Chapter 547: Beauty Third Wheel

Did we really run into the boss of the Wind Dragon Domain this soon?

I stepped forward only to realize that the dragon’s shadow was growing bigger and bigger. It was clearly flying toward us. "Watch out! The giant dragon’s flying our way!"

Shocked, everyone readied their weapons and looked primed to act at any moment.

However, Beiming Xue suddenly said, "I think that’s an NPC, not a boss…"



The giant dragon circling above our heads landed on the ground in the blink of an eye. It really was as NPC as Beiming Xue said, an NPC that we all recognized no less. It was Green Dragon Knight Tia, one of the five Dragon Knights who served Princess Karinshan.

I couldn’t help but walk up to the dragon knight and ask, "Why are you here, Tia?"

Tia frowned slightly. "Princess Karinshan is worried that the unearthing of the Nine Lost Dragon Domains is a letter of challenge from Hell, so she sent me over to investigate everything. However, not only are these giant dragons far less dangerous than I initially thought they might be, their memories are still stuck in the era of hundred thousand years ago. They haven’t even heard of the Dragon Domain, the Dragon Speaker, the alliance between humans and dragons, and most certainly not of the Dragon Knights."

Tia exhaled slightly before continuing, "These arrogant ancient dragons look down on us. They even believe themselves to be the gods of the continent, and that they should rule over everything! If it wasn’t certain before if our warriors should attack this place and kill these ancient beasts who dream of invading the human world, it is now!"

I nodded in agreement. "Mn."

Tia climbed onto the back of her dragon and said, "I’m going back. Princess Karinshan is still waiting for my report. By the way, the princess will reward you herself if you can collect all nine dragon scales!"

"Got it!"

After the conversation was over, Tia and the green dragon took to the air and vanished from the horizon in the blink of an eye. I was a bit worried, to be honest. Is it just me, or did she fly away a bit too quickly? Could it be that the boss of the B9 floor is extremely powerful, and Tia didn’t want to clash against it?


"Well, let’s continue killing the Wind Eagles. We’ll decide what to do with this new info after we’ve farmed all the necessary B9 floor teleportation scrolls!" I told everyone.

Li Chengfeng nodded. "Got it!"

We spread out again and went back to the grind. The valley was filled with Wind Eagles, and we were hardly the only party who was farming at this place. Small groups of players that didn’t belong to Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls were starting to appear at the distance, and many of them were powerful parties from powerful guilds, such as the ten top guilds of Vanished God City.

We grinded for a while, but we didn’t find a teleportation scroll.

He Yi cut down a Wind Eagle and commented right after, "It’s quiet. Candle Dragon is silent, Warsky Alliance is doing god knows what, and Snowy Cathaya is grinding far away from us…"

I checked the time and noted that it was very late in the night. Before we knew it, it had been 16 hours since we ate or drank anything.

Murong Mingyue put a hand on her belly. "Forget about Candle Dragon, can we please log out temporarily and eat something? I’m so hungry…"

He Yi nodded with a smile. "Sure, let’s do this one party at a time. Li Chengfeng, you and your party will log out first. Please settle everything in ten minutes, and don’t accidentally teleport back to the city when you log back in. You won’t be able to come back here."

Li Chengfeng replied, "It’s fine, I can still hold on a little longer…"

I shot him down expressionlessly. "You can, but what about your party members?"

As expected, the female members in Li Chengfeng’s party asked with clenched fists and an aggrieved expression, "Party leader, we want to log out, we want to go to the toilet…"

Xu Yang laughed. "Chengfeng is such a brute. He doesn’t know how to care for women at all."

Gui Guzi nodded in agreement.

Left with no choice, Li Chengfeng relented and ordered his party to log out, settle whatever they needed to do in real life, and return ten minutes later. One way or another, we had to clear this map before anyone else. It would be a huge loss otherwise.


Finally, I managed to grind the first teleportation scroll to the B9 floor. However, I didn’t go right away because we still hadn’t found the boss of the B8 floor yet.

The B9 floor teleportation scroll was unique in that it couldn’t be traded, so I instantly lost the motivation to kill the Wind Eagles like my life depended on it. I let High Fighting Spirits and Chaos Moon do all the hard work while I took it easy under the protection of several cute priests. Hmm, now that I think about it, my arena ranking had dropped to third place because I hadn’t fought any arena battle for the past couple days. Let me fight a couple of 1v1s...

Unfortunately, there were no worthy opponents in the competitive arena. For 11 fights in a row, all the opponents I encountered could basically be taken out with a Sword Boomerang and Dragon Slaying Slash in 15 seconds. Well, I should’ve expected this. Everyone who could threaten me such as Luo River God of the Capital, Lin Yixin, Candlelight Shadow, and so on were currently busy clearing the Nine Lost Dragon Domains. I was probably the only slacker who took some time off at the competitive arena.

Suddenly, Chaos Moon said, "Fuck! Lu Chen, come back now. Someone’s coming our way…"

I hurriedly backed out of the competitive arena and turned around to take a look. As she said, a group of high-level players wearing the emblem of Vanished God City were walking toward us. They were all from the same guild, and their leader was a bright, cute girl in mage robes. She was none other than the highest-level mage in China besides Luo River God of the Capital and God’s Dance—Stranger of Three Lifetimes!

