Chapter 605: Howl of the Wolves

Clang clang clang…

At the west walls, the sound of weapons pulling out of their sheaths filled the air as thousands of melee players unsheathed their weapons in unison. The Cyan Tiger Cavalry was constantly on the move because Gui Guzi knew that a cavalry troop’s biggest strength lay in their mobility. Moreover, the walls were occupied by our priests, mages, and archers, so the Cyan Tiger Cavalry could always get a sufficient amount of healing and supporting fire no matter where they went.

Li Chengfeng, Chaos Moon, High Fighting Spirits, and Xu Yang were gripping their blades tightly and staring forward with a grim expression on their face. Then, High Fighting Spirits broke into a grin and said, “Let’s send every one of these fuckers back to their city. I’m curious to know exactly how many people had come to Sky City!”

A handsome tactician appeared on the wall at this moment. It was none other than our new recruit, Lu Buyi. The Level 133 tactician was gripping his Burning Fan when he called out to me, “Vice leader Lu Chen, I’m not a Famous General, but I can still buff 39 players’ stats by 72% with Purple Dragon! Please allow me to make my own party!”

I nodded. “Alright. You can pick your players right here and now. Your stratagem can boost all party members within 1000 yards, and you'll be safer on the walls!”

Lu Buyi smiled. “Yes, but my Dragon Vein Art isn’t useless, okay? I can put out some DPS too. Please trust me on this, guild leader!”

“Hahaha, let’s all do our best!”

It wasn’t long before 39 elite fighters joined Lu Buyi’s party. At 72%, Purple Dragon was only slightly inferior to Lin Yixin’s Bombshell. It was why practically everyone was fighting to enter his party. After all, who doesn’t want to enjoy a 72% boost to Attack, Defense, and HP? If my Martial God didn’t boast a whopping 200% attack power, I would’ve joined his party myself.

Xu Yang glanced up the walls for a bit with a grin. “Hehe, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls finally has its own named tactician, and one that’s incredibly good too. There was this one time I dueled against him, and he wasn’t afraid of me at all. Boss will be so glad when she comes back…”

I rolled my eyes at him. “That’s because you’re too lousy…”

Chaos Moon and High Fighting Spirits laughed loudly at that.


It was at this moment a chorus of battle cries entered our ears. The three guilds had finally launched their attack, and a thick swarm of players flooded toward us like tidewater. It was impossible to differentiate between main guilds and their subguilds. The engineers built siege weapons such as siege ladders and catapults on the spot while they were protected by their knights. A dozen or so black-colored Thunder Chariots were also being escorted toward the walls.

Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch was riding at the forefront and pointing his sword toward us. He stopped only when he was almost within a hundred yards from the city. He raised his shield just in time to block a hail of arrows falling toward him!

I heard Beiming Xue ordering, “Mages, archers, fire at will with everything you got!”

Our mages started chanting their spells and throwing Galaxy Storms, Wind Blades, Fireballs, Arctic Rain, Rockfalls, and more to the ground. The area 40 to 100 yards away from the wall turned into a literal wall of wind, fire, ice and lightning, killing countless Hall of Immortality players before they even reached the walls.


Wave after wave of attackers died under our ridiculous firepower. In fact, almost no one managed to pass through the firewall for the first ten minutes of the battle. Our city was located next to high-level maps like Dragonbone Mountain Range and Black Coast, so their overall quality was better than even the three great guilds of Vanished God City.

Finally, the beautiful guild leader of Rose of the Holy Domain, Rose Thorn lost her cool and shouted, “Halt! Someone, assemble the Purple Thunder Cavalry! We will breach their firewall, occupy advantageous terrain and prop up the ladders in one go! Don’t give them any chance to breathe! Remember, their allies are attacking the new territory right now, so no one is coming to their aid! Let’s take down this undead castle in one go!”

The armies parted, and a column of elite riders thundered out into the open. They wielded sharp blades and rode a warhorse with purple hair. The horse’s head looked a bit sinister, and it had a horn that was sparkling with electricity. It struck chills in one’s heart just looking at it. Clearly, we had reached a stage of the game where everyone was building up their own cavalry troops.


“Shit, what the hell are those things? There are so many of them…” Xu Yang murmured dazedly.

Chaos Moon answered his question while looking to the front. “I just checked the forums, and I can confirm that they are the ace cavalry of Rose of the Holy Domain, the Purple Thunder Cavalry. They are level 125 Dark Gold Rank mounts, and individually speaking, they are stronger than even the Ghost Riders. There are about 4000 of them, and it is the main reason Rose of the Holy Domain is able to fight super guilds like Blazing Hot Lips, Hall of Immortality, Hunting Moon Dynasty and more on even footing.”

I let out a chuckle before ordering, “Xu Yang, tell Gui Guzi to move to the left and Heaven’s Rain to the right. When this Purple Thunder Cavalry reach us, we’ll use Guard to keep them at bay while Gui Guzi and Heaven’s Rain pincer them from both sides. Seeing as this cavalry is the main source of Rose Thorn’s confidence, let us destroy it right here and now!”

Xu Yang laughed loudly as he answered, “Understood!”

Then, he looked up the walls and shouted additional orders, “Hey guys! Make sure you aim the Purple Thunder Cavalry when they get close, yeah? Show them what we’re made of!”

Moonlight Stone giggled. “Don’t worry, big brother Xu Yang. They will learn our power!”


The Purple Thunder Cavalry was incredibly swift. While we were talking, they were already 100 yards away from our defense line while we were still talking to each other. That was also the maximum range our ranged players could reach with their height advantage. They immediately launched a ton of Fire Rain, Ice Blades, Storms, and Arrow Rains at the riders!

