Chapter 558: Cyan Netherworld Sword

Now there were two items left. The next one up was the translucent jade flute. It was a very pretty flute. Anyone with half a brain would recognize that this was a music-based weapon, so it was definitely an item that was exclusively for bards. As a result, Pure Love’s eyes started to sparkle. She was the only bard close to Level 135 and she had practically been with us from the start, so she was the most likely candidate to receive this weapon.


Jade Song (Earth-grade, Outstanding★★★★)

Magic Attack: 780~970

Intelligence: +155

Stamina: +140

Passive: Increases user’s healing output by 30%

Passive: Increases bard’s buff effects by 40%.

Slots: 5

Outstanding Property: Soft Melody, raise a single target’s Attack by 20% and health regeneration by 50%

Level Requirement: 135


I didn’t even bother asking anyone for their opinions, I simply threw it straight to Pure Love and said, "Go and train hard, so that you can hit Level 135 soon and equip this weapon."

Pure Love nodded her head furiously as she replied, "Yeah, yeah! I definitely won’t let big bro down!"

Moonkiss spat out in a rather incredulous voice, "Man, this guy has little sisters everywhere…"

That comment left me speechless.


Now, we finally came to the final piece of equipment dropped by the Star Dragon. It was a rather long and oddly-shaped set of armor, and I really couldn’t figure out what it was used for. But when I shared its stats, both He Yi and Lin Yixin’s eyes immediately widened in shock.


Wild Barding (Earth-grade)

Mount Strength: +145

Mount Stamina: +140

Mount Tenacity: +30%

Mount Movement Speed: +20%

Attack Speed: +10%

Level Requirement: 135


It was a piece of equipment that could be equipped on a mount. Yeah, this should be the barding that people would normally see on armored warhorses. Wow, it really did give a lot of stats, it was strong as hell!

I turned around to look at Lin Yixin and He Yi. "Which of you wants this piece of mount equipment?"

In the end, both girls shook their heads. Lin Yixin said, "I already took the Blade of Violet Lightning so I won’t take any other items."

He Yi also said, "I don’t want it either. Give this to Gui Guzi or Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun. Both of them died, so they definitely suffered some losses. It would be better to give this to one of them."


I nodded my head and passed the barding to Pure Love. After that, I also passed Gui Guzi’s Rainbow to her and said in a stern voice, "The moment you return to the city, I want you to personally hand these items over to Gui Guzi. You got it?"

"Yes!" Pure Love nodded her head earnestly.

Soon after, we split the magic stones that the boss dropped and brought the entire affair to a close.


"So what do we do next? Return to the city?" Murong Mingyue asked as she checked the time. She stuck out her tongue and laughed. "Oh, it’s already three in the morning! Oh man, it’s been so long since we last ate. I’m so hungry…"

I stared at the distant interconnected valleys. "I’m going to go offline to get something to eat and will come back later to grind these Star Rhinos. I want to get a few more sets of Split Galaxy armor to strengthen the guild. What about the rest of you? Who wants to grind with me through the night? We can sleep again in the morning."

He Yi, Murong Mingyue, and Beiming Xue instantly nodded their heads eagerly.

However, Lin Yixin and the other girls rubbed their eyes and said that they were going to bed. They took out their return scrolls and went back to the city.

In the end, only the members of Frost Cloud workshop ended up staying behind. All of us went offline to eat something before we started grinding the Star Rhinos again. We hunted them until eight in the morning and we had just about swept the area clean of Star Rhinos by the time we were done. We managed to gather fifteen sets of Split Galaxy armor in total. This meant that we could create fifteen first-class cavalrymen for our guild!

The girls all went offline but I still had something important to do! I needed to go and see Princess Karinshan with these nine dragon scales to get the final quest reward. That had been the ultimate goal of sweeping the Nine Lost Dragon Domains in the first place, and everyone had been gunning for this prize from the very beginning. Even the last boss, a Heaven Rank boss, hadn’t dropped a Heaven-grade item, so it looked like the only way that a player could get a Heaven-grade item from this quest was through these nine dragon scales...

I took out my return scroll and crushed it!


A beam of magic light engulfed me as I was thrust into a rift in time and space, instantly appearing in Sky City. I blinked as the rays of morning light stabbed into my eyes. After I shook my head gently, I looked at Sky City again. Yeah, it really was beautiful as it was illuminated by the gentle rays of the morning sun.

