Chapter 609: A Costly Lesson

"What? Guardian Angel died!!!?" Galaxy Breaker Mage exclaimed in shock as he furiously backpedaled and activated his Origin Energy Shield. He also waved his staff in the air and cast Iceflame Drill again. Flaming icicles rained down on the warriors caught in the spell’s radius, causing all of them to lose health rapidly. Some of the weaker warriors were even killed on the spot!


High Fighting Spirits activated Charge, stunning the Ghost Rider who was positioned behind Galaxy Breaker Mage. His Invincible howled through the air as he yelled, "Fuck you! You killed so many of our comrades, and you still think you can run away?! Have a taste of my Xiezhi Howl!"

With an explosive boom, High Fighting Spirits’ Xiezhi Howl created a vortex of energy that resembled a tornado. It battered Galaxy Breaker Mage’s Origin Energy Shield as the famed berserker pounced at him like a savage god of war. He immediately cut off the mage’s retreat path while he raised a hand to ward off Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch’s assault. His health started dropping rapidly!

"Help Fighting Spirits! Charge!"

Li Chengfeng, Xu Yang, and Chaos Moon activated Charge at the same time, and all three of them had selected Galaxy Breaker Mage as their target. Spirals of fiery energy erupted from all of their weapons as they charged straight for the mage, the blazing energy forming a sort of fiery net in the air as they flew toward him.

"Fuck…" Galaxy Breaker Mage’s face went pale when he saw the three warriors charge straight at him. He darted around like a slippery weasel as he tried to use pathing to dodge the three Barrier Breaks heading his way. As his shoes slid across the ground, he caused a huge "MISS" to fly up into the air. He had managed to successfully dodge Xu Yang’s attack, but he wouldn’t be so lucky a second time. Li Chengfeng’s mechanical skill was superlative and Chaos Moon had spent a lot of time honing her skills in the champion arena. Even though she wasn’t as good as Li Chengfeng, she was still far better than Xu Yang.



Both their weapons slammed into Galaxy Breaker Mage’s Origin Energy Shield, shattering it instantly. Two damage numbers flew up into the air!



That was it for Galaxy Breaker Mage!

Galaxy Breaker Mage fell to the floor with a strangled cry. A round cloth cap that was the color of blood had dropped from his cold corpse. Chaos Moon had gotten the last hit, so her Plunder skill had struck yet again! When she was using her Famous General Skill, anyone she killed would definitely drop items. You could even say that Galaxy Breaker Mage was quite unlucky to have met someone like Chaos Moon today.

When Chaos Moon picked up the cloth hat, a wide grin appeared on her face. "Hoho, this is a Level 130 Outstanding 4-star Earth-grade item that boosts Magic Attack by 40%! No wonder that bugger’s spells were so strong! Heehee, I struck the lottery today…"

I nodded my head. "Yeah, those are your spoils of war, go and sell them!"

Chaos Moon giggled as she threw the cloth cap into her inventory. I wouldn’t force our players to donate gear like this to the guild warehouse. After all, these were items that our players had won by killing enemy generals, so there was no reason for the guild to steal the fruit of someone’s labor. The only thing Chaos Moon needed to do was to pass Li Chengfeng and High Fighting Spirits something as a token of her appreciation, because they had helped her to kill the mage.

We had completely reversed the situation on its head! Killing Galaxy Breaker Mage also meant that the enemy had lost their powerful "artillery" piece, and that they were now vulnerable to the attacks of the long-range players from our guild. The attacks of our archers were especially fierce and every time Beiming Xue stunned someone with a Shock Arrow, she never failed to kill them within the next two seconds.

Bang, bang, bang...

Beiming Xue managed to stun one of the magic knights that was riding besides Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch. He was at full health, but eight arrows punched into his body about a second later, instantly killing him!

"Huh?!" Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch was dumbstruck by that incredible damage, but there was more bad news waiting for him. As he turned around, he saw the Hall of Immortality players behind him being cut to pieces by Gui Guzi, Heaven’s Rain, and the rest of the Cyan Tiger Cavalry.

