Chapter 54: Dark Wasp Reveals Its Sting

“Catch up, quick! Don’t let them get away!”

Dominating Warrior God’s voice resounded as more and more figures sprinted through the forest. It was obvious that all these people had been drawn over by Lin Yixin. Dominating Warrior God took the lead, his heavy sword in hand, angrily shouting, “Wind Fantasy’s obviously trying to go against Gods of Destruction. Fuck, we have to kill her today and camp her for half a year!”

In the night, I looked down and saw that the Fruit Knife Goddess had already put away her dagger. She tightly clung to my arm, trying to pull me down with her, her deep purple gem-like eyes twinkling with an odd expression.

“You have no principles!” Lin Yixin unhappily glared at me. “Haven’t Bloody Mercenaries already fallen out with the Domination Clan? Why aren’t you taking care of them here?”

My gaze swept over and I sighed. “Fuck! Did you not see how many people they have? There’s at least twenty of them, more than one-third being archers and mages. One ranged attack from each and we’re both dead!”

“Hmph, then what do we do?”

The leaves in the forest shook as Dominating Warrior God closed in on us.

I quickly took Lin Yixin in my arms and rolled into a nearby shrub. Aside from a surprised exclamation, Lin Yixin no longer dared to retort. The situation at hand was precisely one where our enemies were stronger than us, where any careless move would mean death.

I stuck out my head to scout ahead and saw players hurrying about one after another. Sure enough, there were almost ten long-range players. There was even a tactician casting Encourage and Iron Wall. The Domination Clan players’ Attack and Defense had both been boosted by 5%. This buff was nothing to scoff at, especially for those archers; their killing potential was absolutely astonishing under the Encourage buff!

“Wuu wuu…”

It was only when Lin Yixin frantically struggled that I realized I was pressing down on her body. The pitiful Fruit Knife Goddess could only struggle and her exquisite chest armor looked “ravaged”. Her snowy peaks changed shape after being squished yet they seemed to be able to shake the heart even more than before.

I lowered my head and went into a daze, ripples appearing in my heart.

Lin Yixin gritted her teeth. After struggling to sit up, she gave me a wordless punch.



Fuck, I’m bleeding. This violent beauty shouldn’t be touched!

“You still dare to stare?”

Lin Yixin glared at me, her purple eyes filled with embarrassment and rage. She pointed her sharp sword at me. “I seriously want to kill you in one shot…”

I put my hands up in the air. “Fuck, I only did that to save you, what are you getting so worked up about?”


Lin Yixin turned her face away, afraid that I would see her blushing face but still silently acquiescing to my explanation. We would’ve been shot into hedgehogs if not for my evasive roll just now.

Lin Yixin gnashed her teeth upon seeing Dominating Warrior God and his crew not too far away. “Dammit, are we really just going to let those bastards get away like this? They… they even killed my Qingqing…”

I smiled. “Of course not! Don’t forget, our, Bloody Mercenaries’, motto is to fight for justice, rob the rich and give to the poor…”

“Fine, let’s sneak-attack them together and kill those bastards!” Lin Yixin clenched her fists and smiled at me, completely forgetting that I had sneak-attacked her just a moment ago.

I glanced at her otherworldly face and suddenly laughed. “Beauty Lin, you seem to have forgotten that I am one of the founders of the Bloody Mercenaries. When we Bloody Mercenaries do work, we never do it for free. Me helping you kill these Domination Clan people isn’t a problem, but that will require a fee…”

“A fee?” Lin Yixin shot me a murderous look and said angrily, “Stupid Lu Chen, Little Cheat, you still dare to be even more shameless?”

“5 gold per person. You in?”

I gave her a price. 5 gold a person was definitely cheap. Based on the strength of these Domination Clan players who were all pretty much experts, I was afraid that 20 gold per bounty wouldn't even be enough. After all, one had to brave the risk of offending Gods of Destruction.

Lin Yixin pondered for a while. “Too expensive. 3 gold per person. You only need to kill 8 of them and I’ll give you 21 gold!”

I stared at her face for a while before sighing, “Your math’s pretty good…”

Lin Yixin nodded. “Thanks, let’s go!”

I lifted my Weeping Fire Blade, summoned my Level 31 Dark Wasp, and then said in a low voice, “Alright then, you summon your pet too. Let’s go in from the rear. We have to kill their 5 archers and 4 mages in 5 seconds. Think we can do that, Beauty Lin?”

Lin Yixin opened her palm and a red magic circle flew up in the air. A Level 27 Fire Blade then appeared right after. She smiled. “Give me the three archers and two mages on the right, you kill the remaining four!

“Okay, ready!”

With a gust of wind, blades of grass flew into the air, our figures disappearing from the spot.

Two human figures swiftly flitted through the night. Lin Yixin and I split up in different directions but still attacked the Domination Clan squad from the back like two daggers.

I didn’t bother to hide myself as I bolted straight for the nearest archer. With a sweep of my Weeping Fire Blade, two sword strikes landed on his back.



Slayer Slash and basic attack were enough to instantly kill the archer. My attack power was, after all, pretty decent. Only an archer who put his stat points into Stamina could survive that.

Swoosh swoosh!

