Chapter 608: Spiritual Protection

“Wuuuu….” Heaven’s Rain let out a miserable cry as she desperately sprinted backward. She only had a bit of health when she finally escaped the radius of that spell. In fact, she would have died under those storms of flaming icicles if her equipment had been slightly worse!

The enemy mage curled his lips up and sneered, “Pretty little girl, do you think that you can actually escape? Die!”

His staff shuddered as icicles exploded out of it and shot straight toward Heaven’s Rain!

At this exact moment, an imposing figure stood in front of Heaven’s Rain. It was actually Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun who blocked the icicles and took more than ten thousand damage. It was life-threatening for a wanderer to become a human meat shield for a magic knight, especially when he wasn’t able to activate his defensive skill in time. This showed how much love and concern that Eighteen Steeds of You had for this particular Knight General.

Heaven’s Rain was stunned by the sudden intervention and she immediately turned around to look at Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun. “Uncle You and Yun…”

Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun kept silent as tears streamed down his cheeks.

At this moment, the enemy’s mages started to cast their enchantments as Iceflame Drills rained down again!

A dozen Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls members were outraged at this and shouted, “Damn it! Slaughter that fucking mage! That bastard killed too many of our brothers!”

Immediately, a dozen Cyan Tiger riders activated Charge and locked their targets on that particular mage. They lifted their swords and attacked the mage when they got close to him.

The words ‘IMMUNE’ popped up continuously on the combat log. Unfortunately, the mage activated his Origin Energy Shield, making him immune to their attacks!

Origin Energy Shield was a high-level skill and could only be learnt by the most elite of mages, so it seemed that the Vanished God City still had a card up their sleeves. Their mage could do whatever and kill anyone he pleased when the Origin Energy Shield was active.

“Hehe, are you guys seeking death?”

The mage grinned and chuckled as he waved his staff. Instantly, the ground trembled violently as countless gray dragons burst forth from the earth and attacked anything within their surrounding radius. A string of damage numbers amounting to more than a hundred thousand popped up as that dozen of Cyan Tiger riders collapsed to the ground. Not a single of them survived that attack!


“Damn it! What kind of mage is he…” Gui Guzi gritted his teeth in rage before shouting, “Retreat back to the city and regain your health! Don’t face that mage head on! Let Boss Broken Halberd deal with this pleb!”

At this moment, I had already arrived within 50 yards of the enemy’s frontlines and activated Dark Pupils, revealing the mage’s level.


Galaxy Breaker Mage LV-138 Platinum Mage

Guild: Hall of Immortality

Position: Corps Commander


Li Chengfeng had a stupefied look on his face as he held his Tempest Sword. “What the heck. This mage has such powerful attack skills! Iceflame Drill, Earth Dragon Howl… Fuck, even Luo River God of the Capital may not be as powerful as him!”

My gaze turned gloomy as I replied, “No, Luo River God of the Capital is still a little stronger, but this guy isn’t very far behind either. I don’t know where the hell he managed to find those two skill books from, but his class skills are too powerful! Chengfeng, gather a few of our guys and come with me. We’ll get rid of Galaxy Breaker Mage!”


But in the end, Li Chengfeng and I did not take anyone along with us as we realized it would be a suicide mission for anyone else. Only the two of us would be able to withstand the powerful attacks of Galaxy Breaker Mage.

I raised my hand and unleashed the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf. It transformed into a ray of cyan lightning and immediately rushed at Galaxy Breaker Mage. Hopefully, it would be able to distract the mage for a short while while Li Chengfeng and I looked for an opportunity to attack.

“They’re coming!”

Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch growled as anger flashed through his eyes, “Be careful everyone! Protect Galaxy Breaker Mage and kill Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand and Legendary Brave! Damn it, we must not let both of them leave this place alive!”

Li Chengfeng gave a snort of disdain and growled, “Shut up and die!”

He activated Reverse Scale Flash right after using Charge. Dust flew up from the ground as Reverse Scale Flash enveloped Galaxy Breaker Mage. However, the mage was not harmed and that attack had only scratched the surface of his Origin Energy Shield.

