Chapter 559: Like a Hero

I couldn’t help but smile when I saw this message. I just got the Heaven-grade Cyan Netherworld Sword, and someone is causing trouble around Dark Moon City already. This is a perfect occasion to wet my sword with the blood of the noobs that was Mad Dragon!

I asked in the guild channel, "I’m here. Where are you right now, and how many enemies are there, Scythe? Tell me your coordinates and add me to your party. I’ll take them out for you."

Soul Severing Scythe was pleasantly surprised by my reply. "You’re here, vice leader? Haha, this is great! There are 40 or so enemies, and many of them are fifth-promotion players. Should we gather a couple more people before we go? My friends were defeated almost instantly. Their attack power is really high."

I smiled. "It’s fine, just add me to your party and give me the party leader position. Tell them to wait till I’m done with most of them before reviving, got it?"

"Okay. Thank you very much, boss vice leader!"


Soul Severing Scythe happily made me the leader of his party while I was teleporting to Dark Moon City. A short while later, I exited the gates with the Cyan Netherworld Sword in tow and saw the coordinates of four friendly bodies on the world map. They were only 5 minutes away from where I was. Alright, time to kill some noobs and sweeten my dreams for the night!

The tattered Soul Suppressing Cloak flapped loudly behind me as I ran like the wind. It made me look both cool and murderous. In my hand, a draconic soul was circling the glowing blade of Cyan Netherworld Sword endlessly. The visual effect of the sword alone could capture the hearts of countless innocent girls.

Soul Severing Scythe was hiding behind a small shrubbery at the edge of the forest and observing the scene in front of him carefully. When he saw me coming his way, he immediately walked up to me and pointed a finger toward the forest. "Boss Broken Halberd, as you can see on the map, Mad Dragon is inside the forest. They’re killing the Venomous Wasps and camping their bodies at the same time."

He clenched his fists and said angrily, "My classmates and I just wanted to grind the Level 130 Venomous Wasps and hopefully capture a Level 1 Venomous Wasp as a pet, but not only did those dogs from Mad Dragon attack us without warning, they even camped my classmates’ bodies as they grinded. My classmates had already died three or four times, and we can’t win because there’s too many of them…"

I nodded. "Don’t worry, I will take revenge for all of you. Tell your classmates to stay down until I’m done murdering these bastards. It should take around five minutes at most. After that, feel free to summon some guildmates and give them a taste of their own medicine."

"Got it!"


After placating Soul Severing Scythe, I put him to the back of mind and charged into the forest. Since I hadn’t bothered to conceal myself, an enemy archer quickly spotted me and shouted, "Someone’s coming. He’s hiding his ID and equipment, but he’s definitely a high-level warrior from Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. Be careful, Dajian! He might be a senior player!"

The corner of my lips turned up. I locked onto the archer and activated Charge!


It was an immediate stun. I then followed up with Thousand Ice Slash that caught a group of mages and archers. The shattering rain of ice dealt a ton of damage—






The Mad Dragon players had never seen such a powerful AoE skill in their life. A single hit from Thousand Ice Slash deleted around 20k HP, an amount of damage that no human was expected to endure, and they were scared out of their wits because of it.

A dozen or so people were dead in an instant. I then rotated around to face another group of players before unleashing Burning Blade Slash. The burning sword auras were super effective against these Level 120 players, especially the final slash that dealt almost 30k damage. These noobs never stood a chance at all.

In less than two minutes, I had mowed down most of the Mad Dragon players until only five of them were still standing. Finally, a priest recognized me and pointed a finger at me, shouting, "Motherfucker, there’s only one person with this much attack power in the entire Sky City, and he’s Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand! He’s Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand!!"

Judging from the traumatic expressions on their faces, I might’ve gone a bit too hard. That didn’t stop me from murdering them without mercy, however. The last two players—a warrior and a Level 125 archer—tried to mount an organized retreat as the archer shouted, "Xiao Sizi, hold him back while I escape! I’ll add this to your list of contributions!"

The warrior bravely stood in front of me, but the thought of letting the archer escape never crossed my mind. I raised the Cyan Netherworld Sword and penetrated his defense and his body completely with Universe Break. To my surprise, the attack actually triggered the Cyan Netherworld Divine Dragon effect. The cyan dragon circling the blade of my sword abruptly leaped toward Xiao Sizi, sundering the earth and smashing his body into what seemed like a million pieces!

I let out a sigh in admiration. In hindsight, I should’ve known that Cyan Netherworld Divine Dragon would be way stronger and cool-looking than the Silver Dragon Storm. It was the special effect of a Heaven-grade weapon after all.

The ground was covered in bodies. Not a single Mad Dragon player managed to escape alive, and a quick summon later in the guild channel a hundred-man party appeared in the forest. I was sure my guildmates would enjoy hunting Level 130 shadow-rank Venomous Wasps and camping the shit out of our enemies while at it.

