Chapter 601: Ghost Riders


I shot a Thousand Ice Slash at a group of enemies, causing flying ice flowers to explode all around them. A group of warriors was frozen to the ground, their eyes widening in shock when they realized that they could not move. However, they didn’t even have much HP left after they got hit by my Thousand Ice Slash, so Beiming Xue simply fired off an Evil Spirit Volley which accurately landed on each of the surviving fighters with a thud. Every single one of her arrows had a hit target and killed them, drawing a gasp of admiration from the archers around her. This ultimate display of skill had simply left them dumbfounded.

"Fuck, that archer is freaking powerful!" a Hall of Immortality player gasped in stunned shock. "Fucking hell, that must be the legendary Dark Archer Beiming Xue. Her attacks are way too powerful! Hehe, but I also heard that she’s really beautiful and has a rocking figure to boot…"

"Let’s get out of here! What the fuck are you even thinking about at this critical stage in the game!"


The unsuccessful yet relentless waves of attacks had still caused serious damage to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. In less than half an hour, our numbers fell from four thousand to two thousand. However, we had killed almost ten as many people on the Hall of Immortality’s side with our superior individual firepower. Our archers and warriors had done so much damage to them that majority of Hall of Immortality approached us with trepidation painted on their faces.

We had lost two thousand people, but we’d also killed at least thirty thousand enemy players. This was simply unacceptable to Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch. He waved his sword forward and yelled, "Old Four, Old Six, you’re up next! Use your long-range firepower to get rid of Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand and Legendary Brave. They’re causing our troops way too much trouble!"

"Yes!" two archers yelled as they unslung their bows. I immediately shot a glance toward them. They were both at least Level 135 and they held the exact same bow in their hands. It was a longbow that flickered with purple light. The body of the bow was deep blue and there were purple-colored symbols etched onto it.

For some odd reason, those bows looked extremely familiar. A jolt ran through my spine once I realized what those bows were! Fucking hell! It was the signature fifth-promotion weapon for the Archer class—Thunder!

Thunder’s Outstanding Property was "Thunderous Strike", which gave the user a chance to trigger an attack that would deal a defense-ignoring critical hit on an unlucky target. It was an extremely powerful passive and Clear Perfume’s Thunder worked in the exact same way. Every time she triggered "Thunderous Strike", it would give one unlucky armored player the scare of their lives.

The two archers were called Bloodthirsty Sharpshooter and Great Shot and they were both officers and division commanders of Hall of Immortality’s main guild. It was clear from the weapons in their hands that they were ace archers that Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch had painstakingly raised. To think that both of them had Thunder! Unbelievable!

"Great Shot, who do we kill first?" Bloodthirsty Sharpshooter asked.

Great Shot laughed and said, "Let’s leave the two main dishes for later. How about we kill that High Fighting Spirits first? That bastard’s been fighting frantically over there and he’s killed an awful lot of comrades. Fucking hell, I’ve been wanting to kill him for a while, but boss didn’t let me. Now that an opportunity has arrived, I say we use our Volleys to take care of him!"

"Sounds good!"


My heart sank as I anxiously yelled, "Fighting Spirits, be careful! Those two archers are gunning for you!"

High Fighting Spirits raised Invincible high in the air as he let out a great roar of laughter, "Let those sons of bitches come then! I ain’t afraid of them!"

As he said that, High Fighting Spirit swung Invincible through the air as he mowed through the enemy players like a whirlwind. Broken bits of armor flew wherever his axe fell and he looked absolutely invincible in this moment.

I clenched my teeth in frustration. Ah, this dumbass! Once he sees red, he doesn’t listen to anyone! Not even me! Argh, he’s actually charging forward? He’s just looking for a quick death at this point!

Clang! Clang!

Two Barrier Breaks smacked into my chestplate, shaking me out of my reverie. There were two stern-faced warriors, who were both over Level 130, standing right in front of me. Both of them weren’t opponents I could take lightly and I had taken more than twenty thousand damage from their Barrier Breaks, dropping my health to below 50%...

"You’re dead!" I yelled. I waved my left hand at one of them as I stepped forward, causing four divine weapons to whistle down from the sky and surround and bind one of the warriors!

"What?!" the warrior exclaimed in great shock, but he couldn’t struggle free from my God Binding Art.

I pounced forward and light erupted from my Cyan Netherworld Sword. It whistled through the air as I executed a Burning Blade Slash, causing three blades of flaming sword energy to smash into that warrior’s armor!

