Chapter 542: Great Earth Dragon

"There’s no point in hitting the air, is there?" I glanced at her before continuing, "Wait here. I’ll lure a group of Earth Triceradragons over so you can put your skill to the test."


Chaos Moon nodded. "At four pieces, the Bone Scythe set gives me 40% Attack and 15% splash effect. There’s no way it’ll be slow."

"Yes. It’ll be even better if you can gather all five set pieces…"

Chaos Moon smiled and spread her arms wide. "Dreams are nice, but reality is cruel. I’m probably never going to find the fifth Bone Scythe piece because the boss is already dead, and the other bosses most likely won’t be dropping them."

"You’re probably right. Anyway, I’m going."

"Okay. Moon Dew and I will be waiting right here!"



The girls stayed behind while I ran toward the distance and zigzagged between the mobs. Although the Earth Triceradragons had brutally powerful stats, their movement speed was average at best and completely incomparable to mine. They were no threat to my life at all.

Some time later, I successfully aggroed nearly all of the mobs inside the passage and made my way back to the girls. I couldn’t tell how many there were, but at least a thousand them was the rough estimate. One way or another, we were going to Level like a rocket today.

Mouth agape, Chaos Moon and Moon Dew stared at the horde in worry and excitement. Moon Dew asked, "Aiya, there are so many of them! Are you sure we can kill them all, Lu Chen? We’re not going to run out of durability and pots too soon, are we?"

I smiled reassuringly at her. "Both Chaos Moon and I have over 6000 effective Defense, so don’t worry. An equipment won’t lose much durability if the mobs can’t penetrate Defense by much. Long story short, it’ll last until this whole dungeon crawl is over. The only thing I need from you is your healing. Did you bring enough Magic Consumables with you?"

"Mn, I have 50 stacks of Rank 10 Magic Consumables with me."

"That’s not quite enough. I’ll give you another 50 once we clear out the mobs. If there is a boss in this place, you will definitely need them."



A group of Earth Triceradragons attempted to surround me at this moment. I immediately treated them to a Thousand Ice Slash + Burning Blade Slash combo. A bunch of damage numbers immediately popped into view—





Technically, my total damage dealt to a mob was around 45k or so, but the Heaven-stealing Sword’s 20% splash effect practically doubled that number. As a result, all the mobs caught within my skill combo was reduced to half health in an instant.


Chaos Moon raised her own sword and penetrated a mob with Barrier Break. Then, she launched a Rock Crush that crushed the mobs like a mountain. The Earth Triceradragons screamed in pain as their HP dropped drastically—





Chaos Moon was a bit disappointed. "I dealt slightly less damage than I expected…"

I smiled. "Did you forget that your skill is still at Rank 1? Don’t worry, by the time Rock Crush reaches Rank 10 you’ll definitely be able to deal over 10k damage to these mobs. Also, remember that Earth Triceradragons have 2300 Defense, which is much higher than many magic knights in the game right now. Don’t underestimate the power of Rock Crush!"


Chaos Moon relaxed after hearing that. Once we fell into a rhythm, her Rock Crush became an essential part of our offensive power. The 15% splash effect of her set especially had increased our grinding speed up by 25% or so. It was pretty amazing.

The cave kept flashing with light as we bombarded the Earth Triceradragons with skills and killed them in droves. Moreover, the mob’s strongest skill, Draconic Hornblade, could only deal around 10k damage to Chaos Moon or me. It wasn’t enough damage to kill us even if it was a critical hit, not to mention that Moon Dew was healing us from the back. All we needed to do was to kill the mobs and enjoy the grind of experience and loot.

That being said we hadn’t expected high-level shadow-rank mobs like the Earth Triceradragons to have an AoE skill in its loot table. Drunk on success, we were very much hoping to get a second or even a third skill book. Right now, skill books that granted physical AoE skills were priceless treasures to all players. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it was even more valuable than Outstanding Spirit-grade equipment. After all, one or even two AoE skills could transform a fighter’s strength completely!


Over an hour later, inside the guild channel—

Xu Yang: "This is getting complicated. Just where the hell is the boss of the B5 floor? Candle Dragon and Snowy Cathaya had scoured almost the entire floor for it, but it is still nowhere to be found. Also, I heard that Warsky Alliance has gone to the B6 floor, and Blue Sky Scar and his hundred-man party have already gone to the B7 floor…"

He Yi: "This is not good for us…"

Li Chengfeng: "Can I say something?"

Me: "Go ahead."

Li Chengfeng: "I don’t think we’re going to get anywhere if we keep staying together like this, so this is my plan. I want to form a hundred-man party, farm the teleportation scroll and get to the B9 floor as soon as possible. That is where the most important boss of the entire map resides, am I right?"

He Yi: "Lu Chen, what do you think?"

Me: "Mn, Chengfeng is right. We should set our sights further. Hmm… Alright, Chengfeng will lead a hundred-man party and get to the B9 floor as soon as possible. Then, try to locate the boss if you can. The rest of us will continue tackling the other floors and killing as many bosses as we can."

Li Chengfeng: "Great! Can I go to the B6 floor now? I got the teleportation scroll a long time ago!"

"Sure. Be seeing you!"


