Chapter 545: Hundred Battler

On the B6 floor, there was an assassin hiding at the coordinates He Yi had told me earlier. Once we arrived, they immediately showed up and gave me the B7 floor teleportation scroll. We only managed to catch a glimpse of the huge bats infesting the Flying Dragon Domain before we teleported to the B7 floor!

The same thing happened when we arrived at the B7 floor. After I crushed another teleportation scroll, we arrived at the B8 floor, the Wind Dragon Domain!



My eyes blurred for a second when I arrived at the Wind Dragon Domain. Then, I noticed that my body was hurting, and my HP was dropping because a hurricane was tearing away at my body. Not far away, a giant eagle with dark cyan feathers was flapping its wings screeching at us. It was none other than the common monster of the B8 floor, the Wind Eagle!

Wind Eagle was a magic-type monster that could summon hurricanes. They could only be taken down one by one because too many hurricanes could kill anyone. It was one of the main reasons no party had managed to grind the teleportation scroll to teleport to the B9 floor until now. Of course, the other reason was that teleportation scrolls only dropped to players with a dragon scale. Without it, a player could sweep through the whole map and still not find a teleportation scroll to enter the last floor.


I rushed the Wind Eagle and hit it with a God Binding Art. Then, I worked together with Chaos Moon and killed it in a jiffy. Unfortunately, it dropped a magic stone but not a teleportation scroll. The way the worthless rock rolled back and floor on the ground almost felt mocking.

"Watch out. Someone’s coming!"

Chaos Moon suddenly faced toward a nearby mountain range cautiously. It wasn’t long before her words were proven true. A 50-man party emerged from the other side of the mountain range, but both their equipment and levels were extraordinary. This was especially true for their leader, a warrior in fiery red metal armor. An emblem that looked very similar to Warsky Alliance’s floated on his shoulder, and the lines of text above his head were astonishing—


Hundred Battler LV-127 Warrior

Guild: Warearth Alliance

Guild Position: Guild Leader


I abruptly clenched my fists. "Watch out, you two. I think I recognize that brat, so… a fight might break out..."

The party leader named Hundred Battler walked up to me before shooting me an arrogant look. Then, he took off his helmet—he had a head of red hair—and grinned at me, "Heh, we finally meet, the bigshot of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand… is what I would say, if we haven’t already met before!"

I raised my eyebrows. "How does it feel to break a hand and a leg?"

"It is you!"

Fury burned in Hundred Battler’s eyes instantly. "I’m going to humiliate you as much as you humiliated me that day ten times over, you motherfucker! Prepare for battle, brothers and sisters! We’re sending the vice leader of Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls back to Sky City!"

The tension skyrocketed in an instant. There were 50 enemies, and they had every class they needed to make a scientific party composition such as warriors, mages, bards, priests, and more, meaning that they could execute intricate strategies if they wished. The advantage was all theirs if a fight were to break out here.

Gritting his teeth and pulling out his sword, Hundred Battler shouted, "Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand has three dragon scales, so what are you all waiting for? Let’s kill him and grab the dragon scales already! Don’t worry, our leader, Warsky, will be arriving very soon!"


The battle was about to break out. A dozen or so enemy warriors pulled out their blades as I unsheathed my own. I pointed the Heaven-stealing Sword at the crowd and declared, "Come on then, it’s not like I’m afraid of the likes of you. I can kill you inside or outside the arena!"

"Hmph, just you wait!"

Hundred Battler tried to rush me down, but Chaos Moon took him by surprise and sent him stumbling backward with a swing of her sword. Then, she followed up with a beautiful Rock Crush that dealt 12034 damage and forced his priests to heal him. Hundred Battler’s attack power was clearly weaker than Chaos Moon’s because he was buffed by a common Encourage, but Chaos Moon was buffed by my Martial God!

Four Warearth Alliance warriors ran toward me at the same time. I knew a long time ago that Warsky Alliance had countless subguilds, and Warearth Alliance seemed to be the strongest of them all. However, I wasn’t expecting the redhead I had encountered at the illegal establishment to also be the guild leader of Warearth Alliance. Truly, the world was small when enemies were involved...

Rustle rustle rustle…

I crushed the tiny stones beneath my feet and ran toward them at 70% of my normal movement speed. Then, I suddenly sped up, deviated from my original path and slipped by the first warrior with inches to spare. The Heaven-stealing Sword burning an indigo color and the formation of the universe spreading out beneath my feet, I plunged my sword into the second warrior’s body before he could react!


The warrior’s eyes widened as he let out a scream of pain. Universe Break one-shot him instantly.

I continued running forward at the same speed and killed the other two warriors at the back with War Crush. There weren’t many people who could endure all three hits and still be alive, and those two clearly weren’t among them.

Thud thud thud...

