Chapter 591: Snowing Sincerity

"Roar! Roar!"

A dark cyan wolf suddenly appeared in front of the assassin girl and let out a beastial roar. Then, it slapped the shield of the foremost magic knight and dealt over 4000 damage.The magic knight shuddered all over, but still bellowed with a sneer, "Whose animal is this? You think you can kill me with your pathetic attack power, motherfucker? Brothers, kill this suicidal wolf! I think it’s some player’s pet!"

The Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf’s attack power clearly wasn’t enough to significantly penetrate its target’s Defense anymore. Baring its fangs menacingly, it suddenly shifted to the right to allow me to slide right in. With a flaming cone in my hand and an Eight Trigrams formation beneath my feet, I let out a chuckle. "My pet can’t kill you, but I can!"

Universe Break!



The unstoppable sword thoroughly penetrated the magic knight’s shield, his armor, and his body and dealt a massive amount of damage. The magic knight was Level 130, which meant that he had around 30k health or so. Universe Break was almost enough to one-shot him.

"Fuck, so powerful! Who is he…"

The magic knight withdrew to the back while glaring at me in fury. He slapped his mount while asking, "Who are you? What do you think you’re doing?"

I raised my sword again as I replied, "We can speak after you’re dead!"


A cyan energy cut through the air and smacked the magic knight’s head, dealing 12592 damage. The Dragon Slaying Slash was as sharp as ever.

Finally, someone pointed a finger at me and shouted in recognition, "Fuck, that’s… Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand’s skill! Fuck my life, he’s Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand!"

I smiled, but I didn’t say anything.

There was a Level 135 magic knight riding a lowly Earth Dragon called Gao Hengxuan, and if I wasn’t mistaken, he was the party leader. He wore well-made metal armor and wielded a spear. There was also a translucent, red-colored shield floating above his left arm. He pointed his spear at me and asked, "Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, why are you giving us trouble when we have no grudge with you?"

Keeping my sword lowered, I said with a smile, "I wasn’t planning to have anything to do with you lot at all, but that changed when you tried to harm this party. Cute Little Naughty is my friend."

"Hmph!" Gao Hengxuan’s eyes turned chilly. "You think you can protect their whole party alone? You are just one person, and we are Flower Room! Also, this is the Dragonbone Mountain Range, a public leveling map, not Dark Moon City! You don’t have a say over anything!"

I sucked in a deep breath. "So, you want to fight?"

"Why not?"

It was at this moment a pretty little woman wielding the Blade of Violet Lightning on her Frostscythe Warhorse. She galloped to my side with a teasing smile on my face. "Heh, you were so fast that you outran me on a horse! Truly, your desire to save your princess cannot be stopped…"

A hint of embarrassment immediately crept into Cute Little Naughty’s features. The assassin girl looked back and forth between me and Lin Yixin.

The Flower Room guys were stunned yet again. Gao Hengxuan’s mouth fell wide open as he murmured, "Is… is she the Fruit Knight Goddess, Wind Fantasy? Fuck, why is she here? What should we do? Shit! A Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand is bad enough, but now the Fruit Knife Goddess is here as well..."


It was at this moment the elf warrior revived, rose to his feet and moved behind Cute Little Naughty. Then, he saluted me with his fist and smiled. "Thank you for saving us, guild leader Broken Halberd!"

I smiled back. "You’re Cyan Hill, right? Your party is too small, and a single leveling party could wipe you out in a dangerous leveling map like this. Why don’t you join Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls? I can at least provide you with some protection."

Cyan Hill shook his head. "No, we can hardly forget the humiliation your eighth subguild brought to us. We will not join Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls!"

I asked, "Is there really no way to change your mind?"

"Absolutely not!"

Cyan Hill declared determinedly, "You’re a good person, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, but your subordinates are fucking assholes. I will never join Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls!"

"Hey, Cyan Hill…" Suddenly, his priest called out to him and whispered a bit something beside his ears. She seemed to be persuading him or something.

A few seconds later, Cyan Hill faced toward me again with a hesitant expression on his face. Then, he said, "Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, if you really want us to join the guild, I supposed that it’s not completely non-negotiable. However, I have two conditions. One, we won’t join your eighth subguild no matter what. Two, I want you to kill this 80-player party and prove that you have the strength to be worthy of our trust. If you can do these, then we are willing to fight to our deaths for the guild."

I couldn’t help but smile. "Is that all?"

"Yes, that is all!"

"That’s simple. In this game, there’s nothing I’m better at than killing people!" My eyes turned chilly as I faced toward the Flower Room party. Then, I pointed my sword at them and declared, "Starting now, I’m going to kill all 80 of you alone! If you have balls, you will fight me to the last man and prove that you’re not a trash guild of cowards!"

Gao Hengxuan’s face turned red with fury. "Hmph, that is a big boast to make, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand! Do you think we’re the same as the trash you faced in the past? We’ll show you the power of the strongest party of Flower Room! We are different from all the Flower Room parties you’ve ever encountered in the past!"