Bang bang bang…

Powerful arrows slammed hard into the riders’ armor, but they merely grunted and kept charging. Although their comrades were dying all around them, they staunchly stayed on course and charged all the way to the walls. A normal player would’ve lost control of themselves and panicked under such devastating amounts of firepower, but not these Purple Thunder Cavalrymen. Clearly, they were a cut above your average players and the only ones who could break through our firewall right now!

“Hah, here we come!”

The first group of Purple Thunder Cavalry who broke through the firewall—there were about a hundred of them—charged toward us while laughing loudly, forcing Moonlight Stone and the mages to concentrate their spells on them instead. As a result, we were forced to shrink the width of our firewall, which was exactly what Rose Thorn was hoping to see. The moment she saw the opening, the wise and courageous guild leader immediately raised her sword and commanded her troops to push forward. I had to admit that Rose of the Holy Domain was much better than Hall of Immortality or Throne Seeker in terms of strategy.


I waved my own sword and growled out, “Fighters, it’s our turn now! Once you make contact with the enemy, try to use Guard as much as you can, but watch out for their Crushing Blows, okay? Here we go!”

The second I said that, I rushed forward and locked onto a Purple Thunder Cavalry far, far away in front of me. Then, I activated Thunderous Charge and turned into a lightning bolt!


A direct hit later, I launched Thousand Ice Slash and froze dozens of Purple Thunder Cavalry in ice. The players at the back couldn’t halt their momentum, so they crashed into the players at the front and dealt massive damage to their own allies. At the same time, Li Chengfeng, Chaos Moon, and the others slammed into the enemies as well.

“Kill kill kill!”

A team leader of the Purple Thunder Cavalry shouted as he swung his weapon wildly. Somehow, he was able to kill a couple of our fighters because he was mounted and they were not. Unfortunately, a foot soldier was very disadvantaged when fighting against a rider. I was fine only because my stats, equipment, and skills were insane.

“Fuck off!”

I swung my sword three times and launched three flaming sword blades at seven or eight Purple Thunder Cavalrymen, scaring the shit out of them. They tried to raise their shields and block the attack, but it was too late. I was so familiar with the skill that I was able to complete it almost instantly. They died before they could assume a Guard stance. Unlike our Gui Guzi, these Purple Thunder Cavalrymen only had 30k to 50k HP or so, so they weren’t able to survive my Burning Blade Slash. Of course, if they had guarded successfully, then they could’ve easily saved themselves.

There was a Level 134 rider in front of me who actually reacted quick enough to Guard the attack. However, he didn’t look pleased in the slightest because I was running toward him like the grim reaper, red cloak flapping behind my back and a dragon’s soul circling my blade! Worse, I was too fast for him to turn to another direction and dodge!

“Fuck you, I’m not going down without a fight!”

The knight raised his sword and hit my shoulder with everything he got. At the same time, an indigo energy surrounded my Cyan Netherworld Sword and penetrated his chest like nothing—24891!

Tsk tsk, it felt absolutely exhilarating to kill someone with Universe Break! With 90% armor penetration, it almost felt like I was chopping vegetables and not magic knights!


The Cyan Netherworld Sword and the dragon’s soul circling it abruptly shone brightly. Knowing that I had triggered its passive skill, I thrust the weapon forward and watched it explode into a beam of divine energy, annihilating almost a hundred Purple Thunder Cavalrymen in just the blink of an eye!

Not far away from me, Li Chengfeng cut off a Purple Thunder rider’s head before looking at me with incredulity. “Is it just me, or is Lu Chen’s attack power absolutely bonkers?”

Chaos Moon killed three riders in one move before replying expressionlessly, “He has always been like this…”

However, the battle wasn’t actually going in our favor despite my devastating successes. Hundreds of us had died to the cavalry charge in just a moment, and if this continued, only us core members would be left in less than half an hour.


It was at this moment we heard tiger roars from both sides. Finally, our reinforcements had arrived!


A spear pierced through the sea of bodies like an unstoppable beam. Gui Guzi was the first person to clash directly against the Purple Thunder Cavalry and pierce through the enemy’s ranks. The roaring Cyan Battle Tiger he was riding was so powerful that it actually knocked over a Purple Thunder Warhorse. Gui Guzi’s stats were seriously overpowered after he was boosted by Knight God.

On the other side, Heaven’s Rain dished out a Barrier Break and poked a hole in a team leader’s body. Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun then followed up with a Rock Smash that elicited painful screams from the rest of the Purple Thunder Cavalry.

The tables were turned immediately. In less than ten minutes, the pincer attack had killed over 70% of their Purple Thunder Cavalry!


Thud thud thud...

Suddenly, I saw a bunch of arrows and Galaxy Storms flying our way. I was apprehensive. The main bulk of Rose of the Holy Domain’s army had penetrated our firewall!

“Little Gui, Little Rain, retreat now! Retreat to the walls and reform the line where our priests can heal you! Retreat now!”

Although Gui Guzi and the others were overcome by bloodlust, they listened to my order and pulled away from the center of the battlefield. Unfortunately, they were just a bit too late. Dozens of Cyan Tiger Cavalry died to the enemy’s firepower just like that.

As we were running back to the walls, I looked behind me and felt a sense of dread. The sheer number of bodies that we left behind had shocked me, and I was starting to realize that this battle would be much harder than expected. Even with an ace cavalry like the Cyan Tiger Cavalry, we couldn’t survive the wolves nipping at our legs forever!

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