Chapter 555: True Brothers

“Oh shit, Little Gui’s Rainbow dropped!” Du Thirteen said in shock. As the guild leader of the Bloody Mercenaries, he was naturally at the forefront of the fight and rushed forward the very instant the Galaxy Vortex disappeared.

However, the moment Du Thirteen neared Rainbow, that familiar red light suddenly blinked into existence again. Du Thirteen’s body shuddered as it froze in place. Farewell Song’s figure appeared for an instant before disappearing again. The Star Dragon’s aggro was instantly transferred to Du Thirteen and it instantly attacked him with Dragon Blade. The skill howled through the air, then transfixed itself in Du Thirteen’s chest.


It was a critical hit! This critical hit instagibbed Du Thirteen, whose stats had been boosted by Bombshell. This Star Dragon was a ridiculously powerful existence at this current stage of the game.

As Du Thirteen slowly slumped to the ground, the Rainbow that had been lying beside him disappeared as well. This had definitely been the work of Farewell Song. No other assassin in the server could so stealthily kill someone and pick an item like he had just done. The boost his Famous General Skill, Sneak Attack, gave to his invisibility and movement speed was no joke.



Rage boiled up inside my chest as I tried to lunge forward. However, both Lin Yixin and He Yi grabbed an arm each as they pulled me back. “Lu Chen, don’t do anything impulsive!” He Yi shouted.

Lin Yixin also chimed in, “If we lost some equipment, we can just snatch it back later. But if you die, how are we gonna kill this boss? How are we going to take on the challenge Candlelight Shadow poses?”

I clenched my teeth tightly as my eyes turned bloodshot. Gui Guzi and Du Thirteen were my dearest brothers. We had walked together from the very start, from when I founded the Bloody Mercenaries all the way until now. We had experienced many setbacks and hardships together, had shed blood, sweat, and tears together, but I had only been able to watch as Farewell Song picked them off one by one. Furthermore, Gui Guzi had lost his Rainbow, his most treasured possession in Heavenblessed, and it had even been stolen by Farewell Song!

What’s more, Farewell Song had not only stolen Rainbow, he had also stolen the Earth Dragon Scale that he had been holding onto as well!


“We need to give up on this boss and retreat toward the south first. Let’s get out of this kill zone!” He Yi immediately issued a wise order. However, it seemed as if she had said those words a tad too late.

An arrow glinted in the sky before it smashed heavily into the chest of a warrior from Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. Dragon’s Roar and Galaxy Storm immediately followed, causing this Bombshell-enhanced warrior to fall dead to the ground. Only two people on the enemy’s side were able to coordinate their attacks so perfectly! That hapless warrior had undoubtedly been killed by Transient Smoke and Clouds and God’s Dance.

As expected, a party of about twenty-odd people soon emerged into view. Candlelight Shadow was leading them and he was flanked by his four War Gods. The players of Candle Dragon had arrived at a most inopportune moment for us!


As he drew his sharp sword, a sinister smile appeared on Candlelight Shadow’s face. “Charge! Don’t show mercy to anyone who bears the emblem of Snowy Cathaya or Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls! I want you to kill them all!”

Two of his generals, Blue Sky Scar and Tempest Shadow, were already charging at us before he had even finished speaking. Both of them slammed into a warrior from Snowy Cathaya and sent his body flying with a flurry of violent blows.

The situation was extremely bad for us right now. Candle Dragon stood in front of us and there was a gigantic dragon and a lurking Farewell Song at our backs. It seemed as if we had really gotten ourselves into a catch-22 situation this time.

Li Chengfeng brandished his Tempest Sword as he let out a deep roar of rage. “Lu Chen! Why are all of you still milling about like dummies? I’ll block Candle Dragon with my party, you need to retreat with everyone else. Don’t let everybody die in this place. We came here to get that dragon scale, not be someone else’s bridesmaid!”

My nose twinged as I twirled around and yelled, “Let’s get out of here. We’ll hide in the ravine over there to avoid the boss’s attacks! Hurry!”


The players from Warsky Alliance had quietly appeared on the other side of the map. Warsky didn’t provoke anyone into a fight. Instead, he stealthily approached the gigantic dragon from the back. After that, October Rain shot a Devil Piercing Arrow at Star Dragon, and the one hundred and twenty players of Warsky Alliance began to fight the boss in our place. Based on their current DPS, they would be able to kill the boss and get the last dragon scale in the next twenty minutes.

Li Chengfeng, High Fighting Spirits, Xu Yang, Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun, and Purple Marquis stared at the players of Candle Dragon with bloodshot eyes. All of them brandished their weapons as they charged toward them with a care in the world. Five people were charging into more than twenty high-level experts from Candle Dragon. This was obviously a kamikaze attack!