Now that I think about it, it was funny that almost all of China’s top mages were female. Maybe it was because they were more meticulous and thus had an easier time grasping the key of long-range positioning and ranged attacks? At any rate, their male counterpart, Dominating Mage God, was a walking tragedy. The poor bastard was getting killed everyday like it was the most normal thing in the world.

He Yi and I walked up to Stranger of Three Lifetimes. The latter was wearing a friendly smile on her face, and her party members showed no signs of hostility at all. It was because the Blazing Hot Lips guild was our ally, and the orange font coloring their ID was the proof of that.

"Long time no see, Beauty Third Wheel…" I greeted her with a smile.

Stranger of Three Lifetimes curled her lips. "What the fuck, please don’t call me that. Call me Momo."

"Sure. Long time no see!"

"Mn!" Stranger of Three Lifetimes smiled before looking at He Yi. "Ohh, From Water is growing prettier and prettier everyday. I feel pressured just standing next to you…"

He Yi giggled. "What are you talking about? You are quite young and beautiful yourself, Momo. You must have a lot of admirers, right?"

"Of course not, not unless you count those people who have no future to speak of…"

"Ai…" I sighed. "The one I love is already taken; the one who loves me is beyond recognition."

Stranger of Three Lifetimes burst into a giggle. "Oh you, you can be so funny sometimes. Oh right, you have three dragon scales, right? Care to share one with me?"

"You may as well kill me right now…"



He Yi smiled. "Momo, why isn’t Blazing Hot Lips looking for the boss?"

"Because there’s no point, duh…" Stranger of Three Lifetimes replied in a helpless tone, "The wolves are everywhere, but there is only one sheep. How many guilds do you think are searching for the boss of this floor? Purple Lily, Candle Dragon, Snowy Cathaya, The Monarch Descends, Warsky Alliance, and Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls are all here. Every last one of you is more powerful than the last. Where would Blazing Hot Lips find the strength to compete against all of you?"

She added, "Even if we found the boss first, one message is all it takes to summon all the guilds like bees to honey. We would lose hundreds if we fight for the dragon scale, and as the guild leader I have a responsibility to all my guild members…"

"Mn, you really are a good guild leader, Momo…"

It was at this moment a Blazing Hot Lips player moved closer to Stranger of Three Lifetimes and whispered something into her ears. The girl instantly turned serious and lowered her voice, "From Water, Lu Chen, the boss just appeared about 20 minutes away to the southeast from here. Candlelight Shadow has already surrounded it with more than 1500 players and declared ownership over it."

He Yi exclaimed in surprise, "Really? There are over 1500 Candle Dragon players on the B8 floor? But… how is this possible?"

Stranger of Three Lifetimes smiled. "It’s Candle Dragon, the most influential guild in all the servers of China, you know, not to mention that Candlelight Shadow is the representative of China’s virtual reality scene. You’d best not underestimate them because even these 1500 players may not represent all of their power. Speaking of which, how on earth did you guys get three dragon scales, and Candlelight Shadow only one anyway? Do you even know how unbelievable that is?"

I said, "Since Candle Dragon has already surrounded the boss, let’s go take a look. We can’t miss this opportunity!"

"Okay, let’s go!"


We marched toward Candle Dragon and the boss in a straight line. Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had managed to assemble five intact hundred-man parties, and Blazing Hot Lips, four hundred-man parties. We should be able to at least intimidate Candle Dragon a little with 900 players.

We passed through a canyon and entered a wide plain. Even from the distance, we could hear the loud roars of a giant dragon. A huge, cyan figure was soaring in the sky, and it was none other than the last boss of the B8 floor, the Great Earth Wind Dragon!

However, we were stopped by a large group of players before we could get close. They were all high-level players, and I counted almost a thousand of them. They were led by Purple Dawn, the guild leader of the first subguild of Candle Dragon, and a player Candlelight Shadow valued a lot.

Purple Dawn was raising his bow and shouting, "Stop where you are! Candle Dragon is fighting the boss right now! Do not come close, or you will be violently dealt with!"

A group of archers raised their bows, let loose a volley and covered the ground right in front of us in arrows!


Xu Yang gulped visibly. "Damn, there are so many of them. I can’t believe that a single subguild of Candle Dragon can form as many as 8 battle lines…"

Stranger of Three Lifetimes smiled. "But of course. Ancient Sword might’ve killed a lot of bosses, but Candle Dragon hasn’t killed a single one yet. Even the only dragon scale they have was snatched from the hands of Wind Fantasy. The reason they managed to gather this many people is because their high-level players traded all the teleportation scrolls they found to their guild members. Lu Chen, you grinded for a long time at the B5 floor, didn’t you? Where are your teleportation scrolls?"

I answered expressionlessly, "I threw them all. Gotta make space for equipment, you know…"

Stranger of Three Lifetimes rolled her eyes at me. "So despicable."


It was at this moment Li Chengfeng spoke up. "So, guys? Are we fighting them or not? Guild leader?"


He Yi pulled out her sword and declared, "We attack them now!"


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