Chapter 557: Stormy Waves War Boots


Four big divine weapons fell from the sky and surrounded the Star Dragon. Thankfully for us, I actually managed to successfully use God Binding Art on it this time. As we faced off against this Level 160 Heaven Rank boss, which was at the end of its tether, once again, we turned out to be the final victors. Everyone from Candle Dragon and Warsky Alliance had died and the only people that still remained on the B9 floor were the players from Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls and our allies from Purple Lily and Snowy Cathaya. There was no need to have a duel to the death with either of them.


White Moon shone with a brilliant light as Lin Yixin hit the Star Dragon in the neck with extreme precision. She had used Extreme Break, causing a silvery sheen to instantly cover its gigantic body as its Defense and max HP dropped like a rock.

I immediately lunged forward with my sword, hiting the boss with Burning Blade Slash + War Crush combo. The six consecutive hits exploded all around the dragon, along with six damage numbers. As everyone started laying into the Star Dragon, its HP dropped to 1% in the blink of an eye.

After Lin Yixin, He Yi, Luo River God of the Capital, and the rest of our party had finished their cycle of attacks, the boss only had a pitiful sliver of HP left. It looked like it was about to die at any moment.

Right before the effects of Extreme Break ended, I lunged forward again as I hit the purple dragon with Universe Break and yet another Burning Blade Slash. I felt cold energy surge through my hand as I attacked. My ring’s Silver Dragon Storm skill had been activated!


A huge blast of silver dragon energy engulfed the Star Dragon and did just enough damage to knock off its last bit of health.


Amidst a final pitiful wail, this ancient king of dragonkind finally tumbled to the ground. Its gigantic body, which was as big as a small hill, slammed into the ground unceremoniously and a bunch of items popped out of its corpse along with a Star Dragon Scale.


"Wait a minute." Lin Yixin suddenly thrust out a hand to stop anyone from moving forward. She smiled as she said, "Before we start dividing the loot, let’s all agree on a few things first! Fact of the matter is that Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls was the guild that did more than 80% of the damage in this boss, so it really belongs to them. Sister Luo and I only came to help, so we really shouldn’t fight over any of the spoils of war. However, the nine dragon scales must be gathered in the end. If not, this entire endeavor would have been a waste of time. This is my proposal. Let’s all hand our dragon scales to Lu Chen and as compensation, Sister Luo and I can each choose a piece of equipment from the boss drops. How does that sound?"

I looked at Lin Yixin gratefully. She was truly far more wise and farsighted than me. She knew how high the stakes were for everyone involved and she also knew that it wouldn’t be good for anyone if a conflict broke out right now.

He Yi walked over and passed me October Rain’s Flying Dragon Scale. I had already picked up Farewell Song’s Fire Dragon Scale and Candlelight Shadow’s Wood Dragon Scale, so I now possessed seven of the nine scales and the other two remaining were the Thunder Dragon Scale, which was in Lin Yixin’s possession, and the Wind Dragon Scale, which was in Beauty Luo’s possession.

After she heard Lin Yixin’s proposal, Luo River God of the Capital smiled cheerily and nodded her head. "Yeah, I only have one dragon scale with me, so I’m not shameless enough to ask for the rest of them. I’ll just pass mine to Lu Chen. As for the equipment drops, I’m only interested in picking up mage equipment. If there isn’t any, I won’t ask for anything."

Lin Yixin nodded her head in approval. "Yeah, I also only want equipment exclusive to wanderers. I won’t ask for any magic knight or warrior equipment either."

As they said those words, both ladies passed their dragon scales to me. I finally had all nine dragon scales in my possession! As I stared at these dragon scales that were sitting in my inventory, I felt countless emotions surge through my heart. These were the quest items that all the great guilds in China had practically fought to the death over. Even guilds like Candle Dragon, Warsky Alliance, and Hegemon Palace had been drowned in this ocean of blood, and Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, Snowy Cathaya, and Purple Lily had lost nearly all their players in this conflict as well. But with this, this fierce and bloody battle finally came to a close.