I broke out into a mad dash. My Stormy Waves War Boots increased my movement speed by 80%, so I practically flew across the streets as I ran toward the palace. Given my status, I didn’t need to stop and report to any of the guards as I entered the royal palace. I simply walked straight into the great hall. As expected, Karinshan was grasping the handle of her sword as she sat in front of the throne and listened to the various combat reports being delivered by her messengers.

"Your Highness, the beastmen from the wild north have started to stir, and they’ve dispatched several small squads of beastmen warriors to harass our villages on the borders of our kingdom. Those vile and abominable creatures need to be punished!"

"Your Highness, there hasn’t been much movement in the Violet Empire. However, yesterday morning, Shadow Dancer Xue Wei appeared in the Dragonbone Mountain Range. It seemed as if she was trying to look for something."

"Your Highness, we’ve already purged the lands around the Nine Lost Dragon Domains of monsters, but we are unaware of how much progress those adventurers have made in that dungeon."

"Your Highness, we’ve received a combat report from Cyanstone Fortress. A necromancer assaulted the city and we lost more than three thousand people. However, we managed to hold the fort and Garrison Commander Royce is currently requesting reinforcements!"


Karinshan nodded her head. As she issued orders in response to those reports, she totally looked the part of a sovereign.

I chose this moment to walk into the hall. Karinshan spied me from a distance as a smile couldn’t help but blossom on her face. She quickly got up and walked over in welcome. "Oh, my brave adventurer, why have you come?"

I chuckled and said, "I just came back from adventuring in the Nine Lost Dragon Domains, Princess Karinshan. Are you about to give me some sort of generous reward?"

"What?! You have nine dragon scales?" Karinshan was so shocked that her delicate mouth dropped open.

The generals around her went completely pale from shock, but a few of them immediately started mocking him.

"How is that possible? How could a puny little adventurer like you gather all nine of the dragon scales? I’m afraid even the ruler of the Wood Dragon Domain would be too much for him!"

"Your Highness, this brat must definitely be some kind of conman! Qiang Lie requests for permission to throw him out of here!"

"All of the brave warriors of the Sky Empire were helpless before the Star Dragon, the ruler of the ninth floor of the Nine Lost Dragon Domains, so how could this insignificant adventurer kill it?"


As I looked at the smug faces of all of her officials. I couldn’t help but smirk at these fools. There was nothing I loved more than slapping people across the face. I fished out the nine dragon scales from my inventory and laid them out across the ground one by one. I pointed a finger at the dragon scales. "Please look at this, Your Highness. All nine dragon scales are here!"


Karinshan’s jaw practically dropped to the ground this time. She stared at the nine dragon scales in disbelief for a while before her face finally lit up with joy. She turned toward me and said, "Brave adventurer, did you truly kill these ancient evil dragons who had been roused from their slumber?"

"Yes, Your Highness! So give me that reward already!" I wailed in anguish. I was both sleepy and exhausted, so I really just wanted to get everything settled as quickly as possible. I still needed to sleep! If I didn’t get any rest soon, I’d keel over! Even an ironman wouldn’t be able to continue working a pressure cooker environment for twenty-four hours straight!


Karinshan nodded her head appreciatively before laughing. "Your strength leaves me astounded, my brave adventurer! Since that is the case, what prize do you want? A blade or armor? Or perhaps a high-grade martial art?"

I thought about it for a moment. In the current stage of the game, weapons were still more important and my Heaven-stealing Sword was already lagging far behind Lin Yixin’s Blade of Violet Lightning. If I didn’t upgrade my weapon soon, I would soon lose the superiority I enjoyed in attack power. That definitely wouldn’t be a good thing for me. In the upcoming era of heroes, wars over territory would come thick and fast. Without absolute military strength, would I still be able to uphold the dignity of Dark Moon City?

I nodded my head and replied, "Your Highness, I would like a sword-type weapon!"

"Alright, I understand! I know just the thing!"

Karinshan walked up to me and placed a hand in front of my chest. She smiled and said, "In my name as the ruler of Sky City, I confer upon you the title of ‘hero’. The entire Silver Moon Alliance has been covered in the light of your glorious deeds. Come forward and receive your just reward!"

The sound of the system immediately started ringing in the air above Sky City.


