Chapter 617: Generous Reward

“This is great, hehe…”

The players of Hall of Immortality watched in shock as Chaos Moon walked up to Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch’s corpse and picked up his equipment. A player could equip up to nine pieces of equipment in total: one weapon, one chest armor, one pair of leg or shin protectors, a helmet, one pair of wristguards, one cape, one necklace and two rings. Normally speaking, a player only had between 20% to 40% chance to drop an item when dying. However, Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch was so unlucky that he dropped 3 equipment, or 33%, of his gear in one go. He probably felt like dying right now. This was exceptionally unlucky even considering that his drop chance on death was increased by Chaos Moon’s Plunder.

Chaos Moon said cheerfully while carrying the three pieces of equipment in her arms, “Lu Chen, we’re rich! The shield and the boots are 3-star Outstanding Earth-grade, while the helmet is 5-star Outstanding Spirit-grade. This kind soul sure carried a ton of good stuff on him…”

I nodded in agreement. “From what I heard, Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch spent tens of millions to buy the equipment he’s wearing today. Misers like us just can’t compare to spenders like him!”

Chaos Moon asked, “How should we distribute these items?”

I gave it some thought before answering, “Give me the shield and helmet, you may keep the heavy boots to yourself. I’m going to deposit these in the warehouse and reward our brothers and sisters for their hard work.”

“Sure. Do what you want!”

Chaos Moon happily accepted the heavy boots. She was wearing the Bone Scythe set, so she most likely wouldn’t equip it herself. However, she could sell it for a lot of money. For elite players like us, money was an indispensable and important resource. After Chaos Moon gave me the other two items, I looked at them again and confirmed that both equipment—especially the 3-star Outstanding Earth-grade shield—was extremely powerful. In fact, I know just the person to give it to—Heaven’s Rain. It would make her even stronger than she already was for a fair sum of guild contribution points. As the leader of a big guild, I must nurture my generals with the far future in mind.


Suddenly, a system announcement rang above the city and froze absolutely everyone in their tracks—


System Announcement: The city “Dark Moon City” belonging to player “Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand” has been defended successfully. The number of casualties of this battle exceeded the estimated value, so this battle is rated as a “A Glorious Battle Like None Other”. The death essence of all the heroic souls who died in this battle are absorbed by the Undead Castle and turned into fuel for greater power. The rank of Dark Moon City is increased by 2, the rank of all buildings is increased by 2, and the following rewards are distributed: Dark Insect x10000, Dark Knight x4000, Umbra Sharpshooter x2000, Ghost God Knight x1000. All players participating in the defense gain Level +1 and Luck +1. 90% of the NPCs who died in the city have been revived!


Columns of golden light filled the entire city for a while. It was the visual effects of a level up for everyone there. The reward didn’t just include surviving Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls players, but also those who died and even our allies, Snowy Cathaya and The Monarch Descends. It was a huge compensation for all the losses we suffered in this war.

All these were nothing compared to the city rewards though. As expected of the reward of the first “glorious battle like none other” of Heavenblessed, Dark Moon City’s rank was increased from 6 to 8 immediately. Had we taken the normal path, it would’ve taken us at least two months to reach it. The reward of 10000 Dark Insects was absolutely insane as well. After all, they translated directly to the productivity of the city!

Moreover, we were rewarded with 4000 Rank 6 Dark Knights, 2000 Rank 8 Umbra Sharpshooters and even 1000 Rank 9 Ghost God Knights Again, the rewards of this war were absolutely insane. Had we had to recruit these units normally, mn, the amount of resources it would take was literally unthinkable!

I brought up the city details of Dark Moon City and took a look. I couldn’t stop myself from grinning like an idiot—


Dark Moon City (Lord: Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand)

Rank: Rank 8 Undead Castle

Gold Production: 50000 per hour (+50%)

Wood Production: 50000 per hour (+20%)

Stone Production: 50000 per hour (+11%)

Crystal Production: 42000 per hour (+8%)

Dark Insects: 14200

Buildings: 19

Troops: 7321

Wall Durability: 2500

Teleportation Formations: 2

Secondary Lord: Dark Knight Hero Udal


Tsk tsk, with a production like this, getting to rank 9 was just a matter of days. Moreover, I had hidden all 321 of the NPCs I hired earlier in the blood pond because there weren’t even enough of them to use as cannon fodders, much less anything else, and now the system just gave us 7000 of them in one go. From now on, everyone would have to think twice before attacking our city!

In fact, I was looking forward to people attacking the city in the future. So far, I thought the siege battles of Heavenblessed were really well made, although I wondered if absorbing the souls of the dead to upgrade a city’s stats was a trait that was unique to the Undead Castle only. Regardless, Hall of Immortality, Rose of the Holy Domain, and Throne Seeker’s attempt to take over our city didn’t only end in failure, they even helped us upgrade it to a high rank city. How embarrassing was that?


A Hall of Immortality player was so stunned by the system announcement that he actually lost grip of his iron sword. He murmured, “What the fuck is this? We fought 10 full hours for nothing? No, it’s worse: Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls got everything while we lost everything…”

Xu Yang laughed tauntingly at him. “Now this is a classic example of going for wool and coming back shorn, hahahaha~~~”

Some distance away, a group of Throne Seeker players erupted. “Dammit, they killed our guild leader! Take revenge for Emperor’s Equal! Kill them all!”

