Chapter 615: False Unity

Rose Thorn’s expression was cold and indifferent as she stared at the guild leader of Throne Seeker. “What was our original agreement, Emperor’s Equal? We agreed that the Rose of the Holy Domain gets the right to enter the territory hall first when the Greedy Wolf Cavalry invades the city. But that isn’t what happened, is it? You’re obviously planning to claim the city for yourself!”

Emperor’s Equal tried to defend himself, “Bitch! That’s because I think highly of your abilities! I was going to move the Greedy Wolf Cavalry in first and let you and your people in later! It’s hardly my fault that you got delayed this long, isn’t it? If this is how you doubt your allies, then I would rather we sever our ties right here! Hmph!”

Rose Thorn retorted frigidly, “Bullshit! You didn’t send me a single message when your Greedy Wolf Cavalry was invading the territory hall, and the siege battle will end in another twenty minutes. Do you think I’m stupid, Emperor’s Equal? Rose of the Holy Domain sacrificed all their Purple Thunder Cavalry to delay the enemy’s elites and buy you time to slip through between the cracks, and this is how you repay me?”

Emperor’s Equal: “Pooh…”

Beside them, the guild leader of Hall of Immortality, Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch looked like he was going to spit fire with his eyes. “Motherfucker! My men were fighting to their deaths from the very beginning, so don’t you dare talk about losses in front of me! The agreement was that Hall of Immortality will claim the territory, and I will reward you handsomely for your efforts. Now you’re telling me you’ve been plotting behind my back? Fuck you two, man! What disgusting allies you both turned out to be! Pooh!”

Emperor’s Equal and Rose Thorn turned toward Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch at the same time and sneered, “Who the fuck do you think you are? What else do you know besides throwing cash at your army? You always boast how much money, houses, and branded cars you own, but did you earn even one of them through your own efforts? If I were you I would take a good look in the mirror, you human trash!!!”

Pissed off, Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch raised his arm and shouted, “Brothers and sisters of Hall of Immortality, kill them all! Kill everyone that isn’t one of us! Slice all these scumbags into a million pieces! FUCK!!!


At this point, the situation had spiraled completely out of control. Li Chengfeng and I were surrounded by Greedy Wolf Cavalry while the three great guilds were scheming against each other, and we just barely stopped ourselves from bursting out in laughter and drawing attention to ourselves.

The situation was still critical, however. According to the system, there were less than 4000 Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls players left in Dark Moon City, and more than half of them were stuck on the city walls. Only a thousand of us were defending the territory hall with everything we got while enemy players were still invading the city like floodwater—


Hall of Immortality: 28901

Rose of the Holy Domain: 19323

Throne Seeker: 35829


Damn, was this really our territory? The enemy’s number was 21 times bigger than ours! We had killed off more than half of their players, and still they outnumbered us greatly!

A single spark was all it took to start a huge blaze, and all four of our city gates were completely breached at this point. If the eighth subguild hadn’t betrayed us and opened the city gate, we would’ve been able to defend the city for another hour easily with its great defense, numerous arrow towers and helpful NPCs. The situation wouldn’t have been as precarious as it was now.

The city was overflowing with enemy players. Hall of Immortality’s players had gone insane and were killing anyone they encountered. Rose of the Holy Domain and Throne Seeker were mustering their elites and attempting to breach the territory hall. Moreover, Throne Seeker had dispatched a large group of Greedy Wolf Cavalry to attack the arrow towers. I couldn’t help but feel an ache in my heart as the structures collapsed one by one. They were the product of much resources and time after all!

On Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ side, our last surviving fighters were protecting Murong Mingyue, Moon Dew, and Pure Love like our life depended on it. Beiming Xue was standing in front of them and firing Multi Arrow after Multi Arrow at the enemy, keeping them at bay. That was why no one could get to our remaining backliners.

Meanwhile, Li Chengfeng and I were wedged deep inside the enemy’s formations like a pair of poisonous thorns and greatly obstructing the two guilds’ attempts to invade our territory. The guild channel was flooded by battle reports—

High Fighting Spirits: “For fuck’s sake, this is endless! There are only twenty or so of us and a couple hundred of them, fuck…”

He Yi: “Watch where you move and avoid their attacks as much as possible! We don’t have any priest to support us! Someone, get in here and heal us as soon as possible! We can’t hold out much longer!”

Xu Yang: “How is the situation outside? Can Lu Chen and Li Chengfeng really survive Throne Seeker’s ridiculous firepower?”

Li Chengfeng: “No problem, we have healing!”

Me: “Chengfeng, find an opening to get inside the territory hall!”

Li Chengfeng: “Got it. Cover me!”


I spent a moment to consider how I should do this. Individually speaking, the Greedy Wolf Cavalry was weaker than the Rose of the Holy Domain’s Purple Thunder Cavalry. However, they could still deal a terrifying amount of damage to a foot soldier. What this meant was that Li Chengfeng couldn’t slip away into the territory hall unless I found a way to diminish their number considerably.

I gritted my teeth as I made up my mind. I’m going all out!

First, I activated the Shield of Evening of my Soul Suppressing Cloak. For 12 seconds, I was completely invincible!


A reddish orange armor that shone like the rays of evening appeared around me. After chugging down a Rank 8 Saint Spirit Potion and restoring both my HP and MP to full, I used my ultimate skill, Purple Dragon Howl!


Purple lightning gathered at the tip of my sword and transformed into a purple divine dragon. No one could hurt me because I was untouchable for 12 seconds. I smiled slightly and got ready to unleash the skill!

Actually, this isn’t enough. Let me boost my attack further with a super buff!

