Chapter 613: Eternal Oath

The Greedy Wolf Cavalry attacked the Bloody Mercenaries with sinister smiles on their faces. Despite Du Thirteen’s best attempts, the enemy’s stats were even higher than his.

Thud thud...

Two damage numbers rose above his head after he was hit by two Barrier Breaks—



Du Thirteen slowly collapsed to the ground in astonishment. He had failed to survive even the initial encounter. Unfortunately, he simply didn’t have the strength to tank this many high-level Greedy Wolf Cavalrymen alone.

A panicked Xue Lu fired a Spiraling Arrow Blade at the enemy while retreating, but there was nothing an archer could do to a super tanky rider of the Greedy Wolf Cavalry.

Yamete complained helplessly while healing Xue Lu, “Dammit, Thirteen’s Defense is too weak! I can’t heal him if he dies in the first exchange!”

Emperor’s Equal laughed disdainfully as he walked up to Du Thirteen’s body. “Is this the kind of trash you make your guild leader? Is this how the Bloody Mercenaries protect Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls? Pathetic! No wonder you guys are just a subguild! Men, slaughter every last one of them!”

The Greedy Wolf Cavalry let out an excited battle cry and attacked the remaining Bloody Mercenaries.

Suddenly, an aftershadow blitzed across the ground and stunned a Greedy Wolf Cavalry at the front row. Then, he unleashed the Thousand Ice Slash and froze a group of Greedy Wolf Cavalry. It was me, of course. Cutting off the head of a Greedy Wolf Cavalry and sending it bouncing across the ground with a kick, I shouted at Emperor’s Equal, “Hey fucker! I’m the guild leader of Bloody Mercenaries too! Do you dare 1v1 me, leader of some shit third-rate guild?”


Emperor’s Equal’s face turned green as he looked at me. Clearly, he was aware that his chances of winning a duel against me were a big fat zero. However, he would lose face if he chose to reject my challenge. After all, his PvP skills were rated as first-class in Vanished God City, even if he wasn’t a top-tier player!

Glaring at me, Emperor’s Equal suddenly shouted, “Warriors of Throne Seeker, this is hardly the time for a duel when we’re running on a timer, is it?! The sooner we occupy the territory hall, the quicker victory will be ours. Kill Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand and charge into the territory hall now!”

That sonuvabitch, he rejected my challenge using the siege as an excuse! This Emperor’s Equal might look like the brawny type, but he wasn’t without his repertoire of petty tricks!

The Apparition Ring flashed as the Greedy Wolf Cavalry charged toward me. An apparition immediately appeared behind my back and launched a Thousand Ice Slash at the enemy. The doppelganger only had 75% of my attack power, but it was still ridiculously powerful thanks to my Famous General Skill, Martial God.

While my doppelganger was covering for me, I rushed forward and launched three flaming auras at the enemies directly in front of me. A large majority of them were killed instantly, and those that survived were sent stumbling backward. The Greedy Wolf Cavalry might be the elites of Throne Seeker, but even they couldn’t withstand my triple-hit skill head-on.

While this was happening, my doppelganger rushed toward the enemy from the side and killed an archer with Universe Break. Then, he swung his weapon and used his own Burning Blade Slash, killing or wounding yet another group of players. After the successful assault, I made him move back so that the Greedy Wolf Cavalry couldn’t catch him in a melee and kill him. Somehow, the two of us were able to halt the advance of 5000-strong Greedy Wolf Cavalry, preventing them from taking a single step into the territory hall!


“Fuck! How is this possible!”

Pissed off, Emperor’s Equal urged his mount forward before shouting, “Brothers and sisters, follow my lead! Attack Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand while Burning Blade Slash and Universe Break are on cooldown, and he’ll be dead in no time! And you, Freezing Point! What the hell are you waiting for? Order your archers to shoot him already! I didn’t pay you to stand there and do nothing!”

An ashen-faced Freezing Point finally stepped out of a crowd and raised his weapon, shouting, “Waste and Burn, I’ve decided to betray Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls because they have been a cruel master to us! Let us kill Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand together as a gift to our new allies, Rose of the Holy Domain, Throne Seeker, and Hall of Immortality! With this act, we will free ourselves from servitude and let the world learn that Waste and Burn isn’t an insignificant guild! Instead of vassals, let us become a king of the world ourselves!”

Behind him, a group of archers slowly raised their bows and aimed at me. Most of them were original members of Waste and Burn, so they felt more loyalty toward Freezing Point than me. Countless Shock Arrows and Spiraling Arrow Blades flew my way immediately!

Thud thud thud!

I raised my arm and blocked the hail of arrows coming my way. It didn’t hurt, but it was incredibly annoying.

Emperor’s Equal wasn’t one to let go of an opportunity. He laughed and ordered. “Greedy Wolf Cavalry, charge! Kill that doppelganger on the right first!”

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!

The fiery red riders charged my doppelganger and stunned him immediately. Then, Emperor’s Equal himself rushed to his side and hit him with a Universe Break and a triple thrust!

Squelch squelch squelch...

My doppelganger shook violently as his HP dropped—





A few more basic attacks from other Greedy Wolf Cavalry later, he dropped to the ground and died.