And so the armies clashed again in a fight to the death.


A huge, burning icicle suddenly pierced the air before crashing down on the noisy fellows. It was of course Lin Yixin’s Ice Flame Slash. One of the victims screamed, “What the fuck, the Fruit Knife Goddess is here? Oh no…”

Giggling a bit, Lin Yixin said, “The war is over, so the players outside can’t get into the territory hall anymore. Now is the time to clean house! Let’s kill them all as soon as possible.”

Purple Marquis, Li Chengfeng, Gui Guzi, High Fighting Spirits, Xu Yang, and everyone else laughed heartily before diving toward the stranded enemies like tigers in a flock of sheeps.

Oh the other side, Rose Thorn was clashing blades against He Yi. Their stats were almost equal, but Rose Thorn’s stratagem was Encourage VII, while He Yi’s was Royal Road. As a result, Rose Thorn was sent stumbling a couple of steps backward.

He Yi asked Rose Thorn icily, “Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and the guilds of Vanished God City have always stayed out of each other’s way, so why are you three raiding Dark Moon City?”

Rose Thorn replied with a smile, “The winner is king, the loser, an outlaw. Let’s duel and see who’s the better fighter, shall we?”

He Yi smiled and rushed toward Rose Thorn with a direct but devastating Green Wave Slash + Barrier Break, forcing the latter backward. However, Rose Thorn immediately retaliated with her own Storm Slash, which everyone except He Yi had seen already. At the distance, Beiming Xue shouted, “Watch out, Sister Eve!”

Knowing from Beiming Xue’s reaction that it was a deadly skill, He Yi hurriedly raised her shield and used Holy Shield. It was a good skill against both magic and physical attack!

Boom boom...

Four stormy energies hit He Yi continuously and dealt a huge amount of damage—





Thankfully, He Yi’s Royal Road increased all her stats by 50%, and a Bard’s Physique buff increased her HP by another 35%. Rose Thorn’s Storm Slash was strong, but it ultimately wasn’t enough to one-shot He Yi. Not only that, Murong Mingyue tossed a Greater Heal and Instant Heal on her and healed all of the damage she sustained with ease.



Rose Thorn’s expression grew cloudier after the heal. If even Storm Slash wasn’t enough to kill He Yi, then there was literally nothing more she could do to win this fight.

He Yi counterattacked, so Rose Thorn conjured a silver shield in front of herself. It was the skill Guardian Soul, an excellent defensive skill.

Thud thud thud...

However, Rose Thorn’s Guardian Soul was quickly shredded into pieces by a hail of arrows from Beiming Xue. Despite owning the hidden class “Guardian Knight”, Rose Thorn ultimately wasn’t strong enough to fight both He Yi and Beiming Xue at once.

That wasn’t the end of Rose Thorn’s woes either. Chaos Moon joined the battle with a chuckle, “Don’t let her go, Sister Eve. We must kill her today!”

He Yi nodded, and the girls shot cruel looks at Rose Thorn together.

Dumbfounded by the ever increasing amount of enemies, Rose Thorn said, “Ah, forget it. I guess Rose of the Holy Domain really has chosen the wrong opponent this time. But there’s no way you people can kill me. Watch me use my ultimate technique…”

First, she shouted, “Players of the Rose of the Holy Domain, it’s time to find a corner to hide and teleport back to the city! There’s no need to fight anymore! We lost!”

Then, ignoring the fact that Beiming Xue and He Yi were attacking her, Rose Thorn abruptly turned on her Invincibility skill and took out her return scroll. Fuck, it really is the legendary ultimate technique—invincibility skill + return scroll!


Once Rose Thorn teleported away, the battle at the territory hall became completely one-sided.


About ten minutes of slaughtering later, nearly all the enemy players inside the territory hall had been killed. Although it was still full-blown chaos outside—there were still tens of thousands of Hall of Immortality, Rose of the Holy Domain, and Throne Seeker players fighting out there—they were really just fish stuck inside a barrel. After I set our relationship status with their guilds to “Hostile”, all the NPCs in the city began attacking in earnest. I sent an order to the Dark Knight Hero Udal, and a platoon of Umbra Sharpshooters dashed up the remaining arrow towers and rained hell on them. The power of the NPCs couldn’t be ignored.

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh...

All the players who had died in the war started teleporting back to Dark Moon City as well, eager to enact bloody vengeance upon the invaders of their home. The territory war was over by this point, and this was just the clean-up battle. They quickly reaped the enemies’ lives with the aid of our allies.

It was a complete slaughter where I wasn’t needed, so I ran around the city to repair my equipment, the city itself and so on. To an outsider, it might even look like I was taking a leisurely stroll.

A while later, He Yi rode up to me, and I turned around to face her. I gave her a smile and asked, “You flew back from Nanjing?”

“Mn, we rushed back overnight.”

“I see. Hmm, I’m so hungry. Wanna eat supper together?”

“Of course~~”


Suddenly Xu Yang sent me a message: “Lu Chen, you should head to the forest to the east of Dark Moon City as soon as possible. Lu Buyi is butting heads with Freezing Point again…”



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