Chapter 58: Purple Marquis

Walking through the forest path, the moonlight fell down on the ground like hoarfrost. Shadows of the countless trees fell on glistening ground. My Weeping Fire Blade in hand, I strode forward with a calm expression. Lin Yixin was next to me, following and stepping on my shadow.

The mountain wind carried cries of wolves and roars of tigers through the range.

I looked over at Lin Yixin. Her Fire Blade was floating nearby. It wasn’t slow. Its attack power was strong, likely not too far off from my Dark Wasp.

"Soon, Mad Dragon will organize a large group to fight bosses above Level 60," I said after a moment of thought.

Lin Yixin laughed softly. "Let them do as they want~"

"Would you like Mad Dragon to dominate Floating Ice City?" I turned to look at her.

Lin Yixin looked at me and said with a smile, "Aren't you supposed to be smart? Why don't you think then? The people who wouldn’t want that to happen are not us, it’s the Gods of Destruction guild. Dominating Heaven Blade will not just idly sit by.”

"Hm, a reasonable deduction." I nodded and changed the topic. "Beauty Yi, how many experts have you recruited now?"


Lin Yixin closed her eyes and then her eyes moved away when she opened them. she said with a smile, "Three: Qingqing, Zi Chuanyu, Lifetaking Sword. What about you?"

"Two, Thirteen and Gui Guzi...”

"...” Lin Yixin tilted her head at me as though she saw something very amusing.

"What is with your look?" I felt my hair raise at her look.

Lin Yixin burst into laughter. “In Bloody Mercenaries, you are a solid 9, Gui Guzi a 4, and that Amazing Expert… I feel that giving him a 1 would be a big exaggeration…”

I nodded. "Your evaluation is really pertinent...”



As we walked, shadows flickered ahead, and a grinding group of five appeared ahead. One was a Level 33 warrior called "Purple Marquis". He wore blue armor that looked Steel-grade, his strength was considerable. His party consisted of a Level 32 magic knight, “Reflection”, a Level 30 mage called “Guest of World’s End”, a priest, and a tactician, who were both Level 29.

This team was really strong, and that Purple Marquis and Reflection both seemed to be rare experts!

My gaze turned cold and I whispered, "Careful, they’re not friendly!"

"Why?" Lin Yixin asked.

I smiled. "Beauty Yi, you might be strong, but your experience is lacking. Just look at them. Warrior and magic knight in the front, priest and a mage as support behind them, and at the very back, a tactician. This is clearly a battle formation. Would they take positions if they wanted to just pass by?"

Lin Yixin nodded, murderousness appearing in her beautiful purple eyes. The corners of her lips lifted upwards in an enchanting smile. "Then we will deal with them as they come. You go meet them head-on, I will flank and deal with mage and priest. The mage is Level 32, it’s gonna be very difficult!”


I strode forward. Suddenly, I raised my sword, perpetually shrouded in orange flame, as red hue spanned across the edge. Living targets ahead, my Undead Energy passive activated!

Without a word, Reflection pounced at me with Flame Thrust!

My blade moved, and the spear was thrown away with a "ding”. My body shook and 100 HP was taken away. This magic knight's attack power wasn’t low!

"Slayer Slash!"

I pressed the Weeping Fire Blade against Reflection’s shoulder and dealt 487 damage, but against a magic knight with over 800 HP, it didn’t stop him from retreating with half HP.

At this time, cold wind blew over, accompanying arrival of Purple Marquis. He directed his sword toward my waist at a difficult angle. While I could see clearly, the other was so fast, faster than my half-second delay, giving me no chance to even dodge!



Such great attack power!

At the same time, Guest of World's End chanted a spell. A flaming dragon burst out of the ground, leaping toward my location. It was the Level 20 Mage skill—Fire Dragon Roar.

My body was immediately bathed by dragon’s flames. A large chunk of my HP disappeared—301!

So terrifying. I completely underestimated their strength!

The Purple Marquis's attacks were unusually fierce. After his successful attack, he immediately zigzagged to my other side, and attacked a second time!

I had practiced this set of movements during my many years of PvP experience. What followed demonstrated my ability to judge the situation. Before Purple Marquis begun his maneuver, I had already moved. When he slashed with his sword, I backstepped ever so slightly, turned around, and gave him a hearty blow to the back.



Sparks flew. My blow caused Purple Marquis to frown. His HP was about 650. If I added one more blow, he would be killed instantly!

The second blow was already midway. His reaction was within my prediction. What I did not predict however, was the pillar of holy light coming down on his location.


Damn, he healed him in just a second? This priest is also very powerful!

The mage, Guest of World's End, had already used another Fire Dragon Roar, causing my scalp to prickle. One against five was too difficult. I would be dead within five seconds!

