Chapter 627: Phantom Wolf King

They merged?

I rubbed my eyes to confirm that I wasn’t seeing things. And I really wasn’t. My little wolf and Dada’s souls were merging together, meaning that both of them would survive. Naturally, this was amazing news of course, not to mention that there was a high chance my pet’s rank would increase after the process. After all, Dada was the pet of Mengchuan, an Epic Rank NPC. His loyal companion was bound to be formidable.

Crack! Crack!

The little wolf’s bones cracked loudly as they were reformed. It grew so big that it reached my chest at a standing position, and it looked a lot more dignified and ferocious. I just wondered if its stats would change as much.

Even Thunder and Xinran had temporarily stopped fighting. It looked like they were going to fight after the transformation was complete.


Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh…

Bloody totems rose from beneath the little wolf’s feet. It looked like they were refining its body and modifying its soul.

The now red-haired little wolf raised its head and let out its first howl. The dazzling golden light dying the edge of its hair gave it a completely different aura from before. Finally, the former aardwolf had evolved into a true king of the wolves!


System Notice: Congratulations, your pet "Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf" has successfully absorbed the loyal guardian dog’s soul and evolved into "Phantom Wolf King"!


Suddenly, the little wolf started shrinking rapidly. In the end, it turned into a wolf cub that was only as big as my palm. Dammit, you’re telling me that I have to retrain it from Level 1? This is a scam, I’m telling ya!

However, all my complaints flew away from my head the moment I saw the little wolf’s stats—


Phantom Wolf King (Immortal Rank Boss)

Level: 1

Attack: 92

Defense: 85

HP: 100

Agility: 100

Skills: Phantom Form, Claw of the Storm, Purgatory Storm

Phantom Form: Go into stealth. Incredibly difficult to be discovered. Movement speed increased by 50%

Claw of the Storm: A claw attack with a 10% chance to trigger Storm. Decimate all targets in a 10x10 yard area in front of you.

Purgatory Storm: Summon a big storm to attack your target. Deal massive damage to all targets within a 40x40 yard area. Cooldown: 120 seconds.



Attack: Immortal 9 Stars

Defense: Immortal 8 Stars

HP: Immortal 9 Stars

Agility: Immortal 10 Stars


I felt myself tearing up as I watched the little wolf’s new stats. Holy shit, my karma must be exploding today. Not only did the little wolf evolve into an Immortal Rank boss pet, its new stats were 92 Strength, 85 Defense, 100 Agility and 100 HP. That was 377 BN at Level 1! How amazing was that?

Currently, pets with over 150 BN such as the Wasp King, the Wild Boar, and others similar could easily be sold for an exorbitant price of 100k or more on the pet market. Even Lin Yixin’s Ice Fox only had a BN of 177. If I were to put my 377 BN Phantom Wolf King on sale, I had no doubt that the rich boys such as Warsky, Roaming Dragon, and Wang Dongliang would spare no money to buy it.

Even better, the Phantom Wolf King’s biggest strength lay not with its BN, but its active skills. Phantom Form allowed it to go into stealth and assassinate unknowing enemies. Claw of the Storm and Purgatory Storm were ridiculously powerful attack skills that would be useful both in PvE and PvP. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that my overall offensive power just increased drastically thanks to its evolution. The little wolf had finally regained its title as my indispensable helper once more.


I hugged the little wolf and summoned it back into my pet space. After all, what could a Level 1 pet possibly do in a battle between super bosses? I’ll train it after this battle is over!

Back to the battle.

Xinran was floating in the sky, and Thunder was standing on the ground.


The Hell Sovereign raised his Blade of Thunder and shouted, "Wind Singer Xinran, your ploy will not succeed! Just watch, I will give you a big surprise!"

A set of gray, complex runes appeared beneath Thunder’s feet before transforming into a high-level magic formation. Blood dyed his surroundings as Thunder chanted, "O’ slumbering devils of hell, open your eyes and witness the ugliness of this world! In the name of Thunder, the Blade of Death, I summon thee—Mad Purgatory Dragon!"


The earth shook violently as an intimidating column of bloody light burst out of the ground, revealing the head of an ugly dragon. After the hellish dragon crawled out completely, it shook away the soil covering its head and glared at Xinran with its blood-red pupils. Xinran stared back calmly as cyclones spun around her spear.

The Winged Silver Dragon immediately shouted, "Oh, my cute master, this Mad Purgatory Dragon used to be an underling of mine. Please allow me to tame it to your command! I am sure it will listen to me!"

Xinran nodded.

The Winged Silver Dragon immediately flew toward the ground, but to its surprise the Mad Purgatory Dragon spat a jet of burning hot breath at it and turned its body bright red. The Winged Silver Dragon shrieked in pain, "Heavens, it attacked me? My once loyal subordinate attacked me, its king? Heavens, I’ll never believe in loyalty ever again…"

Xinran shot the Winged Silver Dragon a glance. She seemed to be swearing "fuck you" with her eyes.

While this was going on, I stayed close by Mengchuan’s side to protect him. The undead was incapitatated and dying. Even an accidental debris could kill him if I didn’t keep an eye out.


