Chapter 578: This Little Girl Has Nothing Else To Give

I stepped on the gas pedal and continued driving against traffic as drivers shouted and cursed at me. I had no idea how many times the speed cameras caught my car plate number, but I was sure that it was more than enough for me to be blacklisted by the transport authorities.

I knew where the nearest hospital was located. When Du Thirteen and I got into a fight with some people a while back, we went to the very same hospital to get his nose fixed up.

I sped toward the hospital and hurriedly carried Murong Mingyue into the emergency room when we arrived. The doctor on duty was extremely professional and kept his calm while examining her. When he concluded his examination, he turned toward me and said, "Even though she lost quite a lot of blood, she just suffered a small cut on her forehead. This girl has a rather strong physique, so losing this much blood won’t be an issue for her. However, since she was involved in a serious car accident, it would be for the best if she gets warded so that we can observe her overnight. We’ll give her another check-up tomorrow."

I nodded my head in agreement with the doctor.

A few nurses stared at me until they finally couldn’t stop themselves from giggling. One of them asked, "Hey handsome, why do you look like a drowned rat?"

What the heck, they finally couldn’t resist asking me that question. I knew they were dying to ask me that from the start!

I kept silent as I ushered Murong Mingyue protectively into her hospital room.

Doo doo doo...

He Yi’s number flashed on my phone and I quickly answered it. Her anxious voice could immediately be heard through the phone as she asked, "Lu Chen, where are you at right now? Beiming Xue said that you went to look for Mingyue. Have you found her yet?"

"Yup, I found her. We are at Hospital XX now."

"Why did the two of you go to the hospital?"

"She was involved in a horrible traffic accident near the highway entrance. The truck in front of her flipped and she rammed straight into it. I only found her after the fact."

He Yi was so shocked by that news that she lapsed into a frightened silence. My phone went silent for a while before she finally stammered, "Lu Chen… please tell me that Mingyue is… is alright. Please?"

I chuckled before replying, "Yes, don’t you worry. She’s absolutely fine. She only suffered a few bumps and scratches."

"Alright! I’m heading over with Beiming Xue right now!"



I entered the hospital room to see that Murong Mingyue was already lying on the bed with an IV to her. I sat in the corner as a nurse tended to my bloodstained arms. She washed my arms and disinfected my wounds before she started to dress them. She even had to stitch two of the deeper cuts. As the pretty nurse looked at the wounds on my hands and arms, she couldn’t resist the urge to pout and scold me. "Hey handsome, you’re a grown man, so how did you end up in this condition? Look at your arms! Did you accidentally slip while rock climbing or something?"

I laughed. "Yeah, you could say that. It was definitely a matter of life and death."

The nurse shook her head while she helped me bandage my wounds. She glanced at the sleeping Murong Mingyue. "Is that your girlfriend? You ended up in this state because you saved her, right?"

I shook my head and replied, "She isn’t my girlfriend."

"Are you crazy? Why suffer so much for a woman who isn’t your girlfriend?" The little nurse continued to grumble and complain.

A smile crept across my face, but I didn’t say anything.



The hospital room’s door opened after that as He Yi and Beiming Xue tiptoed into the room. He YiI immediately let out a sigh of relief when she saw Murong Mingyue sound asleep with an IV hooked into her arm. But when she turned toward me, she immediately noticed that my arms were wrapped in bandages.

A panicked expression appeared on her face as she asked, "Lu Chen, what happened to you?"

He Yi hurriedly knelt at my side and cradled my hand, "What happened to your arm?"

I jerked my hand back with a laugh. "It’s nothing. I just suffered a few scratches…"

He Yi clenched her teeth angrily. She whipped out her phone and pointed to the screen. "Someone posted this photo on Weibo. A dump truck had flipped over and the dirt it was carrying had buried an A8. After that, an unknown individual saved the driver by desperately clawing away the dirt with his bare hands. Was that person you?"

I nodded my head. "Ah, this social media age is truly frightening. Nothing can be kept a secret anymore…"

He Yi’s eyes instantly turned red and she looked like she was on the brink of crying as she snapped at me, "How dare you still smile as if everything’s okay!"

