Chapter 556: A Sudden Reversal of Fortune

I quickly gulped down a health potion and also used Tenacity of the Dead for good measure to recover a bunch of my health at one go. Two numbers swiftly popped up above my head as I temporarily delayed death’s embrace.




Candlelight Shadow seemed somewhat leery of approaching me. My Heaven-stealing Sword was flickering with what seemed to be a terrifying light as I moved toward him.

"Bring it on, you garbage Martial God! Why are you running away?"

My rage was nowhere near satisfied as I endured the attacks of God’s Dance and Transient Smoke and Clouds to close the distance with Candlelight Shadow. When I raised my hand, four divine weapons shot down from the heavens to trap Candlelight Shadow in place, but he neatly avoided them by running a zigzag route. However, him dodging my God Binding Art was all part of the plan. He had fallen into my trap! Candlelight Shadow hadn’t noticed it, but my God Binding Art had been strategically placed to force him to move right next to a huge stone wall, the same one that Li Chengfeng had been nailed to just a little while ago. I had tricked him into maneuvering himself into a corner.


Despite being tricked into cornering himself, Candlelight Shadow still fought with sublime skill and alacrity. His face was warped with rage as he parried my sword and struck back with a swift riposte. But I didn’t let up either. I immediately raised my left arm to block his attack while my Heaven-stealing Sword flashed past Candlelight Shadow’s throat, causing a huge damage number to pop up in the air.


Candlelight Shadow naturally survived that blow. He had also been buffed by a high-level bard, so his defenses and health were exceptionally high.

"Let’s see how many more of those you can take!"

Our swords danced furiously in the air as we rapidly exchanged blows. Finally, I managed to block three consecutive strikes from Candlelight Shadow. I sprang forward and ran him through with my Heaven-stealing Sword. The sound of metal striking stone rang out in the air as I nailed him to the wall in an act of poetic justice. I raised up my left gauntlet and a bloody energy started swirling around it before I smashed it straight into the Martial God’s face!


Blood sprayed into the air and the vaunted Martial God wasn’t looking so good anymore. Even Candlelight Shadow himself would have never imagined that he would ever experience a day like this.

As he stared at me in fury, Candlelight Shadow slowly raised his right hand and pointed a finger toward me, causing the picture of a ghost god to appear over my head. This bastard had actually used his Ghost God Prophecy on me.

I roared, "Fuck you! Will your Ghost God Prophecy even linger after your death? How many people do you think you can kill, you absolute disgrace of a Martial God?!"

I continued to rain blows furiously on his head and after he let out one final groan of misery, Candlelight Shadow’s proud head finally sagged as he died! After that, the Ghost God Prophecy debuff above my head disappeared. It looked like killing Candlelight Shadow would also cancel the effect of this Famous General Skill as well.


I savagely pulled my sword out of his body, then kicked it brutally. I also bent down to pick up the legguards that had dropped. I’d pass them to Li Chengfeng as an apology for the indignity that he had suffered.

Thud! Thud!

Arrows fell on me like rain and my back was filled with so many arrows that I looked like a porcupine. I had less than 5% of my HP left and it looked like the gig was up for me. I turned around to look at Transient Smoke and Clouds. I suddenly bared my teeth at him and said, "Do you want to kill me? Hurry up then! I’ve already killed my fair share, so this death is worth it…"


Spiraling Arrow Blade blasted my tattered body backward. My knees hit the gravelly ground as I stumbled and lost my balance. Not far in front of me were the bodies of High Fighting Spirits, Li Chengfeng, Xu Yang, Purple Marquis, and Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun. I grinned, muttering to myself, "Dying together with you guys on the same patch of ground is also a sort of fucking bond I guess…"

But it was at this exact moment that a beam of holy light suddenly fell on my head. My HP shot back up to more than ten thousand and the only person who could have healed me by such a great amount was Murong Mingyue.

At the same time, Transient Smoke and Clouds’ body suddenly stiffened as it was rendered immobile. The stun CC’s icon appeared above his head as a beautiful assassin appeared behind him. Her sharp dagger whirled in the air as she used Blade Vortex, the consecutive strikes killing the hapless archer just as he was about to recover from his debuff.