However, when Candlelight Shadow saw this, his lips actually tugged up into a triumphant grin as he took out a dark green card from his inventory and threw it high in the air. He let out a roar of laughter as he yelled, "You dumbasses, it’s time to die! Wood Dragon Vines!"

My heart sank to the pit of my stomach. He had actually used a skill card! Li Chengfeng and his group were screwed!


Only Li Chengfeng and Purple Marquis managed to charge out of the attack radius of that Wood Dragon Vines in the end. Thick vines shot up from the ground and wrapped themselves around the legs of the other three, rendering them completely immobile!

Tempest Shadow rushed forward and three strikes of his spear had just about emptied Xu Yang’s health bar. He sneered at him as he said, "Sunmoon Stardust, huh! What could the four elders of Ancient Sword Dreaming Soul ever do?"

Xu Yang’s eyes turned bloodshot as he spat back a reply, "I can kill you!"

His sharp blade suddenly spun forward as Xu Yang actually managed to use his Barrier Break skill while bound by those wooden vines. However, Tempest Shadow’s health was very high, so there was no way Xu Yang would have been able to kill him in that strike. In the next instant, Tempest Shadow roared in anger as he unleashed his vindictive riposte, his long spear tearing a hole in Xu Yang’s throat!


Xu Yang collapsed to the ground heavily while Candlelight Shadow elegantly ran forward and thrust his sword into High Fighting Spirits’ chest. To Candlelight Shadow, killing these frozen stumps was no different from shooting ducks in a barrel. He cruelly twisted his blade after he stabbed High Fighting Spirits as a small smile appeared on his face. "High Fighting Spirits, you’re one of the officers of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls. How does it feel to be slaughtered just like a dog?”

High Fighting Spirits’ eyes were bloodshot as he reached out to grab the blade of Candlelight Shadow’s sword. He forcibly shoved it even deeper into his chest as he howled, "Even if I do get slaughtered, I’ll never die like a dog. And even if you do win, you might still be a dog yet!"

High Fighting Spirits suddenly lashed out with his Invincible as he unleashed Xiezhi Howl. Candlelight Shadow’s health suddenly dropped and he kicked High Fighting Spirits away violently. He immediately rushed forward with a snarl as he finished the Berserker off.

Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun’s health had been whittled down to less than 20% by Blue Sky Scar’s hit-and-run attacks, but he was still struggling valiantly. His mount’s tenacity had long since been depleted but he still slashed his sword left and right. Even though he was doomed, he still managed to use Do or Die to shave off half of Blue Sky Scar’s health in one blow. Blue Sky Scar stumbled back in complete shock and his heart started beating faster every time he glanced at Eighteen Steed’s corpse.


On the other side of the skirmish, Li Chengfeng and Purple Marquis were wreaking havoc on Candle Dragon’s backline. They killed one expert after the other, but they were both caught off-guard when Candle Dragon started to counterattack. Transient Smoke and Clouds had been kiting them all this while and he managed to successfully stun Purple Marquis with a Shock Arrow. He immediately yelled in an anxious voice, "Little Dance, it’s time to begin to slaughter!"

God’s Dance waved her staff in the air as she unleashed both Galaxy Storm and Dragon’s Roar at Purple Marquis. This combo instantly dropped him to critical health, but the warrior still charged forward with bloodlust in his eyes. A high-level warrior from Candle Dragon crashed into Purple Marquis with a loud "bang", but his movements were slow and sluggish after that. Purple Marquis instantly took advantage of that delay to strike that warrior with Barrier Break + Vacuum Slash combo, which sent the hapless warrior to the afterlife. Then, he threw his head back and howled like an enraged lion.


A bloodied sword suddenly burst out of the front of Purple Marquis’s chest. Candlelight Shadow chuckled coldly from behind him as he said, "The best warrior in Snowy Cathaya. Hmph, you still have to die like everyone else!"

Purple Marquis’s eyes grew hazy as he slowly knelt to the ground and muttered, "Guild leader, I’m sorry. I tried my best…"

When he saw that Purple Marquis had died, Li Chengfeng flew into an uncontrollable rage. His eyes had turned scarlet with anger as he smoothly shifted to the side and gave Tempest Shadow’s shield a violent kick. He spun to his right and forced Blue Sky Scar back with three violent slashes. The current Li Chengfeng looked even more like a blood-maddened lion than even Purple Marquis had, yet he was still fighting with a cool head! At the very least, he was using his sublime mechanical skill to suppress both Blue Sky Scar and Tempest Shadow at the same time!

