Chapter 585: I’ll Never Fall In Love With You!

Dozens of voices immediately filled the guild channel.

Xu Yang: "What the fuck! Lu Chen, you punk, you actually know how to make Rank 8 Strength Supplements? 400 Strength! Even the trashiest Level 125 fighter will be able to learn Barrier Break with that boost…"

Li Chengfeng: "That’s right! Lu Chen, how’d you get those potions? Tsk, tsk, they’re OP as hell. This potion is gonna explosively boost the power of all the fighters in the server once it hits the market. If everyone has Barrier Break, then no one will be afraid of Spiraling Arrow Blade or Galaxy Storm anymore!"

I couldn’t help but laugh. "Chengfeng, do you think that these potions grow on trees? I need to use very valuable materials to make them, okay! I don’t even have that many of them. The only reason I’m even selling them in the first place is because Eve’s company needs an injection of capital. If not, I’d definitely hide these potions. Only an idiot would sell them…"

Beiming Xue giggled. "Big bro, how many of these potions do you have exactly? Can you afford to spare some for our guild members first? That way, they can all learn Barrier Break."

I nodded my head, "Yeah, I’ve already thought of that. Five hundred fighters with the most guild contribution points will each receive a bottle. Tell them to use it wisely! They need to ensure that they’ll have enough Strength to learn Barrier Break after they use it! I will also be giving a bottle to each of the riders under Gui Guzi’s command. I want every competent fighter in the main guild to learn Barrier Break, heh heh! Xu Yang, come to the eastern gate of Sky City. I’ll give you 2500 potions. You’ll be in charge of distributing them…"

Xu Yang immediately replied: "Okay, I’ll be there in three minutes!"

Everyone laughed heartily as they cheered him on.


Xu Yang soon arrived in front of me and I traded him the 2500 potions and left him to handle the rest. I didn’t want to cause any resentment in the guild over any perceived unfairness over who got these potions, so it was best to let the guild administrator handle it. If not, giving out these potions might very well backfire on us. After that, I immediately called Du Thirteen over and passed another 500 potions to him. I told him to give these Strength Supplements to the main fighters in Bloody Mercenaries. This would greatly increase the fighting power of both Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Bloody Mercenaries.

Right before I was about to leave the main city, Lin Yixin sent a message to me out of nowhere: "Little Cheat! You know exactly what I’m going to say to you!"

A smile appeared unbidden on my face. I replied: "Yiyi, come to the warehouse near Sky City’s eastern gate. I’ll be waiting for you. I’ve missed you…"

"Oh, spare me…"

A few minutes later, a beautiful silhouette stepped out of the teleportation formation. It was a girl whose shapely body was practically being hugged by her exquisite silver scale armor. I could see her full breasts rise and fall beneath her silver armor. A necklace which flowed with light dangled enticingly, nestling itself in the valley formed between those magnificent mounds. I gulped audibly as I watched the chain of her necklace sway back and forth in an almost flirtatious manner. The beautiful girl exposed tantalizing flashes of snow white skin as she strode toward me, her long and slender legs a work of art. She was holding a familiar longsword that crackled with purple lightning, the Blade of Violet Lightning.

It seemed as if Lin Yixin had completely overhauled her equipment in two short days. Yeah, she had probably killed some unlucky bosses to get these upgrades.

"Hey, what are you looking at?!" Lin Yixin yelled angrily as her pretty eyes stared daggers at me.

I shifted my eyes away from her "pride and joy" as I quickly wiped the corner of my mouth with the back of my hand. I replied, "Yiyi, it’s only been two days, but you’ve grown even prettier…"

"Hmph! Offering up such glib words the moment we meet? You’re definitely up to no good."

"Oh, come on! You’re clearly the one asking me for a favor this time! Cut me some slack!"

"Oh right, I almost forgot about that…" Lin Yixin said as she stuck out her tongue at me in the most adorable fashion. "Okay, okay! I’m the one asking you for a favor this time! So… just how many Strength Supplements do you still have? Can you provide some of them to my Snowy Cathaya at a better rate? The prices in your little shop nearly made me puke blood…"

My lips curled up into a smile as I said, "Tell me how many you want. But I gotta warn you first, I’m charging for these potions…"

"Hmmm, okay! Money isn’t an issue!" Lin Yixin confidently stuck out her chest, dazzling me with a stunning smile. "Little Cheat, name your price! If it’s something I can swallow, I’ll take them!"

"Fine, let’s go with the base price then. I’ll sell you every bottle for 5000 RMB. How many do you want?"

"Waaaaaah... One bottle for 5000 RMB? That’s crazy expensive! Lu Chen, you know how poor I am! Apple pays us by the month, not by the year! Where am I going to find that much money to pay you, huh?! Do you want me to go and sell my body to buy these drugs?"

The little beauty stared at me with stars in her eyes. "Come on, be a little flexible and give me an insider discount! Pretty please?"

I raised up three fingers. "On account of the alliance between our guild, I can give you an insider price of 3000 RMB a bottle. I can’t go any lower than that! I also have one more condition!"

"Oh, oh, what condition?" Lin Yixin asked in a bubbly voice.

"Let me kiss you once…"

"Wuh?" Lin Yixin’s tiny face went bright red. She quickly looked around and she looked like she wanted to say something, but she quickly bit her lip and whispered angrily, "There are so many people here! Do you wanna die?"

I took a step back as I parsed her words. Yeah, there were definitely at least ten thousand people in the square next to the eastern gate. If anyone took a picture of Lin Yixin and I, we were gonna become even more famous.