This punk had lightning-quick reaction speed and he swiftly entered into a defensive stance, causing three rather sad damage numbers to pop up above his head.




Argh, I didn’t manage to kill him! However, I was expecting the warrior to pull off something like this, so after the third strike hit him, I immediately lashed out with a Crushing Blow. The interval between my third strike and my Crushing Blow was 150 milliseconds, and that was practically the limit at which the human brain could operate. A shocked expression appeared on the warrior’s face, but he knew that there was no way that he could dodge this attack.


Got ’em! Awesome!

Even as I one-shot the warrior with my Crushing Blow, I felt a fiery pain erupt from my shoulder. A huge chunk of my HP was shaved off as the other warrior hit me with a Blaze.


I smoothly slid to the side of the remaining warrior as an Eight Trigrams formation suddenly blazed up under my feet. In the next instant, the warrior’s face was illuminated by an indigo light as I skewered him in the chest with a Universe Break!


Okay, I had successfully one-shot another player! Even though these two warriors from the Hall of Immortality had been very strong, they weren’t a match for me! If they had deliberately sought me out, then that was truly nothing less than seeking their own deaths!

After I had finished killing those two high-level warriors, I looked up to check after High Fighting Spirits. He had just finished chopping up a dozen players when the two super archers from Hall of Immortality finally decided to make their move! He was in trouble now! They each had Volley X, so they launched twelves arrows at High Fighting Spirits each. Their mechanical skills were extremely good. They managed to hit the warrior with nine arrows each, a 75% success rate! Impressive!

"HAH!" High Fighting Spirits yelled as he thrust out his battle axe in front of him. He had already assumed a defensive posture and this was the only way that he could endure the storm of arrows that was coming his way.

As arrows thudded off his body, damage numbers began to pop up above High Fighting Spirits’ head. The arrows were only hitting him for about 400 damage, but the fatal blow hadn’t come yet!

All of the sudden, Great Shot’s Thunder flared with purple light as a lightning arrow formed on the bow! In the next instant, he let that arrow fly and it plunged straight into High Fighting Spirits’ chest!



That Defense-ignoring blow was way too fierce!

Moon Dew swiftly went to heal High Fighting Spirits, but her healing simply couldn’t keep up with the damage the two archers were pouring on. Soon, Bloodthirsty Sharpshooter’s Thunder also flared up with purple light and another lightning arrow streaked toward the warrior!


It punched into High Fighting Spirits’ breastplate and did 19042 points of damage. That was more damage than High Fighting Spirits could take right now. As his HP dropped to zero, our foolish warrior slowly sank to his knees, but that wasn’t the worst thing that happened. His weapon, Invincible, had actually dropped to the ground along with his corpse!


"Fuck!" I roared as I hefted my sword and dashed forward anxiously, but it was all too late. I could only watch as an enemy player stretched out to pick up the Invincible battle axe that was lying on the ground. This Invincible battle axe was High Fighting Spirits’ beloved treasure and trademark, and he would be utterly inconsolable if he really did end up losing it.

My vision immediately went red as I started charging forward recklessly. I was well aware that I could not get the weapon back, but I still continued to rush toward the enemy. Brilliant flashes of light erupted out of my Cyan Netherworld Sword as I cut down any foe who tried to stop my inexorable advance.

It was at this exact moment that the player who had scooped Invincible let out a stifled groan as a blazing sword burst out from his chest. He fell to the ground like a wet sack as a small mountain of items fell from his corpse. His killer had unexpectedly been a beautiful female warrior dressed in spiky, bone-like armor. Her sharp sword in hand, she grinned and bent down to scoop up a blood-colored battle axe. "Ah, High Fighting Spirits, you dumbass! To think that I’d have to come and wipe your backside for you…"

All the tension instantly bled out of my body as a smile crept up on my face. Alright! Chaos Moon had solved the problem with her awesome "Plunder" stratagem. It really caused any opponent she killed to drop a ton of items. The assassin she had just skewered had practically dropped everything but his underwear! I really need to avoid offending this savage woman at all costs!

"Chaos Moon, get back here!" I yelled.

"Okay!" Chaos Moon threw Invincible into her bag before swiftly running back toward our defense line. As she backpedaled, she launched a Rock Crush behind her to stop anyone from chasing after her.


The battle was growing so violent and desperate that even an expert like High Fighting Spirits had been cut down, so could our regular players be doing any better?

Thud! Thud!

The two ace archers launched a Volley at another one of our main fighters! As arrows rained down on our hapless warrior, he was eventually skewered by a streak of lightning that ended his misery.

