Chapter 614: Avengers

Riding atop her Snow Domain Windchaser, He Yi handsomely dashed through a crowd of people and dashed straight toward Emperor’s Equal. She swung her Whirlwind at his head before dragging it across the side of his face—Barrier Break + Green Wave Slash!

Boom boom!



Two damage numbers rose above the man’s head at the same time. Emperor’s Equal’s HP and Defense were reduced by 30% because of Royal Road, so he had less than a third of his health left after the double attack. Paling, he tried to retaliate only to find that He Yi had galloped away from him. Fighting him directly had never been part of her plan.

Mn, He Yi had pulled off a beautiful move there. The enemies were all Greedy Wolf Cavalry, and yet she was able to score a surprise attack on their guild leader and escape perfectly. It was proof that the countless bouts she had fought in the arena weren’t a waste, and her grasp of tactics and techniques had improved by leaps and bounds!

Clop clop clop...

The Snow Domain Windchaser neighed softly when He Yi came to a stop in front of us. Frowning slightly, she asked me, “Mingyue and I rushed back when we heard that Hall of Immortality, Rose of the Holy Domain, and Throne Seeker are attacking our city, and now our eighth subguild has betrayed us? What on earth is going on, Lu Chen?”

I gritted my teeth as I answered, “Waste and Burn’s guild leader, Freezing Point, is too selfish and ambitious. He dreams of becoming the fourth power besides the three guilds, so he betrayed us and even killed his own brother, Lu Buyi.”

“Really? How shameless…”

He Yi faced toward Waste and Burn frigidly and raised her sword into the air. “What has Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls done to make you betray our bond, you good-for-nothings? Pooh!”

High Fighting Spirits agreed loudly, “Yeah! You think you betrayers can steal Dark Moon City from us? Dream on!”

I looked to the distance. Rose Thorn and Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch were already riding in with their men, so our time to act freely was running out very soon. There weren’t nearly enough of us left to organize a defense that could withstand the enemy’s bombardment, but there was one person we had to kill no matter what!

I growled out a series of orders, “Chengfeng, come with me! High Fighting Spirits and Xu Yang, kill Freezing Point while we cover for you! We won’t be able to face Lu Buyi if that traitor survives!”

“Hehe, no problem!” High Fighting Spirits grinned. “This was exactly what I wanted! That bastard, Freezing Point, is so shameless that he would kill his own brother! I’ve been thinking of killing him since a while ago!”


Li Chengfeng’s eyes were dark and brimming with killing intent. His armor was covered in holes, and his Tempest Sword was chipped everywhere. If he didn’t repair them soon, he was going to run out of equipment durability. Unfortunately, there was a high chance the repair NPCs in the city had already been killed by the Greedy Wolf Cavalry, so we had no choice but to soldier on like this,

“Lu Chen, I’ll take the right, so you take the left!” Li Chengfeng shouted.


I immediately launched an attack on the enemy’s wing. Right now the territory hall was in danger of being assaulted by at least 500 Greedy Wolf Cavalrymen, and there was no way I could keep their attention all by myself. That was why I needed Li Chengfeng to play ball with me. If we gave the Greedy Wolf Cavalry the chance to launch a cavalry charge, the hundreds of defenders protecting the territory hall would be annihilated in the blink of an eye.


I activated Charge and dashed into a group of riders like a lightning bolt. A quick Thousand Ice Slash and War Crush later, I killed a dozen or so players and grievously wounded almost a hundred immediately. Compact AoE attacks were always fucking awesome. My attack was so quick that the Greedy Wolf Cavalry were caught completely off-guard. Before they could react, the Cyan Netherworld Sword flew out of my hand and cut a swathe through the sea of bodies.

On the other side, Li Chengfeng also rushed toward the enemy and activated Whirlwind Slash. He plowed through the enemy like a hurricane and used skills like Reverse Scale Slash and Dragonbone Flurry when the timing was right. Behind him, Moon Dew and our priests were healing him and keeping him alive. They were undoubtedly our best support right now.

Angered by our counterattack, Emperor’s Equal ordered loudly, “Greedy Wolf Cavalry column one, all one thousand of you will surround Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand and Legendary Brave! Mages and archers, kill them with Shock Arrows and Galaxy Storms! I refuse to believe that two warriors are enough to defy reality!”

Bang bang bang...

A ton of Shock Arrows immediately hit my Crimson Rock Dragon Armor. There was nothing I could do about this though. All I could do now was pray that my stats were OP enough to avoid getting stunned. Not even god could save me if the enemy managed to chain-stun me!

Li Chengfeng wasn’t faring any better than me either. The Galaxy Storms ate through his HP like it was nothing. If he didn’t happen to be close to Moon Dew and our priests, he would’ve been killed already.

While we were buying time, our actual kill squad was on the move. With High Fighting Spirits and Xu Yang by her side, Chaos Moon rushed toward the Waste and Burn traitors. Although the enemy was almost two thousand strong, our generals rammed into them without any fear or hesitation!

“Die, you fucking traitors!”

Chaos Moon shouted like a man as her Bone Scythe equipment set deflected the enemy’s arrows. She executed Rock Crush, and an entire group of archers and mages collapsed to the ground at once. Chaos Moon’s attack power was too high for these people because her Famous General Skill, Plunder, also increased attack power by 20% at base, which was as good as an Encourage VII. Naturally, it was an incredibly useful Famous General Skill.

“Here I come!”