The assassin girl sheathed her dagger and looked toward me. When she saw my ragged appearance, she smiled at me and said, "Lu Chen, sorry about that! We came late…"

God’s Dance was just about to attack Moonkiss when her Magic Shield suddenly started to buzz and whine incessantly. A scorching ball of flames exploded against it and that attack was swiftly followed by a Galaxy Storm. Both attacks combined to reduce the durability of God’s Dance’s Magic Shield by half. There was only one person who could deal such high magic damage on our server and that was Luo River God of the Capital herself!

"Ah?!” God’s Dance let out a startled cry. She clearly hadn’t expected Luo River God of the Capital’s Magic Attack to be so high. God’s Dance had no choice but to quickly retreat. She’d already lost the upper hand in their duel since Luo River God of the Capital had got off a free shot at her Magic Shield, so there was no way she could win this duel in the first place. Furthermore, the beautiful assassin who could infiltrate any location, Moonkiss, had also drawn her daggers again. If she allowed Moonkiss to get close, God’s Dance would find it even more difficult to escape from this altercation alive.

When I saw Luo River God of the Capital attack, I sprang to my feet without any warning, then broke out into a dead sprint. As such, I was already waiting for God’s Dance when she started to retreat. The Heaven-stealing Sword flashed with a deadly light as I smashed it through her Magic Shield with a Universe Break!


God’s Dance collapsed to the ground with a stifled groan. Now all five of Candle Dragon’s famed experts were dead. She had even dropped a pair of shiny mage shoes when she died. I picked those up and tossed them to Luo River God of The Capital. This was merely returning one good deed for another. However, Luo River God of the Capital pouted and said, "Hurry up and pick up Candlelight Shadow’s dragon scale!"

"Oh right." I picked up the Wood Dragon Scale that Candlelight Shadow had dropped. With this, I now had three dragon scales once more.


He Yi, Lin Yixin, and the rest of my party soon arrived and as they surveyed the battlefield, both girls were more than a little shocked. He Yi’s delicate mouth dropped open as she muttered, "Lu Chen, you’re really awesome…"

Lin Yixin nodded her head while also saying, "Despite being surrounded by the five godlike experts of Candle Dragon, he managed to kill Blue Sky Scar, Tempest Shadow, and Martial God Candlelight Shadow himself in the span of sixty seconds. I suspect that he’s probably the only person in the world that could pull off such a feat, right? Lu Chen’s skill is simply unbelievable…"

Beiming Xue cautiously replied, "That’s only because big bro got mad…"

Murong Mingyue nodded her head. "Yeah."


Luo River God of the Capital laughed when she heard those words, she had clearly come here in peace.

She said, "Hmmm, how about all of us team up? Purple Lily doesn’t have that many players left either, so let’s all for a party with the beautiful Wind Fantasy as our leader. We’ll go wipe out Warsky Alliance and snatch back the Star Dragon that belonged to both your guilds in the first place. How does that sound?"

I looked over at where the giant dragon was and saw that Warsky Alliance was putting up a good fight. The Star Dragon’s HP had already fallen to 5%. There was no time to waste. I nodded in response. "We’ll move out when the boss's HP drops to 3%. Warsky Alliance doesn’t have that many people left, but the most annoying person among them, Farewell Song, is still alive. Hmph, that punk still has Gui Guzi’s Rainbow so we need to make sure that he drops it! If not, we will have let Gui Guzi down!"

"Yeah!" The girls nodded their heads in unison.

We reformed the party. Only twenty-odd people remained of our original hundred-man party, but Luo River God of the Capital had brought more than thirty people with her so we just managed to form a new sixty-man party. This bolstered our healing up to acceptable levels as well, so we should be able to deal with the dying Star Dragon quite easily.

Normally, killing a boss that was on its last legs was quite easy, but Warsky hadn’t noticed just how terrifying this boss was. His one hundred and twenty man party had been reduced to a pitiful group of thirty-odd people and even an assassin like Farewell Song was forced to go up to deal damage to the boss. They were trying to kill the dragon as soon as possible because they had no idea what was happening over on our side.


