Chapter 607: Werebeast

The withdrawal of Rose of the Holy Domain’s forces instantly took a lot of pressure off of us. Gui Guzi and Heaven’s Rain immediately wheeled around and brought the Cyan Tiger Calvary back to the city to get healed up instead of pursuing the retreating players.

Sching, sching, sching...

Li Chengfeng leaned against a wall as he idly dragged his sword across it.

I tilted my head to look at him. “What’s wrong? Did you kill so many players that a screw came loose in your head?”

Li Chengfeng nodded his head, “PvP is way too intense man. I would still count my kills during our previous fights against other guilds, but I didn’t even bother to do that today. I’ve been playing games for so many years, and I’ve even been the guild leader of a small guild before, but I’ve never ever been involved in a battle of this scale before. Shit, this is way too fun…”

I grinned at him, “Yeah, it’s pretty addictive, huh. But our casualties are sky-high. Fuck, it’s like Rose of the Holy Domain and Hall of Immortality are sharing a single brain right now. When Rose of the Holy Domain retreats, the players of Hall of Immortality surge forward at exactly the right moment to replace their pressure. They’re not even giving us a chance to catch our breaths.”

High Fighting Spirits, who was standing off to the side, rested his battle axe on the ground as he gave a hearty laugh. “I think that the vice leader doesn’t need to worry too much about this anymore. You saw what just happened. Rose of the Holy Domain attacked us with their full force of 130000 players just now, and we killed nearly half of them in the previous battle. They won’t be able to keep pouring on the pressure like they have been.”

Gui Guzi nodded his head. “That’s right. It’s the reason why that woman ordered her entire guild to retreat.”

“I don’t think so…” Chaos Moon said as she stared into the distant. Her beautiful eyes shone with an intelligent light as she chuckled. “There’s only one way that three big guilds like Hall of Immortality, Throne Seeker, and Rose of the Holy Domain would work together. They must have formed some sort of secret agreement with each other while also harboring ulterior motives of their own. Right now, Rose of the Holy Domain has suffered grievous losses, so Rose Thorn has to look out for herself and her guild. The reason why she called for a full retreat is to preserve the pieces in her hand.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle when I heard that. “Yeah, Chaos Moon’s idea sounds a lot more plausible. Little Gui, you need to get smarter…”

Chaos Moon shook her head. “Ah, I think it’s already too late for him…”

Gui Guzi spat out, “Bloody hell!”


At this time, Xu Yang walked over and started giving me the battle report. He said, “Lu Chen, we suffered serious losses during the last hour.”

“Yeah, I know. Give me the butcher’s bill!”

Xu Yang sucked in a deep breath before replying, “Okay, after doing some rough calculation, we lost more than half of our 14000 melees that had been stationed outside the city. Also, we lost more than 800 of our Cyan Tiger Cavalrymen during the battles with the Ghost Riders and the Purple Thunder Cavalry, and another 600 in the grand melee that occurred just now. Right now, we have 1552 people left in the Cyan Tiger Cavalry. However, the survivors are all savvy veterans who are the crème de la crème of our already elite forces. We also lost about 3000 of our long-range players who were stationed on the city walls. I have to say that Rose of the Holy Domain packs some serious firepower.”

I leaned against the wall and hugged the Cyan Netherworld Sword to my chest, taking in his words. I nodded my head and smiled. “Yeah, our losses were pretty big this time. It looks like we might not be able to destroy this half a million strong army, huh.”

As I said that, I looked up at the city attack timer displayed on the system interface.


“Yeah, there’s still more than five hours left. If we can hold this city for five hours without losing, it’ll be our victory…”

I looked around at everyone else and laughed. “Go mobilize more warriors from the subguilds inside the city to replace the ones we’ve lost. We need to make sure that the Hall of Immortality doesn’t come within one hundred yards of Dark Moon City! We can’t let them cripple our long-range support forces stationed on the walls!”

“I got it!” Xu Yang gave a heavy nod. He was a brave warrior and an able commander, but he knew that I was much better than him when it came to grand strategy. He would blindly follow all my commands when He Yi and Murong Mingyue weren’t around.

