Chapter 596: Stunning Everyone

Boom boom boom!

The mix of icy cyclones and deep blue-colored Galaxy Storms painted an incredibly beautiful picture on the battlefield. Spiraling Arrow Blade + Galaxy Storm really was one of the most powerful combinations of moves archers and mages could pull off after their fifth promotion. Both skills had incredibly shiny visual effects, so even the bloody violence spilling across the battlefield right now looked artful and aesthetic.


The bombardment nearly annihilated the 4000-strong cavalry troop. Only seven or eight people managed to break through the bombardment of Galaxy Storms and Spiraling Arrow Blades, and all of them had less than 50% HP left. Swinging their weapons and screaming weird battle cries on top of their lungs, they tried to charge our fighter group.

High Fighting Spirits licked his lips and said, “Damn, they look like a fearless bunch…”

“Is that so?”

I smiled, let out a shout and tossed out the Cyan Netherworld Sword. The legendary weapon instantly drew a beautiful arc and slashed through the rider’s armor, killing five magic knights instantly. I was using Martial God right now, so my attack power was beyond their imagination!

After my Sword Boomerang killed 5 of them, I killed another two with Dragon Slaying Slashes. The last magic knight aimed his spear at me and charged.

“Leave this to me!”

Li Chengfeng laughed and broke free from the battleline. Thrusting his sword forward like a dragonfly touching the water lightly, he hit the magic knight with Barrier Break and dealt over 16k damage. Li Chengfeng was using Blitz, so his attack power wasn’t very high but it was enough to deal with a second-rate magic knight like this.


Bodies, potions, and equipment filled the ground in front of us, but none of us showed any interest in them. It was because we understood that our formation would lose its integrity if we left to pick up the items. Our numbers were absolutely inferior to our enemies’ and we couldn’t afford to let down our guard for even a moment.

The good news was that our ranged players were performing quite well so far. These riders were no experts, but we still managed to annihilate all 4000 of them before they really got close to us!

Xu Yang grinned. “Our archers and mages are quite powerful, huh?”

I smiled. “True!”

This was especially true for Beiming Xue and the one hundred archers under her command. Bow God boosted an archer’s attack power by 150% and attack speed by 60%, so they were powerful to say the least. Even I would surrender on the spot if I ran into an archer party like this. No one could withstand an endless chain of Shock Arrows and Spiraling Arrow Blades, not unless they used an invincibility skill and reduced the enemy’s forces to a manageable number before the skill’s duration was up. Of course, there were only a handful of players in all the servers who had an invincibility skill right now, and I was one of them. I hadn’t used the skill even once though. So far, I hadn’t run into any player or situation where I was forced to reveal this trump card.


We saw some movement from the enemy’s formation again. They seemed to be discussing something. A short while later, a large number of foot soldiers and mounted players formed up at the front, archers and mages at the middle, and priests, bards, and tacticians at the back. It looked like they were going to push us slowly. It was definitely the most logical tactic considering this situation. We couldn’t beat them without suffering casualties no matter how strong we were.

The numbers advantage was completely on Hall of Immortality, Rose of the Holy Domain, and Throne Seeker’s side. There was no reason for them to take mercy on our inferior numbers and fight how and where we wanted.

Li Chengfeng spat on the ground before swearing loudly, “So shameless! There are only 7000 of us, and they’re going to do a slow push? So shameless!”

My eyes turned cooler as I smiled. “Get ready, everyone. The real battle is upon us. By the way, does anyone know which guld this party belongs to? Is it still a subguild of Rose of the Holy Domain?”

Chaos Moon squinted at the distance a bit before answering, “No, it’s the first subguild of Throne Seeker. They must be getting serious. Wait, it’s not just their first subguild, their second subguild is forming up as well. Damn, there are so many of them. There must be ten thousand of them at least…”

High Fighting Spirits chuckled. "That’s perfect. This’ll be an exhilarating battle!"

I smiled in agreement. "The main dish is being served alright. Bards, apply your buffs on any fighter who is over Level 135. When the fight begins, I want our high-level warriors to charge 20 yards forward to catch the enemy’s firepower and protect the backline!"

Li Chengfeng, High Fighting Spirits, Chaos Moon, and everyone else answered affirmatively, "Will do!"

Gui Guzi and our cavalry troops weren’t here, so we only had 25 fighters in total who were over Level 135. It should be enough though. Buffed by our bards and healed by our priests, they should be able to withstand the enemy riders’ charge without too much trouble. Having hero-level players move to the front and attract most of the firepower did counter slow, methodological pushes to a great extent.