The tactician used Encourage and Iron Wall. These two skills could tip the scale. In the early stages of the game, when everyone’s equipment was not very good, a 5% increase in Attack and Defense was very significant.

At this time, a silver light flew across the sky, flashing twice!

Crack crack!

Two soft thuds could be heard. Guest of World’s End fell to the ground, his Magic Shield breaking. So did the priest, his expression shocked, a beautiful face of a woman reflected in his unreconciled eyes.

Lin Yixin had finally attacked!

When the two caster classes slumped to the ground, the tactician also panicked and hurriedly retreated. Unfortunately for him, my Dark Wasp flew over, its stinger tail stabbing twice. The man was frightened, and an instant later he saw two big damage numbers rising from his head—



Either of these hits was enough to instantly kill him. The Level 30 Dark Wasp was clearly too strong, and its attack power was above mine.

I grabbed a Rank 3 Health Potion and downed it. Immediately recovering 600 HP, I was invigorated. I quickly shot toward Reflection. The magic knight raised his hand and unleashed his pet, a Level 27 Green Praying Mantis. This pet had high Attack and Defense scaling, but its speed was sorely lacking. It would need 3 seconds after every attack to recover!


The blade of the Green Praying Mantis sliced across my chest armor. With a hum, a layer of black armor light rose off my body with the sounds of ghosts wailing. The Green Praying Mantis's attack did less than 100 damage. My own Defense was high to begin with, and with a defensive skill like Rank 3 Ghost Deity Armor, the Green Praying Mantis couldn’t pierce my armor.

My hand rose and my sword fell with two strikes. One was my ace skill—Pardon, and the second was my strongest skill at this moment—Slayer Slash!



Reflection's eyes widened. He looked in disbelief that someone had managed to create over 1000 points of damage. Yes, in this early stage of Heavenblessed, this damage was really a rare sight.


Reflection was killed, leaving behind Purple Marquis on his own.

Facing the attacks from me and Lin Yixin, Purple Marquis was extremely calm. He looked coldly at the surroundings and snarled, "The first player on the Heavenly Ranking, Wind Fantasy, teamed up with the seventh, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand. It seems that this one dying at your hands today is worth it!"

I snorted. "Purple Marquis, we haven't had any interactions before. Why did you attack us first?"

Purple Marquis sneered, "Don't ask so much. Today, it is I, Purple Marquis, and my brothers that are not skilled enough. Hmph, if your pets weren’t so strong, who knows who would have won!"

Lin Yixin couldn't help but laugh. "Really? How about I give you a fair chance. Do you dare to challenge me alone?"

Purple Marquis gritted his teeth. "Wind Fantasy, I have no grudge with you. We only want to kill Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand. Why are you meddling?"


Lin Yixin raised an eyebrow and looked at me. “You have a bone to pick with him?"

"He offended my friend, Shadow Chanel!"

"Shadow Chanel is your friend?" I raised my eyebrows and said angrily.

"Yes, so we are enemies starting today!" Purple Marquis looked angrily at me as he raised his sword and shouted, "Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, you are a popular person on the Heavenly Ranking, do you dare fight me in a fair duel?"

Purple Marquis knew that Lin Yixin's level was high and had a big advantage. He dared to pick on me, the weaker one...

"Alright, I will not use my pet.”

I nodded, held my blade horizontally and invited him with a smile. "Come, Purple Marquis, let me see how much weight your words hold, and if you are strong enough to get justice for your Shadow Clan friend.”

"Hmph, here I go!"

Purple Marquis charged violently in a straight path, like a loosed arrow. When he was five meters away from me, he suddenly shifted course. His body wrapped in red hue, he crashed into my right side. It was the signature Level 30 skill of the Warrior class—Assault!

I laughed. This person does have some skill!

Sha! Sha!

I tapped the ground with my feet, gently floating toward my enemy like a falling leaf, swaying in a beautiful S curve to intercept his charge. In the moment of contact, a slight flick of my sword, a big “MISS” appeared over the warrior’s head!

In the next moment, Purple Marquis stilled. He had seen the information. My next attack would ignore 60% of his Defense and also boost my Attack by 45%. His party member, Reflection, had fallen to this attack moments earlier, despite being a tankier class with innately higher HP. Purple Marquis was but a warrior. If Reflection couldn’t survive, neither could he.

Seeing Purple Marquis just stand there in shock and consternation, I flicked my wrist and canceled Slayer Slash. I turned to Lin Yixin. “Yiyi, let’s go. Let’s not waste our time here any longer.”

Lin Yixin's mouth was wide open. She had clearly been given a fright by my amazing movement just now. Her gaze was somewhat strange. "Are you really Falling Dust from Spirit of Grief?"

I nodded. "Yes, let's go!"


Lin Yixin obediently followed me into the woods, leaving Purple Marquis standing dazed at his spot. In the end, he let out a sigh. “Chanel, just who is this guy you offended…?”

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