Chapter 606: The Heroic Brother Blue Sky

Rose of the Holy Domain had given us a huge shock as they slowly advanced toward Dark Moon City. They had traded the lives of their Purple Thunder Calvary, an elite troop of four thousand horsemen, to advance two hundred yards. By the time we had realized what was happening, the enemy troops had already reached our city walls. Rose Thorn rode forward, her silver armor glistening in the sun, before she suddenly waved her sword forward and yelled, "Magic knights, protect your comrades as we advance! Archers and mages, I want you to return as much fire as possible! We need to suppress their long-range firepower as much as we can! Make sure that our ladders reach those walls!"

The sound of hooves striking the ground suddenly reverberated through the air as a group of mounted magic knights who were all holding golden shields suddenly flew out of Rose of the Holy Domain’s formation. There were about one thousand of them and my Dark Pupils instantly gave me information on them. Shockingly enough, all of these players were magic knights who added five points to Stamina every Level, and even the frailest player in this unit had around forty thousand HP! Furthermore, all of them were quite well-equipped, so their defensive stats were extremely good as well!

Clang! Clang! Clang!

The magic knights instantly formed a single row as they angled their shields in front of them. They were forming an Iron Wall that would allow Rose of the Holy Domain to reach our city walls. Their archers and mages took advantage of the magic knights’ protection to begin firing on our walls with their spells and arrows. I winced when I saw a storm of Volleys streaking toward our walls.

Pccht, pccht, pccht...

Blood flew everywhere as their furious assault killed dozens of our archers. No one had expected the Rose of the Holy Domain’s players to get this close this quickly!

"Galaxy Storm!" Moonlight Stone activated her Magic Shield immediately after she cast that spell. She yelled, "Let’s welcome those magic knights with our Galaxy Storms! Make sure that they hit the long-range players behind them too! I want all of our mages to activate their Magic Shields! Don’t be stingy with your magic consumables! If you’re stingy now, you’ll be dropping equipment later!"

In the next instant, countless Galaxy Storms shot out from our walls and exploded into the crowds of players below them. The arrows and spells were flying thick and fast between both opposing sides.

In the distance, more than a dozen catapults had been set up within 150 yards of our walls on Rose Thorn’s orders. In the next instant, we heard the creaking of gears and pulleys as more than ten huge boulders flew toward us. Each of these boulders smashed into our walls with such immense force that it caused the entire Dark Moon City to shake. I winced once again when I saw how much damage had been done to the walls.


The boulders shattered upon impact, causing countless rock fragments to rain down on our Cyan Tiger Cavalry. Many of them cried out in pain as rocks pelted them from above. Meanwhile, large glaring holes had been blasted into our walls. These catapults were siege weapons which dealt incredible damage to any building’s tenacity. They had to be put down before it was too late!

I looked back up to the city walls and yelled, "Beiming Xue, can you use your Range stratagem to snipe those catapults in a single salvo of attacks?"

Beiming Xue was sitting on the edge of an arrow tower as she loosed one arrow after the other. Her tender and snow-white legs were dangling in the wind as she shot me a faint smile. "Don’t worry, big bro! I’ll take care of them within five minutes!"

After she finished speaking, Beiming Xue turned on her Range stratagem. The base skill boosted one’s range by 25%, but Beiming Xue’s high Tactics stat meant that this skill boosted the range of all the archers in her party by more than 100%! With the high ground given to them by our arrow towers, Range easily allowed them to snipe at these targets that were 150 yards away. Furthermore, they didn’t need to specifically aim for a small target, they just needed to unleash a salvo of arrows in that direction since these catapults were fairly large.

In the next instant, I heard more twanging sounds than I could count as Beiming Xue’s archers unleashed their arrows. Beiming Xue put an incredible display of skill by actually using her Evil Spirit Volley. Amazingly enough, all of her arrows zoomed toward the rightmost catapult with laser-guided precision. A string of incredible damage numbers popped up in the air, reducing the catapult to zero health!

"Hot damn! Someone actually managed to hit us all the way over here!" one of the players guarding the catapults yelled.

A group of engineers and smiths immediately ran over to repair the catapults. Their hammers rose and fell rhythmically as they rushed to fix the damage that Beiming Xue and her archers had just done.

A small smile appeared on Beiming Xue’s face when she saw this. After that, her eyes focused as she drew back her bow once more. She let go of her bowstring, causing a Spiraling Arrow Blade to scream through the air and land right in the middle of those engineers! The attack exploded in their midst, instantly killing all of those frail engineers!