Even though Reverse Scale Slash did not damage the mage, it did injure a bunch of Ghost Riders nearby. Dust flew up and filled the air, greatly affecting the vision of everyone in the vicinity. Making use of this precious opportunity, I turned the skill of my Apparition Ring and summoned a clone. My clone brandished his sword and charged forward, unleashing Thousand Ice Slash + Burning Blade Slash immediately!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The ground shook under my clone’s continuous attacks causing Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch to tremble and retreat repeatedly. Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch could no longer shield Galaxy Breaker Mage, leaving his front wide open. My clone wasted no time and zigzagged through the crowd, dodging a few attacks. The six-second cooldown was up just as he arrived behind Galaxy Breaker Mage. A fiery spiral of indigo energy formed at the tip of my sword as I unleashed Universe Break onto Galaxy Breaker Mage!

Galaxy Breaker Mage was caught off-guard and hurriedly waved his staff to protect himself. Iceflame Drill fell from the sky like rain and hit the clone. The clone only had 75% of my stats and didn’t have much Magic Resist. Moreover, it did not have the protection of my Ghost Deity Armor and his health depleted rapidly!




Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch took a step back before suddenly activating Charge, targeting the clone. The clone was hit directly in the abdomen and he stumbled back when dizziness overcame him. Galaxy Breaker Mage wasted no time and followed up with Earth Dragon Howl. Without experiencing the full force of the Earth Dragon Howl, the clone collapsed to the ground and died.

“Hahaha! Broken Halberd Sinks into the Sand is dead! So much for his title of Little Heavenly King! When faced with Hall of Immortality, all these pathetic titles are meaningless!” Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch could not help but roar with laughter.

Little did they know that Li Chengfeng gained an opportune moment while the clone was attacking. He activated Universe Break with a swing of his sword and rushed forth to stab Galaxy Breaker Mage in the chest. As long as Li Chengfeng gets a critical hit from Barrier Break with Encourage VII activated, there is no way that Galaxy Breaker Mage will be able to survive!

But at this moment, a magic knight rushed forward and took the blow for Galaxy Breaker Mage!


The magic knight collapsed with a whimper as Galaxy Breaker Mage heaved a sigh of relief. But before he could catch his breath, I emerged from the dense fog with my blood red cloak dancing in the wind and started to attack. A fiery swirl of indigo energy formed on the tip of my sword as I activated Universe Break!

“What?! Lu Chen is not dead yet?” Galaxy Breaker Mage and Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch both gasped in shock simultaneously.

I positioned my attacks and managed to corner Galaxy Breaker Mage, leaving him with no escape routes. He was in desperate straits and all he could do was wait for death.

Li Chengfeng activated Dragon Defense Armor as a ring of light started to circle around him. He retreated swiftly while laughing in a loud voice, “Lu Chen, go on and kill that asshole!”

I pressed my sword against the enemy’s Origin Energy Shield with Universe Break still activated. Ignoring the Origin Energy Shield’s defense, it penetrated through the shield and was about to stab Galaxy Breaker Mage in the heart.

However, at this exact moment, a high-level magic knight in a navy blue armor charged and growled angrily at me. “Trying to kill Galaxy Breaker Mage? Dream on! Spiritual Protection!”


The magic knight stretched out his palm and fired a blue ball of light which enveloped Galaxy Breaker Mage. However, my Universe Break had still successfully penetrated through the mage’s chest!

Splurt! My blade was drenched in blood instantly but the HP bar of Galaxy Breaker Mage had not gone down in the slightest. Instead, the magic knight who fired that ball of light trembled as a damage number flew up from his head!


“What’s going on?”

I rushed to look at the combat log and was stupefied by what I saw.

Combat Log: Player Dark Guardian Angel used Spiritual Protection. The player has absorbed the damage done to Galaxy Breaker Mage and will only suffer half of the damage. Player Dark Guardian Angel has taken 13902 damage!


The hell, Spiritual Protection? What an OP skill! That magic knight, Dark Guardian Angel really was a guardian angel to Galaxy Breaker Mage. Dammit, he has at least 70000 HP when boosted by buffs! It’s literally impossible to kill this tank!