I stretched out a hand to clasp her shoulder. "See, my wounds have been disinfected and dressed. Even the nurse said that I was fine. These are really just a few small scratches. Back in the day, when Du Thirteen and I got into a brawl with some other people, my skull was nearly bashed in. But look at me now. I’m still alive and well…"

He Yi spat out a soft laugh. She said in an annoyed tone, "You actually dare to mention something like this now?!"

Beiming Xue leaned on my side and caressed my hand. "Doesn’t it hurt, big bro?"

I laughed. "It hurts a lot. But how can this pain be compared to the one I felt when I saw Mingyue buried under all that dirt? If you were there, I’m sure that either of you would have done the same thing."

Beiming Xue’s eyes welled up with tears, "Big bro…"


Murong Mingyue finally woke up from her slumber at this exact moment, and she groggily whispered, "Water…"

He Yi hurriedly filled a cup with warm water and passed it to Murong Mingyue. Murong Mingyue must have been completely exhausted, because she gulped down the water drowsily until she realized who had passed her the cup. She immediately said in a shocked voice, "Ah? How could I let my boss pour me a cup of water. How embarrassing…"

"How dare you joke about this! You gave us such a fright…"

Murong Mingyue gave a gentle laugh. "I’m fine! Life is full of ups and downs after all. I just happened to experience one of those ‘downs’..."


He Yi helped move Murong Mingyue into a sitting position and they chatted for a while. They had already gotten someone to handle the registration of the company and they had even decided on the new company’s name. We would be called "Raincube Technology", a name which had both an elegant and ethereal quality to it. It was a name that suited a company run by a female CEO.

The next step was to transfer all of the property under the GGS Suzhou Branch to Raincube Technology. But this was also the most crucial step, so He Yi and Murong Mingyue couldn’t let their guards down just yet. They had to continue to hustle to make sure that everything proceeded smoothly. However, Beiming Xue and I had sternly reproached them about their recklessness. In the end, they decided to poach two chauffeurs from GGS to drive them around from now on so that they wouldn’t overwork themselves.

"Lu Chen, what’s going in the game right now?" He Yi asked.

I gave a deep sigh. "I was busy completing that quest that would give me the skill that combined both Alchemy and Cooking. I got a few sets of decent armor in the process, so I’d say that I got quite a few things done today. Gui Guzi also brought a few thousand guild members to the Cyan Tiger Forest to tame Cyan Battle Tigers, a rare mount, for our guild."

"Oh, the Cyan Battle Tiger? Is it a very powerful mount?"

"Yes, it’s a Level 125 Purple Gold Rank mount! Isn’t that powerful? The only unfortunate thing is that it isn’t a boss-tier mount. Otherwise, it would be able to completely trash your Snow Domain Windchaser…"

He Yi pouted angrily, "OMG! Could you at least give me some face?! My Snow Domain Windchaser is still really pretty, okay…"

I nodded my head and replied, "Yeah, that’s true. You can still use your Snow Domain Windchaser for now. The difference in stats isn’t very big and it’s a little weird to see a girl riding on top of a Cyan Battle Tiger."

Murong Mingyyue giggled. "What’s so weird about it? It’s not like she’s riding on top of a White Battle Tiger…"[1]


I glared at her. "Damn it, woman! You haven’t even gotten off the hospital bed yet! Can’t you restrain yourself a little? What am I gonna do with you…"

Murong Mingyue giggled again before she pressed her lips together mischievously.

A few seconds later, He Yi asked, "Will we be able to tame enough Cyan Battle Tigers to form a proper cavalry troop?"

"Yes, I believe so. The Cyan Tiger Forest is very big and the rate of a Rare monster spawning is about 1%. Given the size of the map, it should spawn at least two thousand of these rare mounts. With some luck, we’ll be able to create an entire Cyan Tiger Cavalry that will be more than two thousand strong. Once the time is right, we will use this Cyan Tiger Cavalry to sweep our enemies clean off the battlefield. Heh heh…"

"Good! That sounds great!" He Yi said with a giggle.