"Fucking hell, where did we go wrong?" Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch roared as he swiveled around on his horse. He abandoned the rest of his men as he started to flee to safety. That ghostly horse of his was a boss-tiermount, so there was no way that I could catch up to him.

To be honest, I wasn’t even targeting him in the first place. I slowly turned to face the person whom I had designated as prey, the werebeast—Wing Breaker!

There was a group of Ghost Riders protecting Wing Breaker as he continued his inexorable advance. The giant werebeast’s eyes glowed with ferocity as he swung his huge warhammer as if it weighed nothing. Every swing of that dreadful hammer shattered the shield of a Cyan Tiger Cavalryman like it was nothing more than a plank of rotten wood. His attacks weren’t the only thing that was incredible. His shield always seemed to be able to block every one of Beiming Xue’s arrows as he charged toward Dark Moon City. In a matter of no time at all, he reached our city gates and smashed his warhammer into it with all of his might!


The huge explosion caused everyone to stare at him with shock. No one had imagined that a player would be able to hit the gate of a city with that much force. Wing Breaker’s warhammer had left a huge dent in the thick and heavy bone gate. Cracks had appeared on the surface of the city gates and a few more hits from his warhammer would completely destroy it! That one attack had already taken out a huge chunk of the gate’s tenacity!

"What the fuck?! You’ve gotta be fucking kidding me!" I yelled, gunning straight for Wing Breaker. The archers and mages couldn’t target him because he had come too close to the city. It was now up to the fighters on the ground to deal with him.

When the Ghost Riders escorting Wing Breaker saw me rush toward him, their eyes turned cold and sharp. One of them yelled, "Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand and Legendary Brave are charging at us! We need to protect Wing Breaker at all costs!"

Ice began to condense around my blade as I shot Thousand Ice Slash at the group of Ghost Riders. My sword divided into countless blades of ice that heavily smashed into the crowd of riders. The Ghost Riders immediately cried out in pain as their health started to plummet. They had been standing too close together, so the splash damage from my Cyan Netherworld Sword was doing incredible damage to them. Quite a few of them had even been one-shot by my Thousand Ice Slash because of that.

However, since there had been at least a hundred Ghost Riders escorting Wing Breaker, I was unable to cut through them all. I winced as I heard the sound of another huge explosion. Wing Breaker’s second hit had left our gates looking even more battered.

It was at this exact moment that Li Chengfeng charged forward and used Reverse Scale Slash to open up a path for me. He yelled, "I’ll take care of these small fries. Go and kill Wing Breaker! We can’t let that dumbass continue his assault on our gates!"


I dashed forward like a comet while Li Chenfeng immediately started ripping into the enemies around me. He kicked things off with Dragonbone Flurry, his three consecutive strikes causing a whole line of Ghost Riders to fall to the ground. But that was just the beginning. Li Chengfeng brandished his sword as wind started to swirl around him. After that, he shouted, "Whirlwind Slash!"


He swept past the Ghost Riders in his path like a gust of wind, his sharp blade flashing through the air at an incredible speed. Dozens of riders instantly fell to the ground with a thud! They hadn’t even been able to see what killed them. Damn, this Whirlwind Slash was awesome. It was an AoE skill that allowed its user to dash forward in a set direction!


After Li Chengfeng had cleared a path for me, I rushed forward unobstructed. Hell, I could even see Wing Breaker’s back now! I swiftly locked onto the werebeast and activated Thunderous Charge!


I streaked forward like a bolt of lightning as my Thunderous Charge carried me toward Wing Breaker. Having already sensed my attack, he hurriedly spun around and braced his shield in front of him as he activated his Holy Shield skill!



Holy Shield was a defensive skill that protected the user against both physical and magic attacks! This Wing Breaker was rather clever. He’d actually used Holy Shield to avoid being stunned by my Thunderous Charge.