I moved to the entrance of the territory hall with a dark expression on my face. As much as I wanted to launch a counterattack, my main duty was to prevent the enemy from stepping inside.

Meanwhile, Li Chengfeng, Beiming Xue, Xu Yang, and High Fighting Spirits finally caught up to me and launched their own attacks. However, Freezing Point had let through all 5000 Greedy Wolf Cavalrymen into the city after taking control of the east gate with his authority as a subguild leader, and it was too big a number for us to chew through immediately, no matter how powerful we were. There was simply nothing our support players could have done to stop them.

Clang clang clang...

Blades hit armor and caused showers of sparks. It wasn’t long before Li Chengfeng, Chaos Moon and the others were driven to the entrance as well. All we could do right now was block the entrance and prevent the enemy from entering to the death.


Freezing Point walked toward us with a sinister expression, raised his hand and shouted, “Waste and Burn, attack! Kill them with your arrows and magic!”

It was at this moment a cloth-armor player wielding the Burning Fan appeared and stood right in front of us. He was none other than Lu Buyi.


Lu Buyi shouted before looking at Freezing Point with a pained expression on his face. He asked, “Why, boss? Why did you do this? Why did you betray our main guild?”

Freezing Point raised his eyebrows. “Buyi, you are, and will always be, my brother and the best tactician of Waste and Burn, so get over here already! It is a bad look for the vice leader to stand on the wrong side, you know! Plus, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had never thought of us as their own anyway, hmph!”

Lu Buyi abruptly growled. “Silence!”

Before a surprised Freezing Point could say anything, Lu Buyi said, “Boss, I had thought that you are a virtuous man that I could give my life to serve, but what you did today is beyond disappointing. It is one thing to voice your opinion freely and side with your brothers and sisters, and another to ignore right and wrong completely and do whatever you want! From the day I joined Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, everyone in the guild has been like siblings to me, and you know I would never betray family! Starting now, I am no longer a member of Waste of Burn, and when this battle is over, you and I won’t be brothers anymore. You have no idea what honor and respect means!”

“Bullshit!” Pissed off, Freezing Point pointed a finger at Lu Buyi and shouted, “Your filthy traitor! You will lower yourself and become Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ dog just because they gave you something good?! Heavens, you’re actually going to betray me, aren’t you? Did you forget who’s the one who took you in and gave you the tactician equipment you’re wearing today!?”

Lu Buyi smiled faintly. “Just answer me this question: have you ever respected me, your brother?”

Caught off-guard, Freezing Point couldn’t say anything.


It was at this moment Emperor’s Equal interrupted angrily, “Why the fuck are you wasting your breath, you retard? Just kill that guy already! There’s only slightly over 20 minutes left on the clock, and that is hardly enough time to do anything!”

Freezing Point’s expression turned frigid. “Remember, you brought this on yourself, Lu Buyi!”

Freezing Point abruptly ran forward and hit Lu Buyi with a Barrier Break!


The fiery red sword penetrated Lu Buyi’s chest, and a shower of blood burst out of his back—15920!

Forget Guarding, Lu Buyi didn’t even try to move a muscle. He abruptly opened his eyes and said, “With this, I don’t owe you anything anymore, boss. I hope you won’t regret betraying Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls…”


Freezing Point’s weapon burst into flames, and he dealt another 10k+ damage to Lu Buyi. This time, the saddened tactician finally dropped to his knees and died. Lu Buyi had good PvP skills, and his attack power and HP were buffed by Purple Dragon. He certainly had a good chance of beating Freezing Point if he wanted to. However, the man wasn’t willing to hurt Freezing Point even until the very end.

Some Waste and Burn players turned cold on the inside when Lu Buyi died. “Guild leader, how… how could you kill the viceleader? You...”

Many Waste and Burn players quit the guild at once. Some were former Waste and Burn players, and some were players that had joined the guild afterward. They were all criticizing Freezing Point harshly—

“How could you kill your own vice leader! You never cared about anything but that tiny bit of power in your hands, did you?! Fuck, we could’ve been someone in Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, but no, you just had to become the dogs of Rose of the Holy Domain! Fuck you man, I quit!”

“Motherfucker, I wanted to join Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. How the fuck did I end up in this despicable Waste and Burn? This dog has got to be the most heartless and stupidest canine I’ve ever met!”


Suddenly, the west gate abruptly exploded into pieces. When the dust settled, we saw a pitch black Thunder Chariot sitting at the entrance. Shit! The enemy took advantage of our departure and breached the gate!

Rose Thorn raised her sword and shouted, “Kill them! Occupy the territory hall as soon as possible!”

My scalp was tingling with trepidation. Not only were there enemies inside and outside the city, our surviving members were almost split in half.

It was at this moment two figures appeared from the teleportation formation. One of them was a beautiful priest who was wholesome in more ways than one, and the other was a beautiful knight in exquisite armor. They were none other than He Yi and Murong Mingyue.

“Wah, what is this chaos? What the hell happened?” Murong Mingyue looked around her. “Oh my, Dark Moon City is being invaded…”

He Yi immediately climbed up her Snow Domain Windchaser, unsheathed her Whirlwind and said angrily, “I’m here!”

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