Chapter 567: Tolerance and Magnanimity

The next fight came swiftly, and this time it was the number one archer of Warsky Alliance versus Li Chengfeng. However, unlike last time October Rain looked like she was under a lot of pressure. Unlike Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, every step Li Chengfeng took was purposeful and calculated. He always calculated his attack angle and range before making a move, and he constantly laid traps with his positioning. As a result, October Rain couldn’t kite him nearly as freely as she did Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun.


A Freezing Arrow hit Li Chengfeng’s chest armor, but he only shivered a little before continuing on his way. As he was moving diagonally toward October Rain, he suddenly executed the Reverse Scale Slash. Caught completely by surprise, the archer let out a yelp before trying to move away from him.

Li Chengfeng clutched the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity tightly in his hands before swinging the Tempest Sword three times in a row. It was Dragonbone Flurry!

October Rain used her bow to parry the attacks as she retreated. Somehow, she managed to parry all three hits even though it was the attack of the dragon warrior himself! She definitely wasn’t called the beautiful military councilor for nothing.

However, all the attacks Li Chengfeng launched at October Rain up until this point was just preparation to ensure that he could land one sure hit on her. He dashed past October Rain, and both him and the archer became off balance for a moment. He immediately spun around, wreathed his sword in a fiery cone of energy and attacked her with Barrier Break.

At the same time, Li Chengfeng changed his stratagem from Blitz to Encourage VII in an instant and boosted his attack power by 70% or so. Unable to parry or dodge the attack, October Rain’s chest was pierced as blood burst out from behind her back. She slowly collapsed to the ground as a big damage number popped above her head—17890!

Okay, that’s another round to us. At this point, Li Chengfeng had taken out three opponents in a row and was past halfway toward completing his perfect sweep.


A thunderous applause erupted from below the stage as red-faced fans raised their arms high and shouted,

"Legendary Brave is so cool! Go go go! Go go go!"

"Take down Warsky Alliance! They shouldn’t have supported a foreign brand like Pepsi!"

"Let’s gooo! Make them pay for the shame they did to us earlier!"

Clearly, a lot of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls fans were frustrated with the terrible 1-4 loss we had suffered earlier. Then, Li Chengfeng showed up and defeated three of Warsky Alliance’s super experts single-handedly. It was no wonder that many of them couldn’t hold back their emotions any longer.

Even High Fighting Spirits was clenching his fists and smiling brightly, "Fuck, Li is so amazing! He actually took out three players in a row! The fight against Farewell Song was especially impressive, tsk tsk!"

Gui Guzi nodded and smiled with a hopeful expression. "Yeah. It looks like there’s nothing stopping Li Chengfeng from completing a perfect sweep anymore!"

Beiming Xue said, "Let’s keep watching. His next opponent is Laughing At The Heavens, but I’m sure he’ll win again."



As expected, the battle between Li Chengfeng and Laughing At The Heavens only lasted 1 minute and 45 seconds. From the start, it was a one-man-show from Li Chengfeng until the moment he used Barrier Break and Dragonbone Flurry to delete his opponent at 45% HP. The poor magic knight’s Holy Shield Protection was fully ignored.

4-0. Clearly, Li Chengfeng was the true hero of this KOTH match. Even if he were to lose the next round—which was incredibly unlikely because he was ranked in the Top 10 of the champion arena, and his last opponent, Warsky, was not—there was no denying the fact that he had swept four players all by himself.

Warsky walked into the battle room with a dark expression on his face. Clearly, he hadn’t expected both the generals he trusted to carry the team, Farewell Song and Lin Bing Dou Zhe, to lose to Li Chengfeng. Now he was the only one left to save the day, but he knew full well that it was almost impossible.


Warsky appeared inside the arena. Li Chengfeng pointed the Tempest Sword at him and said calmly, "Come, Warsky. It is time for you and your people to pay the price of your arrogance!"

"Is that so?"

A hint of grim determination peeked out of Warsky’s features, and he charged toward Li Chengfeng along an irregular Z-shaped path. If nothing else, Warsky’s movement was top-tier and almost as good as Farewell Song’s. At the very least, he wasn’t inferior to Laughing At The Heavens in the slightest.


Sword clashed against sword, and sparks exploded between the two warriors. They split almost ten yards away from each other before charging again along their planned orbit.

Swhoosh! Cone-shaped swirls of energy apparead at the same time and circled around their swords. Both of them had opted to use Barrier Break at the same time.

"Here I come!"

Warsky abruptly sped up and thrust his sword at Li Chengfeng’s chest armor. A hint of disdain flashed across the dragon warrior’s eyes as he moved horizontally and dodged the attack like a shadow. The next moment, he pressed his sword against Warsky’s back and said coldly, "With your movement speed, you are slow no matter how you switch up your movement!"