I couldn’t help but give a relieved chuckle. Alright! With Beiming Xue around, those catapults would no longer pose any threat to us!



As I raised my Cyan Netherworld Sword in the air, I pointed my other hand toward Rose of the Holy Domain’s formation of magic knights and yelled, "Comrades, let’s go break down that Iron Wall! Once we do so, our long-range attackers on the city wall will be able to target anyone with impunity!"


Xu Yang, Gui Guzi, and Li Chengfeng had long grown tired of waiting for their turn. Looks of fervent excitement appeared on their faces as they charged toward the enemy like streaks of lightning. I also activated my Thunderous Charge to fly across the ground and slam straight into the magic knight who was standing at the tip of their formation. This punk actually managed to shift his shield slightly to absorb the impact of my Charge, while he thrust his spear toward me with a practiced ease.



That pitiful Blaze didn’t even deal four digits of damage to me. I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw this, but the magic knight actually grinned at me as well! He even proudly announced, "If you have the balls, come at me! I have a Defense of 9000 and more than 56000 HP! One-shot me if you can, asshole! Come on! Let me see how strong an expert from the CGL Hall of Fame really is!"

Looks of admiration appeared on the faces of the female mages and archers standing behind this brash magic knight. They cooed, "Wow, Brother Blue Sky is so powerful! To think that he’d actually be brave enough to call out the Little Heavenly King Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand!"

A smile also appeared on my face. "Heh, you’re actually shameless enough to act this arrogantly when you only have 9000 Defense? You’re seriously thinking way too highly of yourself! Alright then, just watch how your daddy is gonna one-shot you!"

As I said that, I suddenly sprang forward, a universe formation appearing beneath my feet. A spiral of indigo energy erupted around the tip of my sword as I thrust it into the magic knight’s chest with no hesitation. Universe Break!

"Huh!? A more powerful version of Barrier Break?" the magic knight gasped as his eyes very nearly popped out of his head. Barrier Break was already an overwhelmingly powerful skill in its own right, and it would only deal more damage if you tried to defend against it. Its effect truly suited its name to a tee.

However, I had already predicted that this magic knight wouldn’t defend against this attack. But his fate had been sealed once he didn’t try to ward off the blow in any way! Just watch as I burn away nearly sixty thousand HP in one go!


My Universe Break blew a hole in his shield and armor. It was as if a beam of energy had completely skewered the poor Brother Blue Sky. His eyes nearly popped out of his skull once more when he saw the damage number that flew up above his head. 25087!

My Universe Break had knocked his shield aside, so he could see the bland smile on my face as I suddenly smashed the hilt of my sword into the tip of his shield just as he tried to shift it in front of him. Sparks flew in the air as I knocked his shield away once more, preventing him from entering a defensive stance. In the next instant, the Cyan Netherworld Sword exploded toward him like a cyan dragon as three fiery blades of sword energy exploded into the magic knight’s exposed breastplate.

Another three damage numbers popped up into the air.





All of the blood instantly drained from Brother Blue Sky’s face. Even though he had a whole bunch of priests supporting him, my flurry of attacks was still way too overwhelming. It looked like I had completed my entire chain of attacks in 0.5 seconds and that didn’t give those priests any time to heal Brother Blue Sky at all. As I stepped forward and thrust my sword into the magic knight’s chest, I got to see the woeful expression on his face as he died. For some odd reason, seeing that look on his face filled me with an indescribable satisfaction.

Furthermore, the splash damage my Cyan Netherworld Sword had dealt while I was slaughtering Brother Blue Sky had been extremely lethal as well. The two archers beside the hapless magic knight had been instantly killed by my splash damage. Meanwhile, the archers and mages behind him had simply been blown to bits by my Burning Blade Slash!

But I wasn’t done yet! The moment I stomped down hard on the ground, the remaining magic knights and the warriors who had rushed toward me instantly went pale. They knew that I had just used War Crush!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The three consecutive hits from my War Crush one-shot an entire group of players and I immediately followed that up with a Thousand Ice Slash. Hundreds of icy energy blades exploded in the crowd of players in front of me and even mages with their Magic Shields up were unable to escape unscathed. The archers stationed on the city walls saw what was happening and they immediately unleashed a hail of Spiraling Arrow Blades on these hapless players, causing wails of misery to reverberate through the air.