"Rampage and tear apart this false world with your claws!"

Thunder the Blade of Death ordered its summoned creature to attack. The Mad Purgatory Dragon obeyed and charged Xinran.

"Hmph, animal!"

Xinran snorted quietly before firing a spear beam straight at the dragon’s head. A loud bang later, the Mad Purgatory Dragon collapsed to the ground just like that. As it turned out, it couldn’t withstand even a single strike from Xinran.

"Eh? Where’s Thunder?"

Xinran looked around her.

I saw everything from the side, so I pointed at the bloody hole on the ground and shouted, "That sonuvabitch escaped through the cracks of purgatory! Pooh!"

Xinran also frowned and imitated my action. "Pooh, what an embarrassment…"

The Winged Silver Dragon swooped to the ground with a roar and bit the Mad Purgatory Dragon right on the neck. Then, it shook its head and tore out a huge chunk of flesh, causing the Mad Purgatory Dragon to thrash violently in pain.

"Damn you, you traitorous, inferior dragon! I will murder you on behalf of the heavens!"

It took the Winged Silver Dragon only a couple of attacks to tear the Mad Purgatory Dragon to shreds. Who would’ve thought that such a terrifying Heaven Rank boss was just a small fry before Xinran and the Winged Silver Dragon? Now that I thought about it, I couldn’t help but worry: Xinran didn’t think me lesser than a small fry, did she?


Xinran slowly dropped down on the ground beside me.

I asked her a question while staring at the bloody hole on the ground, "Are we letting Thunder slip away just like that?"

"Yes, what else can we do?"

Xinran nodded helplessly. "I had tried many times to kill Thunder while I was in the plane of purgatory, but I never succeeded because he was both powerful and cunning. Also, I’m almost certain that an ambush is waiting for me on the other side of the crack. If the Nine Sovereigns were to attack me at once, there’s a high chance I may not be able to come back. I especially do not want to run into Sophie and Lin Na…"

Xinran tilted her head at me and asked, "Big bro, do you want me to chase after Thunder?"

I shook my head immediately. "It’s fine. I would rather you stay with me."

She smiled sweetly at my answer before saying, "Big bro, you’ve successfully completed your mission and protected Mengchuan’s remains. Now, you need to fulfill his will before I can take away his remains and revive him."


Xinran floated from the ground and said, "I’ll be waiting for you at God Domain, big bro!"


Xinran hit the ground with one foot and shot to the sky like a rocket. On the way, she grabbed the Winged Silver Dragon’s tail and tossed it into the sky. Then, she stepped on the dragon’s back and hit its butt repeatedly, reprimanding, "Stop devouring your own kind already, you greedy dragon! Come on, there are still plenty of devils we need to cleanse in God Domain!"

"Yes, my cute master. Your direction is my direction!"

I couldn’t help but sigh a little when I heard the Winged Silver Dragon’s terrible, cringy flattery. Who would’ve thought that a king of dragons would become the mount of a young girl, and be humiliated to the extent it was? Still, it was its own fault for being cruel and cunning. There was no way it could serve anyone loyally unless they were a tough master like Xinran.


I took a moment to compose myself. This quest was an incredible mission considering that even the weakest Sovereign of Hell, Thunder the Blade of Death, had shown up, even if only for a moment. I could totally see why this quest was part of the main questline, not to mention that the quest was handed to me by Xinran herself.

After bidding Xinran goodbye, I walked up to the remains of the royal knight captain of the Roland Empire, Mengchuan, and crouched. I asked him softly, "Is there anything you’d like me to do, Mengchuan? Do not hesitate to ask me anything!"

Mengchuan opened his eyes and looked at me gratefully. "First, I would like to thank you for accepting Dada, young adventurer. I am already at peace knowing that its soul is no longer without a place, and that it has found a new home. That being said, there is one thing I would like to ask your help with."

"Mn, speak!"

Mengchuan said, "The soldiers at the Roland encampments have succumbed, turning into cruel spirits. They are so deeply influenced by Thunder that they may as well be his puppets. I don’t want them to commit any more sins than they already have, so please exterminate these corrupted Undead Roland Soldiers for me!"

"Alright, no problem!"

A system notice dinged beside my ears right after he finished—



System Notice: You’ve accepted the quest [Mengchuan’s Request (1)]! (Current Quest Rank: SS)

Description: Head outside the capital city of the Roland Empire and kill at least 10000 Undead Roland Soldiers. Collect the soul fragments of 100 Undead Roland Soldiers and bring them back to Mengchuan. But beware, these Undead Roland Soldiers are incredibly powerful. It is best if you seek out some helpers before you carry out your task. Quest can be shared with other players. Party size limit: 3.


Oh, this quest can be shared with other players? That’s awesome!

Right now the Phantom Wolf King was so weak it could die to a stiff breeze. At Level 1, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that a single spit from an Undead Roland Soldier could kill it. For that reason, I very much welcomed the prospect of recruiting two party members to help me with this quest.

It was at this moment I heard a beep. It was a message from Murong Mingyue: "Lu Chen, log out now. Eve and I are back, and we brought pizza! Let’s have dinner together!"


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