It wasn’t long before the enemy entered our range. Since Beiming Xue and our archers were occupying high ground such as small hills and giant rocks, their attack range was increased by 50% or so. The terrain advantage was outstanding to say the least. That was why the enemy fighters got shot by Far Shots and Arctic Rains when they were still 80 yards away from us.

Clang clang clang!

The enemy magic knights at the front row raised their shields and blocked our ranged attacks. This time, the bombardment didn’t nearly go as well because their defense line was tankier, and they were cooperating with each other much better than before. That being said, a lot of magic knights still collapsed under our arrow rain. Beiming Xue’s archers were just too powerful.

Thud thud thud…

The magic knights at the front fell off their horses and died, but that didn’t stop the players at the back from pushing forward. Stepping on their comrades’ bodies and continuing on their way, their archers and mages finally got into attack range and began retaliating in earnest. The archers drew their bows and started firing their own Far Shots at our frontliners.

Clang clang clang clang! My HP decreased, but it was completely inconsequential. 200 damage was nothing at all. My comrades couldn’t claim the same thing, however. Some of the lower-level players lost 50% of their HP in no time. They were only surviving because our numerous priests kept healing them non-stop.

I smiled. "Alright, it’s time. High-level fighters, move to the front and keep the enemy twenty yards away from our formation! Don’t give them the chance to engage us in melee!"

"Got it!"

Xu Yang, Chaos Moon, Li Chengfeng, High Fighting Spirits, and the others moved immediately. I was the fastest of all of them as I engaged three magic knights from the first subguild of Throne Seeker. Their levels were between 125 to 130, and they were all wielding spears. To my surprise, they actually let out a high-spirited laugh after they saw me. "Hahaha, who is this? It’s one of the strongest fighters of Sky City, the Little Heavenly King Falling Dust! Let’s kill him and show the world that he’s nowhere near as good as he's made out to be, hahaha~~~"

An involuntary smile crept to my face as I released the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf. Then, I charged toward the three magic knights!


The moment I got within range, I immediately executed Burning Blade Slash!

Swhoosh swhoosh swhoosh!

The three magic knights turned pale and raised their shields in a hurry to guard against the flaming sword aura. However, they were naive to think that this level of defense was enough to stop me. Flicking my wrist and changing my attack angle to bottom-up, I knocked their shields above their heads with the second strike and cut down both men and horse with the third strike. A bunch of damage numbers popped above their heads—




That satisfied my bloodlust greatly. Magic knights at their level were seriously fragile!

I let out a shout and swung my sword in front of me. Thousand Ice Slash fell from the sky and landed at the center of a group, dealing an insane amount of damage to all the players caught within the blast radius. The one strike was so powerful that it had carved an entire hole in the enemy’s formation. Players died and covered the ground in potions and equipment.

"Holy shit, how powerful is he? Archers, why the fuck are you standing there and doing nothing? Shoot him! Fighters, Charge! Those with Barrier Break should go first!" an assassin shouted.

A warrior responded to the command, "Like hell we’re charging until our archers are done with him, not to mention that there are less than 20 people in our subguild who have Barrier Break, and not all of them are here…"

The enemy archers started focusing me, forcing me to raise my left arm and block them with my wristguard. It was unfortunate that I was a warrior and not a magic knight, or I would be able to equip a shield and block the attack perfectly. Of course, no class was really better than the other. A warrior didn’t have a magic knight’s insane defense, but a magic knight didn’t have a warrior’s insane attack power either.

A dozen or so fighters tried to surround me from all directions, so I stomped the ground and killed all of them with War Crush. Before they could recover from their shock, I tossed out an Icy Cyclone Domain onto a crowd and Barrier Break’d a nearby target, killing a dozen or so archers in rapid succession. Then, I tossed my sword at the distance and watched as Sword Boomerang sliced through a couple of mages who hadn’t activated their shields!


After my sword had returned to me, I immediately slashed my left and right side and knocked two assassins out of stealth. The idiots thought they could ambush me while my Dark Pupils were active, and I proved it with the sword in my hand that their efforts were completely futile. They probably didn’t know how they died until it was too late.

Crack crack!

I did a series of rapid slashes and sent a Level 132 magic knight stumbling backward. Suddenly a bright flash appeared from my ring—it was the Silver Dragon Ring triggering its Silver Dragon Storm again—and I launched a fearsome-looking silver dragon into the crowd. Everyone and everything that stood in its path was annihilated.


The skill subsided a couple of seconds later. All the Throne Seeker players around me forgot what they were doing and stared stupidly at me.

I swung the Cyan Netherworld Sword and pointed to the front. With a smirk I shouted, "Anyone else who wants to try out the might of a Heaven-grade weapon?"

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