I immediately changed my tack. "Then, I’ll get my reward from you in real life…"

"Ah?" Lin Yixin’s tiny mouth dropped open as she stared at me in shock. Her face grew even redder as she whispered furiously, "Huh? Isn’t that even worse for me? I mean... I haven’t even had my first kiss in real life…"

"Oh, come on! Then what did we do the last time, huh?"

"Shh! Don’t you dare!"

The pretty girl clenched a delicate fist and shook it at me threateningly. She was obviously trying to rewrite history here and she looked like she would never admit it, no matter what.

In the end, we still made that deal. I gave her 1500 Strength Supplements for 3000 RMB a bottle, so she owed me a total of 4.5 million RMB. However, Lin Yixin wasn’t hurting for money. In fact, I heard that she had earned more than 5 million RMB from all the equipment she had gotten from the Nine Lost Dragon Domains. When you added that to the money that Snowy Cathaya earned from their territory alone, the sum of 4.5 million RMB suddenly became a rather insignificant amount.

We finished the trade and Lin Yixin threw the 1500 Strength Supplements into her inventory. After that, she stared at me resentfully as her lips puckered up into an adorable pout. "Owwww, I feel like someone just cut off a chunk of my flesh! It hurts! Hmph, how are you going to make it up to me, huh?!"

I couldn’t help but chuckle at her antics. I reached out to loop an arm around her waist as I said, "Let’s go find a place to grind together then! It’s been such a long time since we leveled together. What do you think?"

"Hmph, what sort of compensation is this…"

"I’m definitely compensating you. I mean, it would normally cost 500 dollars an hour to be accompanied by a handsome guy like myself…"

Lin Yixin’s laughter rang in the air. "Yeah, that’s about the same price those gigolos at the host bars charge…"

"Fuck!" I exclaimed as I glared at her. "You’ve actually been to those places before?! Yiyi, I’m beginning to lose my faith in this thing called love…"

Lin Yixin shoved me away with a violent kick. "Get lost, you jerk! Since when has a heartless bastard like you ever believed in love? Oooh, you incorrigible womanizer! I’ll destroy you in the name of justice!"

I immediately turned tail and ran away when I heard those words. Lin Yixin chased after me with her Blade of Violet Lightning in hand. We leaped down the floating stone steps that led up to Sky City without pausing and both of us were panting heavily by the time we reached the ground.

"Little Cheat, you ran so far! Why didn’t we just use the teleportation formation?" Lin Yixin gasped angrily.

"Because both of us stopped using our brains! As expected, you’ll also become silly if you get together with a silly girl. Oh no, will my IQ drop to zero…"

"Who’s a silly girl, you bastard!" Lin Yixin waved her fists at me angrily as she continued the chase.


Actually, neither of us knew a good place to train, so we simply decided to head straight to Dragonbone Mountain Range. Since the levels of the monsters were higher there, it was quite likely for us to find a good grinding spot.

After we had walked for a little while, both Lin Yixin and I came to a sudden stop. Uncannily enough, we practically voiced the same words at the unison right after that. "Hey… do you wanna grab lunch together before we go up the mountains?"

Both of us broke out into laughter and went offline. Alright, it’s time to eat lunch!


The X12 speedily arrived at Suzhou University. Lin Yixin was sitting down on a bench waiting for me. She was wearing a dark green windbreaker over a white T-shirt, and her white skirt flounced adorably in the air as she grabbed her small handbag and ran toward my car.

"Get in!" I opened the car door for her.

Lin Yixin got into my car as a bunch of men directed looks of envious hatred toward me.

"Do you still remember what you promised me just now?" I asked.

Lin Yixin stared at me dazedly before her eyes narrowed and she snarled, "What promise?!"

"Wow, I’ve always kept my promises to you, but here you are, forgetting a promise you just made a few minutes ago…" I complained.

After that, I pouted as I said, "Let me kiss you…"

"Dammit. You still remember, huh…"

I turned to hug Lin Yixin before she could put up any resistance. She panicked at first, but when I pressed my lips against hers, she started to slowly close her eyes. A warm feeling spread through both our bodies as a soft tongue soon clumsily responded to my own. Lin Yixin’s long eyelashes were trembling gently as she slowly leaned into the kiss. This was clearly a learning experience for her.


The kiss lasted for a full thirty seconds until we finally parted. Lin Yixin’s beautiful face was dyed a pretty red as she slowly started to breathe again. She glared at me and said in an indignant voice, "Are you happy now?"

"Yes," I replied with a smile and leaned back into my seat. After that, I suddenly blurted out, "Yiyi, I’ve come to realize that… I like you…"

Lin Yixin huffily turned toward me and grabbed my collar. She jerked me forward as she planted another kiss on my lips. After that, she widened her eyes in the most adorable manner as she gave me a look that melted my heart into nothing. She whispered, "You jerk, don’t you think that took you a little too long?"

I grinned at her, but I chose not to say anything.

"Do you ever feel like you love me, from time to time?" Lin Yixin said as she stared straight into my eyes.

"Hmmm, don’t know about that one… I said as I lay down on a bench.

Lin Yixin’s beautiful eyes widened angrily as she glared at me, "You blockhead! I’ll never fall in love with you! Hmph!"

I chuckled. "Oh really?"

"Yes, really!"

Lin Yixin thrust out her 34D chest as she said in a very confident manner, "I’ll never fall in love with you…"

Blood rushed to my head as I stared at her chest. I said, "Yiyi, can I…"

Lin Yixin saw through my obvious intentions and she said in a dull, flat voice, "Go ahead and try it if you wanna die!!!"


I shuddered as I muttered in a soft voice, "Forget it, I want to live a long life…"

An extremely faint smile quietly appeared on Lin Yixin’s face, but it left just as fast as it came.

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