Chapter 619: Thief Party

"Oh? The assassins of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls?" He Yi broke into a smile when she heard this. Our guild had been looking for an excellent assassin for the longest time, so He Yi was pleasantly surprised when Cute Little Naughty showed off how good her skills were. Now that she learned that Cute Little Naughty wanted to join us, her joy was at least twice as much as before. Anyone would be happy to have a reliable assassin like her carrying the banner of their guild.

"What do you think, Lu Chen?" He Yi inquired my opinion.

Smiling, I shrugged and said, "I have no opinion. I already promised Naughty to make her the leader of a subguild, and I was planning to give her the eighth subguild. Unfortunately Waste and Burn betrayed us, so we’ll have to establish a new guild and begin from zero. It’s a huge headache."

He Yi chuckled. "That’s simple. Mingyue has a friend at Wind City who has a Rank 4 guild. They’re just 20% experience away from hitting Rank 5. However, her friend later joined Peach Garden, disbanded the guild and left it in another person’s hands. I can buy the guild shell off that person’s hands for 10k RMB and give it to Naughty. After that, all that’s left to do is to spend 10k gold at the NPC and change its name."

It was a most pleasant surprise. "That’s perfect!"

Cute Little Naughty also grabbed He Yi’s hands in a friendly manner and thanked her. "Thank you so much, big sister guild leader! You’re too nice!"

He Yi giggled. She seemed to be very fond of the guileless assassin. Scratch that, everyone who saw Cute Little Naughty was clearly fond of her. All around us, suspicious uncles were shooting her fervent looks and possibly cooking up a goldfish scheme.

Grinning widely, I faced Li Chengfeng, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, Yamete, and so on and threatened, "Cute Little Naughty is the guild leader of our assassin squad, so anyone who dares to harm her will face my wrath, understand?"

Li Chengfeng exclaimed in shock, "Damn, that’s terrible…"

Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun sighed regretfully. "That’s another pretty little flower we can’t defile. Ai…"

Chaos Moon immediately poked his mount’s butt with her sword. "Defile yourself, you animal! You guys are way too lacking in discipline. You know what, since Lu Chen values Naughty so much, I volunteer to become the guardian protector of our assassin squad, hehe…"

Cute Little Naughty chirped in happiness. "Oh, you… you’re Sister Chaos Moon! I’ve been hearing about you for a long time now. You are the strongest female foot soldier of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls!"

The corner of Chaos Moon’s lips curled downward. "Ugh, that sounds terrible. Just you wait, I’ll become the strongest female knight one day…"

He Yi complained, "Hello? Did you forget about me?"

Chaos Moon relented. "Fine, fine, I’ll be the second strongest female knight instead…"

He Yi bloomed into a satisfied smile.


A short while later, a skinny guy with the insignia of Wind City on his shoulder hurried out of the teleportation formation. Judging from his level—only Level 92—he was clearly using a spare account. I was surprised that he was the guild leader of a big guild. The guild name was extremely vulgar though. It was called "Doggystyle”.

"Dang…" I felt my face reddening a little.

When Lin Yixin rode over to me and saw the skinny guy’s guild name, she turned as red as an apple as well. Glaring at me, she said, "Bastard, I knew that your male acquaintances are all fucked in the head!"

Li Chengfeng, Gui Guzi, High Fighting Spirits, Xu Yang, and everyone else looked at her immediately. "What did you just say, little knife?"

Lin Yixin flaunted her Blade of Violet Lightning and smiled menacingly at them. "Oh, you guys wanna fight?"

Their anger was immediately replaced by smiles. "Of course not, you understand us too well…"

I glared at them. "What the fuck? Where are your balls, people?"

Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun retorted, "Only a maniac would dare to challenge their vice leader’s girlfriend to a fight, okay?"

Me: "..."

He Yi: "..."

Lin Yixin: "..."


The transfer process went smoothly. Cute Little Naughty joined "Doggystyle", and He Yi paid the skinny guy ten thousand RMB. Then, she gave Cute Little Naughty 10k gold to change the guild name to "Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls Eighth Subguild" and added the suffix "assassin" to portray the guild’s function.

"I have one more request!" Cute Little Naughty said after running back to me.

I nodded. "Speak!"

"Can big brother Cyan Hill and my friends join the main guild as team leaders?"

"Sure, there are plenty of empty team leader positions in the main guild right now."

"That’s great. I was worried because there are ten of us or so. It’s a deal then!"

"Yes, it’s a deal!"

I promoted Cute Little Naughty’s friends to team leaders before transferring nearly 800 assassins to our new eighth subguild. Our assassins had always felt like they didn’t belong because the main guild was a fighter and archer only haven, so they should be happy with this transfer.

"It’s time to make some recruitments!" Cute Little Naughty declared ambitiously.

"Yeah, be seeing you…"

"Wait, wait, I have one more request, big brother Broken Halberd…"

I was almost numb at this point. "Right, speak."

"Can you please make the announcement for me? Just say that the eighth subguild of Ancient Sword is looking to recruit assassins above Level 125 at the northern plaza of Sky City!"

"Can’t you do the announcement yourself?"

"Well, you’re a famous person, and…" Cute Little Naughty hesitated as she caressed her daggers. "I’m super poor. Where am I going to gather 5000 RMB for the system?"

Smiling a little, I transferred 100k gold to Naughty on the spot and said, "Here, this should be enough to cover the initial fees required to develop the eighth subguild. Everything else after that is up to you."

"Mn, mn!"