Candlelight Shadow rushed forward to greet him. He suddenly changed his trajectory slightly as he weaved a slight arc toward Li Chengfeng. As he ran past Li Chengfeng, his sword flicked out like a venomous snake and bit into the dragon warrior’s throat, pushing his HP to below 40%. At the same time, God’s Dance used her Galaxy Storm to control and restrict Li Chengfeng’s movements. As a result, the dragon warrior had no choice but to duel against Candlelight Shadow in these desperate conditions. He was at a complete disadvantage!


Bright red blood flew into the air as Candlelight Shadow shoved his sword through Li Chengfeng’s chest. The force of the thrust was so great that he nailed Li Chenfeng in the rock wall behind him. A sinister smile appeared on his face as he said, "That’s right. I played with that girl and threw her aside. But so what? In this game, you’ll never be able to beat me. So what can you prove anyway?"

Li Chengfeng reached out to grab Candlelight Shadow’s sword as his face twisted up with rage and discontent. I could even see two tears roll down his face as he glared at Candlelight Shadow.

When Candlelight Shadow nailed Li Chengfeng to the wall and killed him, it signaled the end of the battle. Candle Dragon had paid an exceedingly small price to kill the five brave generals of Snowy Cathaya and Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls.


When I saw the look on Li Chengfeng’s face as he died, my nose twitched violently and I had to hold back the urge to cry. After that, my vision went completely red and I turned around and dashed toward the entrance of the valley, the Heaven-stealing Sword leaping into my hands.

Lin Yixin yelled at me from behind, "Lu Chen, what are you trying to do?!"

As I swiftly danced over the rocky ground, I bellowed back, "I’m going to kill them! I’m going to kill them all! I…"

Lin Yixin was completely shocked. "Didn’t you want to gather five dragon scales? You… you need to calm down and think!"

I roared back with tears in my eyes, "I don’t care about any benefits or pros and cons! I only want to make sure that the dignity of my comrades never get trampled on! That they never get bullied by anyone! To that end, I’ll do anything, even if I die in the process! I will never back down!!!"


My eyes had turned scarlet with rage and Candlelight Shadow and his party were already aware of my arrival. Candlelight Shadow’s lips immediately curved up into a small smile as he said, "Lu Chen has come! Everyone, prepare yourselves! We’ll take him out in a single round!"

I sucked in a deep breath. I activated the God Suppressing Necklace’s unique skill, God’s Rage. My attacks would all become critical hits in the next sixty seconds. This synergized extremely well with my Crimson Rock Dragon Armor’s Blood Fiend passive, which returned 10% of my health every time I scored a critical hit!


Candlelight Shadow charged toward me with his sword raised in the air while Blue Sky Scar and Tempest Shadow flanked me. From the distance, I could see that Transient Smoke and Clouds had shot off a Shock Arrow at just the right moment. It would be hit by that attack if I continued to move forward!


Dust flew up in the air as I suddenly pivoted and changed direction. I moved away from my original spot as my body spun around Candlelight Shadow in a perfect spiral. However, Candlelight Shadow had still been able to hit me in the back with his flurry attack, Blazing Purgatory Slash! Damage numbers popped up above my head




This sort of damage wasn’t able to interfere with my movement at all, so in the next instant, I appeared in front of Tempest Shadow and my Heaven-stealing Sword howled out toward him as I used Universe Break!

"Huh?" Tempest Shadow’s expression changed dramatically but he couldn’t react in time to parry my attack. He could only watch as my longsword cut through his shield like a hot knife through butter. It pierced into his chest and burst out the other end!


It was a critical hit which had nearly dealt fifty thousand points of damage to Tempest Shadow. Unfortunately for me, his equipment was extremely strong, so he still had a chunk of health left. Meanwhile, a bunch of priests in the back were desperately trying to heal him!

"Time for you to die!" I roared as I unleashed Burning Blade Slash. It blasted Tempest Shadow’s shield apart, turning both him and his mount into chunks of minced meat. The effects of a critical hit were extremely graphic and violent.

"Fucking hell! Damn you, Lu Chen!"

Blue Sky Scar lunged toward me from behind. I reacted with lightning quickness as I twisted my body and danced a few steps backward. I slammed into his chest and borrowed the momentum from the collision to spin around. My sword flashed through the air as I slashed his throat with a basic attack.


Blue Sky Scar’s eyes widened in complete shock as he slowly knelt to the ground. He looked as if he was still processing the fact that he had been one-shot by a basic attack.


My back grew cold as a blade gorily burst out from the front of my chest. It was Candlelight Shadow’s sword.


I endured the intense pain that shot through my body as I spun around. The Heaven-stealing Sword flashed out and heavily struck Candlelight Shadow’s blood-colored helmet, sending him staggering backward. At the same time, I felt my body grow cold as God’s Dance launched Galaxy Storm at me from afar, causing my health to drop to 20%.


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