"That’s right!" Murong Mingyue shouted as she clapped her hands. "I heard that Warsky brought a bunch of people who had signed with Pepsi to challenge the ASUS e-sports club that Gui Guzi and Li Chengfeng had signed with. Is that true? This set the forums abuzz and I could only spare two minutes of my time to read the forums thread while the contracts were being signed. Can anyone fill me in on the details?"

"Yeah, give us the details! I also didn’t have any time to check it out." He Yi chimed in, her beautiful eyes brimming with curiosity.

I let out a small cough. "Actually, the whole thing was a little embarrassing. We were supposed to duke it out using the WSL format, so there would be six matches of 1v1 followed by a single match of 2v2. Unfortunately, the match randomizer put me in the last match and by the time it was my turn, we had already lost four out of the first five rounds. Dammit all to hell, our luck was simply atrocious that day. Li Chengfeng was also held up at the Shanghai airport for a while, so we actually lost to them in a WSL-style match."

"OMG, these people from Warsky Alliance really enjoy stirring up trouble!" He Yi said as her tender hands curled into fists. "They keep picking fights with Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls too! Hmph, what did we do to deserve this…"

I chuckled and said, "It can’t be helped. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls is the most prosperous and powerful guild in Sky City, so everyone is going to be gunning for us. If Warsky Alliance wants to take the throne, they will have to step on our heads to get there. Of course, they could also target Snowy Cathaya. But with Lin Yixin, Purple Marquis, and Shadow Chanel around, they wouldn’t feel absolutely confident of winning. They had no choice but to go for Gui Guzi and the rest first. It’s clear that they’re picking off the weaker targets first, since they didn’t dare to challenge our Lenovo gaming club."

He Yi couldn’t help but giggle. A smile tugged at her lips as she asked, "So what are we going to do next? You and Beiming Xue have already fought them. Is there no way we can turn this around?"

I nodded my head and replied. "Actually, we had another duel using the KOTH format. Luckily for us, Li Chengfeng managed to make it just in time and he volunteered to be the first one up. After he barely beat both Farewell Song and Lin Bing Dou Zhe, he went on to handily defeat Laughing At The Heavens, October Rain, and Warsky. He won all five of the matches by himself…"

Both He Yi and Murong Mingyue instantly gasped in unison and exclaimed, "Wow, Li Chengfeng is so strong…"

I answered with a smile, "That’s right. The deep-seated anger that had been simmering inside of Li Chengfeng finally unleashed itself during these duels. He’s begun his transformation into a peak expert after this fight. With time, his PvP skills will rise to the level of experts like Dark Shadow Drifter and Candlelight Shadow and he will be in a tier above the regular super experts like Farewell Song."

"That’s great!" Both girls nodded their heads happily.

In truth, this was the case for many people. They just needed one opportunity to exceed their own limits. For example, many professional athletes would labor for many years with little to no success. However, if they managed to win a world championship, it would allow them to regain their confidence and transform them into elite athletes who stood at the peak of their sport!


After we chatted for some time, all of the girls had finally grown tired. He Yi, who had run around the whole day with no time to rest, went to sleep on the other hospital bed. Beiming Xue slept on the couch while I sat in a chair next to Murong Mingyue before laying my head on the side of her bed. My head was buried in her blanket and I was so exhausted by the events of the day that I passed out instantly.

I slowly woke up in a daze when I felt someone cupping my head. Shortly after, I felt a moist and warm sensation on the corner of my lips. My eyes shot open and I saw Murong Mingyue’s face right in front of mine! Her rosy lips were plastered against the corner of my lips and her beautiful eyes were wide open.

When she discovered that I was awake, her lips instantly curled up in amusement and she stopped her excruciatingly "painful" kiss. She then whispered in a mischievous voice, "Don’t make a sound. This is just repayment for saving my life. This little girl has nothing else to give, so I had no choice but to…"

I glared at her incredulously before I said, "Screw you!"

"Bring it on…" Murong Mingyue stuck out her pride and joy as she shot me a smouldering look.


My head suddenly swam as I was assaulted by a wave of dizziness, so I put my head down and went back to sleep.

1. White tiger, is slang for a woman who doesn’t have any hair down there.

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