System Announcement: Player "Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand" gathered the nine dragon scales and successfully completed the final quest of the Nine Lost Dragon Domains. Reward: Level +3, Luck +5, Reputation +50000. All buildings in Dark Moon City will be upgraded by one rank. Reward item: "Cyan Netherworld Sword" (Heaven-grade, Outstanding★★★★★★).


I instantly heard a loud buzzing in my brain as my mind went blank. She really rewarded me with a weapon and it was a 6-star Outstanding Heaven-grade weapon at that! Man, how OP will this weapon be?!

My heart still racing with wild joy, I opened my inventory and saw a longsword that hadn’t been there before. The moment I took it out of my inventory, I felt a vigorous force surge into my body. The body of the sword was bright and nearly translucent. It looked as if it had been forged from some sort of mysterious ice. The image of a blue dragon had been etched onto the body of the sword and it seemed to undulate along the length of the sword in a most vivid and lifelike manner. I seemed to faintly hear a forceful dragon roar emanating from the sword too. But my greatest shock was reserved for the moment I saw the stats of this weapon.


Cyan Netherworld Sword (Heaven-grade, Outstanding★★★★★★)

Attack: 1250~1500

Strength: +220

Stamina: +235

Agility: +200

Tactics: +55

Passive: Increases user’s Attack by 65%

Passive: Increases user’s splash damage by 40%

Passive: When attacking a target, there is chance to trigger the

"Cyan Netherworld Divine Dragon" skill, which will attack every target in a set radius.

Slots: 8

Outstanding Property: Blood Rage. The blood of the Cyan Netherworld Soul will surge during battle. 10% of the damage dealt to the target will be converted into health.

Introduction: In ancient times, there was a place called the Cyan Netherworld. Legend has it that the Cyan Netherworld was located in the God Domain. There was an ancient poem which once said "A rainbow stretches from the cyan netherworld, and all of a sudden, I felt as if I had touched the heavens”. The gods who lived in the celestial Cyan Netherworld drew in a piece of metal from beyond the heavens. They used the bones of divine dragons to temper it as they forged it for several millennia. After all of those years of focused efforts, they finally forged a divine weapon of incomparable might. The eponymous Cyan Netherworld Sword.

Level Requirement: 140


This was way too OP! The upper limit of its Attack had reached 1500 points and it was a game-changing number! And it boosted three stats! From the Heaven grade onward, all equipment would boost three stats. Naturally, I couldn’t complain about the passives either. It was a 6-star Outstanding weapon after all, so they were all strong enough to drive other people mad with envy. A 65% boost to Attack, a 40% splash damage passive, and 10% lifesteal! Even though it wasn’t as high as the 14% lifesteal on my Heaven-stealing Sword, my damage was now going to be a lot higher!

I immediately checked my level. After that instant three-level jump, I had reached Level 140. I truly was the biggest winner in this Nine Lost Dragon Domains event! The quest reward had boosted me to the top of the level rankings in the China server. Even though this wouldn’t last for long because of the crazy leveling speed of God’s Dance and Luo River God of the Capital, I had at least shot to the top of the charts at least once at this stage of the game!

I equipped the Cyan Netherworld Sword and this change marked the end of an era. I went straight from a Spirit-grade weapon to a Heaven-grade one, reaching a whole new realm of power. Obviously, my stats had also experienced a complete transformation. As a new man, I gripped the handle of the Cyan Netherworld Sword tightly, feeling the endless powerful surging through my body.


ID: Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand (Title: Purgatory Thunder)

Class: Undead Swordsman (Platinum Swordsman)

Level: 140

HP: 28670

Attack: 2732~3370

Defense: 4065

Magic Resist: 3710

Reputation: 259480

Tactics: 343

Luck: 38


Very good. I was now yet another step toward the great barrier that was Level 150. I got a 6-star Outstanding weapon on the way too, and it was a divine weapon of matchless might! Currently, I was an absolute nightmare on the battlefield, whether it be against man or beast!

Okay, time to go offline!

I opened up my interface and was just about to click on the "exit" button, when I suddenly saw a Level 121 warrior called Soul Severing Scythe shout something in our guild channel, "Are there any officers online? Four of my brothers and I are trapped on a hill that’s about two and a half kilometers west of Dark Moon City. We were killed by a bunch of players from Mad Dragon while we were grinding Venomous Wasps. They’re currently camping our corpses! Please help!"

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