I looked at my bag. Forget Li Chengfeng, I myself had collected seven B6 floor teleportation scrolls. With a little bit of luck, teleportation scrolls dropped even more frequently than magic stones.

Suddenly, a system notice caught our attention. It was the beautiful military advisor of Warsky Alliance, October Rain, killing the boss of the B6 floor and obtaining the Flying Dragon Scale. Adding that to Farewell Song’s Fire Dragon Scale, this meant that Warsky Alliance now had two dragon scales!

We couldn’t help but view Warsky Alliance in a better light. Despite how fierce the competition was, they were able to surpass their opposition and prove their strength. If it wasn’t certain before, Warsky Alliance was definitely a super guild that could go up against Candle Dragon now!

Of course, Warsky Alliance’s Laughing At The Heavens and Lin Bing Dou Zhe were killed by Candlelight Shadow’s Ghost God Prophecy, so Warsky must be feeling pretty miffed right now. Actually, let me amend that statement a little. Everyone was miffed because Candlelight Shadow’s Ghost God Prophecy hung above everyone’s head like a thundercloud that refused to go away. Little Piglet, Lin Bing Dou Zhe and Laughing At The Heavens were all super tier experts, but they still perished all the same. Candlelight Shadow’s Famous General Skill was without a doubt the nightmare of all experts who took part in the battle of the Nine Lost Dragon Domains.



The last Earth Triceradragon died and dropped a shiny skill book. It was yet another Encourage VII, a stratagem that boosted Attack by 20%. At the current stage, it was something all tacticians wanted to get their hands on, and at Sky City, its current market price was close to 100k gold. It was definitely not a skill book that everyone could afford.


Chaos Moon sucked in a deep breath before picking up a couple of equipment from the ground. Then, she looked toward the front and said, "Be careful now. We’ve almost cleared out all the mobs on this map, so if there is a boss, it can’t be too far away from us now."


I took point and ventured deeper into the unknown, but I barely took a few steps when a shadow suddenly poked out of the wall next to me and bit me on the shoulder. It hurts!


Motherfucker! I turned around and repaid the favor with a slash to the head, The attacker instantly let out a scream of pain and rolled on the ground. It was a giant lizard about half a person tall and covered in black, leathery scales!

"A dragon?" Chaos Moon exclaimed in surprise.

I spent a second to read its stats before continuing my assault on the Level 150 shadow-rank mob. It was called "Earth Pangodragon", and as its name might already suggest, it was very similar to a pangolin. Its stats were much weaker than an Earth Triceradragon’s, and it was a second-rate mob that relied on surprise attacks to catch its enemy off-guard. Naturally, I didn’t pay it any heed.

After killing the Earth Pangodragon in a couple of strikes, I checked out the area it had emerged from. There was a dark cave about half a person tall on the wall, meaning that we could only get it if we bent downward. There were a lot of chirps and clicks coming from inside the cave, so the interior must be crawling with Earth Pangodragons. Since they weren’t attacking us like that one foolish mob who took a bite at me, we didn’t provoke them either. Right now, our first priority was to reach the end of the cave and check if there was a boss as soon as possible.


"Roar roar…"

When the distant roars of a giant dragon entered our ears, Chaos Moon and I immediately exchanged a smile with each other. We were now certain that the final boss of the Earth Dragon Domain was here. Who would’ve thought that the boss everyone in the entire server failed to find would be inside the cave we ran into by accident?

A faint red light shone ahead of us. At the center of a large hall, we found a gigantic creature coiled up on the ground. Its eyelids were closed, but its twenty-meter-long tail was swaying around slowly but intimidatingly. I didn’t even want to imagine how painful it would be to be pummeled by it!

I slowly moved closer as the boss's stats appeared in the party channel—


Oraki the Great Earth Dragon (Earth Rank Boss)

Level: 155

Attack: 2450~3320

Defense: 2850

HP: 12,000,000

Skills: Draconic Hornblade, Scale Armor, Sea of Purgatory Flames

Introduction: A member of the legendary Great Earth Dragons. The Great Earth Dragon is the ancestor of the Earth Dragons. Although it lacked the ability to fly like a Flying Dragon, it was still an excellent warrior of the dragon race. Moreover, this particular Great Earth Dragon is rebellious, evil, violent and very aggressive.


I sucked in a deep breath and said, "This is hard. Its Attack is even higher than the One-horned Golden Dragon and the Frost Dragon’s, and I’m not sure if my current Defense is high enough to withstand it. Moreover, we don’t have Lin Yixin’s Bombshell or boss's Royal Road, so we’re lacking in both the HP and the Defense department…"

Chaos Moon said, "Let’s leave then. There’s no way we’re killing this boss anyway…"

I shot her a look. "No way! We can’t go back without giving it a try. At the very least, I want to know if I’m tanky enough to face the boss head-on!"

"Well, it’s your choice. Get ready!"


I raised my arm and executed the God Binding Art!

Four divine weapons dropped from the sky and surrounded the boss, alarming it instantly. However, the skill failed to bind it and resulted in a MISS. The Great Earth Dragon immediately turned its head toward us and glared at us with violent red eyes. It had three horns on its head just like the Earth Triceradragons, and they were glinting dangerously. Oh no!

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