Chapter 612: Betrayal


The draconic soul entrenched on my sword abruptly shone brightly before pouncing toward my enemies. It howled mightily and ravaged most of the players standing atop the siege tower. The dozen or so enemies who weren’t caught in the blast immediately were staring with flabbergasted expressions on their faces.


The Stormy Waves War Boots hit the wooden board powerfully as I jumped from the siege tower back to the city walls again. Once I landed, I skidded across the floor for a time until Beiming Xue stopped my momentum with her shoulder. When I looked back, the dragon soul had already turned the siege tower into a wreckage. Even those at the bottom who didn’t escape in time were squashed by the collapsing structure. The equipment of the dead was mixed within the wreckage, so plenty of nearby Hall of Immortality players succumbed to their greed and looted them for themselves.

Meanwhile, the battle on the wall had crawled to a stalemate. It was difficult enough fighting an army who was tens of times bigger than ours, and after so long, many people were even starting to give in to despair. However, my destruction of an enemy’s siege tower successfully renewed their morale and gave them the strength to hack away at our enemies again.

I moved to a ladder and cut down anyone who tried to climb up from it. A magic knight on it tried to use his shield to block my attack, so I gifted him a Universe Break and killed him instantly. His body fell off and exploded into a pile of potions and metal armor wristguards.

Boom boom boom…

Beiming Xue and the archers were firing Spiraling Arrow Blade after Spiraling Arrow Blade at the players on the ground and making life hellish for them. Our mages did the same with their Galaxy Storms. I myself tossed Icy Cyclone Domains at the ground and caused terror to anyone within 20-yard radius of the icicle trap.

The players of Hall of Immortality were about to go insane. The piles of bodies beneath the city walls kept growing, but they still weren’t able to overcome our walls. Although Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls were losing players, the rate they and Rose of the Holy Domain were losing players was at least ten times ours!

Even worse was the fact that there were only 55 minutes left on the clock. If the enemy couldn’t breach the city and occupy the territory hall in this time frame, the siege would automatically be canceled, and the system would announce our defense of Dark Moon City a success. Who knows, we might even be rewarded handsomely for our efforts.

An ashen-faced Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch kept running back and forth between places while shouting, “Keep pressing! Do not let up the pressure! Fuck this, I will reward anyone who enters the city first 100k RMB! I am a man of my word!”

It was like a drug injection. Every Hall of Immortality player who heard the roar started screaming incoherently and charged toward the city walls. A bunch of people had also made it to the city gate and tried to hack down the metal with their weapons. Unfortunately, the gate’s armor type was ‘Fortification’, and normal attacks were largely useless against it. They could hack away with their swords until forevermore and still not breach the gate. As a Rank 6 undead castle, Dark Moon City had incredible defenses.


I continued standing at the edge of the wall and swinging my Cyan Netherworld Sword like a tireless machine. Before I knew it, the tattered cloth flapping behind my back had become the banner of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. Every time a Cyan Netherworld Dragon Soul or Silver Dragon Storm was triggered, my guild points would skyrocket, and my enemies would cower in terror. As a result, the amount of enemy players in the area I was guarding decreased steadily until I was forced to move elsewhere and reinforce another point on the wall.

Beneath the city, the guild leader of the Rose of the Holy Domain, the magic knight Rose Thorn watched the ensuing battle blankly until a sigh escaped her throat. “Sigh, From Water is so lucky to have Lu Chen by her side. They weren’t kidding when they made that saying, ‘whoever gets Lu Chen will get half the world’...”

Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch uttered in frustration, “If you have the time to sigh and talk about useless things then think of a way to breach the city already! If this continues, the Vassal Token I spent millions to buy would be wasted, and the 500 RMB I paid each of my men to drop everything and come to Dark Moon City would be all for nothing as well! There are 180k members in Hall of Immortality, so that’s over 90 million RMB! Fuck! My father will kill me for spending almost a hundred million RMB only to get nothing in return! This investment is only worth it if we successfully take over Dark Moon City!”

Rose Thorn smiled carelessly. “How is it my fault when you’re the one who acted too hastily for a fast return? Besides, I know the kind of person you are. Assuming we lose, all you need to do is to fire your subguilds to cut down on costs and recoup your losses. Why are you acting that this is life or death for you? It’s not like you haven’t done something like this before.”

Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch gritted his teeth. “Rose Thorn! We are allies right now! Failing to come up with ideas and ridiculing your ally is unbecoming of you!”

The corner of Rose Thorn’s lips turned up. “Relax. When the boat gets to the pier-head, it will go straight with the current. If Dark Moon City is yours, it will be yours. Do you understand what I’m saying?”


Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch shook his wrist once before uttering angrily, “You and your philosophical spiel; I have no idea what you’re thinking. By the way, where is Emperor’s Equal? Where is his Greedy Wolf Cavalry? We came here to siege a city, and he didn’t even deploy his ace legion? This is too much even for him, isn’t it?”

Rose Thorn spread her arms and shrugged. “I don’t know what Emperor’s Equal is doing, but he’s not here at any rate. Last I heard, he and the main force of Throne Seeker went to attack the east wall.”


Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch spat on the ground, but he couldn’t think of anything to swear. An alliance forged by self-interests was just as fragile as it sounded.

“Hahaha, there’s only 30 minutes left on the clock! There’s no way these idiots can breach the city any longer!” Li Chengfeng laughed loudly while supporting himself beside an arrow tower. “Archers, take aim before you shoot those fuckers! Do not let their Thunder Chariot get close to the city gate! Fighters, fight zealously and keep the enemy’s grubby hands away from your zone!”

Everyone on the wall was wearing a pleased expression on their faces. At this point, it was clear how the siege battle would turn out. After nine hours of non-stop fighting, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls was ultimately able to defend their territory.

I looked back at the city behind me. At this point, our player count had dwindled down to almost nothing. Including the subguilds, our total player count was only 27k or so. Still, this should be enough people to defend Dark Moon City for the next half an hour.

“Hmm? Did anyone see the idiots who call themselves Throne Seekers?” Li Chengfeng suddenly asked hesitantly.

Xu Yang tried, “Are they hunting Gui Guzi or Heaven’s Rain?”

But Li Chengfeng pointed to the horizon and said, “No. Look over there, Little Gui, Little Rain, and You and Yun are still wrecking the players of Hall of Immortality. It doesn’t look like they’re facing any real resistance…”

“You’re right. Where is Throne Seeker?” Xu Yang was a bit confused.

We were all confused until a sudden chorus of angry shouts broke out in the guild channel—

“Fuck! How the hell did Throne Seeker get into the city? What’s going on?”

“Dammit, who’s the fucker who opened the gate and let them in?”

“What’s going on?”

I turned around and was met with a shocking sight. An army with blood red IDs above their heads had charged into the city, and they were led by none other than Emperor’s Equal, the leader of the Throne Seeker. The Level 136 magic knight was followed by a column of mounted players riding red-colored battle wolves, and they were killing everyone who was unfortunate enough to enter their sight. Countless NPCs and support players were killed in an instant.

“What the hell happened…”

Li Chengfeng was completely stunned. “What the hell are the defenders on the east gate doing? They have no siege weapons there, so how on earth did the gate open?”

Inside the guild channel, Pure Love revealed the truth in a tearful voice, “It’s terrible, the eighth subguild has betrayed us, it’s that guild led by Freezing Point…”

The IDs of all 5000 players of the eighth subguild changed from neutral white to hostile red in an instant. The guild emblems on their shoulders also changed from the subguild of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls to the subguild of Rose of the Holy Domain, our mortal enemy!


Lu Buyi was no exception. The tactician stared dumbly at his blood red ID for a couple of seconds before a sudden fury seized him. “Fuck! What the fuck is going on? How… how the fuck did I become the enemy all of a sudden?”

Beside him, Chaos Moon pointed her weapon at Lu Buyi and criticized him harshly, “That is our question, Lu Buyi! What do you have to say about this? Why did your guild leader betray us?! You let us down, and you betrayed Lu Chen’s trust! WHY?!”

Tears swirled in his eyes as Lu Buyi gritted his teeth. He abruptly quit Waste and Burn and shouted, “With the heavens as my witness, I, Lu Buyi, am not an ingrate!”

I nodded and said, “Lu Buyi is our brother, and we don’t doubt our own! Come on, we’ll head down there and find out the truth ourselves. Shit, are those wolf riders the Greedy Wolf Cavalry Throne Seeker is famous for? Let us see what they are really made of!”

After that, I jumped down the wall and strode toward Throne Seeker. Obviously, their goal was the territory hall!

Emperor’s Equal and his men killed all the way to the entrance of the territory hall. However, he was met by Du Thirteen, Xue Lu, and almost a hundred Bloody Mercenaries. Even Yamete was there to help.

“Get lost!” Emperor’s Equal said coldly.

Yamete raised his staff and shouted, “You’re the ones who should get lost, you idiots! This city belongs to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, and Bloody Mercenaries will fight to the death to protect it! Not a single one of you will get your hands on the territory hall for as long as we’re here!”

Emperor’s Equal chuckled cruelly before ordering, “Greedy Wolf Cavalry, end this as soon as possible!”

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