Chapter 611: This Guy Isn’t Human

Suddenly, Rose Thorn spoke up. “Battle Monarch, did you have a brain fart or something? You’re sending six subguilds after a thousand players? The Cyan Tiger Cavalry is a threat, but not a threat that warrants such a huge response.”

Caught off-guard by her sudden insult, Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch placed a hand on the hilt of his sword and raised his eyebrows. “What’s that? Is there something you would like to share, Rose Thorn?”

The woman giggled seductively. “In a siege battle, the attackers are expected to outnumber their defenders at least 2 to 4 times if they wish to overtake a city. We’ve lost enough people already, and now you’re sending over 30000 players after a 1000-strong cavalry troop? If this isn’t a brain fart, then what is? No matter how powerful the Cyan Tiger Cavalry is, there are only so many people they can kill at a time. Therefore, the order you just gave is exactly what Gui Guzi wants you to do; split up your army and slowly harass them while keeping them away from the siege proper. Just order your men to tighten your formation, and they won’t be able to deal too much damage... Hmph, as expected of a Top 10 CGL Hall of Famer, Lu Chen has both the brains and the brawns.”

Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch thought for a moment before smiling. “You’re right, Beauty Rose, tightening my formation is the best course of action. The Cyan Tiger Cavalry can attack us all they want; we’ll just bombard them to death if they ever come close!”

“Yes, exactly.” Rose returned the smile.

On the battlefield, the yellow sand beneath our feet was wet with blood. Layers upon layers of bodies were stacked beneath the city walls. After fighting for almost an hour, the number of our melee fighters had dwindled to just 5000 or so, and we had lost a lot of ranged attackers as well. The only good news was that Li Chengfeng, Chaos Moon, High Fighting Spirits, Xu Yang, and I were able to lodge ourselves deep within the enemy lines like poisonous thorns in their throats, so they weren’t able to bear their full power upon the city.

Bang bang bang…

Beiming Xue’s Evil Spirit Volley exploded together with her allies’ Spiraling Arrow Blades to wipe out a group of enemies.

I seized the opening to retreat closer to the city’s arrow towers.

“Motherfucker, don’t even think you can run away!”

A couple of Hall of Immortality players activated Charge and tried to stun me. All I had to give in response was a laugh and Guard!

Bang bang bang!

The enemy warriors and fighters rammed into me in succession, but before they could follow it up with an attack a huge arrow abruptly fell from the sky!


An elite Level 132 warrior stared wide-eyed at the giant hole in his chest before collapsing to the ground. The arrow had been fired from the ballista of one of our arrow towers. It was as big as a spear, and since it was mechanically discharged, the force behind it was amazing. These weapons and arrow towers were also our last hope since Hall of Immortality and Rose of the Holy Domain’s combined army had successfully broken through the last line of our meat barrier.


The giant arrow that skewered the unfortunate warrior to the ground was just the beginning. The next moment, giant arrows started raining everywhere from the walls.

Squelch squelch squelch...

For a moment, the sounds of giant arrows skewering flesh and bones resounded melodiously in everyone’s ears. Thousands died as almost half of the enemies who came within range were instantly killed by the arrow towers.

Li Chengfeng couldn’t help but laugh. “This is gratifying!”

I nodded, then whispered, “Guys, our numbers are too small. It’s time to move back. Let’s set up a new defense line about 15 yards away from the city walls!”

High Fighting Spirits asked, “Why 15 yards?”

Chaos Moon chided him. “Stupid, Lu Chen isn’t making this decision without reason. Our arrow towers aren’t very tall, and it only has an attack range of 70 yards. Moreover, they are situated behind the city walls, so they can’t hit anything that’s less than 15 yards away, meaning that their real attack range is between 15 yards to 70 yards. That’s why we’re forming up 15 yards away from the city walls.”

I smiled. “Correct. Chaos Moon is a smart girl alright!”

And so we withdrew quickly into the range of our arrow towers and formed a defense line about 15 yards away from the walls. The knights of our subguilds also raised their shields and used Holy Shields to protect themselves from the enemy’s assault.

Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch raised his sword and shouted, “Charge fearlessly! Victory is right before our eyes, and once we wipe out the remnants of our enemies the one and only Rank 6 undead castle in the whole server will belong to us!”

Rose Thorn’s eyes shone with the light of intelligence as she ordered, “Pierce through their defense line! Their arrow towers can’t shoot us past that point! Victory is ours once we get close enough to put up our ladders!”

We all felt a headache when we heard Rose Thorn’s command. She was just as intelligent and annoying as October Rain. We would much rather face brainless commanders like Roaming Dragon and Li Le than her.

“Defend to the death!” Li Chengfeng shouted, and the exchange of spells and blades renewed in earnest as we raised our weapons and clashed against the enemy again.

Meanwhile, Gui Guzi had launched another cavalry charge while the enemy was in the middle of arranging their formation and cut off their tail like a well-honed blade. 4000 Rose of the Holy Domain players quickly found themselves surrounded and slaughtered by the Cyan Tiger Cavalry. However, Rose Thorn was a woman of steel. She immediately abandoned those people and continued commanding the assault on the west wall. She wanted to take down the west wall of Dark Moon City as soon as possible.