My Dark Wasp silently flew behind another archer and used Flurry. Once the archer came to his senses, he was slowly falling down to the ground, his HP already dropped to zero.

My feet shuffled in a zigzag motion and my sword swept across the neck of a Level 31 mage. He wanted to shout but had no chance to as his throat spurted blood.

I then completely turned around, lunging at another archer at the side. He was stunned, and before he could react, my two-move combo already came crashing down.



Pardon paired with a basic attack is also this awesome!

In five seconds, I had killed four people. I looked over and saw Lin Yixin’s dagger sweeping through the air. She then swapped to her longsword and gracefully danced into the crowd like a beautiful butterfly. She also killed three people from the back like I did while her Fire Blade pierced a mage from above. Tsk tsk, this Fire Blade’s not bad at a high level.

“Wind Fantasy, s-she’s behind us!” someone shouted, finally causing the Domination Clan players to discover that they had been ambushed, eight ice-cold bodies already on the floor.

Dominating Warrior God quickly turned around and noticed his team member’s eyes growing dim. A sharp sword burning with firelight was currently slowly being pulled out from his chest.

“Broken Halberd Sinks Into Sand, it… it’s you!” Dominating Warrior God yelled in anger, charging over with the other magic knights and warriors.

Lin Yixin chuckled. “We’ve eliminated the mages and archers so we can attack in peace now!”

I couldn’t help but smile. It was a kind of supreme pleasure to play the game with a strong and beautiful teammate like Lin Yixin.

I raised the Weeping Fire Blade and went to do my job, dashing toward the nearest person. My longsword thrust forward. Slayer Slash followed by a basic attack tore down the defense of an enemy, smoothly relieving him of his health points.

Flustered, Dominating Warrior God used Assault on me!

But right at this moment, a huge dark cyan wasp stung him twice from the side, instantly depleting a huge chunk of his HP!



Damn, he’s actually still alive after being hit by my Dark Wasp’s Flurry?

I flew forward. Dominating Warrior God was currently downing an HP potion with a face full of terror and despair. It was obvious that he never imagined a pet’s attack power could be this powerful.

Dominating Warrior God naturally sought to have high max HP and Defense but my Dark Wasp’s attack power was so terrifying that it just had to break his delusions.

I charged over, sword raised, and executed two lightning-quick moves. The first attack was Pardon, so “MISS” hovered over his head. The second attack was a killing basic attack that made Dominating Warrior God want to cry. It dealt more than 1200 damage, which was enough to instantly kill him, even if he had been at full health.


Dominating Warrior God fell, dropping a green helmet.

I immediately grabbed the spoils, raised it up high, and loudly proclaimed, “Dominating Warrior God’s helmet is here. Death to all who dare to resist!”

The result—the enemies attacked us with increased fervor.

As the saying goes, “heroes are no match for multiple enemies, two fists are no match for four”. Even though our equipment and skills were great, we couldn’t go up against the siege of a dozen warriors. We were able to kill one or two in the beginning but after three Level 30 second-promotion priests came over, things got much more difficult.


I drank a Rank 3 Health Potion, instantly recovering 600 HP and shouted, “Yiyi, dodge!”

Lin Yixin performed a feint before swiftly retreating back into the forest with me. With tacit understanding, we left our pets to stall for us. Based on our pets’ stats, they wouldn’t be dealt with too quickly.

Once we were in the clear, I immediately recalled my Dark Wasp into my pet space. It only had a third of its HP left while Lin Yixin’s Fire Blade was left only with a sliver of HP, narrowly escaping death. If a pet died, it would drop a level. This rule left many speechless, so most people would try to keep their pets alive.

“Ahhh… I’m so tired…”

Lin Yixin leaned on a short tree, panting, her lovely hair a bit disheveled as moonlight shone on her bright eyes and teeth. She was breathtaking as her chest moved up and down, allowing me to see spectacular scenery. This pretty girl truly was stunning, a sight to behold.

I held out a hand. “I killed a total of 14 people. That’s 42 gold, but I’ll just charge you 40 gold. Thanks for the business, boss!”

Lin Yixin glanced at me. “Put it on my tab this time…”

“My humble business doesn’t accept credit.”

Lin Yixin’s killing intent surged. “I just want to pay with credit!”

I nodded. “I’ll listen to you.”

“To be honest, I don’t have that much gold…” Lin Yixin smiled. “How about this, I’ll treat you to lunch since you helped me teach those Domination bastards a lesson today.”

I couldn’t help but smile. “Alright then…”

In fact, I didn’t really intend to take the 40 gold. Bloody Mercenaries and the Domination Clan were going to war sooner or later so I didn’t have to hold myself back. If I instead dragged along a strong ally like Lin Yixin, we would still have great prospects in Floating Ice City.

Lin Yixin nodded, “11:30 am tomorrow. Wait for me at Happy House, the Hunan restaurant near the university. Qingqing and I will both treat you.”

“Mn, can I bring someone?”



“You’re the one helping us take revenge, not others. Bringing others along, you think it’s a blind date?”

“Uh… you’re right. See you tomorrow!”

“Mn, bye~”

Lin Yixin turned around and entered the forest, bringing along the newly-revived Clear Perfume to catch a Level 1 Purple Butterfly.

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