Beside me, Lin Yixin whispered, "Watch out, Lu Chen. He isn’t lying. I’ve heard for a while that Li Le was spending big amounts of cash to unearth experts from all three main cities to make an ace thousand-man party. The average level of this party is 130, and at least thirty of them are over Level 130. Both their level and equipment are threatening, even for you!"


It wasn’t like I didn’t notice that this party was a lot stronger than the ones I encountered before, but I had made a promise to Cute Little Naughty and Cyan Hill, and I was going to fulfill it no matter what. I desperately needed Cute Little Naughty, and the guild needed an ace assassin to build around and lead an assassin party just as much!


"Yiyi, please block the entrance, will you? Don’t let a single Flower Room player escape from there!"

"Hehe, this little one will gladly carry out your command~~"

Lin Yixin rode toward the entrance in an instant and raised her sword menacingly, "Anyone who tries to escape through here will die starting now. Come try me if you dare!"

I couldn’t help but fall for Lin Yixin’s intelligence all over again. Even if she wasn’t participating in the battle, her presence at the only exit from this valley was more than enough to intimidate the enemy and shake their faith. Who wouldn’t be if they were surrounded by two of the strongest CGL Hall of Famers in China?



A bloody energy, the undead energy enveloped the blade of my sword. I also activated Dark Pupils. Gao Hengxuan was boosting his 80-man party with Encourage VII, or 75% attack power, so there was a real chance I might die here if I didn’t go all out against this 80-man party.

"Kill him!"

Gao Hengxuan led the attack, but he didn’t use Charge. He simply ran toward me with his spear poised for attack.

"Roar roar!"

The Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf pounced toward the magic knight under my order while I circled around him. Zigzagging across the terrain like a lightning bolt, I dodged the arrows and spells coming my way with irregular movement and unleashed Thousand Ice Slash!


Ice rained on top of a group and killed 4 archers in one go, but unlike before the warriors who were caught in the skill only lost half their health or so. They were definitely more powerful than the ones I had fought before.

"Kill him! Mages, predict his movement and hit him with Galaxy Storms! Archers, use Spiraling Arrow Blades to cut off his path and stun him with Shock Arrows if you can! All fighters who know Barrier Break, get up to his face and kill him!" Gao Hengxuan barked out a series of orders.

The enemy had almost 20 high-level mages, and their control was pretty amazing. Instead of casting blindly, they tried to predict where I would go and fire their Galaxy Storms there, meaning that it was literally impossible for me to fight this out without taking damage. I would find my opportunities while enduring the bombardment.

Boom boom boom!

Pain ravaged my body as several Galaxy Storms hit me in a row. Magic spells did massive damage against metal armor classes, and the damage numbers rising above my head reflected that reality—





I had lost half my health in less than 6 seconds. This was a deadly situation to say the least. Gritting my teeth and making a snap decision, I locked onto a nearby mage and activated Charge. Like a lightning bolt, I dashed into a group of players and stomped the ground with War Crush!

Bang bang bang!

The triple-hit skill killed five mages in one go, and I found an opening to launch Burning Blade Slash at another seven mages. The first and second blow just barely tore apart their Magic Shields, and the third and fatal blow killed all seven mages at once!

Unfortunately, the price of killing twelve mages in a row was a short pause in my movement. It was enough for the Level 135 magic knight, Gao Hengxuan, to hit me with a Charge! And he succeeded in stunning me!

"Kill him!"

Shit. Three warriors hit me with their Barrier Breaks in unison!

Clang! Clang! Clang!




The good news was that Ghost Deity Armor boosted my Defense just high enough to tank all three hits. However, my health was almost gone as well!

The second I recovered from the stun, I slid away from the crowd before they could chain-stun me and gulped down a Rank 8 Saint Spirit Potion. At the same time, I used Tenacity of the Dead—




Having restored nearly 20k HP in one go and regenerating more thanks to Regeneration of the Undead, I just barely saved my own life. The good news was that I had taken out most of the enemy mages in one assault. The biggest threat in their party had been lessened by a great margin.

I moved backward while sniping the enemy one by one with Dragon Slaying Slash.


While I was doing so, I noticed three Level 130+ assassins stealthing their way toward me thanks to Dark Pupils. They all wore sinister smiles on their faces. They were only 15 yards away from me, and their dagger gleamed with poison. They were clearly plotting to CC me with Blind and kill me afterward.

I smiled and waved my arm three times in a row. Three Dragon Slaying Slashes exploded against their heads and dealt three damage numbers—




Just like that, all the would-be-ambushers were killed before they could do anything. Still, their HP was much lower than I expected. Beiming Xue was a leather-armor class too, but her HP was over 20k. That was just how big the gap of power was!

This time, I locked my eyes onto Gao Hengxuan. He was the soul of this party, so he had to die for me to break the enemy’s morale. However, a bard’s buff had increased his HP to over 50k and his Defense to ridiculous levels. Even for me, it seemed rather difficult to one-shot the guy.


I pondered for a second but charged him anyway. My Dark Pupils revealed the enemies’ weak spots, so I could make even the impossible possible!

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