Chapter 57: Protoss Genius

Du Thirteen observed the expressions, and quickly left our table like lightning once he saw Lin Yixin's expression wasn't right. From childhood until now, I had never seen him so agile.

Sun Qingqing was smiling brightly and said, "Lu Chen, you and your friend are all from Suzhou Technology?"

"Yes." I nodded. "But we graduated half a year ago."

"Oh, so it's like that."

I glanced at Lin Yixin. She was also looking at me, her brows furrowed and full of murderousness. I immediately turned and said to her roommate, "Qingqing, the sun is so bright today..."

Sun Qingqing: "..."

At this time, Gui Guzi came over with a cup of beer and said with a smile, "Beauties, you don't know? Our Boss Broken Halberd was not an ordinary person back in Suzhou Technology. Remember the WCG that had been held in Shanghai three years ago? Candlelight Shadow represented South Korea in the competition and defeated three of China's Starcraft Overlords. In the end, he was slaughtered in five rounds by a student. That student was Broken Halberd, called the Protoss Genius—Night_chen!"

Sun Qingqing's mouth was wide in shock.

Lin Yixin’s expression also changed. She slowly stood up as she looked at me with her beautiful eyes full of complex emotion.

"You... you're the legendary Protoss Genius, the former captain of the Suzhou Technology team, Night_chen?" Lin Yixin bit her lip and said.

My heart shook. Should I admit it or not? Back when I was famous in the world, Lin Yixin would have been around 18 or so. A young general like me who killed the Starcraft Emperor would be an idol for young girls. Maybe she would come into my arms and warm my bed tonight...

My desires rippled for a moment.

"Yes, but that's in the past...” I waved my hand to look like it didn’t matter.

Lin Yixin's gaze was slightly confused but then brightened, being layered in murderousness like she had used the killing move "Moon Gaze".

My heart jumped. Not good!

In the next moment, Lin Yixin stood up and leapt toward me, her hands tightly gripping my neck as she shouted through gritted teeth, "So you are Night_chen! Lu Chen, you bastard, I will kill you!"


The poor chair was flipped over. I leaned back against the carved window sill, Lin Yixin curled up in my arms like a small persian cat. Of course, she was a very aggressive cat.

I had an innocent expression. "Yiyi, what are you doing?!"

Lin Yixin gritted her teeth. "You dare to speak?!"


I stopped speaking, and enjoyed the feeling of her in my arms. It was summer, and Lin Yixin's curvaceous body was against mine. Her chest was extremely soft. That feeling was maddening. When Lin Yixin moved slightly, I almost crumbled, but as a good and upright youth, my hands held Lin Yixin's hips from behind her to prevent her short dress from flying up.

Oh, I was so kind.

In less than three minutes, Lin Yixin realized. Wasn't this letting the other benefit?

Lin Yixin's beautiful face immediately turned red. She angrily gave me a punch before jumping backward.

I sat up straight, and suppressed my impulses. I said with a frown, "What happened? Why is Yiyi so impulsive?"

Sun Qingqing took a sip of tea and giggled. "Lu Chen, do you remember what happened after you defeated Candlelight Shadow?"

I shook my head.

Sun Qingqing said, "Who is Candlelight Shadow? He’s the Starcraft Emperor of South Korea. A month after you defeated him, Candlelight Shadow found your address, and came to Suzhou with members of the top international team, FIRE FOX. You had already graduated and left the school team. Thus, Candlelight Shadow spent a day slaughtering Suzhou Technology's Night Team. At the time, Yiyi was the main force of the team so...”

I glanced at Lin Yixin and suddenly felt some sympathy. Candlelight Shadow had come to Suzhou. With Lin Yixin's unpracticed skill, she would have been devastated.

Sun Qingqing said, "Yiyi would not admit defeat and lost ten rounds in a row. She lost half a month of breakfast to me. Oh, I do not bear to think about it...”

"So that is how it is...”

I thought for a moment and said with a smile, "Really. As the saying goes, I did not kill Boren but Boren died because of me...”

Lin Yixin glared and said angrily, "You dare to speak! You left after defeating Candlelight Shadow and left the mess for us to clean up! I... I really want to burn you as a candle!"

I laughed out loud. "How about it? This meal is on me, as an apology to Yiyi!"

Lin Yixin weighed this, and nodded. "Alright.”

I touched my wallet and hated myself for having ordered so many dishes moments earlier.


On the way home.

"Lin Yixin said she wanted to turn Broken Halberd into a candle...” Gui Guzi muttered.

Du Thirteen said, "Little Gui, you are too dumb. How can you believe a woman's words? I feel that Beauty Lin values Lu Chen greatly, at least his strength in the game.”

As he spoke, Du Thirteen was slightly moved, and patted my shoulder. He said with a smile, "Lu Chen, if your Beauty Lin wants to give herself to you, it would be good if our Bloody Mercenaries joined Lin Yixin's future guild!"

