Chapter 620: Can’t Hold Back

I leaned back against the sofa and stared at the moonlight outside the window, taking in the precious moment of peace. For now, the storm in the game was over. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls successfully thwarted Hall of Immortality, Throne Seeker, and Rose of the Holy Domain’s united raid on Dark Moon City after giving it their all, and the battle was officially recognized as the first “glorious battle like none other”. After today, all of China’s players would know of the power of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls of Sky City. We would enter the Top 10 for sure the next time China’s Guild Ranking was sorted.


I exhaled deeply and closed my eyes, feeling tired enough to fall asleep right on the sofa. Right now, all the war and conflict inside the game mattered less than getting some shut-eye to me. Maybe a hundred years would pass when I opened my eyes again. Maybe I would begin a new life as a whole new person.

A rustling sound entered my ears. It was He Yi just finishing her bath and moving to the balcony with a cup of clear tea. She put the cup gently on the table and smiled at me. "You’re not sleeping yet?"

"Mn. Just a moment."

I smiled back while taking in He Yi’s beautiful features. "You look very tired, Eve."

"Of course. I’ve been running around all day, and it’s past 1 am already. You should rest soon as well."


I stood up and straightened the front of my shirt a bit. I was about to pass by He Yi when I suddenly came to a stop, turned around and looked at her. "Thank you."

"Oh? For what?" I could see an enchanting light dancing in her eyes as she watched me.

I pursed my lips before answering, "Thank you for staying with me. I know that leaving GGS was a very hard choice to make."

"Oh, right…" He Yi blinked her long eyelashes before dodging my gaze. She stared at the floor before stuttering, "I… I just… oh, I don’t know. One moment I was angry, and the next I was leaving GGS. Sometimes, I wonder if I’m sick or something."

An involuntary smile crept to my face. I hugged her gently before whispering, "Still, thank you…"

I could feel He Yi shivering a little in my arms. A while later, she finally returned the hug. Her lovely, pajamas-wrapped body felt both warm and tempting.


He Yi looked up at me with eyes full of complex emotions. She looked afraid, expectant and… something else. "I worry that I will lose you and be alone again."

"I know." I gave her a smile and said, "The dream of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, huh? I will do it, Eve. I swear I’ll serve you and conquer the world for you forever!"


He Yi giggled softly before standing on her tiptoes without warning. Wrapping her flexible arms around my neck, she moved her hot lips toward my own and kissed me.

Heat seared my head immediately, and my self-control crumbled almost completely. I pushed her pearly white teeth apart with my tongue and met her clumsy attempts. She was shivering, but she also hugged me so tightly it was as if she wanted our bodies to melt into one boiling puddle. The soft, bouncy breasts squeezing against my chest made me realize all over again just how big they were.

"Mm, mm…"

At this point, I was out of control. My hands automatically slid down her waist and explored her round, firm butt. After I gently lifted her into the air, turned around and pressed her against the sofa, my left hand started snaking toward her sacred hills like it was possessed by the devil. No prior practice was necessary whatsoever.


He Yi looked at me in astonishment, and I looked back at her.

"We…" He Yi shivered with embarrassment and desire. She said as if she was begging, "We’re really going to lose control if we continue, Lu Chen…"

But her words failed to clear my head. I covered her breast with my hand, bent down to kiss her once before rushing out the words, "Eve, I can’t hold back any longer. What should I do…"

He Yi turned even redder. "Not here…"

I looked up. Although it was late, the district including our balcony was illuminated in some way. I suppose we should move somewhere else.

It was at this moment we heard a calm voice next to us. "Yeah, SLR technology is really advanced these days. If someone took a picture of you two and uploaded it to the Caoliu forums, the two of you would become celebrities overnight."

He Yi and I looked up. We had no idea when she was there, but Murong Mingyue was sitting cross-legged on a chair next to the coffee table by the window and holding a hot drink with one hand. The smile on her face was about as naughty as it could get.

"You…" Both He Yi and I panicked a little. We were lost for words for an entire half a minute until He Yi finally asked, "When did you get here, Mingyue?"

Murong Mingyue took a sip from her drink once before replying, "Oh, don’t mind me. By all means, continue. I was going to dry my clothes, but I don’t mind watching a show as I work…"

She pointed at the laundry basket beside her. It was filled with laundry alright, and at the top of the pile was a huge, pink-colored Sloggi bra.

He Yi’s face was very red. "There won’t be any show, you! Go dry your clothes already. Nothing happened… between Lu Chen and me…"

Murong Mingyue giggled. "Indeed. Nothing happened, and I didn’t get to see what I wanted to see the most. Shame."


He Yi rose to her feet and straightened my messed up collar like a traditional wife would. It was at that moment I realized just what a wonderful woman He Yi was.

