again.

Not budging even in the slightest, I used Burning Blade Slash and restored some of my health back to the bar. I would die even faster had I chosen to defend myself!

Deeply worried, He Yi tried to persuade me. "Why don’t you let me use Royal Road? It’s much safer to do this with a 50% increase to HP and Defense…"

I didn’t say anything though. Even Murong Mingyue rejected He Yi’s suggestion firmly by saying, "There’s no need. Just stick to Martial God as planned! It’s much faster to grind with an additional 200% Attack, and I’m confident I can heal Lu Chen’s HP in time! Both of you, just focus on doing as much damage as you can and leave your HP to me!"

While speaking, Murong Mingyue slapped the Greater Healing she had been channeling for 3 seconds and an Instant Heal on my head. Two healing numbers appeared in a row—



Incredible! Just incredible!

Chuckling, Murong Mingyue followed up with a lucky critical Intermediate Heal—


What else could I say? It barely took a second for me to regain my full health. With a priest this powerful supporting me, there was simply nothing I needed to worry about.

An overwhelming sense of happiness brimmed inside of me as I launched attack after attack at the enemy mobs. Occasionally, Silver Dragon Storm and Cyan Netherworld Dragon Soul would trigger and quicken our killing speed even more than it already was. Undead Roland Soldiers kept dying in front of us, and both their bodies and their loot—magic stones, equipment, and even skill books—formed tiny hills on the ground. We were too engrossed with the killing to pay them any attention though. Looting could always wait until the battle was over!

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh…

The little wolf kept leveling as the mobs died one after another. Its growth was also reflected on its physical body. Its body grew bigger, its red hair took on a golden shine, and its canine teeth grew longer and longer. It was slowly but surely looking like the wolf king it was meant to be. The changes also made the girls adore it more than ever before. If the little wolf at its juvenile stage was a cute little boy before, now it was a hot-blooded male among wolves.

Thud thud thud...

I kept piercing the Undead Roland Soldiers’ bodies with the Cyan Netherworld Sword. In less than twenty minutes, all 700+ mobs were killed to the last. The battle wasn’t as hard as it could be because they were affected by my Deterrence. Speaking of which, the first thing I did after killing all the mobs was AoE absorb their undead soul sparks!

I looked at the ground and found several Roland sets as expected. There were also some top-tier Dark Gold–grade and Purple Gold–grade equipment. All metal armor equipment that added attack power, defense power and max HP could be considered top-tier, and those that boosted Tactics by over 15 points were even better. There was even a 3-star Outstanding Purple Gold–grade robe that boosted its wearer’s max HP by 3000. It was the difference between life and death for a priest with low health!

It was only after I picked up all the equipment that I recalled that I hadn’t shared the quest with the girls. Thankfully it wasn’t too late to share the quest yet, and I was planning to clear out the entire area before returning to Mengchuan anyway, so meeting the quota was definitely not a problem.

After I took care of everything, I took a look at the Phantom Wolf King and discovered that it was already Level 54. This leveling speed was seriously incredible!

Even more incredible were its stats though. Even I jumped a little when I saw the status window—


Phantom Wolf King (Immortal Rank Boss)

Level: 54

Attack: 5400

Defense: 4320

HP: 43200

Agility: 27000

Skills: Phantom Form, Claw of the Storm, Purgatory Storm


Holy shit! The Phantom Wolf King had over 40k HP! That was way higher than my HP even though it was only Level 54! If the Phantom Wolf King were to hit Level 150, it could have over 150k HP! Who could kill it if it had a great amount of Defense as well?

Its Defense, Attack, and Agility were also incredible. Right now it only had 4000+ Defense, so it wasn’t tough enough to tank the mobs yet. Once we cleared out another three waves of mobs and leveled it up to 100 though, it should be sitting around 8000 Defense and strong enough to help out. Hehe, this was definitely an amazing quest. When we turned in the quest, I bet that it shouldn’t be a problem for it to hit Level 120.

Yeah, I’ll even let the little wolf join in as an attacker as soon as it hits Level 100. It’s a complete waste not to use its super AoE skills Claw of the Storm and Purgatory Storm!

The girls were also speechless when they saw the Phantom Wolf King’s stats. Caressing its head, Murong Mingyue said, "My Ironwing Dragon is a dragon, and… and it is so far behind the Phantom Wolf King it’s not even funny. This is so unfair…"

I chuckled. "The Phantom Wolf King is a king, you know. Your Ironwing Dragon may be a dragon, but there’s a huge difference between an extra and the main actor, so relax …"

Murong Mingyue puffed up her amazing breasts with a harrumph. "Go aggro the mobs already, you. I’m going to level up the Ironwing Dragon to 130 as soon as I can! I bet it’ll be very powerful then!"

"No problem."

Oh well, I always knew that it was my life to toil. Once again, I ran into the mobs and aggroed them toward my party.

What a wonderful day today had turned out to be!

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