Chapter 587: My Reputation

My eyes widened in shock as I pointed a finger at the scout captain. "What the fuck Yiyi, how can you associate yourself with someone like him? There’s probably not a good bone in him!"

Lin Yixin rolled her eyes at me before retorting, "I did no such thing, you bastard. I… I just accepted a quest from him, that’s all. Anyway, go talk with him and accept the quest to kill the Corrosive Worms already. With the two of us together, we should be able to turn in the quest once per 30 minutes. Since the quest is repeatable, it should yield a sizable amount of experience!"

"You’ve fought here before?"

"Yeah, but I was alone and it was too dangerous to lure more than one to three Corrosive Worms at a time. It took me half a day just to kill a total of 1000 Corrosive Worms. With you and your firepower though, we should be able to hit that quota much faster."


I walked up to the scout captain and said, "Don’t shoot, captain! It’s me!"

The scout captain glared at me. "Hi, boy. I don’t remember seeing you before. Is that beautiful lass over there your woman?"

I grinned. "Yep! She has the face, the tits, the ass, everything! Not bad, right?"

The scout captain licked his lips before replying, "I suppose. She doesn’t understand love though, if you get what I mean. The women at the inn in the southwest area of Sky City though, they are amazing! When night falls, they are as wet as a rainy season. Even better, you get to enjoy three women for the price of 10 gold only! So risk your life and kill the Corrosive Worms, boy! Remember, every three Corrosive Worms equal one amazing woman!"

I replied with great interest. "Got it, captain. But where is this inn you speak of, exactly?"

The scout captain had to wipe away his saliva before replying, "It’s at the west gate where—"

Lin Yixin was literally stomping her foot in anger at this point. She pulled out her Blade of Violet Lightning and pressed the sharp end against the back of my head. "Lu Chen, if you’ve accepted the quest already then go! I’ll kill you if you stay here any longer!"

Astonished, I turned around and pushed the blade away. "What’s the hurry? I just received the quest, didn’t I? Alright then, let’s go kill some Corrosive Worms. Don’t worry, I’ll protect you!"

Lin Yixin shot me a glare before following me.

Unbeknownst to us, the scout captain stared at Lin Yixin’s back for a long time before murmuring to himself, "This is the first time ever that I, Captain Loque, the connoisseur of womenfolk, was wrong about a woman. She doesn’t know love? Quite the opposite, she’s… tsk tsk, that lucky boy…"


"Yiyi, did you accept the quest already?"

"Yes, yesterday."

"What’s the attack pattern of these Corrosive Worms? It shouldn’t be too difficult, right?"

"Hehehe, you’ll know once you’ve fought one yourself…"

I couldn’t help but worry a little as Lin Yixin giggled evilly at the side. What is she hiding from me?

I found out the answer soon after. As usual, I kicked off my attack with a Dragon Slaying Slash to the head. The Corrosive Worm I attacked had immediately pounced toward me like a ferocious bulldog. When it got close enough, it jumped into the air, aiming straight for my face, its small mouth growing bigger as the distance between us closed.

I was going to stab the worm with my sword as a matter of course, but its mouth suddenly widened without warning!


My vision darkened, and my mind couldn’t quite catch up to what was going on. What the heck? Did the Corrosive Worm just swallow my entire head? A jolt of pain from my shoulders told me that that was the case. I took a sizable amount of damage—


—but it definitely didn’t exceed my limits of endurance. I was buffed by Bombshell after all. That being said, I must look horrible right now. In fact, I could hear Lin Yixin’s delighted laughter even from inside the mob.

I swung my fist and canceled the devoured state with a Magic Piercing Punch. After it fell to the ground, I immediately followed up with Universe Break, Burning Blade Slash, and a couple of basic attacks to finally kill it. Then, I stomped on its corpse repeatedly while swearing, "You think you could eat me, you little shit? Huh? Huh?"

At this point, Lin Yixin’s face was red with exertion. She looked like she was about to collapse from laughter.

I glared at her. "Why didn’t you help me earlier?"

"Why should I?" She puffed up her chest proudly with a wide grin. "I even took a screenshot just now! Who would’ve thought that the legendary CGL Hall of Famer and Protoss Genius would get eaten by a little worm one day? Hehe, this is so much fun! Do you want me to upload this to the forums?"

"Fuck, my reputation…"

I groaned out loud but immediately went on the attack after. "Hey, you must’ve been swallowed before, haven’t you? There’s no way you could have known that it swallows people otherwise. Using Corrosive Worm saliva as your face cream? Man, your tastes are so hardcore…"

Lin Yixin immediately let out a cute whine. "Can we not talk about the painful past already…"

I let out a satisfied snort. "So, how do you break this Swallow skill?"

"It’s simple. Just cover your face with the flat side of your sword when the Corrosive Worm jumps toward you. It’ll hit your sword but fail to devour you. The skill only activates at the beginning, and it won’t swallow you after you hit them. For example, if I hit a group of worms with Ice Flame Slash, they won’t swallow anyone."

"Got it. By the way, is it possible to die to this skill?"