High Fighting Spirits laughed uproariously as he cut down several Waste and Burn players with his battle axe. Acting as the spearhead of the group, he punched through the enemy’s defense line and unleashed Xiezhi Howl. Countless cyclones joined together to form a devastating hurricane, and all the players around him were torn into shreds. A couple more charges like this later, he arrived directly in front of Freezing Point.

Freezing Point was probably regretting his choice to kill Lu Buyi because his eyes looked red. Glaring at High Fighting Spirits, he shouted angrily, “Fighting Spirits, you fool! How are you this happy to give your life for another person?”

High Fighting Spirits sneered. “If that person is my brother, why not?!”

“Then die, you retard!” Freezing Point abruptly thrust his broadsword forward. Barrier Break flew straight toward High Fighting Spirits’ chest armor.

Instead of dodging, High Fighting Spirits chose to take the blow head-on and retaliate with his own Barrier Break!


On the other side, Xu Yang dashed over like a black shadow and smacked Freezing Point’s head with a Barrier Break + Blaze combo. Although Freezing Point was constantly healed by his priests, the combo still dropped him to low health!

Chaos Moon finally reached Freezing Point and unleashed the third Barrier Break!

At the same time, Xu Yang roared and summoned the image of a magnificent hill around his sword. His Mountain Stagger Slash and Chaos Moon’s Barrier Break hit Freezing Point at the same time!

Bang bang!

Freezing Point’s battle armor was torn apart instantly. For all his anger and frustration, all he could do was drop to his knees.

Before his body could hit the ground, High Fighting Spirits caught the back of his neck with Invincible and shoved him back with a furious kick. The man’s neck was chopped off just like that, and it rolled all the way to the feet of the remaining Waste and Burn players. The traitors all looked stupefied and frightened to the bone. Their guilty conscience was already weighing on them in the first place, but the trio’s assault was so devastating that it practically wiped out all their morale in one go.

Xu Yang took a step forward and pointed his sword at the traitors, growling. “There is no turning back after betraying Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. Starting this moment, for as long as Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls still exists in this world, I will hunt all of you down until you delete your accounts! Don’t believe me? Then just wait and see. I, Xu Yang, am a man of my word, and starting today, I am the captain of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ Avengers legion! Our sole duty is to kill scums like you!”

A pleased smile spread across He Yi’s lips when she saw this.


“Attack! Kill Lu Chen first, his equipment is better than the dragon warrior’s. Make sure you surround him fully so that he can’t escape at the last moment! Once Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand has fallen, the pillar of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls will crumble, and there is no one in this trash guild that can threaten us anymore!” Emperor’s Equal shouted loudly from the fringe of his troops. Encouraged by their guild leader’s words, the Greedy Wolf Cavalry attacked even harder and hit me with all kinds of skills.

Clang clang clang...

I swung my sword rapidly and tried to parry as many attacks as I could, especially Ice Ray and Barrier Break. Ice Ray would reduce my speed, and Barrier Break would ignore a large percentage of my Defense. I wouldn’t be able to last long if I didn’t parry these specific skills as much as I could.


My vision suddenly turned blurry. Finally, a well-placed Shock Arrow was able to stun me.

An innumerable amount of Galaxy Storms started erupting all around me. Magical energy had devoured my surroundings completely, and it almost felt as if I was standing atop a black hole. My HP dropped to 10k or so in just the blink of an eye, and it looked like another second of bombardment would be enough to kill me where I stood.

“Kaka, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand is about to die! Attack! Attack with everything you got!” Emperor’s Equal shouted in pleasant surprise. He was so excited his eyeballs looked like they might pop out of their eye sockets.

However, a brilliant column of healing light surrounded me the next moment and extinguished his passion thoroughly. The two healing numbers rising above my head warmed both my body and my soul—




Mn. I had no doubt who my healer was. Murong Mingyue was the only priest in all the servers who could dish out such a ridiculous amount of HPS. It was because she was the only priest so far to pick up the priest-specific Famous General Skill “Bright Mirror”, a skill that increased her healing effectiveness by 35% and dispelled all negative effects from her target. Adding Tactics into the mix, her healing effectiveness was increased to a whopping 100%. For all intents and purposes, all the heals she dished out were like crits.

The feeling of instant rejuvenation was too amazing. I immediately returned the favor by hitting the Greedy Wolf Cavalry with War Crush and Burning Blade Slash.

Not far away, Murong Mingyue added Moon Dew and our last remaining priests—there were about a dozen of them—into her party and smiled, “Time to go on the offense. Do your best, everyone!”

Emperor’s Equal’s face looked extremely ugly. He barked, “Greedy Wolf Cavalry column two, invade the territory hall from the flanks! Quickly, there’s no time!”

The battle wolves let out a howl and charged toward the entrance at high speed. Although He Yi, High Fighting Spirits, and everyone else tried to stop them, our numbers were ultimately too few. Almost a hundred Greedy Wolf Cavalry managed to slip in before we plugged the hole again.

“Fuck, this is bad!” I exclaimed in shock.

He Yi turned her Snow Domain Windchaser and shouted, “Fighting Spirits, Chaos Moon, Xu Yang, follow me into the territory hall! We must not allow them to kill everyone!”



Everyone’s heart was shaking in trepidation. It felt like the territory could change hands at any second.

Suddenly, a figure in silver armor appeared and shouted in a sweet voice, “Storm Slash! Out of my way!”

Boom boom boom...

Four stormy attacks exploded in the middle of a group of Greedy Wolf Cavalry. At least 20 riders lost most of their HP, and some were even one-shot where they stood. Everyone was stunned by the sudden turn of events.

Emperor’s Equal turned around to face the woman who ambushed him before exclaiming in shock, “You… you’re attacking me, Rose Thorn?!”

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