Chapter 592: A Territory at The West

"Not good! That fucker’s trying to kill our party leader!"

I didn’t know who was the one shouting, but Gao Hengxuan didn’t look afraid in the slightest. He let out a chuckle before declaring, "Let him come. The guild leader spent 200k to recruit me from Wind City. I gotta show him that his money is well spent, yeah? I’ve been longing to test out the skills of the so-called Protoss Genius anyway, and this is my chance!"

After that lengthy declaration, Gao Hengxuan let out an angry roar and ran toward me while shining like a light bulb. A female bard—a Level 131 player, so her Tactics must be pretty high—had buffed him with Divine Valor, Death Match, Physique, and more. I bet that his defensive and offensive stats were increased by 35% at least, meaning that she was almost as good a bard as Pure Love.


"Come at me, Lu Chen!"

The magic knight laughed loudly as he suddenly charged me on his earth dragon. Ice flew around his spear for a moment, and when I entered his attack range he thrust his spear at me five times in quick succession. Five Hit Mad Strike was a flurry skill that dealt 75% of a basic attack five times. It was without a doubt the killer move of many fighters!

I raised my arms and guarded immediately. The strikes rattled my body and dealt between 500 to 2000 damage per hit. It wasn’t fatal, but it definitely showed how high Gao Hengxuan’s current stats was considering that one, I was guarding and two, I was buffed by Lin Yixin’s Bombshell. Without her Famous General Skill, I would’ve been hard-pressed to gain an advantage over a fully-buffed enemy.

"You dare guard in front of me?!"

Gao Hengxuan let out an angry shout and used Crushing Blow!

I laughed. He thought he could hit me with this level of reaction speed?

I abruptly canceled my guard, pressed my foot on a giant rock on the ground and leaped to the air. At the same time, I swung my sword downward in an attempt to hit him. Gao Hengxuan overextended a bit when he was using the Five Hit Mad Strike, but he still managed to react in time and parry the overhead strike. I supposed he wasn’t too slow after all.

Unfortunately for him, that was exactly what I wanted him to do. I wanted him to parry so he could open himself to my real attack! Dark Pupils active, I kicked his arm and destabilized his footing, exposing the weak point beneath his armpit. Then, I plunged a flaming cone of energy straight into his flesh!



The massive damage number drained all the blood in Gao Hengxuan’s face. Before he could dodge out of the way, I followed up with a devastating Burning Blade Strike that left deep, ugly scars on the ground, much less the poor guy who took the full brunt of the attack. He even lost grip of his shield because of it!




The third strike was a critical hit, so there was no priest in the world that could save Gao Hengxuan’s life. In fact, the shield that he let slip was the equipment he dropped upon death. The high-level Spirit-grade shield dropped to the ground and came to a stop right next to my feet!

As Gao Hengxuan slowly toppled from his mount with denial riddled all over his face, I said, "You are worth 200k, and only 200k, moron. I write checks with more zeros than your idiot ass is worth…"

Gao Hengxuan puked blood and died just like that.


At the distance, the Flower Room players exclaimed in shock, "Fuck, the boss dropped his 3-star Outstanding Spirit-grade shield! We need to kill him and get back that shield!"

A smile broke across my face as I kicked the shield into the air. The equipment drew a beautiful arc across the air, landing perfectly next to Cute Little Naughty’s feet. "Naughty, your friend died twice, right? Please accept that as my welcoming gift. It belongs to your enemy anyway, so we’re both happy about this, right?"

This time, Cute Little Naughty picked up the shield without hesitation and smiled at me. "Thank you, Brother Broken Halberd! You really are a good person!"

Beside her, Cyan Hill loosened up a little and nodded as he watched me dancing across the battlefield. He muttered in a mosquito’s voice, "Mn, the legendary CGL Hall of Famer, the Little Heavenly King, really is as great as the rumors say…"


After the kill, I continued charging in and out of the enemy party like an unrelenting lightning bolt. Like a deadly snake, I used their own allies as my cover and stabbed them repeatedly with the Cyan Netherworld Sword. It wasn’t long before a ton of tacticians and archers were dead by my hands.

"Focus him, mages! Quickly, before it’s too late!"

I didn’t know who was the one who shouted the order, but the remaining four mages obeyed it and tried to chant their magic spells again. Of course, I wasn’t going to give them the opportunity to do that. I ran toward them like the wind and tried to bind one of them with the God Binding Art, but it was nullified by their Magic Shield. The skill was OP, but it seemed like it was useless against mages with active shields.

"Galaxy Storm! Die!"

A red-faced Level 134 high-level mage shouted. It looked like the heat of the battle had gotten into his head completely. The enemy was able to predict where I was moving to and dropped my HP to 25% or so.

"You think you can focus fire on me? Hehe…"

I chuckled as a fiery cone of indigo abruptly surrounded the Cyan Netherworld Sword. Then, I dashed past the Level 134 mage and split his Magic Shield and his body in half with Universe Break. That wasn’t the end of my assault though. As I spun around and froze a dozen or so combatants with Thousand Ice Slash, the Cyan Netherworld Sword suddenly ringed crisply and glowed like the sun. The image of the Cyan Netherworld Divine Dragon manifested into existence, and a gigantic cyclone of energy wiped out absolutely all the enemies standing in front of me.