This was also probably due to the instructions that He Yi had given him as well. She must’ve been afraid that this bullheaded warrior of ours would ignore my orders and rush into combat if he lost his head in battle, so she gave me the highest level of power and control over the guild to prevent such a situation from happening. After all, of the four elders of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls back in the day, I was the one who was ranked fourth while Xu Yang was the one who was ranked first. It would definitely seem like my position and status back then were lower than his.


Hall of Immortality’s force started advancing about ten minutes later. Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch sat on his ghostly horse as he stared at Dark Moon City with a stern expression on his face. He pointed his longsword toward it and shouted, “All players, advance! We’re going to force our way into the city! I want a squad of magic knights to protect Wing Breaker as he knocks down the city gates. Shit, I want those gates destroyed in half an hour, do you hear me!? Once we seize control of the city gates, the city itself will soon follow!”

Hall of Immortality’s players surged toward us like an inexorable tide. They braved fire from our long-range players as they charged straight into our defenses. Even though the Ghost Riders had already been destroyed as a unit, there were still about a hundred of them who charged forward with Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch at their helm. The berserk knight simply braced his shield in front of him and downed a health potion as he continued his mad charge. It was clear that he had no intention to retreat this time.

He blocked most of the attacks shot at him with his shield, but he had already started to draw a lot of fire. Unfortunately for us, both his Defense and Magic Resist were extremely good, and this was especially true for his Magic Resist. Even Moonlight Stone’s Galaxy Storm only dealt him a little over 2000 damage! That shield of his was definitely an OP item, and it was also very likely the item that had boosted his Magic Resist to absurd levels.

“Wing Breaker? Who the hell is Wing Breaker?” Chaos Moon asked in a puzzled voice.

Li Chengfeng pointed at a man charging toward them. “You see that big guy over there? Heh heh, he looks really strong, huh? Should I go over there and rain on his parade?”

Everyone looked in the direction that Li Chengfeng was pointing in. There we saw a huge magic knight being escorted toward us by the remaining Ghost Riders. He was about three meters tall and he was sitting on a gigantic warbear. Dressed in a suit of black armor, he held a warhammer crackling with lightning in his hands. We could practically see his muscles rippling under his armor and he really did look very fierce. A string of words were floating above his head.


Wing Breaker LV-135 Destruction Warrior

Guild: Hall of Immortality

Position: Corps Commander


Xu Yang’s pupils narrowed into pinpricks as he yelled, “Goddammit! It really was that guy! I’ve heard of Wing Breaker before. He got really lucky during character creation, and he got to choose ‘Werebeast’ as his race. As a result, his body is huge and he naturally gets 7 points of Strength every time he levels. The warhammer in his hands also has a passive that does extra damage to buildings. During the second territory war of Vanished God City, I heard that Fate had been about to take control of the city with the help of Blazing Hot Lips, but it had still ended up in the hands of Hall of Immortality. At that time, it was this Wing Breaker who had blasted open the city gates by himself, something which directly led to the defeat of Fate and Blazing Hot Lips.”

Li Chengfeng was stunned by those words. “Hot damn, he’s that fierce? He certainly looks the part! Look at that warhammer in his hand! It’s huge! It looks like it weighs a few tons. If we let that thing hit our city gates, even the gates of this Rank 6 city might not be able to withstand it. Fuck, we need to get rid of this Wing Breaker as soon as possible…”

Xu Yang shook his head as he replied, “Chengfeng, you’re not the first person that wants to kill Wing Breaker. Look at that armor that he’s wearing, and he can equip a shield too, so his Defense goes without saying. Furthermore, werebeasts get more bang for their buck when it comes to Stamina too. Every point of Stamina gives them fifteen points of health, so their HP scaling is incredible. It’s way better than the HP scaling of us ordinary players, that’s for sure. After he gets all his buffs, his HP will hit at least 70000 at minimum. It’s way too hard to kill Wing Breaker! Many people died in order to take him down during Vanished God City’s second territory war, and even Stranger of Three Lifetimes suffered a great loss when fighting him!”

Li Chengfeng’s lips curled up, “Fuck me, I never said that I was gonna do it! Let Lu Chen go! He’ll definitely be able to kill that punk, no sweat!”

I brandished my Cyan Netherworld Sword angrily. “Dude! Why do I always get the ‘good parts’!?”

Everyone broke out into roars of laughter, but the fact of the matter was that no one in our guild could match me when it came to attack power. What was even better than that was that I still had extremely high HP and Defense even with my outrageous Attack. I seemed to have the perfect blend of stats and OP skills and this was something that no one else had!

