Chapter 544: Chaos Moon is a WMD

The war was reaching its climax. The players’ footprints had marked every floor in the Lost Nine Dragons Domain except the B9 floor. There were rumors claiming that no teleportation scroll would drop on the B8 floor, and that only a player with a dragon scale and their party could enter the ninth and final floor.

Currently, it was impossible to move up the floors and return to the surface, so only eight hundred-man parties—assuming that they were all led by Famous Generals—could enter the ninth floor in the next seven days.

He Yi, Gui Guzi, and Beiming Xue’s parties were at the B7 floor. October Rain had taken out the boss of the B6 floor, and Lin Yixin, the boss of the B7 floor. Therefore, the Great Earth Dragon before our eyes was probably the last boss Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls could kill in Nine Lost Dragon Domains. Technically, there was still a boss at the B8 floor, but Candle Dragon, Warsky Alliance, Purple Lily, and the top ten guilds of Vanished God City were all there. The boss would definitely die in the ensuing chaos, but there was no telling whose hands the dragon scale would fall into. It was all up to luck at that point.



I felt my anxiety growing as I threw another burst of sword energy at the Great Earth Dragon’s head. I had been attacking the boss for over an hour, but the tenacious bastard still refused to die. If we didn’t get to the B8 floor as soon as possible, Candle Dragon would enter the final floor first and seize the initiative and the upper hand completely.

I suddenly saw a light coming from behind me. Before I could wonder what it was, Chaos Moon abruptly screamed, "Wah! We can’t go any further! Save me, Lu Chen…"

"What’s wrong?"

I turned around and was shocked just as badly as Chaos Moon. As it turned out, the Earth Pangodragons’ lair was hollow on the inside. Very hollow. The passage we were in stopped dead at a steep cliff, and to go any further was to plunge into a seemingly bottomless abyss. Long story short, our retreat was cut off completely.

I felt a chill crawling behind my back. If Moon Dew hadn’t given me the Blaze Beast Card, if I had decided to fight the boss at a more relaxed pace, this would’ve been a one-way trip to a bottomless and pitch black abyss!


I grabbed Chaos Moon’s arm and pulled her toward me before she tipped over to the other side. There was only enough space to fit two people comfortably, so it was a tight fit to say the least. Worse, the boss still had 4% HP or so. There’s no choice. It’s do or die!

"Hang on! I’m going to use my ultimate skill…"

I chugged down a health potion and a Magic Consumable after crying out the warning. After recovering to full health, I dropped to one knee, raised my sword and let out a draconic roar. An endless amount of energy instantly filled up my body and turned into the image of a giant purple dragon around my sword. Finally, I sent the energy flying straight toward the Great Earth Dragon, causing tens of damage ticks as the purple dragon passed through, each taking 30k health off the boss’s health bar!

"Roar roar…"

The Great Earth Dragon raised its head and roared in terrible pain. Purple Dragon Howl was a most deadly skill, especially since it was the only target of the skill. By the time Purple Dragon Howl was done, the boss's HP had dropped to just 1%. It only had a sliver of HP left now!


I tossed out one last Universe Break at the boss before withdrawing to Chaos Moon’s side, grabbed her back and forcefully switched places with her, "Chaos Moon, use your Rock Crush on the boss now! Quickly, it only has a sliver of health left!"

"Oh?! But…"

Chaos Moon hesitated a bit, but she quickly succumbed under my verbal threats and attacked the boss with Rock Crush. Just as I had predicted earlier, the skill dealt just enough HP to delete its last bit of HP, make it scream and collapse heavily on the ground.


System Announcement: Player "Chaos Moon (Sky City)" has successfully defeated the Earth Rank Boss, Oraki the Great Earth Dragon, and reached Level 127. They have also met the criteria to become a Famous General and become the twenty-fifth Famous General of China! They have gained Luck +1, Tactics +1, and an exclusive Famous General Skill, "Plunder"!

Plunder: Attack power of all party members is increased by 20%, drop rate increased by 40%, and enemy players drop at least one piece of equipment if killed. Drop rate is affected by Tactics. Skill exclusive to player "Chaos Moon."


I was overjoyed. I had my suspicions, but Chaos Moon’s ascension to Famous General status confirmed that the higher the rank of a boss, the greater the chance the player who killed it to learn a Famous General Skill. With this, Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls had gained yet another Famous General!

"Plunder, 20% increase to attack power, increased drop rate, and any player killed by you will always drop one piece of equipment at least…" I couldn’t help but laugh when I read the skill description. "Chaos Moon, you’re a walking WMD[1] from now on. Starting now, your only job is to land the last hit on mobs and players from Candle Dragon or Warsky Alliance, hahaha…"

But Chaos Moon didn’t give me a reply. She was sitting motionlessly on the ground and staring blankly into the air. Just when I thought that her brain had short-circuited, she abruptly jumped into my lap, punched me in the chest repeatedly and stared at me with a myriad of complex emotions. "Lu Chen, you bastard, how could you treat me like this?"

"WTF? Without context it almost sounds like I wronged you or something…"

Moon Dew giggled a little before explaining, "Vice leader Lu, are you really that thick, or are you just faking it? Don’t you understand that you’re making Chaos Moon fall in love with you with all these incredible gestures?"