After that, it felt as if a great burden was lifted off my shoulders. The enemy had no mages left, and the only ones still alive were some fighters, bards, tamers, and a few archers. The tamers had powerful pets, but they weren’t nearly strong enough to penetrate my Defense and deal the fatal blow, so I just ignored them completely.


I diced two warriors to tiny pieces before firing another Burning Blade Slash, killing the five players behind me. They dropped a ton of equipment and potions, but no one was crazy enough to pick them up in this situation. With about 20% HP left in my health pool, I ran and killed and ran as the remaining enemies chased after me. The archers and tamers were hitting me with well-placed and well-organized attacks, but they couldn’t really kill me because their attack power was subpar.

A Level 129 assassin came at me with swinging daggers while shouting, "Flower Room is not a guild that anyone can bully as they please, you motherfucker! We may lose, but our soul will not submit!"

He was a good assassin, so I had no idea why he chose enough to serve Li Le. Maybe he was too stupid to recognize the fact that he was serving a terrible master. A strong soul he might be, he clearly needed to work on his brain.

I hit the assassin with Universe Break without hesitation. My sword pierced his body and caused two numbers to pop up—



The Cyan Netherworld Sword’s passive, Blood Rage, converted 10% of damage dealt into health, and it was a powerful passive. It encouraged fighting aggression with aggression, and the fact that my health was growing as my enemies died proved that I was fighting the right way. In fact, Flower Room’s eighty-man party already lost from the moment they lost their high-level mages and Gao Hengxuan.

That being said, I had to admit that this eighty-man party was exceptionally powerful. They might even be as good as the strongest elites led by the Ego workshop considering that they were able to put me in a precarious position multiple times before I claimed my win conditions. I had four Earth-grade items, and my weapon was a legendary Heaven-grade sword. Usually, it wouldn’t be a problem for me to kill a hundred-man party, to say nothing of an eighty-man party.


By now, the remainder of Flower Room’s party were sweating quite heavily. They all wanted to run away, but the only exit of the valley was guarded by the legendary Fruit Knife Goddess. Their only hope was to fight to the death.

"God dammit, fight!"

The last two warriors rushed me with their battle axes, and even one of them was wielding the Level 120 Spirit-grade weapon, Invincible. There was no way to tell if it was an Outstanding one like High Fighting Spirits’ Invincible though.

Meeting their charge with a smile, I wasted their attacks using a feint and zigzagged twice to hide myself from their vision. Then, I hit both of them twice and ended their misery. To my pleasant surprise, the poor bastard wielding Invincible actually dropped his weapon upon death.

I picked up the weapon and gave it an overview. Eh, it wasn’t an Outstanding Spirit-grade weapon, so it lacked critical passives and its stats were 30% lower than High Fighting Spirits’ at least. It wasn’t a bad weapon though, it was a Spirit-grade axe after all.

I picked up the Invincible and tossed it to Cute Little Naughty’s hands again. "Here, give this to your warrior!"

Cute Little Naughty stared at me blankly. "Big brother Broken Halberd, we’re the ones who asked you to save us. Even as compensation, we can’t possibly accept this many items from you."

I smiled and showed off my Cyan Netherworld Sword. "See this, Naughty? My weapon is the Cyan Netherworld Sword, a Heaven-grade weapon. With that in mind, why would I need a Spirit-grade weapon? Just give it to Cyan Hill already. Freezing Point took his weapon, and we weren’t able to get it back from him, right? This Invincible is the rightful compensation he deserves."

Cyan Hill nodded and accepted the axe from Cute Little Naughty. Then, he declared in a solemn voice, "Guild leader!"

I smiled again. "Welcome to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, everyone!"

Cute Little Naughty smiled sweetly. "Big brother Broken Halberd, which guild will we be staying in? Just in case, we are absolutely not joining your eighth subguild no matter what!"

"Of course…"

"About that…" Cyan Hill looked hesitant, but he gathered his courage and said, "Guild leader, I was the guild leader of a thousand-man guild in Spirit of Grief before. If you think my abilities are up to par, I would like to build a subguild of our own. Naughty, you were saying that you want to see how it’s like to be a guild leader, right?"

Naughty nodded repeatedly. "Yeah! I want to be a leader of people just like Wind Fantasy!"

It was at this moment Lin Yixin walked over and gave her a word of encouragement. "Do your best!"

I broke into a smile again. "Well, that’s a good plan, but we currently don’t have the space to fit your subguild. There are only the main guild, the Bloody Mercenaries and the eight subguilds right now… how about I buy a Guild Token for you after I head back to the city?"

"Yeah, sure!" Cute Little Naughty nodded repeatedly.


Suddenly, a system announcement rang above Sky City—


System Announcement: All players, please be informed that the western territory of Sky City has spawned at coordinates (-12994, 9002). Kill the boss, claim the Territory Token, and defend the city for 10 hours to gain ownership over the territory!

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