I gritted my teeth in anger and grudging admiration. Great Shot and Bloodthirsty Sharpshooter were extremely clever, they were using Volley to trigger their bow’s "Thunderous Strike" passive since there was a 10% chance it would proc with every attack. Basically every Volley would give them twelve chances to proc that effect, which made it very likely that they would get off one Thunderous Strike per Volley. This was how they were picking off our fighters one by one.

I turned around and yelled, "Little Xue, come here! Let’s work together and get rid of those two archers first! They’ve been a serious pain in the ass!"

"Let’s do it, big bro!"

Beiming Xue agilely ran down the boulder she was standing on and crept up behind me. This way, the enemy wouldn’t be able to tell that she was there and I would also be able to use my body to shield her from any attacks if our plan got exposed. It was also a good time to start, because Great Shot had set his eyes on Chaos Moon!

Chaos Moon shot me a quick glance and immediately understood what I was about to do. After that, she started to retreat in a seemingly inadvertent manner to extend the distance between herself and Great Shot.

I stared at Great Shot with extreme concentration as he slowly inched forward. Once he had entered Beiming Xue’s range, I immediately yelled, "Little Xue, strike now!"

Beming Xue had been waiting for my command all this while, arrow nocked in her bow. The moment I ducked aside, my fluttering Soul Suppressing Cloak revealed the little beauty who had been standing behind me. In the next instant, a pinpoint Shock Arrow had punched into Great Shot’s chest!


She had also successfully stunned him!

Joy leapt up in my chest as I dashed forward and shot a Dragon Slaying Slash at him!



Just as I had predicted, our combined attack had successfully taken out Great Shot!

Bloodthirsty Sharpshooter felt a chill run down his spine as he cursed, "Fuck, how the hell did they do that…"


"Big bro, there’s still one more left!" Beiming Xue cried as she pulled her bow back and launched an Evil Spirit Volley at Bloodthirsty Sharpshooter. As twelve arrows streaked toward the archer like bolts of lightning, he reacted with blinding speed. He hurriedly dashed backward and dodged the first few arrows of Beiming Xue’s Evil Spirit Volley, but it was all for naught. Beiming Xue had already predicted that Bloodthirsty Sharpshooter would be able to dodge the first wave of arrows, so she had placed the last few arrows further behind him.

Bloodthirsty Sharpshooter had been pinned in place by Beiming Xue’s clever placement of her arrows and had no choice but to bring himself to a sudden stop!

This is my chance!

I dashed forward and hurled my Cyan Netherworld Sword out with all of my might. The sword instantly transformed into a buzzing whirlwind of death as it spun toward Bloodthirsty Sharpshooter and tore through his body!


Beiming Xue immediately launched a Spiraling Arrow Blade at him, finishing the archer off.


The muscles on Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch’s spasmed violently as a high-level assassin said in a stern voice, "Guild leader, we can’t afford to hold anything back any longer! Falling Dust, Beiming Xue, Legendary Brave, Chaos Moon are all god-tier players in Sky City. If this continues on, our entire army of 100000 will be ground to dust before we even see the gates of Dark Moon City. We’ve already lost nearly fifty thousand men. We really can’t afford to hold back any longer! It’s time to use our trump card!"

Bloodthirsty Battle Monarch’s eyes went cold as he nodded his head and said, "Fine. Mobilize the Ghost Riders!"


The sound of thundering hooves reverberated in the air above us as the Hall of Immortality player in front of us scattered like straws in the wind.

"Oh, what’s happening?" Chaos Moon asked, her eyes as wide as saucers. "Is the Hall of Immortality about to admit defeat? Heehee, how interesting! They’re gonna give up…"

I shook my head in disagreement. "I’m afraid that isn’t going to be the case…"

Li Chengfeng nodded his head as well. "Yeah, I have a bad feeling about this. Fucking hell, I have a feeling that our goose is about to be cooked…"


A group of armored cavalrymen appeared on the horizon, a blood-colored skull floating above all of their shoulders. That was the emblem of the Hall of Immortality’s main guild. As the riders slowly emerged, we realized that there were at least five thousand of them. All of them were riding on the same mount, a ghostly warhorse with a horn on its head, and they looked extremely intimidating as they lined up in a column.

A look of shock and dismay simultaneously flashed through the eyes of all the tattered survivors in our guild.


I pulled out the Cyan Netherworld Sword from its sheath and yelled, "We will fight until the very end! For our brothers and sisters! Fight!"

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