Murong Mingyue carefully walked up to He Yi before whispering something I couldn’t hear beside her ears. The latter immediately turned bright red and chided her. "Mingyue, you glutton, how can you say that about us…"

I asked, "What did she say? Share please…"

Murong Mingyue turned around, put a hand on her waist and shot me a flirtatious smile. "Oh, I’m just telling my Eve that it’s fine for you to do that if you really do love each other~~"


Clearly we were all exhausted and a bit out of sorts today.

I felt at a loss as I stood by the window ledge and watched He Yi helping out Murong Mingyue with the laundry. Was my feelings for He Yi love or not? If I really did it with He Yi, could I still hold Lin Yixin’s hand like before?

Only the heavens could answer that question.


I took a bath and returned to my room. Finally, a terrible wave of sleepiness overcame me.

It was late morning by the time I opened my eyes once more. I could hear Murong Mingyue and He Yi chatting cheerfully outside. Beiming Xue was awake as well.

I opened the door, and a captivating smell entered my nostrils. To my surprise, He Yi—wearing a coffee-colored uniform and a white apron today—was cooking in the kitchen.

"Oh, you’re awake?" He Yi shot me a smile and said, "I cooked a pot of pumpkin porridge this morning. By the way, you should avoid eating steamed pork buns from now on. The bun most likely has additives on it, and the pork is probably untested meat."

I curled my lips. "Eve, your thinking is way too pessimistic. You need to think optimistically, okay?"

He Yi burst into laughter. "I’m just caring for everyone’s health, that’s all. Now go wash your face and get ready to eat. Mingyue is out buying us ‘healthy’ breakfast, or so she claimed!"

"Oh, she’s buying breakfast?"


Murong Mingyue returned at this exact moment with a plastic bag. She held it in front of her and snickered loudly. "Hey Eve, I bought three catties of wonderful meat buns for you! Don’t worry, the shop owner promised me over and over again that he used neither recycled cooking oil nor stale pork to make his buns…"

He Yi replied expressionlessly, "Fuck you…"

I nearly fainted from laughing too hard. Wrapping an arm around He Yi’s shoulder, I said, "Give up, it’s impossible to find healthy food at this day and age unless you grow everything yourself. Let’s buy a dozen or so acres of land and plant some bok choy, cauliflower and so on when we’ve earned enough money. I’ll fish at the river, and we’ll enjoy some healthy, 100% organic food every day…"

He Yi giggled. "Sounds great!"

Murong Mingyue was also smiling. "It’s a promise then. Don’t forget the two of us, alright?"

Beiming Xue chirped with a look of happiness. "Big bro is going to raise us? That’s awesome…"

I complained while moving toward the bathroom. "God dammit, I’m just making a suggestion. There’s no need to go this deep…"


After I was done washing myself, I sat down to eat breakfast with the girls. My appetite was better than ever before as I drank the sweet pumpkin porridge and ate the delicious meat buns. It wasn’t long before the buns were all gone, and I ate the most out of everyone. It was probably because I spent too much stamina and brain power as of late.

"Lu Chen, what are you going to do after breakfast?" He Yi asked.

I thought for a moment before answering, "I’m going to level up and get myself a super quest!"

"Oh, a super quest?" He Yi smiled slightly. "You’re going to speak with that amazing loli Xinran, aren’t you?"

"Yeah." I nodded. "Although, it’s been so long she’s no longer a loli. I think she was an amazing person in the purgatory, but I’m not sure. What I do know is that Xinran will never hurt me, and that’s enough. Knowing her identity, I’m sure I’ll be able to receive an amazing main quest from her, hehe~~"

Murong Mingyue looked up while wiping the porridge stains at the corner of her mouth. "Shame that Eve and I have to go to Hangzhou in a moment, or we would come with you and leech some experience."

I said, "Yeah, the two of you are about to get outleveled by everyone. Sis really didn’t get to use her Bright Mirror much despite it being such an amazing Famous General Skill, and you were both absent for most of the territory war. Our priests are really lacking without your Famous General Skill, you know that? If you came back even a moment sooner, our defense line may not have crumbled as early as it did."

Murong Mingyue shrugged before pointing her chopsticks at He Yi. "You think I want to be absent? I have to travel places with your beloved. If possible, I want my life to be less busy as well. I want to heal people online from time to time, leech experience from my party, and marry a super rich handsome guy so I can just eat and sleep every single day!"

I rolled my eyes at her. "You really are a glutton!"

Beiming Xue giggled. "Alright alright, Sister Eve and Sister Mingyue will get a break eventually, so don’t worry. Anyway, I’m going to find a quest and make a rush for Level 150 as well. I want to be the first sixth-promotion super archer of China!"

"Mn. Let’s all do our best!"

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