Pchhht! Pchhht! Pchhht!

In an instant, Devil Piercing Arrow, Spiralling Arrow Blade, Galaxy storm rained down on me continuously. As my health started to drop drastically, I drowned a health potion immediately and retreated together with Li Chengfeng. It was impossible for me to solo this bunch. Galaxy Breaker Mage’s magic attacks were too powerful, a single Galaxy Storm cast by him would deal 8k damage to me! If he had used Ice Arrow Spell to freeze me instead, I would’ve lost my life then and there!

Fortunately, Gui Guzi, Heaven’s Rain, and the others had returned for us. Under the protection of the Cyan Tiger Cavalry, Li Chengfeng and I barely managed to escape. Our assassination attempt had failed miserably as we were greatly outnumbered.

It seemed as if Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch was not in a rush to get rid of us. He didn’t do anything more than lead a group of riders to guard Wing Breaker as he prepared to break the doors down. Galaxy Breaker Mage spun his staff in his hands as he emotionlessly gazed at the city before him. He was clearly the Hall of Immortality’s trump card while the magic knight, Dark Guardian Angel, was most probably his pocket guardian.

This ‘cycle’ could be used to our advantage. Dark Guardian Angel used Spiritual Protection to protect Galaxy Breaker Mage and was healed by the priests. Under the protection of Origin Energy Shield, it was almost impossible to kill Galaxy Breaker Mage. To break this ‘cycle’, first we had to go for their priests, then Dark Guardian Angel, thirdly Galaxy Breaker Mage, and finally Wing Breaker. Only then would we be able to successfully guard our city.

“Dammit! We have to kill Galaxy Breaker Mage!” Li Chengfeng gripped his sword tightly and glared at Galaxy Breaker Mage in the distance.

He was clearly unnerved by the opponent. But in all honesty, all of us could no longer remain calm at this current stage of the battle. I carried my Cyan Netherworld Sword on my shoulder and turned to shout, “Beiming, come down here! Let’s work together to kill that guy again, Galaxy Breaker Mage has to die! Everyone, disperse yourselves and only attack when the enemy is 25 yards away from the city gates. Kill the magic knight, Dark Guardian Angel, first before eliminating Galaxy Breaker Mage. Dammit all! We have to protect the city!”


Beiming Xue led a few of her strongest archers and gracefully leaped off the arrowtower. Landing on top of the city walls, they ran along it and positioned themselves behind me.


Everyone held their breaths and waited patiently. Under the disguise of our ranged attacks, they continued to maintain their advancing speed.

At long last, they have arrived!

“They are within 25 yards! Attack now! Be careful of Galaxy Breaker Mage’s spells!”

I leaped forward swiftly and stealthily made my way to the enemy’s lines. I jumped out of hiding when I saw an opportune moment and unleashed Thousand Ice Slash on a group of enemies. Lady luck must’ve been on my side as Dark Guardian Angel had been frozen by the Thousand Ice Slash. Immediately, I waved my hand and executed God Binding Art!


God Binding Art took effect and Dark Guardian Angel was trapped in the middle of four divine weapons. Dopamine coursed through my veins when I saw that he could not move an inch!

“Go in, use Barrier Break and retreat immediately!”

High Fighting Spirits, Xu Yang, Du Thirteen, and the rest activated Charge at my command. With a wave of their swords, they activated Barrier Break and unleashed spirals of swirling energy from the tips of their swords. Without even firing a second shot, they retreated immediately after using Barrier Break.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Galaxy Breaker Mage grew anxious as he waved his staff, activating Iceflame Drill. It smashed against the city walls as an entire row of players perched on it collapsed. Beiming Xue on the other hand was running back and forth quickly like a pretty little bunny, successfully dodging the attacks. While dodging the incoming attacks, she continued to unleash Mountain Stagger Arrows upon Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch.

In the blink of an eye, Dark Guardian Angel was left with just a sliver of his HP!

Our chance has come!

I swung my sword and it trembled as I activated Universe Break!


A wave of energy burst forth from the Cyan Netherworld Sword as Dark Guardian Angel and his mount collapsed with an unreconciled look on his face.

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