Xu Yang raised his longsword and shouted, “The dumbasses from Hall of Immortality are about to arrive! Brothers and sisters, it’s time to fight!”


Gui Guzi led a bunch of Cyan Tiger riders forward as he said, “Boss Broken Halberd, leave that Wing Breaker to us! You and Yun, Little Rain, and I will definitely make sure that he doesn’t reach our city walls. I swear!”

I nodded my head, “Okay, but I want all of you to be very careful! We’ll support you from behind!”

“Gotcha! Okay, everyone follow me!”

Gui Guzi was filled with vim and vigor as he led Heaven’s Rain and Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun forward. The Cyan Tiger Cavalry turned into a blue blur as they shot out of our city gates like a cyan sword that shot straight toward Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch and his men.

Li Chengfeng, High Fighting Spirits, and I led our contingent of warriors forward as well. We couldn’t let the Cyan Tiger Cavalry dive in alone. If these 1552 players died, we would run out of cards to play.


“Hahaha, the players of Ancient Sword Dreaming Soul have come out to greet us!”

Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch grinned, the bloodlust clear on his face. As he brandished his sword, he laughed and said, “Look here, everyone! The CGL Hall of Famer Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand has come to greet us! The famous Dragon Warrior is here too! And here comes the Undead Knight himself, Gui Guzi! Fucking hell, turn on the video recorder now! I want the entire Chinese server to witness how our Hall of Immortality cuts down these legendary experts!”

As he said that, Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch spurred his ghostly horse forward to meet Gui Guzi’s charge head-on!


Both players shuddered to a halt after colluding with each other. Gui Guzi’s reaction speed was just a mite faster than Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch’s, so his spear was already howling toward the berserk knight as he used Barrier Break. But Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch wasn’t one to back down either, and he immediately responded with a Barrier Break of his own!



As both players pierced the other with the weapons simultaneously, two damage numbers flew up into the air.



Both players had about the same stats, but Gui Guzi had more HP than Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch. The Undead Knight class had some racial bonuses and one of them was higher max HP than other magic knights. Gui Guzi’s Undying Shield was extremely powerful because it allowed him to absorb half of the damage he had taken. All of this coupled with Gui Guzi’s Knight God had put him at a distinct advantage over Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch!

“Fuck you, die!” Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch howled in rage. He viciously slashed at Gui Guzi with his sword as he used a three-hit flurry attack!




The eye-popping damage numbers made everyone’s jaws to drop to the ground. Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch was only using Encourage VII, but his attack power was already this strong! This punk was definitely using some top-of-the-line gear!

Gui Guzi’s body shuddered as he was shoved backward. However, his Rainbow flashed out in an unyielding manner as a Death Combo slammed into his opponent’s chest. Blood spurted into the air as Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch’s HP rapidly decreased as well. However, the berserk knight spurred his mount forward and delivered another Furious Slash into Gui Guzi’s body. This blow was a critical hit, so it had seriously hurt Gui Guzi this time! He hurriedly wheeled around to avoid soaking another hit from Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch!

“Big bro Little Gui, tag me in!”

Heaven’s Rain flew over, a spiral of fiery energy erupting around her broadsword as she slammed it into Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch’s breastplate. Her Barrier Break shaved off half of the berserk knight’s remaining HP in one blow.


Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch chugged down a health potion as he started to retreat. He let out a roar of laughter as he yelled, “Bring it on! I want to see just how powerful Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls’ Cyan Tiger Cavalry really is!”


Heaven’s Rain took the bait and she rushed toward the berserk knight with a few dozen Cyan Tiger riders in tow.

It was at this moment that Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch suddenly shifted to the side to reveal a black-robed mage standing behind him. The mage raised a blood-colored staff high in the air as he chanted, “Oh, god of boundless frost, bless me with your icy power! Shatter this false star—Iceflame Drill!”

The sky instantly turned the color of blood as countless flaming icicles started raining down on a 10x10 yard area.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The icicles rent the armor of the Cyan Tiger Cavalry apart, dealing serious damage to every rider caught in the radius of this attack.

In just a single instant, more than ten Cyan Tiger riders fell to the ground with wails of misery. They had actually died underneath the fury of this Iceflame Drill spell!

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