Caught off-guard, I stuttered, "I… I just wanted to increase the number of Famous Generals in Ancient Sword Dreaming Souls, I… Please don’t misunderstand, Chaos Moon…"

Chaos Moon shot me an aggrieved look. "Alright, alright, I haven’t actually fallen in love with you, so stop giving me that nervous look, jeez. Also, you already have our guild leader Eve and Beauty Lin, and I’m not nearly ignorant enough to think that I stand a chance against those two. You’ll never be someone in my life, and I accept that, not to mention that there’s always Gui Guzi to make fun of…"

I let out a sorrowful sigh sorrowfully on behalf of Gui Guzi; that poor chap. To quote Du Thirteen: "If Lu Chen’s EQ fails to pass the exam, then Little Gui’s EQ is a big fat zero. It’s also why many girls find him adorable. They love cute idiots like him who silently forge ahead, no matter what kind of situation they’re in…"


"Should we check out the boss drops now?" Moon Dew blinked at me before saying. "If you dilly dally too much and the loot reveal drags all the way to the next chapter, you’re going to receive a lot of hate, am I right Lu Chen?"

I complained, "I know right? What the hell is wrong with people these days…"

The moment I exited the small cave, the first thing I did was kick the Great Earth Dragon’s head out of the way. You gave us sooooo much trouble, you know that? Fucker! Bastard!

Then, I bent downward and picked up five equipment drops from the ground. They were an icy spear, a pair of bloody war boots, a translucent necklace, a pair of leather-armor wristguards and a crimson helmet. I gave them a quick look and, man, Chaos Moon’s boss drops were about as lousy as it could get. If only she had learned her Famous General Skill before she killed the Great Earth Dragon. That being said, it was still a rewarding fight, all things considered—

Frostbone Spear (Spirit-grade, Outstanding★): 585~820 Attack, Strength +125, Stamina +115, Tactics +27. Passive: Increases user’s attack power by 25%. Outstanding Property: Increases user’s max HP by 10%. Level Requirement: 130.

Dark Soul War Boots (Purple Gold–grade, Outstanding★★★★★): 620 Defense, 560 Magic Resist, Strength +125, Stamina +127, Tactics +22. Passive: 4% of the damage is reflected back onto the attacker. Outstanding Property: Dash, increases user’s movement speed by 27%. Level Requirement: 130.

Flowing Cloud Wristguard (Spirit-grade, Outstanding★★★): 290 Defense, 240 Magic Resist, Agility +115, Stamina +115, Tactics +20. Passive: Increases user's max HP by 2500. Outstanding Property: Haste, increases user’s attack speed by 15%. Level Requirement: 130.

Bone Scythe War Helmet (Spirit-grade, Outstanding★★): 620 Defense, 470 Magic Resist, Strength +118, Stamina +110, Tactics +20. Passive: Increases user's hit rate by 30%. Outstanding Property: Tenacity, user’s skills are harder to interrupt. Level Requirement: 130.

Necklace of Moonsing (Earth-grade, Outstanding★★): Intelligence +150, Stamina +145, Tactics +40. Passive: Increases user's healing effectiveness by 50%, increases user's max HP by 25%. Outstanding Property: The Benevolent, decreases casting time of healing skills by 30%. Level Requirement: 130.


Chaos Moon turned into stone when she saw the bloody helmet. Who would’ve thought that the last piece of equipment she needed to complete her set, the Bone Scythe War Helmet, would drop from the Great Earth Dragon? One way or another, Chaos Moon’s overall stats were definitely going to be better than before!

I picked up a Convenience Gem I from the ground and tossed it to Chaos Moon’s hands together with the Bone Scythe War Helmet. Smiling, I said, "What are you waiting for? Equip it, and you’ll become the first player ever in all the servers to wear a Spirit-grade set. Awesome, isn’t it?"


Chaos Moon nodded strongly. Although the helmet was only 2-star Outstanding and not as good as the rest of her pieces, the key here was that it was the last piece she needed to complete the set. Obviously, the full set bonus was much better than having another helmet with a higher grade right now.

A few seconds later, the bloody helmet appeared on Chaos Moon’s head. After adjusting the settings and turning the helmet invisible, she looked just as cool as before.

As for the rest of the equipment, I was going to give Beiming Xue the Flowing Cloud Wristguards and the Necklace of Moonsing would go to our priest, Moon Dew. We rolled for the rest of the equipment. A while later, the Frostbone Spear was mine, and the Dark Soul War Boots were Moon Dew’s. Still, Chaos Moon looked so happy she could die on the spot.

The rest of the loot was a bunch of gems and stones. We split it by random and took off immediately to the B6 floor!


Meanwhile, inside the guild channel—

Xu Yang: "Haha, not only is Chaos Moon a Famous General, and that skill of hers is just ridiculous! It boosts attack power by 20% and ensures that all the players she kills will always drop one piece of equipment! From now on, everyone who sees Chaos Moon is going to think twice before attacking her!"

Li Chengfeng: "Yeah, she’s a walking WMD!"

Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun added. "A very cute WMD too…"

Xu Yang: "Hmm? Do you fancy Chaos Moon, Eighteen?"

Eighteen Steeds of You and Yun panicked. "I am not! Shut your mouth or I’ll beat your ass…"

Xu Yang: "Aiyo, is someone feeling itchy again? Wanna 1v1? I just happen to be free right now!"

He Yi: "Xu Yang, did you forget that your hand is still plastered? Do you wanna die…"

Xu Yang immediately did a one-eighty. "Sorry!"

He Yi smiled. "Lu Chen, are you guys at the B6 floor yet? If you are, then head to (1289, 19002). I had arranged for an assassin with a B7 floor teleportation scroll to wait for you there. There will be someone waiting for you at the B7 floor too. Bring them with you and come to the B8 floor right away. Once we find and kill the boss of the B8 floor, we’ll march straight to the B9 floor!"

“Okay, we’re coming now!"

1. Weapon of Mass Destruction

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