"How about we check out those drops, Lu Chen?" Luo River God of the Capital said with a soft laugh.


I nodded my head and strode forward to pick up all the items that the Star Dragon had dropped. There were six items in all and I displayed them one at a time. Everyone’s eyes lit up with excitement. No one knew whether a legendary Heaven-grade item was hidden among the six. Such an item would be even more powerful than Earth-grade equipment, so an appearance of a Heaven-grade item would be a huge matter, reverberating throughout the China server!

The first item was a shiny longsword with beautiful inscriptions running down the length of its body. It crackled with electricity so it was clearly a thunder-element weapon. The second item was a golden necklace with a pendant that was shaped like a blazing cluster of flames. The third item was an indigo shield that glimmered with light. The fourth item was a pair of dark cyan war boots that radiated vast amounts of energy. The fifth was a translucent jade flute, and the last was a weird looking piece of armor. I didn’t know what in the world that could be used for.

As everyone looked at these six items with anticipation, I picked up the longsword that was crackling with electricity and waved a hand over it, revealing its stats in the party chat. Everyone’s eyes instantly popped wide open, as if they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.


Blade of Violet Lightning (Earth-grade, Outstanding★★★★)

Attack: 840~1140

Strength: +160

Stamina: +155

Tactics: +40

Passive: Increases user’s Attack by 45%

Passive: Increases user’s attack speed by 25%

Passive: When wielding the Blade of Violet Lightning, there is a chance that a lightning formation will appear and attack every target in a set radius.

Slots: 5

Outstanding Property: The Blade of Violet Lightning shrouds its user in protective aura, providing 20% damage reduction to its user at all times.

Introduction: In ancient times, before the continent was broken apart, there was a famous general from a feudal state whose accomplishments are remembered to this day. He conquered the untamed wilds and pacified all the barbarian tribes who lived there. He also found two divine weapons while campaigning in those barren lands. They were named Violet Lightning and Blue Cloud. This blade is exactly that famed Violet Lightning and it possesses an extremely strong affinity with natural lightning. It cuts through all of its enemies with swift certainty when used in battle, truly resembling a bolt of violet lightning that streaks through the battlefield.

Level Requirement: 135


"Woah, what a strong sword-type weapon! It’s a 4-star Outstanding Earth-grade weapon and its attack power exceeds 1100 points! How powerful…" Beiming Xue muttered. "It seems way stronger than big bro’s Heaven-stealing Sword."

I pursed my lips and chose not to say anything yet.

Luo River God of the Capital waved her hands. "It’s a sword-type weapon, so Moonkiss and I have nothing to do with that! Deal with it as you see fit!"

I exchanged glances with He Yi. Her eyes then swept toward Lin Yixin. After that, our beautiful guild leader silently nodded her head toward me. Her intentions were as plain as day.

I laughed and said, "My Heaven-stealing Sword and Eve’s Whirlwind both seem quite a bit stronger than Yiyi’s Frost Sword, so we won’t even roll for this and harm our friendship with one another. This Violet Lightning belongs to you, Yiyi!"

When I presented Violet Lightning to Lin Yixin, her beautiful eyes widened dramatically as she stared at me in disbelief. She reached out to touch the blade of Violent Lightning tentatively, like a beautiful and greedy little kitten. She clearly wanted to gobble up the "food" presented to her but she was apprehensive about it as well. Her beautiful eyes were filled with hesitation and worry.

"Just take it. We’re only going to give this one thing to Snowy Cathaya anyway." I grabbed her hand and shoved Violet Lightning into her arms.

A sweet smile appeared on Lin Yixin’s face as she nodded toward everyone and said, "Then I won’t refuse this gift! Thank you, everyone!"

He Yi giggled as she replied, "Without your Bombshell, there was no way that we would even be able to take down the boss in the first place. This sword was always going to belong to you! Don’t sweat the small stuff."


Lin Yixin had reached Level 135 after killing the boss, so she swiftly equipped Violet Lightning. Her attack power rose dramatically and she looked very cool holding the electrifying purple-colored longsword!