After the disciplining was complete, I took out a return scroll. I gave Soul Severing Scythe a friendly smile and then crushed the scroll in my hand, teleporting to Sky City. It kind of felt like being a hero hiding his good deeds and returning to his normal life despite having saved the world just moments earlier.



I had come to a conclusion regarding the Cyan Netherworld Sword after returning to Sky City. To shorten my extremely complicated analysis… it was OP as hell. I went to the warehouse first to store the equipment pieces of the Split Galaxy set. Then, I went to the auction house and put up the Heaven-stealing Sword for auction. I also unloaded all the high-level equipment I had grinded at the Nine Lost Dragon Domains so that they could be traded for some cash. I needed to work harder because even with the ridiculous salary I received from Lenovo, I still couldn’t catch up to He Yi’s tax bracket.

Finally, I went to the inn and logged out of the game.

A wave of exhaustion hit me when I took off my gaming helmet. To be honest, I felt like I could black out on the spot. Still, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls was the ultimate victor of the Nine Lost Dragon Domains, and I was rewarded with a peerless divine weapon. It was definitely worth all the time and effort. He Yi compensated all the core players who had died in the battle such as Li Chengfeng, and returned all the equipment they dropped as well. Candle Dragon never got the chance to pick up those items before they were killed, so I was sure that Candlelight Shadow was feeling bad right now.

I checked the time and saw that it was 8 am. Before I hit the sack, I checked the forums and saw a new headline: "The Battle of Nine Lost Dragon Domains, The Dialogue Between Kings!"

The content was a PvP video. At the beginning, Candlelight Shadow and his CGL Hall of Famers were shown killing Li Chengfeng and Purple Marquis. Then, I appeared with God’s Rage and Blood Fiend empowering me and killed Blue Sky Scar, Candlelight Shadow, and Tempest Shadow single-handedly. This was also the fiercest battle of the entire Nine Lost Dragon Domains conquest because almost everyone involved was a CGL Hall of Famer. This was a battle between experts who had left many legendary footsteps in the game, so obviously, it drew a lot of eyeballs.

There was commentary as well. The speaker said, "Candle Dragon is known as the number one guild of China. Using the Wood Dragon Vine Card, the Martial God, Candlelight Shadow, successfully ambushed and killed many Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and Snowy Cathaya experts such as Legendary Brave, Purple Marquis, High Fighting Spirits, Hot Sun, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, and more. However, the Little Heavenly King, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, clashed fearlessly against the five pillars of Candle Dragon and killed Candlelight Shadow, Blue Sky Scar, and Tempest Shadow at the end of the battle. Where does Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand’s courage come from? Personally, I think it takes more than courage to fight an army alone."

There were a ton of replies below the thread, and everyone had their own varying opinion to share—

#1 Kyogre: Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, the Genius of Heavenblessed, Lu Chen is the only person in the world who can pull off such a feat. Hehe, the conquest of Nine Lost Dragon Domains is both a dirge and hymn of war!

#2 Cheating for Money: The girl above me is super-cultured, but I still support Candlelight Shadow. His legendary feats at the previous game’s Nation Wars are something Lu Chen can’t hope to compare.

#3 Poison Sting: Hehe, you all say that, but I prefer the loyal and iron-hearted Purple Marquis. I’m a member of Snowy Cathaya, and I’ll support Purple Marquis forever!

#4: Cute Little Naughty: Hoho, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand looks so handsome in this video. He actually took out Candlelight Shadow, Blue Sky Scar, and Tempest Shadow himself! If you’re reading this, I love you...

#5 Demons and Monsters: Did you guys know yet? Lu Chen gathered all nine dragon scales and obtained the first ever Heaven-grade weapon of the game, the Cyan Netherworld Sword! It’s incredible!

#6 Divine Judgement is Bloody: If Lu Chen spends a whole day grinding the competitive arena, I don’t think there’s anyone who can take the first place from him, not even if his opponent is Candlelight Shadow...


I sucked in a deep breath after reading the thread for a bit. When Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls first showed off their strength, the majority of the players didn’t think much of us. However, after so many won battles and competitions, their opinions of us were slowly but surely changing for the better. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls was rising to the top and threatening Candle Dragon’s seat as the number one guild of China, and even better, we weren’t the only challengers. Snowy Cathaya, Warsky Alliance, and Purple Lily all had the power to challenge Candle Dragon as well.

Most of the strongest guilds of Spirit of Grief had retired during the latter stages of the game, and that’s when Candlelight Shadow was able to take over and call himself the Martial God. But Heavenblessed was just beginning, and heroes from every corner of the world were all fighting to become the very best. It would only get harder and harder for him to maintain his title.

"Martial God? Hehe…"

I smiled a little, then took a sip of water. Before I hit the sack, I looked at the phone beside my pillow and saw that I had an unread message from Lin Yixin: "Sleep sooner, bastard!"

An unknown warmth filled up my heart, and I sent a reply, "I’ll wake up around 5 pm or so. Let’s eat dinner together, Yiyi."

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