After that, I brought up the system announcement interface, composed a message and sent it out at the cost of 5000 RMB—


System Announcement (Player "Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand" Shout): Atten-hut, thieves of Sky City! Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls is officially establishing its assassin-exclusive squad as the eighth subguild of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. The guild leader is Cute Little Naughty. Assassins proficient in hiding in darkness and dancers who enjoy dancing atop a knife’s edge, this is your chance to challenge your limits!! Cute Little Naughty will begin recruitment at the Northern Plaza of Sky City RIGHT NOW, so what else are you waiting for? Now then, the requirements: we accept good lookers with a golden heart, lone wolves who are capable of offense and defense, and even bandits who, deep down, are really good souls!! Also, please be Level 125 or above, and have three Dark Gold–grade pieces of equipment with you at least! Lastly, those with great skills, good looks, or smart minds who score all the scholarships in their schools get first priority!


Cute Little Naughty turned red when she saw the recruitment notice I posted. She said, "Big brother vice leader, your literary talent truly knows no bounds…"

Her "praise" made me blush a bit. "Sorry, I think I read a bit too much toilet literature..."

Cute Little Naughty nodded. "Well, that’s done. Sister Chaos Moon, do you want to come with me and do the recruitment together?"

Chaos Moon shook her head hurriedly. "Nah, you should do this yourself. It’s not right for me to assume your responsibilities!"

I smiled. "What you really mean to say is that you don’t want to part with your guild contribution points, right?"

Chaos Moon narrowed her eyes at me. "Say the truth again and I’ll beat you up, boy!"

Surprisingly, Lin Yixin immediately gripped her dagger and watched Chaos Moon warily. She looked poised to strike the second Chaos Moon put her words into action.

Clear Perfume patted her shoulder once and asked in confusion, "What are you doing, Yiyi?"

Lin Yixin blinked once before answering, "I’m the only one who gets to beat up my Little Cheat…"

Chaos Moon threw her arms into the air. "Oh my god, fine, forget I ever said anything. Where’s Lu Buyi? Come on, let’s go get some supper before getting back to the grind!"


I checked the time and noted that it was very late, so I said to Lin Yixin, "Yiyi, you must be tired. Go grab some food and get some rest already!"

Lin Yixin nodded. "Mn, I’m off to bed then. You should sleep too!"

"I know. See you!"

Lin Yixin took out a return scroll and teleported away just like that. Our people were still celebrating the victory, and to be fair it was an epic victory. We were vastly outnumbered, and not only did we manage to kill a ton of players, our territory increased a ton of levels as well. Thanks to this war, we gained a super fortress that no one had the power to take away from us!


"Let’s log out and have supper as well!" Murong Mingyue spoke up. "Eve and I predicted that something like this might happen, so we packed some supper before coming back home, hehe! Don’t forget to tell Lil Beiming too!"


I logged out after sending Beiming Xue the message.

I took off the helmet and took two deep gulps of fresh water. I was exhausted after being online for a dozen or so hours. When I left my room, the girls were already unwrapping the food they bought at the living hall already. There was fish soup, fried meat with chili peppers, a roasted chicken, a plate of boiled peanuts, and beef slices. It was a fairly rich supper. They even bought porridges to help wash away the oiliness of the food. Their thoughtfulness was appreciated to say the least.

I felt my appetite rising the second I smelled the food. I sat down next to He Yi with a smile and commented, "Man, I feel so hungry all of a sudden…"

He Yi giggled. "It would be strange if you felt after being online for so many hours. Just take your time. There are some steamed buns too…"

I drank the porridge, took a bite from a bun, and ate the delicious dishes on the table ravenously. I felt like my life was worth it as I ate supper while surrounded by three gorgeous women.

I shot He Yi a question while eating, "So, Sister Yi, how goes your business at Nanjing?"

"Everything went very smoothly." He Yi answered while taking tiny bites from her porridge. "Mingyue and I split up and did what we had to do. Since Nanjing was our headquarters even before the fallout, it was easy to arrange for the transfer of manpower and resources. The subsidiary company for Raincube will be established in a week at most, and once that is done we’ll be able to supply the Nanjing server of Heavenblessed with technical and manpower services directly."

"Mn, that’s great. Issues like disconnections should happen far less frequently if Raincube can provide their expertise. One time, we lost hundreds of players to mobs on a leveling trip because of a disconnection. Later, we learned that it was because the server at Hangzhou had experienced a sudden shut down. It was terrible…"

He Yi smiled. "Yes. Blue Star is an electronic-focused company, so they are lacking in the virtual software department. It’s also why Ling Xue and Ling Yue look forward to cooperating with us. After all, not even Blue Star can avoid answering to the parent company of Eternal Moon Corporation, and if they do a poor job in this project they could be fired at any moment."

Taking a bite out of her own steamed bun, Murong Mingyue stared at me and said, "We’re gone for only one day, and Lu Chen caused such a big commotion inside the game already, hehe…"

I rolled my eyes at her. "You say as if I wanted this to happen. The enemies were over five hundred thousand strong, and all our guilds combined are only seventy or eighty thousand people at most. I never want to be outnumbered like this ever again. When you guys are finished with your work, please focus on increasing the number of our subguilds!"

"Got it, we’ll do our best~" Murong Mingyue giggled. "We managed to dig another group of core technical experts from India today. They’re all Eve’s former subordinates, so they have no qualms quitting their jobs and joining her at Raincube. Hehe, I’m sure the top level of GGS is having a massive headache right now!"

I sighed. "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…"

Murong Mingyue shot me a look. "Oh, you heartless bastard. Who do you think Eve is doing all this for…"


He Yi didn’t say anything. She simply pulled back her hair and drank her porridge elegantly.

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