Li Chengfeng was using Blitz, so his Barrier Break was slightly lacking in terms of attack power. However, the dragon warrior covered up that weakness with his attack speed and attacked Warsky three times in the back. Not waiting for Warsky to turn around to face him, Li Chengfeng moved again to the opposite side of Warsky’s flank in one smooth movement.

Warsky was clearly furious. He had trained hard to improve his skills, but the dragon warrior still outclassed him completely. This wasn’t the result he envisioned at all.


Warsky summoned his trademark ice shield, blocked Li Chengfeng’s Cyan Dragon Horn with Freezing Point Guard and knocked him off balance, earning himself a valuable opportunity to launch a counterattack. He immediately summoned the image of a cyan tiger and unleashed Cyan Tiger Shatter at Li Chengfeng!


Li Chengfeng exclaimed in shock as he raised his sword to defend himself. His parry was perfect, but he still took a lot of damage because Cyan Tiger Shatter was a skill that ignored Defense. A stunning damage number floated above Li Chengfeng’s head—19048!

No one had expected the skill to score a critical hit. If Li Chengfeng’s perfect parry hadn’t nullified most of the damage, he would’ve been one-shot already!

Furious, Li Chengfeng stabbed Warsky repeatedly with Dragonbone Flurry and tore his body to pieces. It was a fatal blow because Warsky had lost too much HP at the start of the battle. The deflated guild leader ultimately dropped to his knees and died.

Li Chengfeng chose not to take out his frustration on Warsky’s body and left him with the most basic level of dignity. He sheathed his sword, summoned the system UI and logged out of the game.



The doors of the battle rooms as Li Chengfeng and Warsky walked out at the same time. Beneath the stage, the crowd was giving Li Chengfeng the thunderous applause he absolutely deserved, and I had no doubt that the reporters had recorded the exciting match from start until the end. Even in the entire server, there were only a handful of players who could knock out the entire Warsky team by themselves.

Warsky’s face was very ugly. October Rain and Farewell Song looked like they wanted to console him, but didn’t know what to say. Earlier, Warsky was only thinking about furthering the Pepsi team’s reputation when he made that bet. Now that he had lost the match, he was stuck between kneeling and apologizing to Li Chengfeng before everyone, or acting like a sore loser and slinking away with his tail between his legs.

Gui Guzi raised his eyebrows and said loudly, "The guild leader of Warsky Alliance is a man of his word, right?"

October Rain immediately shot him a glare. "Gui Guzi, you! That’s too much!"

Gui Guzi’s eyes turned chilly. "Too much? Why didn’t you say that when you challenged us on the opening day of our team? You were the ones who tried to humiliate us, and now that plan has backfired on you! Warsky, if you’re a real man you’ll come out of your woman’s shadow and honor your promise!"

October Rain’s face was red with anger. She pointed a finger at Gui Guzi and threatened, "You bastard… Very well. I won’t forget this!"

Gui Guzi smiled at her. "Don’t worry, today’s events will certainly remain a warm and happy memory in my heart."

October Rain was so frustrated she was stomping her foot, but she couldn’t think of anything to say to avert the disaster. Farewell Song was also clenching his fists and glaring at us as if he would attack us at any moment.


Suddenly, a steady voice came from the back. "Little Rain, enough. If you agree to bet, you must accept a loss. I, Warsky, am not a coward!"

He passed his gaming helmet to Hundred Battler. Then, he strode up to Li Chengfeng and dropped to one knee.

Or at least, he tried to. Li Chengfeng walked up to Warsky and forcibly pulled his arm upward so that the latter couldn’t drop to his knees completely.

"What are you…?"

Warsky looked at Li Chengfeng in confusion, and the dragon warrior replied with a small smile on his face, "Warsky, you’ve proven yourself to be a man today, and I respect that. Did you forget that all this is ultimately a friendly match that isn’t worth getting angry about? Sure, both sides made an angry bet against each other, but we are even now that you’ve won the first match, and we’ve won the second. There is nothing for you to apologize for. We just want you to know that the ASUS e-sports team is new, but not a small fry you can bully anytime you wish. Not only that, we welcome any friend to challenge us to a spar, and that includes Warsky Alliance of course. Should we put this behind us and stay as friends now that everything is over?"

A bit of gratitude peeked out of Warsky’s features. Had he really knelt here today, it would probably leave a black mark of shame in his life.

I nodded in approval imperceptibly. By annulling the bet, he had proven that the ASUS e-sports team was a magnanimous team who wouldn’t get hung up over petty grievances. It was like the final blow that marked Warsky Alliance’s challenge attempt as an ultimate failure.

It was at this moment the team manager, Agi, walked up to them with a smile and said, "Indeed, everyone here is a friend! Now come on, the ribbon still needs to be cut, and the champagne won’t open itself!"


Beiming Xue gave my arm a tug before asking, "Say, big bro, how does it feel to rush all the way to save the world, only to find out that you were useless in the end?"

I spread my arms and replied, "Fuck my life..."

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