After the dust had cleared, the entire area around me had transformed into an empty clearing littered with corpses and items.

The people who were battling near me were doing just as well! Chaos Moon activated Plunder before she used Rock Crush on a group of players! Her AoE skill tore them to shreds, and her Famous General Skill left them in tears after they died! Items dropped to the floor like candy from a piñata as her sword swept through her enemies!

High Fighting Spirits had once again transformed into a raging beast on the battlefield. He ripped through a group of magic knights like a natural disaster, his axe in constant motion as he used Xiezhi Howl again and again!

Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun was covering his back and protecting him every time he overextended. He routinely used Rock Smash to clean up the surviving enemies High Fighting Spirits left in his wake.

Li Chengfeng killed his way into the enemy formation. As his sword flickered left and right, he cut down anyone in his path as he dove even deeper into enemy lines. A switch had been flipped in his head and he entered a zone no other player around him could enter! The hundred players who crowded around him didn’t even dare approach him as his sword whistled through the air. To their complete and utter dismay, they got first-row tickets to the Li Chengfeng show, and he was showing them exactly why he had gotten famous!

Gui Guzi and Heaven’s Rain scythed through the enemy formation with their two thousand Cyan Tiger riders time and again. The attack power of our Cyan Tiger Cavalry was incredibly high, and this was especially true for the ones who were buffed by Gui Guzi’s Knight God. Their Attack was buffed by 150% and they moved in and out of the enemy formation with impunity. Heaven’s Rain’s Knight General wasn’t bad either! Even though it couldn’t be compared to Gui Guzi’s Famous General Skill, it still gave a 100% Attack buff at its cap. This was more than good enough to give her party members an overwhelming advantage in battle.

All of the sudden, our Cyan Tiger Cavalry had become the biggest thorn in our enemies’ side. The players from Hall of Immortality, Throne Seeker, and Rose of the Holy Domain sorely wished that they could yank it out right at this moment! Unfortunately for them, we were fighting at the walls of our own city, so we had a huge amount of supporting players lined up on those walls. Our foot soldiers were also ripping into the enemy with no fear whatsoever, so they couldn’t exactly focus their firepower on the Cyan Tiger Cavalry.

Moreover, we had many priests healing our riders, so they could practically ignore enemy attacks as they dove in and out of the enemy formation!



The final catapult finally shattered as Beiming Xue completed her quest. After that, she said in a cheery voice, "Big bro, that was the last of them…"

I darted forward to slash at two Purple Thunder horsemen who refused to leave me alone. I replied, "Alright. But we really need your help right now, so reactivate Bow God and start pouring on the arrows! I want you to use your arrows to suppress and control Rose of the Holy Domain’s movements! Fucking hell, their offensive power is way too high, we’ve already lost too many people!"


It seemed like Rose Thorn had decided to throw all caution to the wind. She was throwing all of her frontline fighters, who numbered in the tens of thousands, toward us as she slowly edged forward with her archers and mages. Since she was pressing forward with everything she had, the losses for our fighters on the ground were terrible. We only had the players on one side of the wall to support the warriors here, and their firepower was vastly inferior to what Rose of the Holy Domain could output at full force. In fact, if our frontline fighters hadn’t pushed the enemy further back, our situation would be even worse.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Thousand Ice Slashes, War Crushes, Burning Blade Slashes, Sword Boomerangs, and Ice Cyclone Domains ripped through enemy players without ceasing. I held a line that was 50 yards long all by myself and I didn’t give an inch. After about half an hour, I looked around and sucked in a deep breath. In the end, I was the only one left standing, the hundred Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls players that had been with me had all died.

I watched Heaven’s Rain fearlessly lead a squad of Cyan Tiger riders forward. She struck a heroic figure as her broadsword whistled through the air and reaped the lives of her foes. Our mounted troops were still in fairly good shape, it was our foot soldiers who had been slaughtered by the baptism of fire gifted to us by the enemy mages and archers. Less than half of us were even alive.

However, we had still done exceedingly well in battle. In fact, I had already lost count of how many Rose of the Holy Domain players we had killed. The plains around our city walls were littered with corpses and I suspected that more than 80% of the first fifty thousand Rose of the Holy Domain players who assaulted our walls had already been killed.


Rose Thorn finally noticed how bad the situation had gotten for her as well. She immediately waved her sword in the air and yelled, "Rose of the Holy Domain, break off all attacks now! I want everyone to retreat two hundred yards and regroup!"

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