It was a very satisfying battle. Everyone’s contribution points were rising like crazy. There had never been such a terrible and intense battle since the opening of Heavenblessed. Over 600000 players were participating in this battle, and no casual guilds were involved in this fight. It was the battle between super guilds.

Another hour passed in the blink of an eye. There was only an hour and a half left on the clock.

However, our frontliners had dropped drastically to just 700 or so, and practically every party besides those that were led by Famous Generals had been annihilated.

Meanwhile, Rose of the Holy Domain and Hall of Immortality had successfully reached our walls despite paying the price of 70000–80000 lives. Our backs were slowly but surely driven to the wall.


Li Chengfeng growled to me after cutting down a Ghost Rider, “Lu Chen, we can’t hold on any longer! We’re all going to die if we keep this up!”

I nodded. “Right. The walls still need us to defend them. Everyone, use the guild return scroll and escape now!”


I grabbed my own return scroll but didn’t teleport back yet. The cast time of the return scroll was very short, allowing everyone at the back to teleport back into the city almost immediately. Meanwhile, us Famous Generals covered the retreat of our players until everyone was gone, and we had moved to the city gate. I shouted, “Moonlight Stone, open the gate now!”

“Mn, got it!”

Moonlight Stone was given control of the gate and once the overhung gate opened we immediately slipped inside. However, a hundred or so Hall of Immortality players were right behind us.

“Attack! Get inside!” shouted a group of enemy players while charging.

Moonlight Stone’s lips curled. “Do they want to die this much?”


She closed the city gate again. The block of metal was over ten thousand tons, so it instantly squashed the dozen or so Hall of Immortality players beneath it into pieces. Then, we turned around and stared menacingly at the dozens of Hall of Immortality players who had managed to rush into the city with us. The stunned bastards looked behind them and saw that the gate was fully shut. They looked back to the front and saw us licking our lips like cats ready to consume a tasty meal.

“Kill them!”

My players tore them to shreds without needing me to lift a finger. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had been fighting a losing battle from the beginning until now, so we were all looking for a place to vent our frustrations.

“Get back to the walls and continue the battle!” I barked, and everyone rushed up the stone stairs in unison. As expected, a lot of ladders had been propped against the walls during our short absence, and a shitload of troops were already climbing their way up.

On the walls, Beiming Xue and a group of archers were shooting at the enemies as quickly as they were able. At this range, they could kill someone with their eyes closed. They didn’t bother to aim anymore. Looking at the sea of people beneath the city walls, I hurriedly dropped a couple of Ice Cyclone Domains to make life miserable for my enemies. Then, I proceeded to throw my sword into the ocean. Sword Boomerang spun through the enemy ranks and cut down dozens of people before returning to my hand. It was a satisfying feeling to say the least.

“Hold the walls!”

While cutting down a Hall of Immortality warrior who had managed to climb all the way up to the wall, I declared with a laugh, “Fighters, don’t let the enemy climb up! Mages, archers, tacticians, this is your chance to earn them contribution points. Kill to your heart’s content!”

Everyone laughed. Despite facing an army ten times bigger than ours, we were able to maintain a jovial atmosphere.

Suddenly, the sound of moving cogs entered our ears. We quickly spotted a gigantic siege tower being pushed by a group of knights toward our wall. The siege tower was exactly the same height as our walls, and the platform on top of the siege tower was crawling with Rose of the Holy Domain players. They numbered around two hundred players or so, and they wouldn’t hesitate to charge the walls the second they got close. They were a huge threat to our defense.

“Fuck, this thing is scary…” High Fighting Spirits spat on the ground.

Beiming Xue also looked to be at a loss as well. She stared at me and asked, “What should we do, big bro?”

“Out of my way!”

I let out a shout and ran a few steps to the back. I gripped my sword tighter and shouted, “So what if the enemy has a siege tower? Just watch! I’m going to show them what the meaning of OP is!”

I abruptly launched myself forward like a lightning bolt. When my footsteps reached the edge of the wall, I abruptly launched myself into the air like a bolt and drew a beautiful arc across the air. A moment later, I landed perfectly on top of the siege tower!

After I landed, the Rose of the Holy Domain players stared at be in dumb amazement. “Wha… what is going on?”

“Oh, nothing. I’m just here to deliver y’all dinner! Catch!”

I chuckled and fired Thousand Ice Slash around me. The skill and the splash damage instantly annihilated an entire group of players. I moved backward into another group of players and stomped the wooden board beneath my feet, one-shotting another swathe of players with War Crush. The platform wasn’t huge to begin with, and two devastating AoE skills later barely anyone was left alive around me.

All I needed to do next was swing the Cyan Netherworld Sword and slice these “vegetables” into pieces!


Bloodcurdling screams filled the air for a time.

On top of the city wall, Li Chengfeng, Chaos Moon, High Fighting Spirits, Xu Yang, Du Thirteen, and everyone else was staring at me with O-shaped mouths. A very long time later, Chaos Moon let out a begrudged sigh of admiration and said, “That actually worked? Heavens, Lu Chen really isn’t human…”

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