I shook my head decisively and said gravely, "Thirteen, this is not possible.”

"Why... why not?" Du Thirteen was slightly puzzled.

I looked at him and emphasized each word, "The Bloody Mercenaries workshop is an independent group. Even if we joined other guilds, there would only be one guild worthy of Bloody Mercenaries joining them—Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls!"

"Ugh...” Du Thirteen looked dazedly at me.

Gui Guzi clenched his fists and said, "Lu Chen, I support you! I know some of what happened in Spirit of Grief. People should stand up for their friends. If one day you return to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, I am willing to follow you there!"

I nodded and smiled. "Thank you!"

Du Thirteen said, "We have to plan this for the long term. The Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls guild doesn't exist right now. That's far off. Also, there seems to only be Hot Sun and Murong Mingyue left from the guild’s core. The two of them aren’t enough to establish a guild in the near future.”

I did not speak. Du Thirteen was right. But with me present, hmph, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls would be famous throughout Floating Ice City!

Even though I could not honestly meet He Yi and join Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls with my present health situation, Bloody Mercenaries and I would do everything to protect her, and help Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls establish themselves in Floating Ice City.


As soon as we returned to our residence, we went online!


My vision was slightly dim, as I was sleeping in a grave.

I climbed out and inhaled a breath of fresh air. I couldn't help but laugh and shouted toward the wild forest like the experts in the movies did, "Passersby, do not cry for my death. If I’m alive, none of you can live!”

After shouting, I felt very good inside.

But at this time, rustling came from a tent by the forest. A beautiful figure burrowed out of the tent. Elegant armor covered her body. She carried a sword and a dagger. Her long hair fell over her cloak and her purple eyes were dazzling.

This was Lin Yixin. She had built a tent by Frost Mound before going offline. So arrogant!

I reached out and took out a card from my bag, heading toward her.


The card flew in the sky to form a bright formation that covered Lin Yixin. A hexagram formation array spun furiously under Lin Yixin’s feet.


Lin Yixin's seductive mouth was open as she looked at the formation at her feet in surprise. A few seconds later, she realized. This was the effect of a Sealing Card!

Her face immediately turned red like an apple maturing in autumn. She glared at me and said angrily, "Lu Chen, you want to die? You dare to seal this lady? Do I look like a Level 1 pet to you?”

I laughed out loud. Lin Yixin had guessed my thoughts. Honestly speaking, I really wanted to seal her and take her along with me all day. She could help me fight monsters, and she was nice to look at. If that was the case, I would die of happiness.

"Yiyi, did you come to Frost Mound to find me?" I asked.

"Yes.” Lin Yixin nodded and did not say anything else.

"What for?"

Lin Yixin blinked her eyes and said, "To go explore a map together. Are you interested?"

I nodded. “What level are the monsters there?”

"Very high!"

"No problem, I have to level up, and by the way...” I hesitated and said with a smile, “We can also let our feelings mature as we level up, right?"


Lin Yixin smiled, two pointed teeth peeking through her grin. This was characteristic of a young female succubus. While they were fangs, they looked adorable; though that didn’t stop me from feeling cold all over at the sight. Lin Yixin was as beautiful as a goddess, but when angered, she would quickly turn into a demon. I have to be more careful. Otherwise, she’ll sell me and make me help her count the money. If it was Thirteen or Gui Guzi, she probably would have done it already.

Du Thirteen had no immunity toward beautiful women while Gui Guzi's head was slightly slow. In Du Thirteen's words, he was slightly dumb. Gui Guzi was a grinding genius. The difference between genius and talent was dumbness, so in this case, being slightly dumb was beneficial.

I asked, "Yiyi, what’s the map? Can you share?"


Lin Yixin pulled me into her party and then raised her hand. Immediately, a yellowed ancient map appeared in front of me. Lin Yixin's small hand quickly tapped over it. Blue ripples spread. This was a place far from Floating Ice City called "Ghost Valley.” It appeared that it was filled with undead monsters.

"Cough cough...” I paused and said, "Yiyi, I am skilled at undead attacks, but have no attack bonus on undead creatures. What do you want me for?"

Lin Yixin smiled, and looked dismissively at me. She said, her smile reaching her ears, "Do not flatter yourself, I don’t want you, I want your Dark Wasp's attack power. With it present, we can definitely sweep Ghost Valley in twenty-four hours. Go repair your equipment and prepare to set out.”

I was slightly speechless. So in Lin Yixin's eyes, I was less valuable than a Dark Wasp!

I finished preparing for battle and departed!

Under the light of the setting sun, a small skeleton warrior and a beautiful female battle goddess set off on our journey. What would be waiting ahead for us?

Who cares, we’ll just keep on walking anyway.

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