I continued on to the next item. It was the golden necklace with a golden flame-shaped pendant. I waved my hand over it, causing it to flash with light as its stats popped out into the air.


Fire God’s Necklace (Earth-grade, Outstanding★★★)

Intelligence: +155

Stamina: +140

Tactics: +27

Passive: Increases user’s Magic Attack by 30%

Passive: Increases user’s max HP by 20%

Slots: 5

Outstanding Property: Roaring Flames. Upon activation, all of the user’s fire-based attacks will deal 100% more damage for 60 seconds. Cooldown: 60 minutes.

Level Requirement: 135


It was a necklace designed specifically for mages to use. Since our best mage, Moonlight Stone, had died when disaster struck us earlier, she wasn’t here to object. Furthermore, we had agreed that one mage item would go to Luo River God of the Capital, which meant that this necklace was hers.

I passed the necklace over to Luo River God of the Capital and she took it from me in a very courteous manner. She let out a soft laugh. "Thank you! I hope to work with you again!"

I nodded my head and replied, "Yeah, it was great working with you!"

After that, I took out the indigo shield and it was quite obvious that this wasn’t just any old shield. Its surface shone with a prismatic light and when I finally shared its stats, several of the girls in the party gasped out loud.


Starflame Rampart (Earth-grade, Outstanding★★★★)

Defense: 1120

Magic Resist: 1000

Strength: +150

Stamina: +165

Tactics: +35

Passive: Increases user’s Defense by 35%

Passive: Increases user’s max HP by 8000

Slots: 7

Outstanding Property: Starwall. Summons star flames from within the shield which will protect the user from all damage for 12 seconds.

Level Requirement: 135


Holy shit! What a strong shield! It increased both Defense and Magic Resist by at least 1000 and it even added 8000 to the user’s max HP. Its Outstanding Property was even an invincibility skill that lasted for twelve seconds! This was a shield that fully covered every base that a magic knight would want covered! Any magic knight who had this shield would become a powerful steel wall that could push the enemy backward or cover the retreat of their allies!

With barely any thought, I tossed the Starflame Rampart to He Yi and said, "You’re the only one who can use this shield, so this belongs to you…"

He Yi’s smile grew very sweet as she thanked everyone for allowing her to take the item. This was basic manners for anyone who had successfully gotten any boss loot. After all, many people still hadn’t gotten any items and that never felt great.

The fourth item were those dark cyan war boots. Vast amounts of energy undulated around the boots and there was no way that it was an ordinary item. When I shared its stats, I was pleased to have been right on the money! My turn had finally come!


Stormy Waves War Boots (Earth-grade, Outstanding★★★★★)

Defense: 770

Magic Resist: 650

Strength: +155

Stamina: +160

Tactics: +29

Passive: Increases user’s movement speed by 45%

Passive: Increases user’s critical damage by 20%

Slots: 5

Outstanding Property: Swift Step, increases user’s movement speed by 35%

Level Requirement: 135


Hot damn! These boots were way too OP! Its first passive increased movement speed by 45% and its Outstanding Property increased movement speed by 35%. This meant that it boosted its wearer’s movement speed by 80% altogether. My heart danced with joy as my eyes shone with glee. I hugged the war boots to my chest and said, "Can I have these boots? Please?"

Lin Yixin stared at me with an incredulous expression on her face. "Do you think we could even snatch them away from you if we wanted to? Do you realize just how tightly you’re hugging those boots?"

"Heehee…" Even Luo River God of the Capital and Moonkiss couldn’t help but giggle when they heard those words.

I shamelessly equipped the Stormy Waves War Boots and kept my Barbaric Warboots of Heaven in my inventory. My stats instantly rose up a lot—


ID: Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand (Title: Purgatory Thunder)

Class: Undead Swordsman (Platinum Swordsman)

Level: 137

Health: 27230

Attack: 2022~2625

Defense: 4065

Magic Resist: 3710

Reputation: 209480

Tactics: 286

Luck: 33


I had grown even stronger! My Tactics was now 286, which meant that my Martial God boosted Attack by a terrifying 154%!

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