I activated the God Suppressing Necklace’s skill, God’s Rage. For 60 seconds, all of my attacks would be critical hits!

“Here I come!”

Now I swung my sword and unleashed the Purple Dragon Howl. The howling dragon blew through the walls of meat and one-shot absolutely everyone who was even touched by it. The damage number that popped above the victims’ heads struck fear to even the bravest men—





My weapon was the Heaven-grade Cyan Netherworld Sword, my attack power was boosted by 200% thanks to Martial God, and all my attacks were critical hits thanks to God’s Rage. It was unthinkable that there was anyone in the world who could survive this!


The divine dragon left hundreds dead in its wake. Since I had activated the Shield of Evening beforehand, no one could interrupt my attack either. As of now, this move of mine was absolutely uncounterable unless the enemy had an Invincibility skill as well.

Thud thud thud...

Li Chengfeng stared dumbly at the sea of corpses around him for a moment. He looked like he wanted to say something, but couldn’t find the right words.

“What are you waiting for? Go!” I shouted.

“Right!” Li Chengfeng nodded strongly before running straight into the territory hall. His addition should be enough to stabilize the crisis happening inside the territory hall. He was the epic and skilful dragon warrior after all.

The ground was littered with equipment and potions, but no one could be bothered to pick them up right now. The moment Purple Dragon Howl ended, I immediately rushed toward an enemy group and one-shot all of them with Thousand Ice Slash. God’s Rage wasn’t over yet, so I still had 40 seconds or so to crit the shit out of them!

Emperor’s Equal was absolutely furious, but he couldn’t think of a way to stop me. My attack power was literally unstoppable, and Beiming Xue was killing his and Rose Thorn’s players from range. Neither of them could think of an effective way to stop this.

“Come on, Rose Thorn!” Emperor’s Equal shouted angrily, “Order your people to stop Hall of Immortality already! That idiotic Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch has gone completely insane!”

Rose Thorn’s gaze sharpened, but she ignored Emperor’s Equal’s shout completely and moved toward the territory hall instead.


Summoning a couple of fighters to my side, we blocked in front of the entrance to the territory hall and growled, “No one else is invading our territory hall today, you fucks!”

A dozen or so Greedy Wolf Cavalry charged us. We all worked together to keep them at bay.

It was at this moment we heard the noise of battle coming from outside the city. A short time later, several hundred cyan-colored riders rushed through the gate and toward us. It was none other than the Cyan Tiger Cavalry!

Swinging her blade and urging her tiger to go faster, Heaven’s Rain shouted, “We’re here, big brother Lu Chen!”

Gui Guzi glared at his surroundings while gripping the Rainbow Spear next to him, “Are these the underhanded fucks who colluded with that stupid Freezing Point? So shameless!”


I broke into a wide smile. “Your timing is perfect. Come help us block the entrance to the territory hall already!”


Gui Guzi and his one hundred elite cavalry trampled over the enemy’s troops again like a hundred lawn mowers. Throne Seeker and Rose of the Holy Domain’s morale immediately dropped because the Knight God-empowered riders were practically invincible in a narrow terrain like this.

I looked at Heaven’s Rain and said, “Rain, take a hundred riders with you and reinforce Eve and Li Chengfeng inside the territory hall! It’s up to you and your Knight General to defend the territory hall for the next 15 minutes!”

“No problem!”

Heaven’s Rain swung her sword and declared, “Everyone, follow me!”

A hundred Cyan Tiger Cavalry answered her call and followed her into the territory hall. Her Knight General boosted all her mounted allies’ Attack and Defense by 100%, so there was no chance they were losing this fight. I finally relaxed knowing that not even a miracle could save the Greedy Wolf Cavalry inside the territory hall now!


Time passed little by little. The siege battle could be over any moment now. If we succeeded, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls would be the guild who single-handedly thwarted the invasion of an army of five hundred thousand. How incredible was that?! Who else could doubt our strength after this?!

It was at this moment Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch shouted, “Attack, this is our final chance to break through them! Get the Thunder Chariots over and knock down the territory hall’s walls!”

“What the fuck?!” Both Gui Guzi and I blurted out in shock when we heard this.

A few minutes later, a Thunder Chariot was escorted to the territory hall by several thousand players. Not even Gui Guzi’s cavalry troops were able to break through them!


There was a loud bang, and… Are you fucking kidding me? It actually blew a huge hole in the wall!

Gui Guzi and my jaw clattered on the floor at the same time. “What the flying fuck are these walls made of? Soybean dregs?!”


Laughing like a madman, Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch pointed his sword at us and declared, “Attack! There is only ten minutes left on the clock! Once all the players inside the territory hall are annihilated, this territory will be ours!”

Shit! Tens of Thousands of Hall of Immortality players were gathered in one place, and they found a goddamn bug at the worst possible timing! And they were all elites too! Was this truly the end for us?

It wasn’t.

The teleportation formation flashed repeatedly, and a group of players rushed into the open. The guild insignia on their shoulders was the best thing I had seen in a while. Snowy Cathaya and The Monarch Descends had come to help us!

The guild leader of Snowy Cathaya, Lin Yixin rushed over on her Frostscythe Warhorse while shouting, “Seal the gates, Snowy Cathaya! Eliminate all opposition inside Dark Moon City!”

I exclaimed, “Did you guys take over the third territory already, Yiyi?”

Lin Yixin giggled. Before she could answer, the guild leader of The Monarch Descends, Ling Xueshang spoke up, “Nah. Warsky made a coalition just like last time, so we decided to give up and come to your aid instead. You are facing an emergency, and it’s more important to protect Dark Moon City!”

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