After two minutes, the boss's HP had finally dropped to 3%. Besides Warsky and Farewell Song, nearly all the other frontliners of Warsky Alliance had fallen to the dragon’s claws. Even if we didn’t attack them, they already looked like they were doomed.

But how could we not return this “favor”?

"Let’s go! Everyone, charge!" I brandished my longsword as I led the charge toward the players of Warsky Alliance. At this moment, there was no one who wanted to slaughter this bunch of people more than I did.

Lin Yixin, He Yi, Moonkiss, and Beiming Xue swiftly followed behind me.

I yelled, "Leave Farewell Song to me! Beiming, your job is to stun Warsky. Beauty Luo and Yiyi will immediately kill him after that. Warsky’s equipment ain’t bad, so we’ll be rich if he drops an item or two. Eve, I’ll leave October Rain to you. Use Charge to control her movements! Don’t give her an opportunity to pull anything slick. She won’t be able to kill you with her attack power anyway!"

The girls nodded their heads. "Alright!"


I locked onto Farewell Song and ran straight ahead. When I was within 45 yards of him, I immediately activated Thunderous Charge without any hesitation. My body started to blur as I accelerated toward the person who was known as the number one assassin in China!


Farewell Song’s reaction speed was extremely fast. He spun on his heel and started to dance across the ground gracefully. He had used his Shadow Dance skill and he used his greatly boosted movement speed to dodge my charge with graceful yet effective weaving.

I never intended to hit him with my Thunderous Charge in the first place. The moment I came to a stop, my longsword immediately danced in the air as I used an Icy Cyclone Domain to slow the assassin down. The instant Icy Cyclone Domain formed around him, I shot Thousand Ice Slash at him!


Farewell Song was caught by surprise as his feet slid to the side to avoid the fan-shaped Thousand Ice Slash! He had barely managed to dodge that strike so there was no way he could prepare himself for the God Binding Art that came next!

Thud! Thud! Thud! Thud!

The four divine weapons fell into the ground around Farewell Song, trapping him inside. He had dodged right into this attack, meaning there was no way that he would have been able to avoid it.

"Hmph!" Farewell Song turned a ring on his finger as he activated his invincibility skill. Dark green light shrouded his entire body as he successfully entered an invincible state for seven seconds. However, my God Binding Art lasted fifteen, so he had simply wasted those seven seconds of invulnerability.

Farewell Song struggled to move both left and right but he realized that he was unable to break the fetters of my God Binding Art. His eyes started to turn frantic.

I timed my attack just right, his invincibility buff faded just as my Heaven-stealing Sword was flying toward his chest. Brilliant light exploded out of my Heaven-stealing Sword as a fiery cone of spiraling indigo energy swirled around the sword. My sword instantly ran him through, the huge impact from Universe Break blowing the powerful king of assassins to pieces!


Quite a few things dropped from Farewell Song as he died. To my delight, Gui Guzi’s Rainbow was also among them. I swiftly bent down to pick up both the Earth Dragon Scale and the shining spear before throwing them into my inventory.

This is great! We didn’t let Gui Guzi down after all!


On the other side of the huge dragon, Beiming Xue had managed to successfully stun Warsky with a Shock Arrow. Lin Yixin dove in and used Extreme Break + Barrier Break to take off half of Warsky’s HP before Luo River God of the Capital blasted the poor man into chunks of steaming hot mess with Galaxy Storm! He even dropped his breastplate upon death!


While mounted on her Snow Domain Windchaser, He Yi flew toward October Rain. October Rain’s mechanical control was extremely good but she was still just an archer. There was no way that she could outrun He Yi. She was being run ragged and when she finally made a mistake, Lin Yixin ran in to finish her off with a single slash of her sword!

In just a couple of moments, Warsky Alliance’s frontline had completely collapsed and all of their experts had been killed.

I turned around to stare at the Star Dragon as I yelled, "Sis, make sure to keep an eye on my health! I’m starting on the boss now!

Murong Minyue laughed softly. "Leave it to me!"

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