"What do you think?" Lin Yixin giggled. "Yesterday afternoon, I saw a Level 122 warrior trying to solo kill a Corrosive Worm only to be swallowed by it. Because he lacked the Strength to break free, the Corrosive Worm… eventually swallowed him whole. The worm’s stomach was fully stretched, and the poor bastard had to wait 10 full minutes before he was finally digested…"

I stared at her. "What the fuck, you just let him be digested bit by bit?"

Lin Yixin shrugged. "Well, he was a student from my university. He once bought me a car of roses to win my heart, but I rejected him…"

"Well done! People like him deserve to be digested and shat out as hot steamy worm shit!" I swung my fists in righteous anger. I only wished that I was the Corrosive Worm myself!

It was Lin Yixin’s turn to stare at me. "What are you getting so agitated for…"


Since there were two of us, we could fight hordes of Corrosive Worms at once. Their attack power was high, but both Lin Yixin and I were tanky enough to withstand them. After all, my HP was over 50000, and the worms only dealt 2000 damage or so to me per hit. Moreover, I had Regeneration of the Undead, Blood Rage from the Cyan Netherworld Sword, and a ton of Rank 8 Saint Spirit Potions. These were much better than a common Rank 10 Health Potion.

"Let’s go to that spot."

Lin Yixin pointed at the corner of a valley wall and blinked at me. "I’ll aggro the mobs since I have the Frostscythe Warhorse. You and the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf will assume positions at the choke point and wait for me to arrive. Is that okay with you?"

I nodded. "Be careful. Don’t let the worms swallow you…"

"I know…"

After the discussion was over, the Sky Obsidian Greedy Wolf and I ran along the valley walls toward our destination. Lin Yixin summoned the Frostscythe Warhorse and urged her mount into the sea of mobs. Anyone who saw her right now would immediately see she was a seasoned rider of a high level. Her movements were quick and precise. Not only was she able to aggro the mobs, she never let them get close enough for them to use their Swallow skill.

I had absolute confidence in Lin Yixin’s skill and positioning. There were less than ten players in China who possessed the skill to put me under great pressure, and Lin Yixin was not only one of them, but also a greater threat than most. She was the reason Warsky Alliance would rather challenge Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls again and again than provoke Snowy Cathaya. It was because she never left Snowy Cathaya out of her sight for too long. If Lin Yixin wasn’t around, Warsky Alliance probably would’ve eliminated Snowy Cathaya a long time ago.

A short while later, Lin Yixin returned with a horde of Corrosive Worms, and I tossed out three Ice Cyclone Domains at strategic spots. This drastically lowered the Corrosive Worms’ movement speed and attack speed drastically and prevented them from swallowing us. Otherwise, the worms might not be able to kill us with their swallow skill, but it would still be incredibly disgusting.


Lin Yixin cut into her position perfectly, turned around and fired Ice Flame Slash into the horde. Then, she summoned her Ice Fox and ordered it to unleash its Ice Rain from behind, contributing a good chunk of DPS.


My Thousand Ice Slash exploded among the mobs and dealt a ton of damage. All the mobs who took a direct hit from the skill lost 20k HP in one go, and because my sword had 40% splash effect, the actual damage they took was 3 to 5 times that number. The mobs at the center of the skill lost between 70k to 100k HP, or half their health bar, instantly.

Lin Yixin looked astonished at my DPS. She looked at me and said, "OMG, slow down, hotshot. I want my experience too, you know…"

I nodded. "Yeah, you should time your Ice Flame Slash to get the last hit on the mobs. The Blade of Violet Lightning is amazing in everything except the fact that it has no splash effect. It sucks when you’re fighting against great numbers…"

Lin Yixin curled her lips. "I guess. It’s great for killing players though."



The slaughter continued in comfortable silence for a bit. Less than half an hour later, both of us had killed 1000 Corrosive Worms just as Lin Yixin had predicted. We happily swept the battlefield for some great loot before running back to the NPC and turning in our quest. Then, we accepted the repeatable quest again and went back to the grind.

The second time we turned in the quest, a golden column of golden light enveloped Lin Yixin and raised her level to 140. Tsk tsk, Lin Yixin was right to think that this really was a great place to grind. At this rate, we could probably hit Level 150 in less than a week!

I waited at the choke point again while Lin Yixin aggroed the mobs. Once she returned, we mowed them down like a flesh grinder again!


Suddenly, a party made up of ten people showed up outside. They were all between Level 125 to Level 130, and judging from their equipment they were just barely strong enough to fight one Corrosive Worm at a time. Any more than that and they would probably be a party wipe for them. The Corrosive Worms were no small fries after all.

A beautiful assassin clad in leather armor stood at the edge of the valley and stuck out her tongue with a smile. "Wow, these mobs are ridiculously high-level. Ah, look over there! It looks like two players are grinding those mobs. It’s amazing…"

Beside her, a male elf warrior carrying an axe smiled and said, "Let’s focus on the task at hand, Naughty. Also, anyone who can massacre these mobs en masse has to belong to the Heavenly Ranking!"

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