Dozens of arrows hit my Crimson Rock Dragon Armor including skills that ignored a certain percentage of Defense such as Spiraling Arrow Blades and Devil Piercing Arrows, deleting 4000 of my HP instantly. These days, there was no such thing as a class that couldn’t kick the shit out of you if you weren’t careful.

I dashed forward again, this time aiming at three warriors and four archers. A smile crossed my lips before it was covered up by the light of the Burning Blade Slash!

Boom boom boom!

Each strike was more powerful than the last, and not one of them managed to survive the attack. The skill healed me to full health thanks to the 14% lifesteal of the Heaven-stealing Sword.

Before I could steady myself, a torrent of Fireballs, Wind Blades, icicles, and Galaxy Storms hit my head and deleted over 8000 HP. Moreover, a couple of magic knights were riding toward me and readying to use Holy Shield at any moment. Clearly, they were planning to counter me and kill me where I stood with their formation.

I smiled again and tossed an Icy Cyclone Domain into a crowd of mages and archers. It was always a good thing to lower their attack speed. Then, I charged an archer at the right corner of the enemy’s formation to change my position instantly. Never pausing for even a second, I ran right into the center of the formation and launched a Thousand Ice Slash straight into a group of archers and mages!

"Oh no…"

Some of the players saw this coming, but they still failed to dodge out of the way in time. The mages survived because they had Magic Shields, but the archers who were less skilled than their counterparts could only endure the attack and die. While everyone was scattering like terrified lambs, I locked onto a Level 125 mage and ran toward him at top speed. He was the bastard who had dealt over 5k damage to me with one Galaxy Storm, so he couldn’t be allowed to live no matter what!

"Not good, he’s trying to kill our boss!"

A couple of magic knights panicked and tried to catch up to me, but they were too late. They could only watch as I pressed my sword against the mage’s chest!

But the thirty-year-old mage suddenly smiled at me. "Do you think you can kill me?"

He abruptly waved his scepter and summoned an icicle from the ground, freezing both my legs in place. Then, he used Blink to get away to safety.

I smiled right back and used the God Binding Art. A player who used Blink would freeze in place for 0.5 seconds before they could move again, and that was all the time I needed to land the skill. Ignoring the Fireballs scorching my armor, I fired a Dragon Slaying Slash at the mage three times in succession. The mage’s friends couldn’t outheal the damage I was doing to his Magic Shield, and his face turned as white as paper when it shattered. The third Dragon Slaying Slash hit his body, and he was torn into a million pieces!


"That motherfucker killed our mage…"

While the magic knights swore angrily at me, I sneaked a glance at the other side of the battlefield and saw that Chaos Moon was fighting against Hundred Battler. Chaos Moon’s equipment was way better than Hundred Battler’s, and she wasn’t inferior in terms of level, skill and technique either. The reason Hundred Battler hadn’t lost yet wsa because a bunch of priests were keeping him alive. If it wasn’t for them, he would’ve died to Barrier Break + Rock Crush a long time ago.

While Hundred Battler was kept busy by Chaos Moon, the Sky Obsidian Wolf and I swept through his party like nobody’s business. After a surprise Thousand Ice Slash annihilated a large number of archers, the enemy party lost the ability to chain-stun me with Shock Arrows. Challenging thirty or so players by myself no longer seemed like an insurmountable task.


Our advantage didn’t last long, however. The rumbling of horse hooves suddenly came from the other side of the mountain range, and they were none other than the riders of Warsky Alliance. Behind the riders, I spotted Warsky, October Rain, Farewell Song, and more. As expected, Warsky Alliance had come to assist its number one subguild, Warearth Alliance.

Warsky ran toward me with an ugly expression on his face, "It’s bad enough that Candle Dragon killed my Lin Bing Dou Zhe and Laughing At The Heavens, but now Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand is bullying us as well. Do you think us a guild you can toy with anytime you want? Charge! Kill Lu Chen and seize his three dragon scales!"

The players of Warsky Alliance answered his call, and I counted at least five hundred of them. There were plenty of outstanding players as well.

Shivering a little, I sent a group of players reeling with Thousand Ice Slash before running back toward Chaos Moon. I grabbed her arm, gave Hundred Battler a mighty kick to the chest, and started running toward the opposite direction like no tomorrow. I muttered to Chaos Moon and Moon Dew, "Shit, what lousy timing. Warsky’s a righteous person, but our guilds are also sworn enemies. There’s no way in hell he’ll let us go if he catches up to us…"

Chaos Moon nodded deeply in agreement.


We didn’t run far before we suddenly heard a cacophony of footsteps in front of us. Then, a group of players led by a gorgeous knight on a white warhorse suddenly emerged into view. The goddess regretfully covered up in layers and layers of armor walked up to us with a windy sword and smiled. "We’ve come to help you, Lu Chen…"

Xu Yang and the others quickly moved past He Yi to form a defensive line. However, the moment Xu Yang saw Hundred Battler, he immediately shouted, "Motherfucker! It’s you!"

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