However, that wouldn’t be enough to save him!

A spiral of energy appeared around the Cyan Netherworld Sword as an Eight Trigrams formation appeared beneath my feet. Before the destruction warrior could even react, my sword was already flying toward his chest! Universe Break!

Wing Breaker’s eyes went flat and cold but he kept his Holy Shield up. Flames erupted from his warhammer as he swung it toward me even as my blade shot toward him.



A huge damage number popped up over his head. Taking that blow with Holy Shield had caused him to receive even more damage, but Wing Breaker was well aware of how fast I was. He knew that my Burning Blade Slash was even deadlier than my Universe Break, so he would definitely die if he didn’t defend against it. As the warhammer fiercely smashed into my left shoulder, I instantly experienced the power of a werebeast who could add 7 points to Strength with every level.


I ignored the damage that he had dealt to me as my sword swept up toward him. How about Crushing Blow!

"What?!" Wing Breaker gasped in shock, quickly canceling his Holy Shield. However, my sword suddenly shifted as I struck with Burning Blade Slash instead. I hadn’t even used Crushing Blow in the first place, I had merely imitated the wind-up of the skill to bait Wing Breaker into canceling his Holy Shield. It looked like the destruction warrior hadn’t had enough PvP experience against peak experts of the game because his fighting style was still very naive! Unfortunately for him, all war was based on deception!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

Sparks flew into the air when my blade cut into the destruction warrior’s breastplate three times, causing three damage numbers to pop up into the air.




Wing Breaker had been taught a valuable lesson with these three hits. Since there weren’t any priests around to heal him, those three consecutive slashes had been enough to finish him. He stared at me dumbly as he slowly collapsed from the back of his warbear. He had even dropped the shield that he had been wielding.

I immediately picked up the shield. Good, an impressive item!

My eyes swiftly swept over it. I had gotten a 5-star Outstanding Spirit-grade shield! Awesome!

The surviving Hall of Immortality players around me were shaken to their core. "Fucking hell! Wing Breaker was killed by physical attacks! A warrior had actually managed to cut him down with physical attacks! What the hell is this?! Even Blue Sky Scar and Tempest Shadow couldn’t one-shot Wing Breaker, but a single flurry of attacks from Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand had put him down! Is this the difference in strength between the seventh-ranked CGL Hall of Famer and rankers lower than him?"

I couldn’t help but chuckle. Hah, what difference?! The real difference was the 200% Attack buff from my Martial God skill. As long as this OP skill was active, I would be able to tear through any Defense like a hot knife through butter!


Du Thirteen waved his sword in the air. "Well done, Lu Chen! Li Chengfeng also managed to kill a few of their experts! We should charge forward now and get rid of those annoying Thunder Chariots!"

A squad of Hall of Immortality players had nearly managed to escort that pitch-black Thunder Chariot to our walls. This was a true siege weapon and it would immediately cause a major breach in our defenses if we allowed it to hit our walls or gates.

In the next instant, Xu Yang, Li Chengfeng, and Chaos Moon launched a blitzkrieg assault on the Thunder Chariot with a squad of warriors. Beams of sword energy tore through the players defending the Thunder Chariot as the mages and archers on the walls pelted it with spiraling arrows and fiery blasts of flames. Attacks rained down on the Thunder Chariot without pause and it gave a sudden whine before it exploded.


An assassin from Hall of Immortality fell to his knees in despair. As he looked at the ruins of their Thunder Chariot, he said in a disconsolate voice, "We’re dead. The boss spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on this Thunder Chariot, but we lost it just like that. The boss is gonna skin us alive…"


Everyone from Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls were in great spirits as we retreated back to the city walls and reorganized our defensive formation. After that, we charged into Hall of Immortality’s main army, which consisted of at least a hundred thousand players. They had enough people to surround Dark Moon City, but we weren’t intimidated in the least! Our warriors ripped through the enemy formation with impunity as our archers and mages rained death down on their heads.

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